Poker Night In America | Season 2, Episode 13 | Rounding the Turn

Poker Night In America | Season 2, Episode 13 | Rounding the Turn

From Turning Stone Resort in
Upstate New York this is Poker
Night in America.
Welcome to Poker Night in
I’m your host Chris Hanson.
It’s often said that playing
poker as a career
is a hard way to earn an easy
If you want to do it
professionally you’ve gotta hit
the tables every day.
You need the mental fortitude to
weather all the swings of
fortune and
you’ve got to put up with people
asking you if you know Matt
The 1998 movie Rounders.
Starring Matt Damon and Ed
Norton cast a whole new light on
the profession of poker
that has persisted in the mind
of the layman to this day.
Let’s get into our set and see
what real rounders do during
that day at the office.
Oh, and by the way, Matt and
Ed if you’re watching you’re
totally invited to our table
next time.
Here’s what everyone has as we
continue with day two,
on the left you see the current
stack and on the right you see
their daily total.
The biggest winner thus far is
Gina Fiore here at Turning
>>I’m, I’m looking this time.
I’m gonna really look.
>>I’ll look at one.
>>That’s a bad card.
I know that’s a bad card.
>>Are you suggesting you won’t
look at the other, you’re like
I’m really gonna throw you off
here, I’m only looking at one.
>>300 from Hellmuth.
>>They got action, it worked.
>>What did you say?
>>No look at the other.
That’s brilliant.
>>No he wants to read.
>>You trying to get a read.
>>From the, from how I look at
>>From the facial expression.
>>Oh I see, I see.
>>And Kurganovin the straddle
will fold.
>>T-Mister cannot be trifled
>>Richard, where do you live?
>>You like the Chicago Bulls?
>>Raise 525.
>>You like the Bulls?
>>>I used to write about them
in the, back in the day.
>>I like the Knick, the
Knickerbockers, the Knicks.
>>I’m sorry to hear that.
>>Yeah, me too.
>>Hellmuth raised and Tilly
>>I like the Bills and Knicks,
what a loser I am.
>>Oh my god.
>>That’s a, that’s tough 40
>>Forty? Jesus, I must look
really bad for
you to think I’m 40 years old.
>>No, I’m just saying it’s been
that long.
>>Oh. [LAUGH].
>>The Knicks were good.
>>1990, the Bills was, boy I
love the Superbowls.
Perfect record in the
>>Call from Tilly.
And the river’s a nine.
>>And Hellmuth is all in for
>>I’m thinking you have to go
all in to make me fold.
That is a lot in the middle.
I guess you have the King, I
don’t know.
Hey, you just seem so excited
about your hand.
>>Donations are allowed.
>>Eleven fifty, eleven fifty.
>>Set of sixes.
Nice hand.
Two pair.
Very nice.
>>I’ll give him a thousand if
he can do a thousand push-ups.
>>Can you do double as many as
I do?
>>Double twenty-five?
>>Double as many as I do.
>>That would be pretty hard.
>>Yeah. We’re on Ace Ventura
right now.
>>I’m pretty sure you could do
>>What, what number are we at?
>>I can do more than
twenty-five I think.
>>Andy Frankenberger gets
involved with King Jack of
He raises to one twenty-five.
Esfandiari calls.
>>You’re not raising are you?
>>Okay, where are we at now?
>>That is unbelievable.
I missed 125.
>>Man this guy, man.
>>You all play for everything,
I’m a little bit more worried
about those two.
>>I, I don’t like the sound of
that, I’ll just call.
>>Oh, man.
>>Oh god.
>>Lets see I think Phil
raising because he’s tilted,
there’s about a 2% chance of
>>Especially he’s rubbing his
hands together with glee.
>>You’ve got to work on your
tilt face, it’s just way off.
>>I made some bad plays today,
this is clearly the worst.
>>Clearly the worst was me
flatting and
letting you in with your seven
five suited.
>>Alright, so we got three
players going to the flop.
>>No, he was better than that.
Oh, I thought I was the button.
>>Flop’s ten-high.
So, Esfandiari makes a pair of
tens, but Tilly’s still ahead
with her Jacks.
>>Da da da da da da da da.
>>That looks like a man
on tilt, does it not.
>>For sure.
>>Check, check, check.
Check, check, happy check.
Ah that’s not the card for me.
>>Queen on the turn, so
now Hellmuth pulls ahead.
2k is the bet from Tilly.
>>I’m all in.
>>After a call from Esfandiari,
Hellmuth goes all in.
He’s all in for 7,300.
>>I’m way too stoked to fold.
>>Alright so Antonio calls.
>>You got a king, jack suited
or something?
>>And Antonio needs some help
on the river.
>>Oh, I was going to check
raise the flop.
>>Oh my god. If, I bet-
>>Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
I want to get some insurance.
I’ve been getting insurance.
Who’s gonnna give me 10% price?
Kurganov? We can work out what
the math is later.
But I’m betting four thousand.
>>I thought you were going to
bet and then he was going to
>>If I win the pot I’m going to
throw you forty four hundred.
>>If I lose the pot you’re
going to give me whatever the
fair insurance is on four
>>All right let’s do that.
>>With no juice.
>>Ah [BLEEP] I would of did
>>All right, deal.
>>Can I take half?
Igor can I get half?
>>Deals being made on the river
which is an Ace.
>>God dang it.
>>Igor I was gonna do that,
that was a.
>>God dangit.
>>You ran good right there.
>>I know.
>>One card to go.
>>When I said day at the office
in my intro earlier,
I didn’t expect I’d actually see
somebody selling insurance
Stick around, let’s see if our
players start passing around
TPS reports when we come back.
Poker Night in America is being
brought to you by
Where the world plays online.
>>Thanks for coming back to
Poker NIght in America.
I’m Chris Hanson.
Let’s get back to our high
stakes cash game.
>>I had to be a three to one
favorite, right?
>>If you had bet the flop
though, for sure I would have
raised you.
>>How many outs did he have?
>>Not folding.
>>He had nine and-
>>He had 12 outs.
>>Yeah yeah.
>>11 outs.
>>And then, and then I
probably would of been.
>>Two tens.
>>Because you have bet,
you would have bet like two.
>>Two tens and nine spades.
>>If you called then I, not
much more.
I would have had to.
>>How much?
>>Do the turn too.
>>Phil Hellmuth right back at
it. Balsiger raised with Eight
Seven of spades.
He gets a call from Hellmuth,
gets a call from TIlly.
>>I don’t know. I’m leaving
soon, I’ll be on a flight I
don’t want to be tilting cause
Antonio out drew me.
>>Ha ha ha ha. We want you to
be tilting.
>>And gets a call from
Phil Hellmuth is going to be
leaving us soon and he’s trying
to hit and
run this table without having to
give too much money away.
>>Oh it’s on Ace Ventura, what
did you say 52?
>>Wait we’re already at 55,
yeah I said 54, you said 55.
>>Wait wait I’m still.
I go 58.
>>17 hundred.
>>58 to you.
>>No I go 57 actually.
>>It’s on you Kurganov.
>>Hellmuth trying to speed up
the game here.
>>Oh, sorry.
>>Yeah, so if someone locks it
that means I pick 62 and above.
>>In case you’re wondering
they’re making bets as to what
kind of review Richard Roeper,
the film critic, would give
different films.
And that time around was,
Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.
>>God, the kids, they always
just cl, they always just let
you hang yourself, you know,
They always just let you hang
>>Oh, you already, you already
called it?
>>Yeah, I called.
Yeah, yeah, I already called it.
>>Okay, I do 63 and over.
>>You’re over or under?
>>Okay, so we’re on the same
What was your number Richard?
>>The number, the number.
>>I think it was 58.
I didn’t like my bet.
>>I thought it was like, 64.
>>I feel like it’s maybe 40
>>Very close.
69 was the number.
>>Ship it.
>>500. 500.
>>You owe 1000.
>>Zoning in on me here.
>>Nice, nice.
>>Getting a little scary.
Thank you. Nice doing business
with you.
>>What did you do before you
were a movie critic?
>>Other types of writing and
rad, radio host, I’m still a
radio host, actually.
>>Oh, okay.
>>Where do you, what radio show
do you do, Richard?
>>I do a show in Chicago on
>>2900 is the bet for Hellmuth.
>>I locked the barn door after
the horse was gone when I fired
out on the turn.
>>They just let you hang
>>And Balsiger calls.
So, he’s taking that flush all
the way to the river.
And it’s a swing and miss for
Jake Balsiger.
>>Five thousand.
>>I call.
>>Ace, king.
>>And Balsiger makes the call.
And Phil Hellmuth is gonna scoop
a huge pot with trip aces.
>>You’re freaking blessed.
>>You never know.
I mean, he saw me bluff on the
World Series of Poker Europe.
>>Where did he saw you bluff
>>Who saw you bluff?
>>What version of you is
bluffing when you’re,
quitting in 30 minutes and you
got a flight and you’re gonna
have to.
I saw you getting 10% insurance.
>>But you’re bluffing 5000 to
the kid that never folds.
Yeah, okay.
Please. Just stop the, you know.
>>He’s the best at that, he
gets them to do these, these
things it’s amazing.
>>You already say, we already
established that.
>>That was a 94 right there.
>>I’m really on tilt with my
>>That was a 94 comment.
>>I’m really tilted cuz you won
that hand.
>>Richard seems like a
moderation guy, like to get
deeper than 90,
that’s gonna take something
really special.
>>That’s exactly right.
>>See, I read that I.
>>You got, you got a good read.
>>Cuz you ain’t want to put him
all in, you want to leave him
some behind.
>>Actually I didn’t know he had
the other black stack behind.
>>Five players togeher to the
>>Check for spades.
>>How about for my poker buddy
Walter Kirn, who might be
watching this.
Up in the air.
>>Oh, oh, oh.
>>Oh, sorry.
>>Esfandiari flopped the flush.
>>What other one?
>>Is that with George Clooney?
>>Walter plays?
>>Is he, is he a player?
>>Yeah, yeah,.
>>Did you check?
>>He’s a terrific writer.
>>He’s a really good writer.
>>He’s, he doesn’t play a lot
of poker.
>>Hellmuth is betting his pair
of fours, he bets 200.
Kurganov calls.
>>He knows I’m leaving in three
>>Three minutes?
It was half an hour before you
made those big hands.
>>Hitting and running, hitting
and running.
>>I am awfully tired, have you
ever noticed.
>>Hitting and running.
>>The big winner always has a
business meeting the next
They’re really tired.
It’s getting late.
>>A guy at a game has, he’d
have his wife call and
say that the alarm was going off
and he’d just pack up and go.
>>Turn is a six, so
Kurganov turns a straight, but
he is still way behind
Esfandiari and his flush.
The only thing that would save
now is the six of spades to give
him a straight flush.
He hit the wrong black six.
>>Goodness gracious.
Ace King and Ace Queen hold up.
>>Back to back, held up
both times.
>>That plane ride gonna be so
>>The bets 2075 from
Kurganov calls.
Kurganov checks, screaming,
begging for a check behind from
The magician is not done
betting, 4,300 on the river.
>>Ten high.
I mean te, sorry.
>>Sorry, I’m so sorry,
I seriously meant ten high
You called me so fast, I
thought you had a bigger flush.
>>And with that hand, Antonio
Esfandiari gets some of the
money back that he lost
early on here on day two but he
is still down 14,000.
Phil Hellmuth is catching the
flight and look at this, Gavin
the irrepressible one, is taking
a seat at our table.
Buying in for 8K.
When we come back, more poker
from Turning Stone on Poker
Night in America.
>>Closed captioning is brought
to you as a public service by
Poker Night in America.
>>Welcome back to Poker Night
in America, we’ve assembled the
best cash game players
in the world and they’re on
display for you right now.
>>Gavin how much you playing?
>>Don’t worry about it.
>>He got eight.
>>I’m worried about it.
>>Just don’t even worry about
Why you got to worry about
You got Andy Frankenberger
right there.
>>No, he’s too worried about
him right now.
>>Frankenberger has me on tilt.
>>He, he’s got me.
>>He’ll get on tilt if you
hit a gutter on him.
>>I’ve got you on tilt.
I’ve played the smallest pot
with you all night.
>>Is that a straddle?
>>On no I raise.
You’ve got to pay attention.
>>Is that raise or a straddle?
>>Kurganov raises with ace
deuce to 300.
Balsiger folds.
Frankenberger folds.
And folded around to Thomas.
>>He’s taking over for Vadim
Trincher while he is in the,
while he’s in the clink.
>>And Travell’s Ace Jack.
>>I’ll check and let you do
your follow up bet.
>>Thank you.
>>If I hit a king or queen I
might have to raise your
follow up bet.
>>Both players hit an ace on
the flop but Thomas also hit
his jack.
>>Snap call.
>>I’ll make it slow so you
cannot see it.
>>500 was the bet from Kurganov
and a call from Thomas.
>>Check again.
>>Did you, did you crush
Phil at loudin?
>>He played, he played one, one
game of loudin.
And I will bet you say it was
top 3 worst plays of all time.
>>I’ll bet you.
I don’t make bets with you,
you know my rule.
I will play you loudin if you
lay me 6 to 1.
I have rules.
And one of my rules is Antonio
gets no more free money.
>>And Thomas and his
8 panel cap, will call.
River’s a 10.
Action is on the man in the
wonderful lundberg stetson hat.
>>Gavin do you know Gina?
>>Yeah I was just going to
>>Gina. Gavin.
>>Hey Gina nice to meet you.
>>1200 is the bet from
A raise to 5100 from Kurganov.
>>Worst river in the world.
I got the guy dead in the water
the whole damn hand, and
you shoot a ten in the damn
Got the guy dead in the water,
just betting into me.
Then you shoot a red ten on the
>>Show him the bluff.
It’s good for the game, Igor.
Show him the bluff!
>>Seven duece?
>>Oh, we’re playing seven deuce
for 100 Gavin.
>>You can look at one card.
>>Wow, and what a great play
from Kurganov.
>>An interesting card!
>>Dark raise.
>>I can’t believe you’re not
getting in it.
>>The randomness is gotta be
good for your game.
>>I don’t know.
>>Gavin Smith making his
348th appearance tonight on
Poker Night in America.
If he would stop giving us such
good content, we could maybe not
invite him back.
He raises to 850.
>>You made it 850?
>>If I have Aces here it’s
going to look real fishy, huh?
>>Is that a straddle, no.
>>It’s a dark raise.
>>It’s live now.
>>All right, I fold.
Can’t win them all.
>>Action now on Igor Kurgenov.
He folds.
>>Tight fold.
>>How much you playing Gavs?
>>Mmm, 6000.
>>And you made it?
>>There’s so way I’m dark
raising 300 and not having a
>>There you go.
>>So, you can’t sleeper
straddle but you can dark
>>You can dark raise any way
you want to on the field,
on the court.
On the field or the court.
>>Esfandiari is gonna be first
after the flop.
>>You big hand mother
>>And now Gavin Smith
assembling chips.
>>Get, get T-Mister back in
this game, man.
>>It’s only 1000 Antonio.
>>I thought it was 12.
>>I thought it was too.
>>Well that’s better for me.
>>2,200 is the bet from Gavin.
And that will get rid of
Antonio and that two seat
continues to be hot here on
Poker Night in America.
Here’s our updated chip count as
we continue with day two,
Antonio Esfandiari just can’t
get into the going in the right
Gina Fiore with one big win is
still riding it at $9,900 on the
good on poker night in America.
When we return, our panel of
film and
poker experts will examine the
movie Rounders.
So stick around…ders.
Poker Night in America is being
brought to you by
Where the world plays online.
>>Welcome back to Poker Night
in America.
Well you knew this one was
How in the world could we have a
poker scene review review
segment without taking
a look at what many have claimed
is the greatest poker film of
all time?
It’s the 1998 American crime
In tonight’s scene Damon plays a
heads-up game for
his life against an infamous
Russian gangster known as Teddy
This is Poker Night at the
First of all it is one of the
best if not the best poker
I mean the professionals always
talk about how much they like
Brian Koppelman’s script is you
know, so well respected.
I mean there are some things
that happen there.
First of all do you really want
Teddy KGB dealing?
You know, it is [CROSSTALK] But
Damon, and that’s a young Matt
He’s so good there cuz that,
that, that check he does after
the river, where it just seems
like you know,
he really didn’t get it, you
After that, I mean Malkovich I
guess is playing a Russian but
that’s just an,
it’s an accent he invented which
is great, you don’t pay that man
his money.
>>You can’t go to a poker table
and not hear it.
>>I mean, it’s entertaining as
hell so I, I think it’s.
A great scene.
>>All right, Phil,
let’s get the, poker breakdown.
>>This, this is, this is a
straight up, like, pocket
I’m just saying that because you
know I wanna give it a.
In the opening scene where he’s
talking all, and you realize,
this guy’s mystic, matrix, level
four, like, floating and he sees
If he’s that guy, he would also
Could have pocket aces.
But that’s such an unlikely
variant that right now I have to
go for
the, you know, the right
play probabilistically speaking
which is to extract value in all
the weaker hands.
When you get quads you look for
the straight flush
because you know that if it’s
out there you have to sweat that
You know, just because you have
a full house.
>>Yeah you take that moment you
take that breath right?
Where you’re like oh my god I
have quads but is there anything
that can beat me?
>>I thought maybe there was a
little too much talking going
on, ya know.
I think Matt Damon’s like well
you know I’m going to hate
myself in
the morning if I don’t call.
>>To me being a good poker
player I would be like I fold.
I fold.
>>A little Hollywooding, he
invented modern Hollywood.
>>For, ah poker veracity,
I would give it, maybe the
second nut flush.
In terms of drama and being a
great scene and
very well-written and very
well-acted, a full house.
Richard, what do you think?
>>I think Jennifer’s right on
I’d say it’s, it’s it’s a very
good flush,
you know, for the poker
>>It has, as a movie, as a
poker drama.
I’d say the same thing.
It’s a, it’s a top full house.
>>Without taking anything away
from any
other movies.
>>This is the movie.
>>That’s the standard.
>>It’s the gold standard, yeah.
>>Yeah, that’s like the
nuts, it’s very much beloved
by the poker community.
>>And which is why so many
people, I think, you know, want
to see more of a movie like
>>Yeah, they want to see Brian
Koppelman get at it again.
>>Absolutely, so I think
everyone here agreed that
Rounders definitally.
>>We want second Rounders.
We want another Rounders.
>>We want a re-buy on rounders
if we could get it.
Poker Night in America is
brought to you buy 888 Poker,
where the world plays online.

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  1. rounders' poker action sucked. rest of the movie was okay. loved the scene with the cops, they get caught cheating

  2. tilly is awful lol. checks the 10 high flop w pocket jacks.. then bets the turn when a Q comes off. space queen.

  3. That colored gentlemen had no idea what was going on with the insurance deal. He just wanted to have something to yap about

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