Poker Night in America | S5 E1 | Face Up With Jennifer Tilly

Poker Night in America | S5 E1 | Face Up With Jennifer Tilly

– [Announcer] From The Rivers
Poperty in Pittsburgh PA
this is Poker Night in America.
(swing jazz music)
– Welcome to Poker
Night in America
at Rivers in Pittsburgh.
I am Chris Hanson and
this is Joe Stapleton.
– Plenty of action
in tonight’s episode,
and if you’re not a
fan of the Steel City,
be sure to stick around
because the local boys
end up having their own
personal Three Mile Islands.
– And later on in the
episode, we go face up
with Jennifer Tilly in
an in-depth interview.
– Can’t wait to find out what
her motivation is in Chucky 41.
(audience laughing)
– [Chris] Day number one at
Rivers here in Pittsburgh.
As usual, on Poker
Night in America,
you have the option to buy-in
from anywhere from
five to 20 thousand.
As you can see, we’re
kinda all over the place
here again tonight on
Poker Night in America.
– So, what do you guys think
about Blitz’s bike ride,
with the drafting, and the–
– Oh, I got in a lot
of trouble for that.
– What?
– ‘Cause, I made a comment,
and it got back to
Perkins and Rick,
and the fact that they
agreed upon the bet,
and the drafting was okay.
– It said in the contract
it’s okay to draft.
– [Deeb] Yeah.
– [Tilly] Yeah, so you still
had some money on that,
all the guys did, everybody did.
– [Deeb] They were
against them, or for them?
– No, for them
– [Deeb] Yeah, I thought
it was a bit, once he got
the training partners he did,
I just liked his chances.
– [Tilly] Well, after Samantha,
– He completed it, he did?
– He did, with like 15 hours,
– But after Samantha did it,
it was like a breeze
– But that was also 72 hours
– 72 hours.
– And I don’t know
if in bike riding,
if the fact that
she’s a lot smaller
makes a big difference,
– Probably
– That it makes it easier.
But once I saw his
bike with the seat,
because that was the big issue
with the Sam was the seat,
so once he had that,
– [Chris] They’re talking about
Dan Bilzerian’s biking bet,
he had to ride a bike from
Las Vegas to Los
Angeles in 48 hours.
– [Tilly] So did you
have money on Blitz?
– [Deeb] I don’t want
the bet against him.
– [Tilly] They’re
going to arbitration.
– [Chris] Lots of playable
hands to kick things off,
except for Maria’s
unfortunate straddle.
Both Andrews and
Glantz hit top pair.
– [Schenbacher] Oh, there’s
a discrepancy in the bet now?
– Rick’s claiming something
but it’s total bull (bleep).
And Rick didn’t even have a
bet on the actual like race.
He had mostly bets on
Blitz dying on this.
– Yeah, I kind of–
– What a piece of (bleep)
to bet on someone to die on
a bet, you know what I mean?
– I think that was a
joke though, right?
– No, that was
legitimate bets, yeah.
– 16.
– [Chris] Well the bet
was 600 from Andrews,
and then it got raised by
Matt Glantz.
Action now on Shaun Deeb.
– [Schanbacher] Jay,
you definitely get
the action going, buddy.
Good luck, Jay.
– [Glantz] You got
chips on you Jack
or we need to borrow a pumpkin?
– [Chris] The local
Andrews is all in.
– [Joe] Tough for
Glantz to fold top-top.
– I’m all in.
– [Deeb] Call.
– I flopped a set.
– Did you?
– Yeah.
Backdoor flush draw
– A backdoor flush draw?
– [Glantz] It’s a
backdoor straight draw.
– You just got in with ace, ten?
You’re such a fish
– [Joe] This is a
three-way all in.
– [Joe] Glantz and Andrews
looking at chop so if Deeb
doesn’t hit–
– [Tilly] Three,
four, five, six.
– [Andrews] Nice.
– [Deeb] How do you just know
your spade’s gonna come out?
– [Glantz] I told you
it was ten percent.
– [Andrews] Oh my god.
– [Tilly] Wow.
– [Deeb] Hundred percent.
– [Tilly] Wow.
– That’s sick.
– [Deeb] That’s for you.
black seven Matt,50-50.
– Unbearable. Black seven.
– [Deeb] I think I
cover you by the way.
– You guys are all getting
muted during like any
like during the whole
political debates situation.
– Well did you see–
– [Tilly] Daniel said if you
see a white man on a plane
go into a restroom with a
briefcase, what do you do?
And then you have like
your choices, I do nothing,
I order another drink,
I report it to the–
and I guess the correct answer
was report it to the stewardess.
So then BJ was like
what if he, you know,
what if he had
da-da-da-da, and then uh–
– [Schanbacher]
Yeah, what if he has
his shots or something in there?
– [Tilly] Daniel just
started going down all this
lists of situations,
if you see someone
laying in the street,
do you drive by
or do you stop and help?
And BJ’s like well what if he’s
like a homeless drunk person?
– [Schanbacher] You
could always what if
all those questions.
– If you see. And then Daniel
goes if you see a woman
berating her child,
do you intervene?
And he’s like yeah, no probably
not, it’s their business.
Okay there is never a
non-important hand in this game.
– [Shanbacher] Yeah
we’re just laying
in the chips right now.
– [Andrews] How much?
– [Dealer] 26.
– [Chris] Andrews calls the bet.
So our heads up and
here comes the flop,
it’s 9, 4, 4–
– [Andrews] I’m all in.
– Call.
– [Chris] Let’s go ahead boys,
just put it all in. Let’s go.
– [Joe] Wow, Andrews trying
to protect those queens,
and it only works if
queens are actually ahead.
Snap call by Glantz–
– [Chris] That’s
how he wins 50k.
– [Joe] Jason Andrews,
more like Jason and lose.
– [Chris] And the microphone
is coming off so it
looks like that’s gonna
be it for Jason Andrews.
– And we just lost Pittsburgh.
There’s nothing there,
it’s just my ear,
a trick, slight of hand.
– [Announcer] Poker Night in
America is brought to you by
our trusted friend,
Kimo Sabe Mescal.
Why settle for tequila?
Step up to Kimo Sabe.
– Welcome back to Poker
Night in America, from
Rivers in Pittsburgh,
where every single hand,
there’s guaranteed to
be a River, not really,
let’s just play.
– Yeah we have a lot
of buy-in’s fast.
– Mad reload eh?
– It’s crazy like
fast and furious.
– It’s like that one did
the most reloads in the
first hour of the show ever.
– I busted twice.
– And we did it in short
stack, I mean people bought
in for chips.
– [Glantz] Nothing he could
do. I mean Shaun obviously
had the queen, ten, so
what could the guy do?
– [Deeb] He had like
2k at that point.
– [Glantz] The guy was trapped
in against the queen, ten.
– [Chris] Deeb calls.
Abel’s gonna play
his first hand.
– Let’s get ’em John.
– We get ’em.
– I just wanna check
raise Shaun on the river.
– [Chris] Glantz calls, Tilly
calls, alright here we go.
Let’s everyone to the
flop now shall we?
25 hundred in the middle.
– [Joe] Nearly a
family pot, guess
who’s missing once
again? My dad.
– [Chris] What’d
he miss this time?
– [Joe] Everything,
Christmas, you know
what he doesn’t miss last call.
– [Chris] Oh boy. Issues.
– [Joe] So both Abel and
Deeb flop trip queens,
Schanbacher has
flopped a flush draw.
All three players still
around for the turn.
– [Joe] It just
checked around to Deeb,
he’s still gotta like his hand.
– [Joe] Things get even
better for Schanbacher,
even though he is
not ahead just yet,
he’s got more outs, he could
hit a straight now also,
we know most of
his outs are clean.
A ten of spades is
no good for him.
– [Chris] Jack will fold.
– [Joe] I don’t hate it.
That’s a lot of money to call
there and you’re on a draw
you got nine high if you miss.
– [Chris] Which he would have.
– [Deeb] I check.
– [Abel] Queen.
– [Deeb] Me too, I win.
What was your kicker Griffy.
– [Joe] What’d he
call him, Grippy?
– No an Ace.
– Why ain’t your Dave
play a hand yet won?
– Dave just lost a big pile man.
– [Joe] Dave in that one hand.
– In a nut straight.
– [Tilly] Who just
lost a big pot?
– [Deeb] Dave did to you.
– [Tilly] Oh.
Deeb did you win a lot of
money with your pocket Aces?
– No.
– Deeb raises with
a suited king, five.
– Picked up a straddle–
– [Chris] Maria Ho calls,
welcome Dave Eldridge.
– [Deeb] One of them was mine.
– [Chris] Sometimes he has a
beard, sometimes he doesn’t.
He’s a shape shifter.
It’s good to constantly
reinvent yourself.
Hey Jennifer Tilly,
straddles this hand,
gets tons of action
and flops a set.
Eldridge has an
up and down draw.
Glantz has one of his outs.
Glantz folds, Tilly
calls, now onto Maria Ho.
Alright, so Maria’s
raising to 28 hundred,
sensing weakness
from the other two,
And she gets ahead with a
decent amount of equity to fold.
Jennifer Tilly will
not be folding however.
Like the term fake news,
she is going nowhere.
And now she’s got a boat.
– [Ho] 47.
– [Joe] Unfortunately
it looks like Maria
is gonna make one of the
biggest mistakes in poker
and that is to rep
your opponents hand.
Well I guess it’s only a mistake
when your opponent
has a good hand.
– [Chris] 47 hundred is
the bet from Maria Ho.
So now over to Jen Tilly.
Tilly’s just more than happy
to just keep this on rolling.
– [Joe] Oh yeah.
And that’s exactly why you
don’t always raise in that spot,
you wanna give your opponent the
opportunity to keep
trying to bluff you.
It looks like Jen does
not want to give Maria
the opportunity to just
check and give up now.
– [Chris] So she
correctly is going
to bet here on the River.
And that is the
folding thumb which
has been extended from Maria Ho.
Jennifer Tilly, look at that.
J Till the killer with
the 23,000 dollar pot.
– It’s gotta be the glasses.
– And he goes, “Tell you
what, why don’t you give me
your phone number, ’cause
it’s only three percent
you’ll call me, but a hundred
percent, I’ll call you.
– Welcome back to Poker
Night in America at
Rivers in Pittsburgh it
is about to get crazy.
– Light ’em up.
– [Chris] Poker Night in
America brought to you by
Kemo Sabe back at Rivers
here in Pittsburgh.
– [Joe] Dave Eldridge
straddling and a double straddle
from Mr. Worldwide.
Oh 8,7, alright.
– [Chris] Shanbacher
with queen, nine
opts to make it 600.
– [Joe] A little loose
for my liking but hey.
Some of your juiciest
pots in cash games
are made from getting a
little weird before the flop.
So looks like Shanbacher
is gonna throw good money
after bad, he is in position
and Deeb is pretty live.
But I don’t know what you’re
hoping to hit, when you call
a three bet with queen nine off.
We have 45 hundred
in the middle,
and it’s eight, seven
versus queen, nine.
Well top pair and a
pretty good kicker is
one thing you could
be happy to hit.
And against a player
like Shaun Deeb I’m gonna
think a nine is good
here most of the time.
I assume Shaun’s
gonna continue though
with only eight
high and a gutshot.
– [Chris] 2k is the bet.
– [Joe] Well you can’t
fold now Jacky Boy.
– [Chris] I mean if
you’ve watched Shaun Deeb
at all on Poker Night in
America you know he could
be holding an instruction
card and a business card
from an insurance agent
he met last night.
– [Joe] Yeah.
– [Chris] He could be betting
with anything right now.
– [Joe] Ten on the turn.
– [Chris] Oh now
Deeb is open ended.
And Shanbacher no
longer has top hair.
I think Shaun’s gonna
keep firing at this.
Assuming he knows it’s his turn.
– [Joe] Oh hey. Shaun
bets 45 hundred.
– [Chris] Jack trying
to figure this out.
– [Joe] I’d be pretty
confused here whether or not
he was trying to push me off
a nine or if he was trying
to protect some sort of
over pair like Jacks.
– [Tilly] I used to play
Tuesday, Wednesday–
– [Joe] It’s a pretty convincing
Jack story at the moment.
– [Tilly] So I used to play
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
and Saturdays, and you
know, it was pretty intense,
but there’s a lot
of home games in LA.
– [Chris] There’s a
big chip at the call.
Wow we’re already over
15 thousand in the pot
and oh man, Shaun
Deeb gets there.
Makes the straight on the River.
– [Joe] Fortune favors the bold.
– [Chris] Every time I
know Shaun he has the
winner on the River
all I keep thinking is
he’s gonna slow
roll this poor guy.
– [Joe] He only does it
to people he knows right?
– [Tilly] And the game changes
so fast, I mean it’s like–
– [Chris] Yeah Shanbacher’s
got a nose, that’s for sure,
he does, so he
might do it to him.
– All in.
– [Joe] I’m not good
enough to ever think
about calling here,
like I’m just folding
a hundred percent of the time,
and some of the time
I’m gonna be wrong.
– [Chris] I also
probably would’ve folded
on the turn, or
flop, or pre-flop.
– I fold.
– [Joe] Good fold.
– Straight?
– You talked him in
to three betting this hand.
– [Ho] I got to show one–
– [Joe] Shaun wants
to show and he does.
– [Tilly] Six, seven,
eight, nine, ten.
– Cheers.
– Oh we’re back.
– We’re back.
– Drinks. Here we go. Cheers.
– [Abel] Cheers y’all.
Griffy have a
drink. At least one.
– I’m driving buddy,
I don’t break the law.
– Oh yeah. Crime don’t
pay, crime don’t pay.
– [Deeb] There’s an Uber
in this city come on.
– [Ho] You get an Uber
and leave your car here,
I’m sure you’ll be right back.
– [Abel] Oh I’m coming back
and when I come
back, I’ll drink.
– [Schanbacher] You
don’t wanna be–
– [Deeb] Yeah it’s bad business.
– [Schanbacher]
Unless you see if the
guys your drinking buddy–
– [Deeb] You’ve never
once at a funeral
home been kinda buzzed up?
– [Schanbacher]
Are you saying that
Griffin Abel’s going
to a funeral today?
– [Deeb] He did it seems like
the kinda thing I shouldn’t
make a joke about, so just
cut my mic for a minute.
Well we were in
ninth grade too so,
not as understandable.
– [Schanbacher] I don’t
think I’ve ever been
sober at a funeral.
– [Deeb] You gotta
drink to get through it.
– [Chris] Big flop
for Dave Eldridge.
– [Joe] Check from Deeb.
Definitely the kind of
board you wanna bet.
You’re gonna have the
best hand very often,
and your opponent’s gonna
have a piece very often–
– [Abel] What did you think
of that basketball game Jack?
– [Schanbacher] I
haven’t watched one game.
I didn’t do a bracket,
I didn’t bet a game.
– [Tilly] That seems
like poor sportsmanship.
– [Ho] Spillage.
– [Schanbacher]
Easy there Maria Ho.
– Guess what I have though.
– [Glantz] No she’s not!
– [Deeb] That’s not
what you use that for.
– [Schanbacher]
You can’t use that.
– [Ho] No!
– [Deeb] That’s bad luck.
– [Schanbacher] How
do you not know that?
– [Ho] Oh. Because I’ve never
had a Terrible Towel before.
– [Chris] She was given
a Terrible Towel by one
of the people who is watching
the Poker Night in America
Festivities today, and
now she’s using that
Terrible Towel to
wipe the table.
– [Joe] What’s the
problem it’s a towel?
– [Chris] No, oh my
gosh. I’m gonna be sick.
– [Ho] I don’t even.
What is football.
Like soccer? Steelers? Are
they like a soccer team?
– You’re like
spitting on Pittsburgh
when you use that
towel like that.
– [Chris] By the way Shaun Deeb
has very quietly made the nuts.
– Should I do this?
– [Glantz] Okay that’s what
you do with a Terrible Towel.
– [Schanbacher] Yeah
that’s how you dry it out
after you wipe your
drink up with it.
– [Glantz] Oh my.
– [Schanbacher] You
sports people are weird.
I’d hate to tell you what
I’d use that towel for.
– [Glantz] Okay come on!
– [Schanbacher] What?
I like spaghetti.
– [Abel] Soon as she touched
me that’s when I lost.
You touched me, I lost.
– [Schanbacher] Yeah.
– [Chris] Eldridge just
in a really bad spot.
– [Joe] The bet’s 35 50
and Deeb’s just leaving
’em twist in the
wind here, he calls.
– [Ho] Are we drinking
tonight after you’re done–
– [Chris] And Eldridge
does not boat up.
Now the heart means Deeb
no longer has the nuts,
but he is not
gonna give this up.
– [Ho] Well, I don’t know,
but just I’m playing,
like I’m in the game,
I have chips down–
– [Schanbacher] She
has all my chips.
She just code four
balls me and wins.
– [Chris] Deeb checks.
– [Joe] Yeah. Makes sense.
– [Ho] It’s because
he ordered me a double
when I asked for a single and
then it was on after that.
– [Joe] What’s he gonna do now,
give her a glass she’s
not allowed to drink from?
I suspect we’re
about to see a raise.
You do not expect Eldridge
to have hearts here
pretty much ever, he clearly
had something on the flop.
Ace, king of hearts
will be about
the only heart hand
he’s gonna have.
Maybe queen, jack of hearts.
The problem with
raising here though
is there’s not a lot
they can call you.
– [Chris] Yeah so it’s not gonna
slow him down he goes all in.
– [Joe] Oh! He makes the call.
That’s gonna leave a mark.
– [Chris] Oh, Shaun
Deeb is gonna drive
a bulldozer through this place.
We’re gonna stop for
the day right there,
and Jack Schanbacher, he
would have a really nice day,
if he wasn’t sitting
right next to Shaun Deeb.
Jack is up 11 thousand but
are my eyes playing tricks
on me or is Shaun Deeb
really up 53 thousand?
– [Glantz] It’s sickening
isn’t it? He’s disgusting.
– [Chris] Stay with us
because after the break
we’re going face up with
actress Jennifer Tilly.
– I’ve always thought this, that
I’m a better theater actress
than I am a film actress.
And I just feel like, well you
know I’m very big, you can
see me from the balconies.
When I met Phil I actually met
him a the celebrity inventional
and Phil came over he goes
“There’s that girl I really
So he came over and he’s trying
to teach me how to play poker,
so I’m waving him off, I don’t
need to know how to play poker.
I know, I got this, ok.
– [Announcer] Poker Night in
America is brought to you by
our trusted friend
Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
Why settle for tequila?
Step up to Kimo Sabe.
– Welcome back to
Poker Night in America.
You know Stapes when anyone
asks to list their favorite
Poker Night in
America personalities,
Jennifer Tilly is bound to
be at the top of the list.
– The Cinderella Story
of Poker Night in America
would be inconceivable
without the muse of our show
Jennifer, also call me.
– She has certainly
turned this family guy
into a member of
the cult of Tilly,
so let’s not waste
any more time,
here is part one of
our in depth interview
with Poker Night’s favorite
Oscar nominated actress,
we are face up with
Jennifer Tilly.
– I feel like all my life
I wanted to be an actor,
and the first time that
thought crystalized,
I think I was about
three or four,
my mom took me to see a play.
And in the play there were
a bunch of little girls
on stage and they were
all dressed in flower
costumes I think they were
playing flower fairies,
and I thought, why am I
sitting here in the dark,
in clunky shoes, and those
little girls are up on stage
in pretty dresses? So I knew
that that was the place to be,
I didn’t wanna be the
person in the audience,
watching them do their thing.
And so that’s I think the
first time that I thought
I wanted to be an actress,
my mom she used to sing
in Gilbert and Sullivan
Operettas and you know
sometimes I would
see her on stage
and she took us to
a lot of theaters,
so I think you know
whatever you’re exposed to,
I think that that starts
an idea in your head.
It’s very, very odd,
and I never thought this
would occur in my career
but the two things
that people recognize me
for and are huge fans of
is Chucky movies, and poker.
So it’s like you know
I wanna be loved,
I’m thinking about,
you know, sort of
not doing as much poker and
I always say famously
Chucky killed my career,
which is not true,
but I’m doing another
Chucky movie too.
But I have to say, that poker
fans of all over the world
they really, really
love watching poker,
and Poker Night in
America, it’s on
in every bar across the country.
So many people watch this show.
People love to play it.
It’s a great American past-time,
even though America
tries to pretend
like baseball is a great
American past-time,
I think more people play poker
in their homes than baseball.
– We are out of time
for this episode,
but come back next week
for even more of that
deep sacked interview
from Jenn Tilly and also
some poker and Shaun
Deeb or whatever.
– For more Poker
Night in America,
go to
or hook up with us on
Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube, and Twitch,
or up-to-date information,
full episodes,
and unedited live streams.
– For Joe Stapleton,
I’m Chris Hanson,
thanks for watching.
– Matt’s so excited
’cause he knows that means
I’m drunk right now,
he’s like, “She spilled,
she’s using a Terrible Towel
to wipe up her spillage”
– Wow, you did that?
– I didn’t know! I don’t
even what is football?
Like soccer? Steelers? Are
they like a soccer team?
– You’re like
spitting on Pittsburgh
when you use that
towel like that.
Poker Night Night in America is
brought to you by Kimo Sabe

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  1. 17.45 – Eldridge could have had QJ of hearts? Pretty unlikely as the Qh is on the board. Great analysis guys

  2. Is anyone ever capable of folding QQ preflop? Know your opponent people! Glantz 4 betting range is very narrow in this spot.

  3. Great show PNiA! Keep up the great work! My only wish is that the show would go to a 1-hour long format, instead of 30 minutes.

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  6. does Jen tilly ever stop talking? Jesus fucking christ… shut your mouth. she has no idea that all these people think she's an absolute joke.

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