Poker Night in America | S5 E9 | Face Up With E-Tay

Poker Night in America | S5 E9 | Face Up With E-Tay

– How would you like to play
against the pros on
National TV?
Download now to play and win.
It’s absolutely free to play.
– [Announcer] From Seminole
Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida,
this is Poker Night in America.
– Welcome to Poker
Night in America.
Alongside Joe Stapleton,
I am Chris Hanson,
and this week,
bringing you action
from the Seminole Hard
Rock in Hollywood, Florida.
– Let’s take a look
at the lineup tonight.
The pride and joy of Florida,
Jason Mercier, is here.
Rising star, Cate Hall.
And America’s sweetheart,
Jennifer Tilly.
Pretty solid lineup, I must say.
– You know, this is actually
like Jason’s home court,
home felt, well, they
love him down here.
I mean, I think.
– We think, we’re not sure.
– I don’t know.
He lives here, but I don’t know.
– They may not have
formulated an opinion.
– Ah, it’s our first
day in paradise,
as we’re at Seminole
Hard Rock, just outside
of Miami in Hollywood, Florida,
and let’s get going
with the game.
Buy-ins from five to
20,000 here tonight
at Seminole Hard Rock on
Poker Night in America.
– And it’s social
justice warrior.
I thought that guy made that up
just to write an
article about you,
but apparently it’s in the
– Oh yeah,
it’s a real thing.
– urban dictionary.
I never heard that before.
– [Esther] Oh, really?
– Yeah, it’s an actual,
it’s an actual thing.
– He’s not that clever.
– What?
– [Cate] He’s not that clever.
– I kind of like
the sound of that.
– Yeah, has a ring to it.
– [Chris] Poker
Night in America,
brought to you by
Kemo Sabe Mezcal.
– But he said, he said Etay,
and myself, and Wendeen
were also social
justice warriors.
(players talking
over each other)
– [Chris] You’re all warriors.
– [Jennifer] I don’t care
about anybody but myself.
– I’m like, I wouldn’t consider,
I wouldn’t classify
myself as that.
– Did you see Sarah
Jessica Parker said
that she wasn’t a feminist,
but she believes in
equality for women?
– No.
That’s my favorite line.
– [Jennifer] Yeah.
– [Chris] Etay manages
to outflop Mercier.
Looks like he’s gonna take
a stab with those sixes.
Sorry, I shouldn’t say stab,
that’s male phallic aggression.
– [Joe] Back to Etay.
– Did she get a lot
of flack for that?
– Oh, yeah.
– [Wendeen] Easy to
get flack for that.
– She’s like really
sort of prevaricating.
She’s like, well you know,
I believe in equal treatment
and you know, I believe
women should have rights,
but I’m not a feminist.
‘Cause, you know, people
think it’s a bad word.
– Yeah.
– You know, they think
of 1960’s bra burnings,
they know you’re not supposed
to say you’re a feminist.
– Right.
– [Joe] You know,
it’s hard to put Etay
on the one hand
that has her beat.
– [Chris] How ’bout
this one though?
Well, that’s a little
easier to figure
that she might have
an ace in her hand.
$1,600 the bet
from Esther Taylor.
– [Joe] Think Jason gets
away from this one now?
– [Chris] Yeah, this should
be a logical point to fold.
The Mercdog (barking sounds).
Okay, there we go,
cards go in the middle.
Taylor wins her first
pot of the night,
here at Seminole Hard Rock.
– Etay has more testosterone
than anyone at the table.
I’m always afraid to
enter a hand with her.
Whenever I look at Jason,
I feel bad because I played
that Poker Stars
Big Game with him.
– [Chris] I’ve seen that show.
– [Esther] I would
feel bad for him too.
– And I had–
– Did you embarrass him on TV?
– No, no, I embarrassed myself.
I had a straight, and then
Daniel Negreanu went all in,
and I thought he had
a higher straight.
And Hachem goes, Jennifer I
think you made a good float,
and Jason goes, I’m never
folding a straight then.
I look at Jason, I’m
like, there’s a guy
that will never fold a
straight to Daniel Negreanu.
And he was right.
Daniel was bluffing.
– [Joe] To be fair, Daniel
doesn’t bluff a lot.
– Daniel only played
– I don’t even remember this.
– the hand to teach me
a lesson.
Well you don’t remember it,
it’s not a humiliating
experience for you.
– [Esther] I will also never
fold a straight to Daniel.
– It was more, it was like,
there was $100,000 buy in,
and I’d never played
that high before.
And I was betting the whole way,
and then I value bet,
I wanted him to crying
call on the river,
instead he went all in.
And then I had to
rethink the hand.
But he was trying to teach me
that I had not raised enough
to get him out of the hand.
Since he was talking
the whole, like,
all the way through the hand,
you know how Daniel does.
He was doing lessons, like,
see, now look what happened now.
You’re out of position, and
I could easily have this.
So he was just determined
to win that battle.
– [Stewart] I gotta watch this.
– [Jennifer] But he had
that Poker Star’s money.
And he still does.
– [Jason] Yeah, that’s what
I was just about to say,
but I was thinking it too.
Like, he’s still got that money.
– Yeah.
– [Chris] So Reilly hits
his straight on the turn,
Eolis bets $375, and it’s time
to probably raise for Reilly.
Let’s get some
more money in here.
– I didn’t have another bullet.
I didn’t want to be
that person that gets up
and walks sadly
away from the table.
– [Chris] Goodbye, Newman.
By the way, Wendeen
Eolis, the first woman
to every cash in a World
Series of Poker main,
the first to do it twice.
What is this whole show for
social justice warriors?
Pretty cool though.
She does have to fold here.
Wendeen, definitely a
legend in the game of poker,
and we’re happy to have her
on Poker Night in America.
– Did you bet and he raised you?
– He did.
– [Stewart] I didn’t want
to see him raise her either.
– I didn’t want to see
him raise me that way.
– Disciplined fold from
both Newberg and Eolis.
– And we’re gonna have to
make a disciplined fold
’cause it’s time to go to break.
So sorry.
– Here we are in the Kimo Sabe
Mezcal Trusted Friend’s area.
And I’m with a trusted friend,
the founder of Poker Night
in America, Todd Anderson.
And it’s been a nice ride Todd.
– It’s been an
interesting ride, yeah.
A couple years into
this thing now.
Got about 150 episodes
under our belt.
– 150 episodes!
– Yeah, we work hard.
Poker Night in
America is an attempt
to make poker
interesting and fun.
The whole social
aspect of poker,
which we kinda feel is maybe
being lost a little bit,
we can handpick the cast.
So instead of waiting
for a final table,
where you don’t know
who you’re gonna get,
we can get you, and
we can get Phil Laak,
and we get Jennifer Tilly, we
can hand pick these people.
And guess what?
They come, they have a great
time, and that’s our mantra.
Have fun.
So that’s why Kimo Sabe is
a really good fit for us,
because it’s all about
friendship and fellowship
and being together and
enjoying one’s company,
and it fits perfectly.
– That was incredibly
well said, Todd.
To Poker Night in America
and Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
– Thank you, my friend.
– [Phil] Trusted friends.
– He goes like this,
his eyes scrunch,
and then he goes like
this, and then he folds.
I remember that face.
One day I’ll see it again.
– Welcome back to
Poker Night in America
at Seminole Hard Rock.
– Poker, poker,
– Poker, po–
Oh, I thought…
– [Chris] King, ten.
Not good enough to get started.
– [Joe] Tight is right.
– Okay, this is my chance.
I’m not gonna look at my cards,
I’m gonna play, what?
– There’s no straddle.
There’s no straddle.
– [Jennifer] What?
– [Jason] Oh,
there’s no straddle.
– Why did you bet so much?
Just pretending like there was
– I would have moved in with
this hand.
– A straddle.
You would’ve?
– [Stewart] No.
– [Jennifer] Alright.
– [Stewart] I thought
there was a straddle.
Just came after
Esther with six X.
– You don’t pay very much
attention to the table.
– [Stewart] It’s hard to defend.
– [Jason] You still
haven’t looked?
– [Jennifer] No,
I have not looked.
– I play the guys that
do that in tournaments
and they just 5 X, they just
like, they ruin me with that.
– I feel like I
should probably
– I’m just sitting here,
there’s nothing I can do.
– look at my cards.
I call.
– [Joe] Oh man, how bad is
Jen Tilly running today?
This is gonna be harder
to watch than any
of the Chucky movies when
you’re not on an airplane.
Two pair versus a set,
and she is drawing dead.
– Raisy Daisy.
– [Joe] And raising, wonderful.
– [Chris] Oh no.
– [Joe] I bet Jason can
literally not believe this.
Jason’s just deciding
whether or not he wants
to put in another raise.
And with a board
texture like this,
he can very easily think
Jen can get it in on a draw.
– [Chris] And he does
go with the raise.
He raises it to $8,250.
So that’s just over
$5,000 for Jen to call.
Uh, yikes.
– [Joe] Jennifer, we’re all
hoping you get away from this.
We like you.
– [Chris] Give me
the inner dialogue
of Jennifer Tilly right now.
– [Joe] Let’s see, if I
call this hand and I lose,
I’m gonna need the
next Chucky movie
to make more money than
all the rest combined,
so like, a million dollars.
– [Chris] I was
thinking more like,
could he have really
done it to me again?
Did he flop a set
against my two pair?
– Oh, no, no, no.
It’s all Chucky.
– That’s what I’m–
Okay, good.
– [Joe] I don’t do analysis.
– [Chris] Got it,
okay, so she does call.
– [Joe] She’s probably
actually thinking,
there’s no way he’s
got me beat this time,
is there?
There could be, no.
– [Chris] He didn’t
really, he couldn’t.
– All in.
– Why did I raise?
– [Joe] Whoops.
– I can’t imagine you
doing that with, like,
just pocket aces
or pocket kings.
– [Chris] See, inner
dialogue isn’t always
about Chucky movies.
– [Joe] That’s my
inner dialogue.
– Ah, I can’t imagine
you’re bluffing.
Why do I even play poker?
Two, four, six,
eight, ten, twelve.
– [Esther] Oh, did
somebody get these rounds?
Did you guys get a drink?
– [Stewart] I said I was, oh,
she has another one already?
Yeah, I’ll pay it.
– [Esther] I ordered another
round, it took forever.
– [Jennifer] Unless
you flopped a straight.
– I don’t think she
needs any more Zinfandel,
she hasn’t been
powering it down.
– Are you good?
– The Zinfandel pace has been.
– Only thing I can put
you on that beats me
is a set of jacks.
– [Chris] I’d like,
be calling Miss Cleo
to have them put some
sort of hex on our show
if I was her.
And she keeps coming back.
– Say call?
– [Chris] I think
she said, I call.
– [Joe] Yep.
Jen names like 10
hands that beat her,
then finally decides
to see which one.
– [Chris] Oh, that
look says it all.
– You beat me, of course.
I’m just trying to come
to terms with the fact
that I’m not the
poker god’s favorite.
How could I not be the
poker god’s favorite?
And then, I’m tryin’
to come to terms
with the fact that
I’m not gonna win that
$1,000 from Vanessa.
‘Cause now you have
like 50 million dollars
in front of you, I’m
never gonna felt you.
Luck is a thing that runs out.
– He’s not familiar with that.
– I think you’ve had more
than your share of luck
in the last two hours.
I’ve had less than my share.
– Two hours?
– [Stewart] He can
try like, six years.
– Six, just six?
– [Stewart] Before that,
you’re actually a good player.
– You’re what?
– I’m entering every
hand that you enter.
– [Chris] Uh oh.
– [Joe] Good by Jennifer
Tilly, hello Jennifer Tilty.
– [Chris] Has war been declared?
– I make it, uh, 1,000.
– [Chris] Mercier makes
it $350 with king, ten.
Tilly makes it a thousand
– One of those days.
– [Chris] with ace,
seven, of spades.
– [Joe] I’m sorry, but I’m
kinda cheering for Jen.
– J, good call.
– Is that okay?
– [Chris] Yeah, we all are.
We don’t have to cheer for
Jason, he’s just really good.
Oh, man.
– [Joe] Oh, no.
Don’t give her anything.
Please don’t give anything
of a semblance of hope.
– [Chris] Jen flops nearly dead.
– Check.
– [Chris] And they’re
checking it down.
Here’s the river.
Okay, Jen has absolutely
no piece of this.
There should be no way
she loses money here.
– Are you pretending
like you hit that six?
– [Joe] Jennifer, it’s
not called pretending,
it’s called bluffing.
When you’re on set,
you’re not pretending
to be married to a
psychopathic doll.
– checked the flop, slow
playing his king, ten, perhaps.
checked the turn.
My hand might not
even be the best hand.
– [Chris] (laughing) You think?
Just fold.
– [Joe] Jennifer, there
you go, thank you.
– [Chris] And stay
down this time.
– [Joe] Jason wondering
how he played that wrong.
He didn’t get everything.
– Tilly manages to
lose the minimum,
which is certainly a step
in the right direction, huh?
– Isn’t that just a step
not in the wrong direction?
– [Announcer] Poker Night
in America is brought to you
by our trusted friend,
Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
Why settle for tequila?
Step up to Kimo Sabe.
– [Chris] Welcome back to
Poker Night in America,
it’s time to get
back to the poker.
– I’ll remind you.
If you wanna straddle,
I’ll tell you every time.
– Yeah, I do (mumbles).
– Is that, you were just called?
– [Tim] No, I made it $150.
– He raised?
Alright, I called.
– [Joe] Gotta get
the straddle out
before the dealin’s
done, Tim Reilly.
– You look what happens
when you forget to straddle,
it makes it affordable
for everybody.
We all come in like it’s some
dysfunctional family picnic.
– [Joe] This family pot’s
just like my real family,
except no one has their shirt
off at my baseball game.
Moms can be so embarrassing.
– [Chris] Flop is
seven, deuce, six.
So Tilly’s got the open
ended straight draw.
Wendeen Eolis is ahead
with a pair of sixes.
But she folds the
bet from Reilly,
who’s got an airball,
ten high at the moment.
And there’s the straight,
for Jennifer Tilly.
– [Joe] So Jen Tilly
finally has a winner,
and her opponent has ten high.
– [Chris] But he does have
a propensity to bluff.
– Nine?
– [Chris] So she might
get some more money here.
– [Joe] Well, Jen’s
finally got the opportunity
to value raise if she wants.
She opts to just call.
– [Chris] River is a nine, so
that does give Reilly a pair.
That might help
Jennifer out here.
Yep, looks like Tim thinks
he can value bet his nines.
That’s another thousand.
– [Joe] Even though it
went runner runner diamond,
I think we’re in slam
dunk value raise territory
now for Jen.
– [Chris] She raises it $3,000.
– [Joe] Maybe her image of
being absolutely detested
by the poker gods will
get her paid off here.
I’m thinking no, though.
Her straight is well disguised,
like Richard Simmons.
– [Chris] Yeah, where is he?
Have you been
following that story?
He calls.
– [Joe] Good job, Jen.
Finally wins a pot.
– [Tim] Nice hand.
– Thank you.
Tim, where you from?
– Ah, from Boston.
– Boston.
– [Tim] Yep.
– That’s where Phil
lives, near that.
He’s from Waltham,
– Yep.
– [Jennifer] We’re going
there in two weeks.
It’s beautiful up there.
– Yeah, it’s great.
– It really is.
– [Stewart] I know
a Waltham, New York.
– Yeah, it’s about 15, 10,
15 minutes from Boston.
The Celtics, the
Celtics play in Waltham.
They practice there.
– True, true legends.
– [Chris] So we have a
straddle, a raise from Timmy.
Timmy, supa’ sox fan, Reilly.
Hall’s in.
– What do you have, kings?
– [Joe] Over to Esther.
– No, I do not have kings.
– [Chris] She in.
Flop’s nine, three, queen.
Checks ’round to Cate, she
is gonna bet her nines.
– [Jason] Be red, black.
– [Jennifer] Red Black?
– [Jason] For a thousand.
– No, I have to get it
back through sheer skill.
– Okay.
– [Chris] Call from Esther.
– [Jennifer] I only
want to get it back
from the person I gave it to.
– [Chris] And now to Reilly.
– [Joe] Reilly!
– [Chris] Top pair,
pretty good kicker.
– [Joe] Much like the
phrase virtue signaling,
he is going nowhere.
– [Jennifer] I have to hurry
and make back more money
before it gets to
the end of day one.
‘Cause you know, they put the
end of the day thing up on.
It’s embarrassing.
– [Stewart] Just ask ’em
not to do it this time.
– And they always
do it really jolly.
Like, Chris Hanson goes, and
the big loser this week was.
And then they go, come
back next episode,
where Jennifer digs herself
an even deeper hole.
– [Chris] We can even
provide the shovel!
– They could like,
blur out my total.
Like how you blur out the faces
of people to protect them.
Jennifer lost an
undisclosed number.
But Jason is
mysteriously up $50,000.
We don’t know where
it came from, but.
– [Chris] Reilly raises
to $3,200, oh boy.
– [Joe] Tim Reilly
looks as if Ryan Gosling
liked poker more than
being Ryan Gosling.
– Did he suddenly remember
somewhere he has to go?
– He just told me
he’s really tired,
he text me and
said, I’m so tired.
– You are not leaving
this table, Jason Mercier.
– [Jason] You don’t
want Chino coming in?
You’d rather have me in the pot?
– [Joe] Wow, what a fold.
I did not see that coming.
– [Chris] Looks like
Tim Reilly can’t believe
it just happened either.
– [Jennifer] Throw a ten.
– I knew it.
Jack, ten, 100%.
– [Chris] Cate just got a whiff
of what absurdly tight
fold she just made.
– [Joe] Oh my.
– [Chris] Alright kids,
that’s where we’re gonna stop
for the night.
Seat four, Jason
Mercier up $38,000,
and would you look at that?
Jennifer Tilly, right next
to him, down about $30,000,
about the same.
– My dream one day is to win a
pot off of Jason, by bluffing.
– You’ve seen the face there,
right as
I’m talking into calling.
– And I want to see him make
this face, that face that he
made early on.
He goes like this, his eyes
scrunch and then he goes like
And then he folds.
I remember that face.
One day I’ll see it again.
– [Announcer] Poker Night
in America is brought to you
by our trusted friend,
Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
Why settle for tequila,
step up to Kimo Sabe.
– [Chris] Stapes, I think it
is time that we take a break
from the poker, and
focus on the people.
– [Joe] Power to the
people, my friend.
Time to have the
longest conversation
with E-Tay that I have ever had,
except for that one
time I was stuck
in an elevator with her
for nearly 10 seconds.
– [Chris] Well maybe you
could tell us the story
and you could be our
next interviewee, huh?
– [Joe] Nah, I’m gonna,
I mean, I gotta talk
to my lawyers about that.
– [Chris] Alright,
well, in any case,
it is time for part one
with our in-depth interview
with one of our favorites
on Poker Night in America.
We are Face Up
with Esther Taylor.
– My dad’s like my
number one hero.
He doesn’t play
poker, has no clue,
but the way that I am is
obviously attributed to him.
He’s just a very positive,
looks on the bright side
of things.
You know, just like I am.
Or like I try to be.
Other than that, I could
keep going back to Merci,
but he said to me, he
called me on the river.
Huge bet, with like, you
know, whatever, he was right.
And he’s like, he kind of
said to me, don’t be upset.
And I was like, I
would never be upset
’cause you made a good play.
I can always respect if I
see somebody who has talent
and who not, just like
okay, I have aces, whatever,
but has talent and
plays a hand well.
Then I will automatically
have respect for you.
So there’s, I could
name 100 poker players
that I truly think
are pretty up there.
Poker has always
been fun for me.
And I know it’s, I’ve heard
a lot of professionals say
they’ve kinda lost
the fun aspect of it
and it’s all business.
I’ve always enjoyed playing.
I don’t see that really
ever going away for me.
And especially ’cause I
just don’t take things
too seriously, you know?
– [Chris] For more
from Poker Night,
visit or
you can hook up with us
on Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube, and Twitch,
for up to date
information, full episodes,
and unedited livestream.
Thanks for watching
Poker Night in America.
– And then they go,
come back next episode
where Jennifer digs herself
an even deeper hole.
– [Chris] We can even
provide the shovel!
Poker Night in
America is brought
to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal.

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