Poker Machines and Gambling

Poker Machines and Gambling

The following was posted by Medusa on April
18, 2016, who gave permission for it to be
used here.
Poker Machines and gambling are not a problem
to anyone who chooses to use it as a social
interest only.
It becomes a problem when it affects our lives
and our family’s lives.
That is, it becomes an addiction.
Addictions can rip the life from families
who are affected.
(Of course, this all depends on whether people
accept that they have an addiction.)
Some people just say, “Oh, I am just a heavy
gambler and I can stop at any time I wish”.
But for some people, it leads to failure,
loss of family, loss of jobs, loss of property,
and when things become too much, loss of life.
I know there are lots of things in our lives
that are a gamble.
But addiction is another thing altogether.
Gambling addiction is when we cannot do without
gambling whenever we have money, and when
we don’t have money, we will do almost anything
to get money – lie, cheat, steal, not pay
the bills, take out numerous credit cards
and then max them out.
For example, just say now we have a house
worth $300,000, three credit cards worth a
total of $30,000, and access to petty cash
at work of $500 a month.
When we realise we love gambling so much,
we have to sell the house and move into a
cheaper house, or even rental accommodation.
We have maxed out our credit cards and have
also “borrowed” money from the petty cash.
Then finally we may wake up and say that we
have a problem.
Some still say that they are just heavy gamblers.
Then there is the change of jobs to earn more
Those jobs may even turn into bigger paying
jobs when they become fly-in and fly-out jobs.
And don’t forget the constant borrowing
of money from family and friends.
Some people get themselves out of trouble
by moving interstate, stopping gambling for
a while and saving money, but they mostly
come back with the urge to gamble again.
The gamblers then yo-yo back and forth, back
and forth, until they have reached rock bottom
In some cases this may go on for years and
Eventually some people accept that they have
a very big gambling problem.
A few may even seek help.
The trouble is that everything is so easily
accessible today.
The Internet and these smartphones that do
everything – what a nightmare for the compulsive
The whole world is available twenty-four-seven!
Online casinos, online poker, horse-racing
from around the world, boxing tournaments,
cricket matches – the list goes on.
Of course the gambling companies are not innocent.
Not only are they directly profiting from
problem gamblers’ misfortune, they have
intentionally designed their machines to be
as addictive as possible.
They hire statisticians and psychologists
to guarantee that their profits keep rolling
The house must win at any cost.
The companies will argue that they are not
doing anything illegal, which is usually true.
However, they certainly are not very moral.
They are taking people’s money and ruining
The government allow it of course, due to
the large amount of tax revenue they receive.
Also remember, our children are being trained
from a very young age to have an unbalanced
Many children’s video games focus on collecting
coins or crystals, or pulling the lever of
a pretend poker machine to win a prize.
Gambling is still allowed to be advertised
on our TV sets, so of course our children
are being exposed to this whenever they watch
their favourite football team playing.
So, what can be done about all of this?
For starters, we must outlaw gambling ads,
just as we have done with big tobacco.
Secondly, we have to have much tighter restrictions
on poker machines.
Currently, almost every pub and club have
Some clubs, if not most of them, rely entirely
on poker machine revenue.
But the main thing that we need to do is admit
that gambling doesn’t help society.
It makes a few people rich, but many people
end up losing everything.
If you think you have a problem with gambling,
there are lots of free resources available
But the key is to admit you have a problem,
and seek help as soon as possible.
Don’t be tricked by the gambling companies.
As they say, the house always wins.

2 thoughts on “Poker Machines and Gambling”

  1. Good video, Our country is in recession and what has our govt done, put more pokies in , scrapped any reform, in qld allowing 50 and 100 dollar notes, handed more power too the machine operators , allowed multi million $ venues masquerading as sports clubs to claim not for profit status by donating a pathetic 1.8 % of profit back to the community, usually in the form of renovations typically more pokies and car parks for there victims. And there isn't one scrap of data available to the public to prove there so called RTP minimum return is being adhered too, and why would they release it when the auditing body eg: Our govt directly profits and pockets 40% of the takings. Americas GFC , Zimbabwe's Mcgabe regime ain't got shit on Australia's version of pulling the Worlds grossest conflict of interest fuelled heist on its own taxpayers and making it somehow legal.

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