Pokemon Fire Ash Hack God Mode

Hey guys!
My name is Ishaan and this is the Pokémon
Fire Ash God Mode.
So, without wasting any more time, let’s
get started!
So, if you’re new to my channel and haven’t
seen my previous God Modes well, are you mad?
Go see them!
But-but-but after you watch this video.
Now keeping that aside, even if you know how
God Mode works, you need to see how to use
it because I have made some super cool changes
this time.
Now, if you already know what God Mode is,
go ahead to this time and If you don’t know,
continue watching.
So, God Mode is a new Mode that I add in the
games like Pokémon Insurgence, Uranium, Reborn,
and now Ash Grey too.
So, basically the God Mode contains a hell
lot of hacks to use and they are 99% crash
free… probably…
I guess… well that depends on the hacks
you use.
I will talk about that later in the video.
But now that you know what is God Mode, let’s
get onto How to Download and use it.
Now I always put up two download links for
two different websites which in this video
are Mega and Media Fire .Now the link in the
description are shortened and all you need
to do is that go to the link in the description,
click on “I’m not a robot” and then
wait for 5-6 seconds and then you will reach
your destination website.
Almost 30% of the people who download my God
Mode make the same mistake which is that they
copy the files I provide into there copy of
You do NOT have to do this.
Because then God Mode won’t work.
So, here’s what you have to do.
Download my file, delete your copy of game
(Don’t worry, your save file won’t be
deleted because its stored somewhere else),
and then extract God Mode where your previous
game was.
See, It’s simple.
Now here comes the cool part.
So, previously, I had been adding a character
in every Pokémon centre in order to enter
the place with all the hacks but, this time,
there’s no need to go anywhere to enter
the secret city because this time, I have
added a new shortcut to go to the place.
Okay so, before I tell you what those shortcuts
are, please see this: There are a lot of people
having problems in pressing the Function keys
in their keyboards to activate the hacks and
I am going to explain very quickly to solve
that problem.
Okay, so there are two types of keyboards,
one whose special keys are the main keys on
the top row and the other whose Function keys
are main keys.
Now in the first type of keyboard, you need
to press one more key in order to access any
function key and that key is the ‘Fn’
key on your keyboard.
To press a function key for example F2 key,
you will need to hold the Fn key and then
press the F2 key.
And for the other keyboard, well you just
need to press the key directly.
Okay, since all the confusions have been solved,
now its time for the instructions.
So, to Activate or Deactivate Debug, all you
need to do is press the F9 key.
When you press the F9 key, the debug menu
will show up once and you can exit it by pressing
the button ‘X’.
And if you want to disable the debug, you
need to press F9 button again.
Basically, F9 button toggles the Debug Menu.
Next up is the place with all the hacks.
Now, to go to the place where all hacks are,
you have 2 options, either you can press F7
and you’ll be teleported to the place with
the hacks or use the options menu by pressing
the ‘X’ button.
This place has 18 Hacks and all of these are
displayed on the screen.
Also, to come back to where you were before
the Hack Map, just press F7 again or use the
options menu by pressing the button ‘X’.
Side-note: Please do save your game before
using any of these hacks.
That’s all you need to know.
Now go enjoy the God Mode and please like
this video, share it with your friends, and
please please Subscribe to my channel, it
means a lot to me and also it gives me inspiration
to make more videos like this.
That’s all for today, see you guys in the
next video.

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