Poker + Brother (#9)

Poker + Brother (#9)

My brother visited from Denver, and I kept him busy with
lifting and sightseeing and poker, oh my!
I bet you could ski down that…
So I had raised here in the cutoff with Queens, and this good player in the button had called me.
He was in his forties and Asian.
Because he was a good player, I figured I would have to disguise my value bets as bluffs and generally represent weakness.
I continuation bet here for $12 into around a $20 pot.
The board was medium-low and safe for queens…
As safe as you can hope for anyway, barring a set.
He comes along.
The turn comes out and I figured I could represent a double-barrel with air…
I made it a weak looking $15…
And he comes along. Looks like he has medium showdown value or a draw.
On the river I showed weakness, as if I missed my draw or I’m scared.
He fairly quickly bet $30, which didn’t scare me, it’s what I was looking for, to check-call a bluff, or check-decide.
But he used a green chip, which can mean strength. Because people like their big chips, and when they use them it usually means they know they’re coming back.
He said good call.
Not this time with the big chip tell.
Yup. Drawing.
Perhaps he was good enough to give off a false one, and know that I might pick up on it, and so forth.
I’ll show the rest next video. I’m trying to keep it short.

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  1. In a 1/2 or 1/3 game I hate green or black chips unless I have a full stack but one or two of them no. I have seen to many people throw them in by mistake. Luckily I have never done it but I get rid of them cashing to reds.

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