Playing As A SHARK With GTA 5 MODS! (Brutal)

Playing As A SHARK With GTA 5 MODS! (Brutal)

There’s nothing like taking a nice nap on the beach in Santa Monica look how beautiful this place is. Oh my goodness
Wait, wait, what’s that in the water? Oh
Oh wait. No, it’s just it’s just people swimming. I thought it was a shark or a tsunami
But we’re fine. We’re fine for now. Have you guys heard about this new YouTube hack where you click on the like button?
And I’m gonna transform into something else. Are you ready? 3 2 1
o my leg
I am a shark now see it work. Thanks for liking the video but wait
I’m a shark on land. There’s oxygen levels. I’m gonna die. Oh my goodness. I’m so dumb. Oh
Come on
Well, thanks for watching this video
Well, ladies and gentlemen, you guessed it. I am a shark in GTA 5. Oh
Wait a minute. Wait
This is not a shark
But I
Wanted to be a mean shark. I wanted to eat people and sneak up to them
There’s only one way to kill a fish. That’s right. You just
Put it on land. Oh god, this is just awful. Oh
There we go. That is much better. Ladies and gentlemen, I am a main shark right now
You might be wondering well jelly, why would you wanna be a shark in grand theft auto 5
We’ll listen. There is a really really obvious reason
you can eat
People but I can also eat little fishies
Okay, that was a little bit mean wasn’t it I just so happened to be a very
Hungry shark little fishy Oh
God if I was hungry then why did I just hit it with my tail? Yeah, that’s not very smart
God if you are scared of sharks, or if you get nightmares of stars, you should probably look away right now
Yes, I always wondered, you know
What do sharks do in the deep deep ocean? Because the ocean is so big
I mean look at this place. We’re so deep underwater right now. It’s actually ridiculous. Oh
It’s so beautiful here. It’s like a whole different world, but you don’t really know exists
But now that we are sorry we can finally figure out what they do and I think they pretty much just eat fish
That’s what they do for a living and then they died. It’s it’s it’s kind of a sad story really
Why are we scared of sharks? If all that they’re trying to do is just survive
How deep is this bloody ocean, by the way? Oh my god is so dark down here
What just happened okay, I got to go back in the water. I gotta go back in the water. I’m a shark
I’m not allowed to be on land. I just teleported that was a glitch. What’s that? Oh my
I feel bad now for the dolphin
I think it’s I think it’s sank to the bottom
Yep. I just killed the dolphin. I am a terrible person
Shark what? Oh my god. Oh my god
This is the great. There’s the idea I have ever had
Why is there nobody on this boat? Hello. It’s just your average shark
Oh, I love that. The fin comes out so beautifully love
Is anybody in there?
Well, I hope not because they’re dead there’s nobody in there know what just leave their boat out here
That’s not really smart. I
Hope no one’s in there cuz well
They’re going to the bottom of the ocean like uhm
Boats to when they break I love being a shark. Oh, yes, I do
Wait, wait a minute. I have actually got that greatest idea ever
Sharks are supposed to being of the sea
It would be kind of funny if we swim to somewhere that humans don’t expect us sharks
Yes, ladies and gentlemen
We’re going to the Venice canal. Where is it? No, I’m trying to find my way in. It’s this way, I think hello
It’s just your average shark in the port
Hey guys, how’s it going? Oh, they have no idea what?
That’s talking about you’re coming with me boy you’d go with me. Oh, yeah
Just like that
No, the cops have been called. I mean it’s pretty obvious the cops been called. I literally just took a person with me. Oh
Wait, there’s still something left. Okay. Let me just get rid of that. Good. Oh
And now they’re all super scared, but they fell in the water. That’s not a very good idea
God this is this is actually kind of brutal. What am I doing with my life?
Weight being shot. Where am I being shot from? Oh, there’s a cop out cop there. Are you bloody kidding me?
I am a little sexy sharks in the water
Why you want to kill me? I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m just a shark those people were in my waters
All right. We’re just gonna have to swim out of here as fast as possible wait to school. Can I can I oh
Come on, I think the rates
No way that just worked oh my goodness I have to get out of here Oh, oops. Sorry, dude
All right, it’s this way the exit is this way
Whoa, KITT, we made it out without dying. We’re doing really well Oh
Oh, you do not want to be here sir. I’m so sorry. Oh
I feel kind of bad now. I’m actually kind of lonely. I haven’t seen any I haven’t seen any other sharks in the water. Oh
I know I’m lonely. I are lonely so lonely
Maybe I should try and be friends with humans. Hello human
Do you want to be my friend see frenzied?
human human
doctor my
People yeah, I just can’t believe them they’re so annoying what about you people you want to be friends with me
Okay, I’m a terrible I’m a terrible human being shark why do I keep thinking I’m a human because I walk like a human
Maybe just maybe a shark can only be friends with tiny little
It’s kind of sad, isn’t it?
You wanna be friend wait wait, I’ve got a better idea
Wait, I’ve got I’ve got a way better idea. You want to bake your Victor fancies with me now cuz I am killer whale oh
Come on I thought these whales were always so cute
But in real life they killing they kill and everything that comes in their path. I’ve got beautiful fins now I gotta give back
Why am I talking like a like a silly little little boy hey we got some fellow fishermen I am a fisherman too
But I also kill humans. I
Was actually kind of cool. Oh
My goodness, you’ve got to be flippin kidding me Cubs are after me five stars
Great, we’ve got we’ve got a bunch of police boats
We’re easy targets. What else we got helicopters Wow
Can I go for the Ellie’s I
Don’t think I’m gonna reach oh
Come on we jump we jump real high. Uh, I wish there was like a big ramp here or something. Come on
I really want to reach that
Trust me. This is way way harder than it looks guys, but maybe I got to go really deep down and then we go off
Works wait what? Okay. We need to redo that and actually try and hit it Oh
Josh oh my good as I hit it. I hit it but I still didn’t break it guys. Nobody got them against me
I’m a killer whale now exactly
Come on
So close it keeps on going away from me. I actually think it’s impossible guys. You can hit it
but yeah, we’re not gonna blow this thing up anytime soon Oh
my floating I’m a floating whale
The whale life has been great, but now it’s time to get stranded. Yep
It’s just your average whale on the beach. Thanks for watching this video. I thought it was a lot of fun
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