Poker Night in America | Season 3, Episode 12 | A Game To Kill For

Poker Night in America | Season 3, Episode 12 | A Game To Kill For

– [Voiceover] From the Golden
in Atlantic City, New Jersey
this is Poker Night In America.
(Swing music)
– Welcome to Poker Night In
I’m your host Chris Hanson.
Tonight we’ll wrap up
our Golden Nugget Series
here in Atlantic City,
and we’ll check in with our
movie review experts as they
critique the poker scene in
the latest Sin City movie.
We’ve got a lot to cram into the
So without any further ado…
As we continue day 2 here at
Golden Nugget in Atlantic City
the two players that have
the most in front of them
are Steven McLoughlin and Tyler
and Patterson with the
biggest win book thus far.
But there’s still a lot
of poker to be played
here at Golden Nugget.
All these players are in
for a minimum of $5,000.
The maximum rebuy is a $20,000
buy in.
– I’m definitely not a health
nut though.
I eat everything.
– [Thomas] Can’t tell.
– [Chris] Ebony Kenney is first
to act.
– Oh, it’s on me.
– [Deeb] No, you’re first.
– Yeah, I’m thinking those are

– [Stout] What about your big
– [Kenney] He bought it, he
bought it.
That’s what I thought too.
– [Stout] Oh Jeez.
– [Kenney] That’s why it
was just sitting there.
– [Stout] How about that?
– Whoops.
– [Kenney] Glad it wasn’t just
– [Dealer] Raise to 175.
– [Chris] We get a raise
from Steve McLoughlin to 175.
Ken “Teach” Aldridge calls.
– [Stout] Tournament
players’ brains don’t
function correctly when
people buy the button.
– [Chris] And now to Dan
Shak in the eight seat.
– [Ebony] Super super sweet
– [Chirs] It’s up to 650 from
Dan Shak.
A call from Patterson
with 3, 4 of diamonds.
– [Thomas] This sucks I just
never have it.
– [Stout] I’m mean, being
that we have less than an hour
left to play, the answer’s
probably no. Probably not.
Statistically, you’re
going to get like 1 pair,
and it’s probably going to be
– Yep. And it’s going to be
700 by the time it get’s to me.
– [Chris] Aldridge calls,
and so 3 players to the flop.
– That’ll be the one you
flop a set, it’s okay.
– [Stout] Man, if I just double
through Shaun real quick
I just might have a chance
to get unstuck in this game.
– [Kenney] Are you serious?
– [Kenney] How in the hell?
– [Thomas] Not gonna get another
– [Chris] Shak’s queens are
But everybody checks.
– [Kenney] Which one?
– [Chris] Well, we still have a
gut shot at
straight draw for Patterson.
Aldridge also picks one up.
Aldridge bets the draw. He bets
And a call from Shak.
– Ebony thought it was funny,
but that’s only like partial
– [McLoughlin] That’s out
of line.
– [Kenney] No but it’s partial,
my name is like, super
ethnic. Ebony Tyrel.
Like, come on.
– [Stout] Wow.
– [Kenney] Yeah. My parents went
– It’s not just a third credit.
I guess it’s half credit.
– Come on. The middle name
Tyrel. Are you serious?
– Come on. My first name’s
What’s wrong with your middle
– I’m a girl!
and my middle name is Tyrel!
I asked my parents, I’m like,
“Did I turn out how you thought
I would?”
– [Thomas] You could be
T-Mister Jr.
– I am. I’m E.T., actually.
– Just never really
played with you before.
I don’t know if you’re
bluffing me.
– Shaun will tell you I’m not
– No.
You have ace queen.
– [Chris] What a dodge there by
Dan Shak.
And Ken “Teach” Aldridge turns
Ace-Queen into a big winner.
– I was bluffing earlier.
– You can’t even hate me after
the combo.
– I never did.
– He doesn’t really hate anyone,
even though he should
hate a lot of people.
– Well, I hate you a tiny bit.
– There’s so many people you
should hate in the world.
Especially in poker.
Most of them are at this table.
– [McLoughlin] Be nice
to “Teach”.
– [Chris] Shaun Deeb is
stuck into this game.
He’s down over $21,000.
And so he’s going to try to
right the ship
with 10-8 off suit.
– I’ll get the max here.
See if we can get it all in
I’m short.
I’m short.
No I’m not gonna check.
I want to see what comes out.
Now I’ll check.
All in.
– How good is your hand?
– 8-9.
– I can beat that hand.
– You should call.
– Do you believe I can beat 8-9?
– Do you believe I’ve got 8-9?
– I really hope you do, because
I’m probably going to call.
– I know you’re calling,
let’s get it in.
Just call.
– What do you have?
– [Thomas] Once or twice?
– Once.
– All right. Run it.
– [Deeb] Your hand’s that bad?
You really want to show it?
– You’ll see it.
You win.
– It is impossible… Hold
on, hold on dealer.
It is impossible for me
to auto win on that card.
– No. You win.
You don’t win.
– 6’s.
– 6-4?
– 6’s.
– [Chris] Everybody can
smell a rat at the table
knowing that he doesn’t have
pocket 6’s.
And Travell Thomas gets the
double-up he was looking for.
– Oh, is that gut shot?
– Double gutted.
– [Thomas] It wasn’t a gut shot.
– [Kenney] Oh a double.
Oh, I just saw that. Okay.
– One pair of gut shot.
– You got schooled by the
– What hand?
You didn’t beat me on it.
You got it with 6-high!
Yeah. Mister schooled me.
He gets it with 6-high.
– I flipped that one over with
– Yeah. The one guy who can get
it in good
calls me the fish.
I mean, that just shows how bad
he is.
Poker Night in America is being
brought to you by
Where the world plays online.
– Thanks for coming back
to Poker Night In America.
I’m Chris Hanson.
We return to the poker.
– [Kenney] It’s Shaun’s
money anyway, right?
– Yeah.
– [McLoughlin] I prefer to call
it sweet sweet Shaun Deeb money.
– [Chris] Now Jacks for Travell
Playing the rush, he’s
going to raise to 200.
But he’s got serious
problems with Ebony Kenney
immediately to his left, with
– You really want him to call?
– [Thomas] I know, right?
– He’s got you all beat.
– [Chris] But wow, look at this.
Thomas pulls ahead now
with a set of Jacks.
– [Stout] I’m still trying
to figure out how Steve
was saying that you were angling
when you three bet and I
– That I gave a speech and
– [Chris] Call from Kenney.
– That’s never an angle.
– [McLoughlin] We’ll explain it
– [Deeb] Actually I have.
– [McLoughlin] It’s pretty
complex there.
Because it didn’t matter
if you had it or not.
It was just great mind games.
– I don’t think any of the,
verbal or pump faking with your
I don’t look at any of that as
Unless you’re actually, like,
trying to
pretend you were dropping…
– [McLoughlin] It wasn’t
that type of angle.
– Yeah. Anything I consider
an angle, I consider scummy.
– [Chris] I think that’s
where we see Ebony Kenney
make her move with a raise here.
– I mean, it depends on
how you use the term angle.
I know, like, some of the
things are designed and
try to get a read off him,
unless I think it’s out of
line and kind of scummy,
I don’t refer to it as an angle.
– It was definitely some
phenomenal verbal play.
– [Chris] Nope. Just a call from
– What did he even say
now? I don’t remember.
– I don’t remember everything
but we’ll talk about it later.
– Oh, because he was talking
about how strong I was, yeah.
He was talking about how strong
I was and then he threw the…
– [Chris] 10 comes on the river.
And it’s also the 3rd heart.
– It was pretty awesome.
– [Chris] So Ebony’s Aces
are pretty vulnerable here.
– He hadn’t looked at his hand
yet when he said the thing
about still opening 3x though
I don’t think.
I think he looked as he said it.
– [McLoughlin] I don’t
remember it from that…
– I did.
– [Chris] A quizzed look on
Kenney’s face.
Wondering why such a small bet.
– I think if he had looked at
his hand
it would have been a little
Might have piled acet 5 of
– [Deeb] You were dead.
– Huh?
– [Deeb] You were dead.
– I doubt I was dead.
– You needed a flush.
– Unless you had two Aces
and the 2-3-4 of diamonds…
If you had that then it
– What about, you can’t
make the other diamonds?
– Nah, I just like the 2-3-4 of
because I want to be sure it’s
– Nice hand.
– No.
– [Chris] The only time
Ebony was ahead in that hand
was pre-flop.
But the small bet was
too enticing, and so…
Look at this. Travell
Thomas on a huge rush now,
winning three hands in a row.
– [Shak] Did you have pocket
– Yeah.
– [Shak] Oh my god.
– Shaun’s just salty because
he realized that was probably
his last chance to get a hand
to qualify for a slow roll.
– [Deeb] That’s the best
starting hand I’ve had in a
– I’m proud of you. (Laughs)
– [Chris] Thomas not slowing
Ace-King of diamonds.
Somebody checked the deck.
– Now, you know they know
what you’re folding here.
– Yeah.
– [McLoughlin] Trust me. You can
watch it,
in 30 minutes you
realize it’s pure air.
Which is perfect for Shaun.
– Ace-10 suited. Terrible hand.
– Please.
– [Chris] And yes, you can
watch Poker Night In America
events as they happen, where
Live streaming on a 30 minute
– Well that was betting it dark.
– Oh, no. I seen it.
– [Patterson] Wow.
– Bull(bleep). (Coughs)
– [Chris] This could get
Thomas with the flush draw,
Patterson with an
open-ended straight draw.
– What’s so funny about that?
– [Deeb] Should min bet
to really mess with him.
– Check.
– [Dealer] Check. Bet’s 400.
– Just fold. You’re beat.
– Raise. Make it 12.
– [Chris] Uh-oh. A quick call.
Is there still a rabbit’s
foot for Travell Thomas?
There sure is.
– 24.
– How much you playing?
– More than you.
– Let the (bleep) slinging
begin. Jeez Louise.
– Yeah, I almost unzipped
when I heard him say that.
– I mean, boys, boys…Calm
– I’m all in.
– [Dealer] All in.
– Keeps trying to outplay the
T-Mister. I don’t know why.
– [Kenney] And in third person.
– He keeps trying to outplay
the T-Mister, man.
– Travell Thomas is having a
great run!
Stick around to see if it
– (Voiceover) Draft Kings.
The official
fantasy sports site
of Poker Night in America.
– Welcome back to our high
stakes cash game
here at the Golden Nugget in
Atlantic City
on Poker Night in America.
– [Chris] Poker Night in
America brought to you by
888 Poker, where the world plays
Travel Thomas will
not go for five in a row.
Shaun Deeb has raised to
150 with Ace-4.
A call from Dan Shak.
And this is our first look at
Matt Stout.
He’s got Queens in the one seat.
Bumps it up to 550.
Shaun Deeb gives him respect and
Shak on the button will call.
Stout checks.
One orange chip worth $1,000
is the bet from Dan Shak.
All of these players buying
in from anywhere from $5,000
to $20,000 cash here tonight.
– Oh, the football game.
I’m like, not yet.
– Pats are up 45-7.
– [Thomas] Oh my god.
– Are you serious?
– All in.
– All in.
– [Thomas] I’m mad I only bet
– I call.
– [Dealer] Call.
– It’s okay. You’re probably…
– [Stout] Once or twice?
– Twice is fine.
– [Deeb] Ace queen verse like
ten high, ten nine of spades.
– [Shak] Naw, he’s probably
– [Chris] The first turn is a 10
so there are some chop outs now.
Matt Stout’s going to win the
first one.
– Doesn’t that make you feel
– [Shak] Worst hand possible.
– [Thomas] Oh god!
– You get that turn twice now.
– Eh. I can chop once.
– [Stout] Jesus!
– What a run bad that was.
– [Deeb] That’d be sick if he’s
slow rolling and
didn’t have queen jack.
– [Shak] No, I had Queen-Jack.
– I know.
– [Chris] Stout took the first
but then a chop is going
to cost Stout some money.
But in the end, he’s still
coming away a winner.
– [Deeb] Nice hand, Steve.
– Well actually, it’s a
positional thing.
And, I’m gonna fold.
– [Deeb] Yeah, we know.
– [Deeb] Yeah, if
your stack position…
– [Stout] Lock, lock, lock it
– [Chris] Pocket 9’s for Ken
Makes it 300.
As the night starts to
turn into the next day,
some players gonna maybe
look to get active and
try to make some money back.
The guy who’s been making
nothing but money at this table
is Travell Thomas. He raised
it to 1,300 with Jacks.
– Are you locking up the win?
– [Chris] Here comes Shaun Deeb
with 5’s.
– I don’t want to see the flop.
– [Chris] And so here we go.
$4,200 in the middle as we go to
the flop.
And Travell Thomas puts a
stranglehold on this hand.
– [Chris] Deeb will fold,
and I expect that Dan Shak
will be doing the same.
– Show the bluff. Last
– Not a bluff.
– Show it then!
– [McLoughlin] Show it,
it’s the last hand.
– We’re gonna see it anyway.
– [Kenney] Show, show…
It’s the last hand.
– It’s not a bluff!
– It’s a Jack.
– I’m gonna flip it over, and
probably the only one of
these people that can do that.
– It’s not a bluff.
– There was no bluff.
– Oh, it’s definitely not a
– [Chris] As we say goodbye
to the Golden Nugget,
kind of a rough stop for Shaun
He’s down $23,000.
Andrew Hanna also out 6K.
And let’s take a look at
the biggest winners from
Golden Nugget Atlantic City.
Travell Thomas. He was down
a couple of thousand bucks
going into tonight’s
episode, and look at that.
He comes out with a $13,000
And all of that profit made
in just five winning hands
here tonight on Poker Night.
We’ve got more Poker Night
In America in just a moment.
Poker Night in America is being
brought to you by
Where the world plays online.
– Welcome back to Poker Night In
I’m Chris Hanson.
In 2014, directors Robert
Rodriguez and Frank Miller
returned to the world of Basin
City with
“Sin City: A Dame To Kill For”.
Using the black and
white style of the film’s
comic book source material,
the directors were able
to approach a home game
amongst criminals, with
a new visual flair.
In tonight’s scene, Joseph
Gordon-Levitt risks it all
by adopting a tight table image
to trap the evil Senator Roark.
This is Poker Night at the
– I’m all in.
For the works.
– Call.
– When they show the four Kings,
the only hand he can have to
beat it
would be the four Aces,
cuz there’s no royal
that can beat it, right?
– A lower straight flush, or
But, the audience wouldn’t get
so there’s not one chance in a
that he wasn’t gonna turn over
four Aces.
– There’s such an interesting
look to the Sin City movies.
They’re based on these
Frank Miller graphic novels.
And the cool thing is, it
looks like a graphic novel.
Ya know, we used to say comic
That’s kind of an insult to
these things,
they’re so great looking.
In this scene,
which you get in almost every
poker scene in every movie…
the guys who just sit around and
“Ah. Too rich for my blood.”
The folding guys!
There’s always like four folding
(laughing and talking
loudly over each other)
– And they reach for the cards,
“Show me those cards! Get outta
– Yeah. They’ll open for a
little bit,
but then it comes down, they’re
“Argh, dammit!”
“Too rich for my blood!”,
they have those guys here.
– I would just like to point
I’m sorry, but what is
the point of you just,
you’re going to purposely
slow roll someone,
and just continuously
fold because you know
you’re going to keep
getting the best hand?
But, how about whenever
he showed his hand
and he decided he was gonna kill
and he said, “Say hi to your
and he just had this one
tear roll down his face.
– Wooh…
– What did he know that we
didn’t know?
I want to know that.
What is that tear…
Like, what does that mean?
– I could tell you, but then
I’d give away the whole movie.
– Don’t ruin the movie.
Don’t ruin the movie!
But I’m just saying.
– So, let’s rate this poker
We’ll start with you, James.
– Ya know…
it really operates in kind of
its own…
ethereal realm.
I mean, it’s not…
You can’t really rate it…
– [Ebony] It’s not real life.
– In the normal term.
I mean I’d give it, ya
know, four tarot cards,
ya know what I mean?
– Maybe the instruction
card and a reorder card?
– It’s like a nine-card straight
I wouldn’t know how to rate
but I really do want to see the
So, I’ll say,
it’s an open ended straight
flush with one card to come.
– There ya go.
And one card to go.
And you’re gonna put it all in,
and you have faith,
and if it doesn’t come, oh well.
– I like that. We’re all on a
– That is…
– What do you think
about this tear though?
– The single tear, I’m not gonna
get into,
‘cuz again, I don’t want to…
– He’s created too many
single tears in his own life.
– I’ve got plenty of my own
single tears.
Alright, so that is
our review of Sin City,
here on Poker Night.
– For more from Poker
Night visit
or connect with us on
Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube
where you can see complete
and unedited Livestreams.
Also, be sure to check
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For everyone here at
Poker Night In America,
I’m Chris Hanson.
– It screams that Gillian bought
this for me for Christmas.
– [Nolan] (Bleep) you! I’m
better than you are.
– No, no, no.
Nolan, it doesn’t scream
“I’m better than you”.
It screams “I’m better than
Nolan Dalla”.
– [Nolan] I’ve got my own
– Come over here. Come
over here for a second.
– [Nolan] I live in the
northeast. I used to wear
– Come over here.
Have you ever worn a $500 scarf
– $500 scarf, seriously?
I paid 60, and I thought
I was gettin’ ripped off.
– Does that feel good?
– Don’t, don’t, don’t pull it
too tight!
– Ah. That’s really really nice.
– What do you think?
(Makes choking sound)
– [Voiceover] Poker Night is
brought to you by 888 Poker
where the world plays online.
And, Draft Kings.

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