Plot And Setting Revealed In New GTA 6 Leak

Plot And Setting Revealed In New GTA 6 Leak

Every few months, a new Grand Theft Auto 6
rumor or leak surfaces, reigniting the fan
frenzy for Rockstar’s monster franchise.
From claims about multiple locations to the
ability to play as a cop or criminal, the
gaming community is abuzz with alleged insider
Meanwhile, the publisher continues to keep
its cards close to its chest, giving little
away about the title, including whether it’s
even in development.
The latest “leak,” should it prove true, provides
the most comprehensive look at the sixth installment
of the Grand Theft Auto series we’ve seen
thus far.
The supposed scoop comes from a Reddit user
by the name of u/JackOLantern1982, who claims
the information came from, quote, “two friends
who are very reliable and have worked for
places such as Kotaku and PC Gamer.”
Yeah… so, just consider that before you
get too excited.
“I totally believe you, dude!”
To start, the Reddit leak makes several claims,
including that GTA 6 entered development in
2012, one year before the release of Grand
Theft Auto 5 in 2013.
Full development picked up in 2015, but was
ultimately slowed down as Rockstar put the
finishing touches on 2018’s Red Dead Redemption
Set between the 1970s and 1980s, the next
GTA is said to be codenamed Project Americas,
and will purportedly feature two locations:
Vice City — which players last visited in
2002’s appropriately-titled Grand Theft
Auto: Vice City — and a never-before-seen
fictional area based on the city of Rio de
Janeiro in Brazil.
And counter to Rockstar’s approach with
Grand Theft Auto 5, this next installment
in the series will reportedly focus on one
single protagonist; a man named Ricardo who
is, quote, “an up and coming drug lord-wannabe.”
The leak states that Ricardo will start on
the bottom rung of the drug running ladder,
smuggling the white stuff out of Vice City
and into South America.
In order to move up in the world, Ricardo
will have to make connections with more high-profile
drug lords, even taking on hit jobs for a
younger Martin Madrazo and his family.
And Ricardo will have to do all that without
landing himself behind bars.
That’s right: the leak suggests a, quote,
“giant prison” will play a major role
in the world of this new Grand Theft Auto,
which means you could be forced to break yourself
out should the law catch up to you on your
way to becoming a drug kingpin.
In terms of inspiration, the leak reports
that Rockstar gained a lot of it from the
Netflix series Narcos, which focuses on the
world of drug smuggling in 1980s Columbia.
As such, characters in the next GTA will supposedly
speak in their native languages, in a move
that’s said to add to more immersion of
the game.
And the game will reportedly tackle hot button
issues like HIV and the immigration crisis,
both of which are true to the setting of Narcos
and the era this next Grand Theft Auto is
said to take place in.
Lastly, those hoping to get their hands on
the next Grand Theft Auto will likely have
to fork over a few hundred dollars for a brand
new console before doing so.
The Reddit leak makes clear that this next
entry in the series is “next gen only,”
which means you probably won’t see the next
GTA on PlayStation 4 or on Xbox One.
This claim does shed some light on when we
might see Grand Theft Auto make its return:
sometime after the holiday 2020 season.
Then again, all of the information shared
here comes from a Reddit user who claims to
know people with insider knowledge.
We’re approaching this leak with a healthy
amount of skepticism, but you can rest assured
we’ll be looking for any news that can either
confirm what the leaker said or squash the
rumors shared here once and for all.
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46 thoughts on “Plot And Setting Revealed In New GTA 6 Leak”

  1. I hope people will like the story better this time. Maybe it will get rid of some of that online stuff.

  2. Why make multiple games per generation when you can just make one thats sucks players dry each week. Bringing in 10yrs of revenue.

    Greedy basterds and you support it.

  3. My substitute teachers last day was today. He said he was ‘overlooking’ a tech demo sort of thing for gta 6 and someone in the room said about the map being split into four where each place is a different server so it must be some hella big map

  4. My GTA 6
    Grand Theft Auto VI will take place in the south and even on some islands.

    There will be 4 fictional cities: Vice city, Houston, New Orleans, and another new city set in South American. There will be small towns and counties in between these cities. The map will be so vast, that GTA 6 will introduce a special ability well known as teleportation. You will be able to take planes from city to city.

    The four protagonists and your customized character will be very realistic like you're playing as yourself. They will get tired, need to sleep, lose weight, gain weight, get muscular from working out, overgrow their hair if they don't shave or get a haircut, get filthy and stinky if they don't shower. The pedestrians will be realistic as well, and will have different personalities; some may comment on your smell if you stink or smell good, and some might not say anything but will make it obvious that you smell.

    The story will be long but not too long. Some missions will take place in Liberty city, but you won't be able to go to the city outside of missions. The game will feature a timeline story where the game will start in the 1980s and end in 2018. As you progress in the game: technology, cars, clothes, and even buildings will change and become more advanced, causing the prices to increase as well. Drugs will play a major role in the game, and you can sell drugs.

    The cars will run out of gas, and most of your weapons will be stored in these vehicles. You can carry handguns and knives on your person, but not large weapons like rocket launchers.

    Weather will be evident in the game: there will be hurricanes and tornadoes that can kill you character if he or she is in that particular area.

  5. Absolute nonsense. Unless it’s a spin off like Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, there is no way in hell Rockstar Games will go back into the past with a game. They’ve already talked about the SD and HD universe before and explained all GTA titles will be set in the modern day… plus it would sell way less if it isn’t a modern title. What a bag bullshit…

  6. It would be Fantastic if GTA 6 will get a RP mode – like FiveM and having servers dedicated and ready for only RP.

  7. I hope it will stay a M-rated, open world, third person Juggernaut.😁🙏

    Blood and Gore
    Intense Violence
    Strong Language
    Strong Sexual Content
    Mature Humor and
    Use of Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco 😀👍👍 I hope that it stays that way 👍👍

    Rockstar Games: Don't let your fans down. Stand your ground, Steel yourselves and Don't take shit from anybody!!🚫🚫😠👊📩

  8. The "LEAK" and its "LEAKER" has been 100% proven to be FAKE. LegacyKillaHD has already done a full video on all the FAKE shit that this LIAR has been attempting to put out there since 2015.

  9. For one coke doesn’t come from Miami (vice city) to South America it’s the other way around and also this is fake cuz rockstar wants to have gta stay in America (USA) because gta is a parody of northern American culture. So having it move into South America doesn’t fit this unless it’s a one mission thing like Michael and Trevor in north Yankton

  10. honestly, already GTA 6 sounds like it's going to be horrible but i will just wait and see what happens i guess.

  11. Not liking the rumor of it being set between the 1970's – 1980's.

    If anything perhaps make a small portion of the story in that era but keep the game modern.

  12. A lil bird told me a few things about GTA6: GTA6 Release to be 12-12-2019// ! There will be a Female Protagonist, after the Main Male Protagonist ends up in the hospital …. The in game duration of the Female Protagonist will be chosen/selected by players. It will be set in Miami (USA), London (UK), Genoa (Italy), Nice (France). Also here, players will choose the duration of the in game in each city. Players will only be able to carry 2 weapons at any time with up to 2 ammo clips for each weapon, a side weapon and a rifle or heavier, and up to 4 grenades. Players will be able to drop off weapons/ammo/armor/health kits at any desired location for later pick up/use. Weapons, Armor and Health Kits will also be available on delivery at a cost. Armor and health kits will be for sale at all corner stores. Armor will also be removable from Law Enforcement Agents. No more Flight School. Air Flight will automatically become more stable by time spent flying. No more Auto Aiming. Players will be able to mark location on the map to be used as FFW Locations. …. To be continued: … PS: Lets get SERNANDOE Banned!!! BTW: If you want the release of GTA6, STOP PlAyInG GTA5 !! Sub to my channel, and when I have 200 subs, I will reveal more details ….:/ PS: May Sernando (the total BS M/F'r) be runned over by a Mack Truck and not survive!!

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