Playing Games With The Animals!

Playing Games With The Animals!

Welcome back to Animal Wonders! This episode is sponsored by Z-Man Games. Click the link the description to check out
their family friendly game My First Stone Age. [CHEERY INTRO MUSIC] We love our animals, and one of my favorite
things to do with them is to play games. The games don’t have too many rules, but
the most important one is that everyone has fun. We play all sorts of games, including my favorite,
which is the training game! This is where I train using a clicker to teach
an animal new behaviors. This is also called positive reinforcement
training, but it’s also a game if you do it right. This is Cayenne, and she’s a Patagonian cavy
who enjoys attention and treats! She’s going to help me demonstrate
the training game! The first rule of the training game is that
it should be fun for everyone! Which is why we like to use treats, praise, pets,
or all of these things as long as the animal likes it. The second rule is to make sure everyone is
using the same language, or rather understands what is being communicated. This is why we use
hand gestures and a clicker to pinpoint the exact moment
they guess the correct behavior. So I’m going to ask her to target to my
hand, which means touch her nose to my fist. I will click when she does it,
and then she gets a treat! Since she’s learned how to target already,
we can make the game a little more challenging and ask her to follow the target higher up. If she guesses the correct behavior,
then she gets a click and a treat! You wanna follow it higher up?
Let’s see. [CLICK]
Ohhhh look at you, you got knew it! Nice job.
Ready? One more! [CLICK]
Oh! Good girl! Should we try one more time? Ready?
Alllll the way up! [CLICK]
Good job! From a simple target, Cayenne can learn
so many new behaviors [CLICK]
simply by continuing to play the game! The training game can be played with any animal
as long as you follow the most important rule of making it fun for everyone involved. Another game I like to play with the animals
is hide and seek, with treats! I hide their food in all kinds of different ways, and
they have to find it and figure out how to get it. This is Mimi the black tufted marmoset
who was previously kept as a pet and then discarded when she didn’t fit
their idea of a monkey as a pet. Mimi is smart and very, very observant
and she loves to play hide and seek. We have so many different toys and objects
that we can hide her food in, on, and under. She knows the rules
and is always eager to play! This time I’m going to hide her food inside
one of these little wicker balls. She has to seek out
which contains the treat! I’m also going to put some pomegranate seeds
into these little holes drilled into this branch. It’s hard to tell there’s something inside
unless you really seek it out. And I’m going to hide these frozen pieces
of banana under this cloth, and when she finds them it’ll be a surprise
because they’re not just a good treat, but they’re unexpectedly cold. Alright, let’s see how she does! [PLAYFUL MUSIC] These sorts of games that we play with the
animals are also called enrichment, because they are enriching to the animals
both mentally and physically. Now, you’ve probably played a game of catch
with a dog. If you haven’t yet, then you should definitely get down to
your local animal shelter and sign up ASAP to help socialize with the dogs who are
looking for their forever homes. It’s so good for them, and it’s good for
you, too! For whatever reason, playing catch with an
animal is just so satisfying. I love playing catch with dogs and even cats, but I
like playing catch with other animal species, too, like Zeema the toucan. Zeema is a keel-billed toucan who was severely
injured in her previous living situation and came to Animal Wonders with
a broken leg, among other issues. She’s a strong girl and even with a leg
brace, she loves playing catch. Her favorite food is blueberries, and with her catching
skills, she can really show off her specialized beak. My favorite part is watching her toss the
berry back and swallowing it whole! So, now you know that playing catch
isn’t just for dogs. Which means that toys made for dogs could
possibly be used for many other animals as well, like maybe these puzzle toys! I think puzzle toys are awesome. They’re a lot like playing hide and seek, but the
animal knows there’s something good inside, and it takes a little extra work to
figure out how to get that treat out. Our foxes love them! It’s a fun game for them to play,
and it’s fun for us to watch. I want to take a moment to give a big thank
you to those who gifted these puzzle toys and the training treats to our foxes. You can see they have a lot of fun,
so thank you for enriching their lives! And if you’d like to get some toys or treats
for any of the animals at Animal Wonders, you can check out our Amazon wish list.
The link is in the description. You can even send a note telling us
who your favorite animal is and why. Games are such a great way to form a good
relationship with an animal in your life. By spending more time together
doing something you both enjoy, you’re laying down a great foundation
for a deep trust bond. I love playing games with the animals at
Animal Wonders, and I also love playing games with my own little animals,
meaning my family. When I go looking for new games to play with my family,
it can be hard to know if a game is going to be too hard or too easy and end up being boring for the kids. Which is why I was so happy that Z-Man Games gave us the opportunity to test play My First
Stone Age and see how my family would like it. And I’m so happy to say that it was a success! My son is seven years old, and I’m always looking
for a game that’s fun for us to enjoy together. My First Stone Age perfectly combines a simple
concept with a few more in-depth strategies that only took him a few rounds to understand. Once he got into it, he didn’t want to stop, and
I’m looking forward to playing with him again. If you have any little humans in your life,
I’d recommend introducing them to the fun of strategy board games
with My First Stone Age. You can find the link to Z-Man Games below
and with the holidays coming up, this is the perfect time to get something
for the whole family to enjoy! Thanks for watching, and if you’d like to
continue going on adventures with us and the animals every week, be sure
to subscribe and we’ll see you next week!

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