Poker Night in America | S5 E3 | The Rivers Of Pittsburgh

Poker Night in America | S5 E3 | The Rivers Of Pittsburgh

– [Announcer] From
the Rivers Property
in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
This is Poker Night in America.
(upbeat lounge music)
– Hello and welcome to
Poker Night in America.
I am Chris Hanson,
that’s Joe Stapleton.
We are at Rivers in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
– Coming up on tonight’s show,
local pro Griffin Abel
is the new badass in town
and Jennifer Tilly has a
bit of a China town moment.
I’m the worst, I’m brilliant,
I’m the worst, I’m brilliant.
– Would you stop!
(upbeat jazz music)
Day two from
Pittsburgh at Rivers.
5,000 to 20,000, these are the
buy-ins of all the players.
Who do you like
today today, Stapes?
– [Joe] I like Matt Glantz.
I’m actually hoping
that season five,
we can roll out our new
segment, Poker at a Glantz
which is just a bunch of shots
of Matt Glantz
looking at his cards.
– This looks really exciting
but I have to post this
before I get felted
while I’m still here.
– Stop.
– Right?
– You were getting a
little wild yesterday, huh?
I’ll probably take your place.
– What, I was.
– I said you were getting a
little wild yesterday, huh?
– I was, it was getting crazy.
– Three, three hundred.
– My main man started already.
(mumbled speaking)
– You say I don’t like
to play the first hand
but you know, I’m feeling lucky,
I’m feeling good.
– Look at this.
– Aww, I should’ve re-raised
and I would’ve
been heads up with
– Donkey lips.
– with Keith.
– [Joe] You don’t
necessarily want
to go heads up
with Keith because
he’s just flopped
an up and down draw.
– Now Keith his his ace,
he’s going to bet.
– Correct.
– I have a really good hand
but I’m just going to fold
because I have to
post my Instagram.
– [Chris] Keith bets his draw,
he gets called by Dan Wolf
First hand. Wow Giffy.
and now raised by Griffin Abel.
Both Abel and Morrow are
our high limit players here
at Rivers, know each
other very well.
– Griff is playing, fold me out.
– [Joe] So somehow on
this board and ace folds,
and a pair of fives
is still in, alright.
– [Chris] Turns a deuce.
(mumbled speaking)
– Waitress, waitress!
– Yeah, I do.
– Just let us know it’s first
hand every time you come in.
– Okay.
– [Chris] So, Griffin Abel
checks over to Keith Morrow.
– [Joe] Griffin’s
supposed to continue there
but maybe he’s a little shy now
that his flop raise got called.
– That’s not the image
that you would remember.
– No, I’m the worst.
– I’m gonna put a timer
on my phone, then.
That worked the last time.
– [Chris] The bet is 2325.
– What’s happening?
– Take it down.
I’m gonna show one hand,
and it’s gonna be the only
hand I’m showing all day.
– What did he show?
Did you, oh, you bluffed me!
(exclaiming discontent)
Did you have nothing?
You had none of that!
– It’s the only one.
I had an open ender.
– Oh, my gosh
that’s so annoying.
– Can I get in that
with you, Donks?
– Yeah, you want in?
Yeah so, if I pay I have,
I get Ian’s five?
– No, if you pay
you get 500 from
(mumbled speaking)
– Wait, what is your proposal?
– We’re dong the tip bet.
If your card is the
first one to be drawn,
you win 500
from whoever is in.
– They wanna pay the tip.
– Yeah, we wanna pay a tip.
– Because, then they get 1,000.
– Would you like to be in?
If what card is
supposed to be drawn?
– So, if it’s a four, then you
get 500 from all three of us.
– I’m so confused!
I couldn’t even tell
I had a full house!
I can’t do any prop bets,
it’ll rattle my brain.
– [Chris] I think we just
have a new Jennifer Tilly
sound bite to play
whenever we want.
– [Joe] To be fair,
they’re not doing
a very good job of explaining
this prop bet.
– No, no, stop it,
you’re confusing me!
– It’s totally random.
– And, there’s no sleeping it.
– I just ain’t
having one odd chip,
so if I gotta get rid of that
I don’t really care.
– I just wanna sit here
and drink my coffee
and look cute.
(chris laughing)
– [Chris] Success!
(mumbled speaking)
– Turn card.
– The sweat is on, the sweat.
This is a good sweat.
– [Chris] That’s great.
Now let’s walk though this,
Torelli has a pair of eights.
Tilly’s got a pair of queens
and Abel’s got himself a,
well nice draws here, a straight
draw and the flush draw.
– [Joe] He has just raised
Jennifer’s flop bet,
I don’t see how she
gets away from this.
(exclaiming discontent)
Once again, at a weird
spot there where she’s
got a strong pair up
against a pretty sick draw.
Like, she has got to fade
a lot of outs if she calls.
– Re-raise.
– [Chris] She
re-raises the 6500.
– All in
– You have a straight?
Let’s do some business,
how about you take that.
Now, we can’t do
any business, right.
Okay, I thought you
might have a straight.
– He has more than
you, out here.
– Oh, that’s okay
I’m all in, too.
– Yeah, I think she didn’t
realize she had to call.
– Uh, so sad.
– So sad, you’re good.
(mumbled speaking)
(exclaiming discontent)
– [Chris] Now, you’re not good.
– Pair on the board!
– [Chris] She is drawing dead.
Two pair, no good.
Jennifer Tilly is
terrible at fading
which I guess is very
good news for an actress.
– Okay, could we count out.
I bet I get something back.
– Yeah.
– Because, I’ve been
tearing it up here,
I probably have
about 27 cents left.
– [Chris] Poker Night
in America is brought
to you by our trusted
friend, Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
Why settle for tequila?
Step up to Kimo Sabe.
– [Joe] Geez Tad, I told
you to stop doing that!
(mumbled speaking)
– [Joe] God, he’s my brother
and he’s even creepy to me.
– [Chris] That is why everyone
thinks he’s such a weirdo.
– [Joe] Seriously, the editor
is like, I think he pays
the editor to put
him in the show.
– I had the juice,
Griff, alright.
– Yeah, yeah I had two four.
– There she is.
– Whoop, there it is.
– We have the 500 ready.
– Oh yeah, thank you.
– Your continuation bet?
– If you see the three
just send it over this way.
– You guys won’t need to
worry about it no more.
– How many earners?
– Four total.
– For, he’s in too?
– Alec, you in?
– I don’t have a four.
– For what?
– Prop bet, they’re
doing prop bet.
– This prop bet thing.
– They’re doing
manly prop betting.
– For 500 bucks.
– Um, three four five
on the flop, please?
– Can you spread the
flop really slow?
– So, what happens, sorry.
– I’m in.
– Alec is in.
– Alec’s in.
– I don’t know what we’re doing.
(exclaiming excitement)
– Oh, my God.
– Three.
(mumbled speaking)
– Oh, well that sucks.
(exclaiming excitement)
That’s so sick.
– Give it away in poker.
– Let’s go.
– I’m checked.
– Am I missing one?
Oh, no, I didn’t do the pay run.
– So Keith won the first one.
I hate having odd chips
like that, it’s the only reason.
(mumbled speaking)
– And there’s the
tip, thank you.
– Unbearable.
– [Chris] So, here’s
what’s happening,
Keith Morrow just won because
he has to pay the tip.
The players have all agreed
that they’re gonna tip the
first hand the dealer
sits down based on
what card plays first
around the table.
Since it’s a three
that plays first,
he’s in the three seat, he has
to pay the $50 tip to the dealer
but everyone who was in the
game had to give him 500 bucks.
– [Joe] Aw, that’s nice
everybody wins, I mean except
for the people that had to
give up the 500, they all lost.
– [Chris] So, Jennifer
Tilly’s flopped the set here
and what a terrible board to
flop a set of threes on.
I like Alec’s powder
blue sports care-rub,
it’s part of that
JC Penney 1990’s
wrestling ring
announcer collection.
– [Chris] Who’s got the
lower plunging neckline,
Alec Torelli or Jen Tilly today?
(joe laughing)
– It’s Alec!
Because, right now
it’s neck and neck isn’t it?
– 3,000.
Five people in the hand.
(sighing in frustration)
I’ve got
I’ll have nine outs
if you have a flush.
– [Chris] By the way,
that’s an over-bet
and I don’t know how
often Alec would over-bet
the turn with an actual monster.
– Then I’m happy if
you have nine outs.
– [Joe] Because, it means
you can probably get you
to fold if you miss the river.
– Okay, let’s see what happens.
I have to call,
it’s an all in call.
I think that puts
me all in, right?
– No.
– Oh, no!
Then, I can’t bluff the river.
– This is interesting.
– This is interesting!
– This is really sad, well
I’m gonna, you need 400.
Okay, here’s 100.
I’m like the worst poker
player ever, there you go.
It’s kind of a what?
– This is an interesting spot.
– It’s an interesting spot,
absolutely it is, okay.
Pair the board!
– Jen always has unconventional
lines, this is one of them.
– Yeah.
(mumbled speaking)
– That’s not good,
well he can’t fold now!
If you check, I’ll check.
If you push me all in, right?
I’m afraid I’ll have to call.
Gosh, poker is, what?
– I check.
– I check too, I have a set.
– You have a set?
– Yeah.
I win.
(exclaiming relief)
– Damn, girl.
Damn, you really are on a
(mumbled speaking)
– Yeah.
– Well, you know sometimes.
– She is, I saw it.
– Nice end, 2K then.
You’re welcome.
– 10?
– Yeah, run it up
Phil Hellmuth style.
– That’s a good one.
– You’re gonna have
to start shopping
at Target, no more
Louis Vuitton for you.
No more Louis Vuitton.
– Target.
– Target.
– [Chris] First time we had
a straddle and a re-straddle.
– [Joe] Alright so, the
guy in the orange hoodie
is just a paid extra, right?
– [Chris] Yeah, he
actually isn’t gonna play.
– [Joe] Sorry,
background performer.
– Six.
– Good raise, Alec.
– 600.
– I’m in.
– [Chris] Oh my
God, Daniel Wolf.
He seriously looks like he’s
wearing the transitional
makeup from every
werewolf movie ever.
– Oh, the baby put
the baby on the card.
– [Chris] He does have
lady king’s, by the way.
♪ That new, new
Do you do that to like,
like try to scare people
when you pause like that?
– What’s that?
– Like whenever you do
that, you always do that.
– Glantz is back on
a three bet juice!
– [Chris] Here comes Matt
Glantz with ace, king.
– Re-raise.
– [Chris] He makes it 2800.
– [Joe] And, this is such a nice
looking squeeze spot for Glantz.
And, I don’t know
how he doesn’t get
re-popped here by somebody.
Especially, the
queens but it looks
like Alec’s thinking
about it with ace, deuce.
– What’d you start with, Matt?
– Like 11.
– 11 behind or you
started with 11?
– Started at 11.
– Started at 11?
– [Chris] Torelli is
in position so there is
a small argument for
him just calling.
Yeah, there it is!
Squueze the squeezer.
– Saved me.
– Pull six total.
– I don’t know, Alec!
What you do to bite over there!
– It’s a tune up op.
– So weird, it’s like why I
– [Chris] So, Torelli
raises enough to put both
Wolf and Glantz in if
either one of them calls.
– [Joe] And, this is
such an obvious squeeze,
the squeezer spot that denim
vest Dan has to make the call.
– I should’ve called,
I would’ve hit a set
and everybody would’ve
felt the pain.
– Slow roll op, you’re in
second place right now?
– That’s like a lot.
– Come on, it’s
time for the show
where everyone turns it up.
– It’s not better for the show.
– I have pocket threes.
– [Chris] So, we heard three
ways, all in to this flop.
Torelli’s got everyone covered.
– That’s the worst thing to
happen when you get a good hand.
Not a foldable hand, thank God.
– It is time to take a break
on Poker Night in America.
Please we’re only human,
do we not deserve a break?
– What do wizards
drink, Klay-tus?
– Whatever you drink, Tilly!
– Vegas Bomb.
– Vegas Bomb.
(upbeat folk music)
It’s Phil Hellmuth here,
I’m with Kelly Winterhalter.
She smashed me up a
little bit today but now,
we’re in the Kimo Sabe
Mezcal kind of area.
The trusted friends area
and you’re telling me
that your best trusted
friend is your?
– My dog, by a lot he’s
the best, I love him.
– Name?
– His name is Tofu.
– Tofu!
What a Bay Area name!
– I know, he’s my
little soul mate.
He’s just the sweetest guy.
When he’s happy, I’m happy.
I’m always excited to see him,
I get a little celebration
every time I come
home and I have a cat,
and they love each other.
It’s very sweet.
I met your dog, your
dog’s very cute.
I was petting him
downstairs, that was great.
– I know, I put him in
a little service vest
and I took him
through the casino.
It was his first time in a
casino, so immediately he sees
a slot machine and he just
flips out at the slot machine.
– God, I love it!
– I’m hiding him.
– Who’s dog is barking?
– You’re a service dog, keep
it together, keep it together.
– Anyway, okay Kelly,
that’s an awesome story
and cheers to you.
– Cheers.
– Trusted friends?
– Trusted friends.
– Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
(upbeat folk music)
– Thanks for coming back
to Poker Night in America
with Joe Stapleton,
I’m Chris Hanson.
We must show you more poker.
– [Chris] Poker Night
in America at Rivers
in Pittsburgh, brought
to you by Kimo Sabe.
– [Joe] The straddle
is on, Griffin Abels in
for 100 blind are extra folding.
Thank you for coming.
Get your vouchers
on the way out.
– I’ll try 3-1/4 please?
– 325.
– You sounded like
you were on Jeopardy.
I’ll try, 3-1/4 please, Alex?
– Call, thank you.
– Swiggles for 3-1/4.
Okay, I hope I win this one.
– Gonna whistle this one in.
– Check.
– I’ll try 550, please?
– I make it
– 1500?
– Alright.
– Do you have seven high
because I can’t beat seven high.
– You can’t?
– I gonna believe you.
– [Chris] Morrow calls.
– Yup, still kings.
– Check.
– I’ll check.
– [Chris] Check,
check on the turn.
– [Joe] Might as well be kings.
– Uh-oh, did you hit a jack?
– [Chris] What is it, Jen?
– Poker is exhausting!
You’re gonna take a
stab at it?
– 2475, please?
– 2475.
– What?
– Okay, I know you
don’t have a two.
Unless, you have some sort of
pocket pair thing
going on pre-flop.
Really, I had a good
hand, I swear to God.
Well, it don’t look so good now.
Maybe I should’ve
checked the turn,
maybe had ace, jack
and hit a jack.
– [Chris] Jen?
(exclaiming relief)
– I’m gonna fold.
– [Chris] Good fold, Jen.
– Quickly, big lay down.
What dd you have?
– What did I have?
– Yeah, okay which one
can I pick, that one?
– No pick this time.
– That one?
– No pick this time.
– Because they’re both the same.
They are both the same,
that is true they
are both the same.
– Alright, nice hand, nice hand.
– [Chris] So, Griffin Abel
double straddling this time.
We got over 300 bucks
in this pot blind.
– Raise, Alec.
– I gotta quit straddling, it
does this to me every play.
– I gotta defend it.
– [Chris] So, the raise
by Torelli called by Abel.
That’s what happens
when you straddle
and feel forced
to call pre-flop.
You end up doing the hand
like 10 tray and whiffing.
– Check.
– 800.
– [Joe] Slowly
continues with top pair.
And, Abel raises him!
– Do you play Portsmouth,
also or mostly just?
(mumbled speaking)
– [Chris] I’ll admit, raising
is better than a call.
– Yeah, are you going?
– [Chris] I think it’s
gonna take more than
that to take Alec
Torelli off his hand.
Abel is a Rivers
regular, Torelli is a
Poker Night in America regular.
The two of them going
head to head in this hand.
– Yeah, I was there once, that’s
the one in Hollywood right?
– [Chris] Seven of
spades on the turn.
– I heard it’s like
an Indian Reservation.
– [Chris] So, the board
gets straight here.
Abel’s got a legit draw, now.
– My boyfriend’s
mom lives there,
so he always likes to go down.
I always like the
Seminole Hard Rock stop,
his sister lives in Pittsburgh,
so we go where his family is.
– I think Florida’s a
better place for sure,
at least the weather is.
– Yeah.
– The vibes down
there are way better.
– [Chris] Alright Abel,
you gonna take a stab?
He does, 4500.
– [Joe] And, I think
this is a side call
on the end for Alec Torelli.
– It’s a great board to bluff
but it’s also a
pretty chunky bet.
– Well, I mean he
check raised the flop,
so you gotta replay
the entire hand
before you’re really
thinking on the river.
So, on the river you’re thinking
about what happened pre-flop,
what happened on the flop,
what happened on the turn.
And, you’re starting with
all the possible hands
that he could have here and
you’re funneling them down
this way til you get to
what you think his hand is.
– Two questions I
don’t know the answer
to makes it hard
to make a decision.
– Was just gonna fold on a
blank but now I wanna call.
– What hands that beat
me would he play this way
and I was comparing that
over here with what hands
that are bluffs that
he would play this way.
And, I just concluded that
there’s more bluffs that he has
than hands that beat me because
I don’t think he’s gonna
value bet the river
very big on the end,
unless he has a
straight or nothing.
And, it’s really hard
for him to have an eight
in his hand given the fact
that he check raised the flop.
– Alright, I can’t.
– You win.
– Wow.
Nice card, Torelli.
– He bet so quickly,
he bet so big.
I watched him, he seemed
a little uncomfortable.
I put all that together and I
made the call and I was right.
– It’s your call.
– Nice.
– Who’s out, Sean?
He’s got too many tips
in the tournament.
– Oh, yeah?
– He slow rolled me.
– Yeah, I know, I’ll get
him, I’ll get him back.
– Yeah.
– I’ll slow roll
him, slow hittin’.
– Slow rollers in
and no hitting.
– Play them, play
the Donkey song
and give him the bunny ears.
– Raise.
– [Chris] Wolf folds, looks
like Glantz is gonna play.
He’s got a queen, so
he raises it to 800.
– Wow.
– Eight, yeah.
– Cuts almost a min-raise,
how can I resist?
– It’s almost three X.
– Yeah, but it’s like a
third of my hand, my pot.
One, two.
It’s not three X, it’s
almost a min-raise.
See, it’s like, I checked.
– It’s a real raise.
– I checked.
– It’s a manly raise.
– Yeah, I was good,
I was impressed.
– [Chris] Tilly calls and
hits top pair on the flop.
– I’m all in.
– And, I must call.
– Uh-oh, that’s not a good sign.
– Queen, jack.
– What?
– Queen, jack how does he know?
– You have a straight?
– No, I don’t have a straight.
– Now, I have a straight.
Now, we both have a straight.
– Oh, fair game.
– Excellent, excellent.
– Now, you win.
– What?
What happened?
– Because, you’re playing
with the queen of hearts.
Aw, I like that!
Well, this is excellent!
– It’s even better.
– Lucky I turned my
cards over instead
of burying them in
shame in the muck.
– [Joe] Everything’s funner
when you go runner, runner.
One last break right here
on Poker Night in America
but if you wanna see
how the players fair,
stick around, chip
counts after this.
– Woo, woo, woo, woo.
What do wizards drink Cletus?
– What ever you drink Tilly.
– Vegas bomb.
– Vegas bomb.
– Vegas bomb.
– Vegas bomb.
– Wait are you raising?
No you’re not.
What’s happening?
What, that’s a string raise,
Wait what happened?
1, 2, wait…
1, 2, 3, 4…
What did I bet?
– [Chris] Poker Night
in America is brought
to you by our trusted
friend, Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
Why settle for tequila?
Step up to Kimo Sabe.
– Welcome back to
Poker Night in America.
I am Joe Stapleton and
Chris Hanson is about
to tell you who’s making
and who’s losing money.
– [Chris] Well, we’re
gonna stop day two here,
the biggest winners and losers
clearly visible by the uppie
and downie arrows
on right-hand side.
Jennifer Tilly,
probably the most
active player at the table.
I’m surprised she’s
only down 5,000.
– [Joe] That’ll happen
when you get runner,
runner on the last hand.
That Patsy person is
just made up, right?
Didn’t play a single
hand, wore a hoodie,
I don’t even know if
Patsy’s a man or a woman.
Now, if you think you saw
some bad play tonight wait
til next time, we get a
real wizard at the table.
The guy dresses like a wizard.
– But, I mean, it’s
more figurative
because he’s not
really a wizard,
like he doesn’t have any powers.
– He’s dressed
like a jabberwocky.
– Okay, fair enough.
That’s next time, but if
you wanna find out more
about Poker Night in America
just go to
or find us on Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube or Twitch for up
to date information,
full episodes
and unedited live streams.
For Joe Stapleton,
I’m Chris Hanson.
We’ll see ya next time on
Poker Night in America.
– Sorry, babe.
– Griff!
Griff, Griff, Griff, Griff,
Griff, Griff, Griff, Griff,
Griff, Griff.
– You said five.
– Well, you had like a
sort of a straight draw
and then you had a flush draw.
I don’t blame you for
you sub-standard play.
(all laughing loudly)
Poker Night in America
is brought to you
by Kimo Sabe.

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    I've watched Torelli plays tons of hands.
    When he has AA, KK, QQ, AK, AQ he always takes over a minute to decide.
    He shuffles his chips, looks at the opponents, looks at his cards. Makes it look like he has a tough
    decision. He took almost no time and threw in 6k like it was pennies.
    Super easy tell for table to see that. Why Wolf shoved even though he lost to Glantz AK.

  11. 0:55

    Well she was right she got felted in a hurry. She's like a freakin ATM for the other players at a poker table

  12. Tilly its kind of player that u want to play against in every game
    its easy to take money from her

  13. Very surprised Jennifer Tilly Looks as good as she does at 58 here. I have seen plenty of woman look gorgeous in their 30's and start to look awful at around 50. Surgery or not she looks fantastic. All you people should feel like assholes bashing a woman of her age. FUckin scumbags.

  14. says pair the board when shes drawing dead. Jesus how come shes a poker player at the highest stakes. Such a dumb player.

  15. Correct me if I'm wrong…
    But are they trying to make Kimo Sabe Mescal to Phil Helmuth what they tried to make Gatorade to Michael Jordan?
    I'm sorry, Phil, you just don't have the culpability.

  16. "Do you have a straight?" Tilly .. no lady he has draws obviously like u really think he has j9 there? Wow

  17. Alec Torelli is by far one of the best cash game players. If he played back in 2005, he would be right up there against the league of Ivey. Alec, you are fun to watch! Your way of analyzing poker hands is amazing.

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