Playing Poker : How to Buy Poker Chips

Playing Poker : How to Buy Poker Chips

Hi, are you getting ready to buy some poker
chips? My name is Dean Hale, poker expert,
and let me give you a little tips on buying
your first set of poker chips. First thing
you need to know is there are three types
of poker chips. There are poker chips that
are called clay poker chips, there are metal
poker chips and there are plastic poker chips.
The clay poker chips are made out of clay
and some other materials but they are made
of just that material and they are 39 millimeters
in diameter and they weight anywhere between
8 to 11 and a half grams. Now the clay chips
are typically your best chips and they’re
going to be your most expensive chips. Those
are the chips that are usually used at the
big tournaments like the World Series of Poker
or at the World Poker Tour. The next set of
chips which are also good chips, are called
metal chips. Now they’re not actually metal
chips which would be banging on a table, they
are chips that have a metal insert that is
then covered in a type of a hard plastic.
They can have a very high resolution in color,
they can be very graphically dynamic. And
they’re a good set of starter chips for a
lot of people and most people may not even
know the difference. The third set of chips
that you have are your basic chips that you
can buy at your super center type store that
are plastic chips. Those chips are very lightweight
and is something you may want to play with
just if you’re playing some home games with
say your kids and you’re goofing around, you
just want to have some chips. If you’re going
to play any serious poker, I would definitely
suggest buying some clay or some metal chips.
Both of them will hold you well and they’re
very durable. Now you can go, there are some
places that actually have poker supply stores
where you can buy poker chips. You can also
go online and check out the various stores
that would sell poker chips and what denominations.
The next thing you want to do after you decide
what type of poker chip you’re going to buy
is how any chips are you going to buy and
that basically depends on your purpose. If
you’re going to have a small game between
three to six people, you might get away with
2 to 300 chips. If you’re going to have larger
games where you’re going to have anywhere
from 8, 10 plus people, you actually may want
to think about getting chips anywhere between
800 to 1,000 chips to suit your game. My name
is Dean Hale and hopefully I’ve helped you
out a little bit in learning how to buy some
poker chips. Good luck.

26 thoughts on “Playing Poker : How to Buy Poker Chips”

  1. I have plastic chips,they aint 100% walmart and they are great, the clay ones do sound a bit better, but I didnt care about the sound, I cared about the simplicity and looks 😉

  2. i just bought some chips that are 11.5g it was a set of 300 and you get 2 pack of cards, card cutters and dice but not sure if they are plastic, clay or metal because they haven't arrived.

  3. @OneTouch8700 probably plastic at 11.5g but you never know.. I have 14.5g pokerstars chips which are clay and advise getting them if you don't like the ones that turn up 😛

  4. @mikeaprice09 they are metal plated plastic and there pretty good. thanks for your help and recommendation.

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  6. crap I should have watched this guy before I went ahead and bought a 500 piece custom set of ASM compression clay poker chips for 900 dollars lol. darn..

    I will not play at a game that uses plastic metal slugged chips. ASM, Chipco, Paulson or BCC for me please!

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    Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin got amazing success  with it.


  8. Poker "Expert?" There are way more than 3 types of chips. Ceramics were not mentioned for example……+ Ivory, bakelite, catalin………..poor video….

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