Poker Night in America | Season 3, Episode 15 | Ladies Night is Alright, Pt. 3

Poker Night in America | Season 3, Episode 15 | Ladies Night is Alright, Pt. 3

– [Voiceover] From Sugarhouse
in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
this is Poker Night in America.
(upbeat music)
– Welcome to Poker Night in
I’m your host Chris Hanson.
For this episode, we’re back in
in Philadelphia for more of
our ladies-only cash game.
Which so far has shown us a lot
of cordial player
interaction among friends.
– She’s a (beep).
Laced with a lot of crushing
that I wouldn’t wish on my worst
These women have been dishing
financial abuse with the grace
and poise
not often found among
their male counterparts.
But let’s get to the table to
see if they can continue
to keep their cool.
As Ladies’ Night continues,
we have a new player
sitting down in seat four, is
Nancy Levin
buying in for $5000.
As you can see, look
at Samantha Abernathy.
All that money in front
of her, she’s already up
over $15,000 here at Sugarhouse.
Blindss are 25 and 50 in our
cash game
and we have a straddle on the
So, a small blind will be first.
Both the blinds fold.
Quickly over to Samantha
325 is the bet.
And we’re around to the straddle
in Jessica Dawley looks
down at pocket sevens.
She calls Samantha Abernathy’s
and so our heads-up for
our first hand here tonight
on Poker Night in America.
– [Jennifer] Now I feel
like I need a drink again.
– [Chris] Abernathy
missed, but she’s gonna
fire a continuation bet.
So far, at this table,
Samantha Abernathy has been
absolutely running over the
hitting cards whenever she
need to,
and getting players to fold
winning hands.
Looks like she is going
to continue the pressure.
Jessica Dawley going nowhere.
We start the night with
over 3k in the pot,
and just like she’s been
doing all Ladies’ Night long,
Samantha Abernathy pulls ahead
at the last possible minute.
And it’s now 1300 on the river.
– [Natasha] Are you done with
– I’m falling asleep.
– [Natasha] You are?
– Wine makes me fall asleep.
– [Natasha] Oh.
– I should’ve had coffee.
– [Natasha] Vodka.
– I know.
– [Jennifer] Get some now.
– [Natasha] Vodka Redbull.
– I was thinking that, but,
I don’t wanna get it like—
– [Jennifer] You can order some
coffee to the table probably.
– [Chris] See if Dawley can
make the right decision here
to just throw the cards away.
– I’ll go crazy with you.
– Nice hand.
– [Chris] And she does, and once
it’s Samantha Abernathy,
with just pure magic at
our Ladies’ Night table.
– You guys wanna play a
round of Truth or Dare?
Like, the loser of the hand gets
ask the winner Truth or Dare?
– [Jennifer] Oh, so it’s like–
– Well I don’t know,
truth is scary! (laughing)
– Beth, we’ve already seen you
with your clothes off, it’s
– Well, no, you’ve seen
me in, like, lingerie,
not with my clothes off.
– [Natasha] I am not gonna make
you undress.
– Will you guys, we’re
not on a cable station,
and I can’t get naked, right?
– You can do whatever you want.
– Notice none of the guys say
– I like that’s even a
– [Chris] Alright, Beth
Shak, I’ll give you a dare.
I dare you to look at your
Let’s get going here.
– Okay, I haven’t looked at my
They’re bad. (laughing)
– Truth or Dare?
– Truth.
I’m afraid to say
– [Chris] Jennifer Shahade
raises to 150
with a suited ace jack.
– Dare, I take that back, I’m
saying dare.
– You’re saying dare? Alright,
– [Chris] Sevens for Abernathy.
– A dare, dare.
– [Chris] Re-raised to 450.
– [Natasha] I’m looking at
I feel like we should
do something with Chris.
– [Chris] What did I do?
Don’t involve me in your games.
– Here, here!
– [Natasha] Do you have a
good idea?
You know her.
She does.
– Call.
– Do you know how many times she
squeezed my breasts?
– I am not making you do things
like that.
– [Chris] Call from Shahade.
– She used to get me in a
lot of trouble in the past.
– That’s perfect, let’s go.
I’m giving you my dare.
– It’s your question.
– [Chris] Great play from
Shahade, just let Abernathy
continue to bet, but she
decides not to this time.
And again, Abernathy’s just
making all the right plays.
Why didn’t she continue to bet
You know that’s what Shahade was
she was going to do, was bet
– Wait, this isn’t fun.
I’ve barely won and now if
I win, I lose. (laughing)
– [Natasha] That’s what’s fun
about it.
Losers are happy.
– What did you–
– Dare.
– It’s a dare.
– [Karina] I’m not good at
this game.
– Wait, wait, if you win this,
do I get to Truth or Dare you?
– [Chris] Well, I guess you can
Shahade put Abernathy in
Speaking of checkmate,
did you know Jennifer
is a GrandMaster at chess?
More on that, after this.
Poker Night in America is being
brought to you by
Where the world plays online.
– [Chris] Welcome back to
Poker Night in America.
Four of the worst chess
players you have ever seen
got together this morning and
took on
Jennifer Shahade, one of the
world’s best chess players,
and here’s what happened.
– This one’s called a horsey.
– Horsey?
– And this one’s called Game of
– Yeah, poker is really
I guess the big difference
is there’s so much
psychology and people skills,
like reading people, and kind of
trying to exploit people.
In chess, there’s very, very
limited exploitative strategies.
– I drew first blood, you see
– Yeah, good job.
– How did that feel?
– Awesome.
– What did you do?
– I busted her chops.
I took my horsey guy and took
out her–
– Your horsey guy?
– I don’t think it’s horsey.
– I’ve got issues.
– [Jennifer] You’ve got issues?
– I got serious issues.
– Wait, what are you looking at?
You’re looking at chess rules.
– Nope.
– [Jennifer] You’re like
chess, what you got there?
– I’ve never played chess
– Can I see what you’re looking
Oh, this is like how to play.
– Literally, I have never
– Okay, now I have a checkmate.
– Really?
– Yeah.
– Get him! Kill him!
– [Jennifer] You don’t
wanna be the first to lose?
– Yes
– [Todd] Nolan goes down.
– I think that was under nine
moves, too.
– Yeah, take one of those big
and put it out there.
– [Jennifer] Oh wait, it’s my
move now.
– He’s talking crap over here.
– [Jennifer] Now I do have a
Do you wanna try to find it?
I’ve got a checkmate.
I can move my queen so your
king can’t go anywhere.
– Well played, sirs,
– [Jennifer] Yeah, good game.
– We’re outta here.
– [Jennifer] Check.
– [Chris] Pretty successful.
– [Jennifer] So, I gotta
move the queen right against
the king, that’s how you get
– You gotta get right next to
– Yeah, ’cause that way it’s
but it needs to be protected by
so that it’s checkmate.
Yeah, exactly, he sees it.
– Okay.
– [Jennifer] There we go.
Good game.
– Thank you.
– Check.
– There it comes.
– And now I’ve got the mate,
I think that the better
people get at poker,
the more it kind of veers to
more like chess,
because the better people get,
the less you can exploit them,
and then you have play more
So, I think poker is becoming
more like chess everyday.
– [Chris] Poker Night
in America at Sugarhouse
here in Philadelphia is brought
to you
by 888 Poker, where
the world plays online.
25/50 are the blinds in our cash
– If you had to go to prison for
10 years,
or send your husband,
which would you pick?
– Or send my husband?
– For a decade, which one?
Your choice.
– Me or him?
– You get to choose either him
or you,
to go to prison for 10 years.
– [Beth] Oh my god.
– [Christina] Who is it?
– Natasha] That’s a great
– [Beth] This is brutal!
This is on TV!
– [Karina] Send him!
– [Jennifer] Yes, nice job.
– Fair enough, that’s true, I
believe you.
– [Karina] I have my kids.
– He doesn’t right?
– My kids are number one.
– [Natasha] Oh, he
doesn’t have kids with you?
– [Karina] Oh, no, we
have our own kids together.
– [Chris] Cate Hall
calls with pocket nines.
– [Karina] Our kids,
I’m sorry, I misspoke.
– You’re good! You’re good!
– That is a good one.
– That was a good one.
– [Beth] She’s good.
– [Chris] Beth Shak will
call out of the small blind.
Shahade folds.
Flop is king high and Cate
Hall has the best hand
with nines.
Beth Shak made a pair
of sixes on the flop.
And everyone is checking to the
And Christina Lindley hits her
So, she’s gonna be in control.
Beth Shak, first to act, she
can get into trouble here.
She’s got two pair.
600 is the bet.
Lindley gonna make sure
she made that
straight on the river.
Checks her cards and thinks
about the next option.
I don’t know why that
option wouldn’t be to raise.
That’s what she does to 2200.
Let’s see if Shak will pay her
She will not, she folds.
And I don’t know how Beth
Shak figured out
that she was beat there,
but she makes the right
And Christina Lindley picks up a
$4200 pot.
– Whether that was a good fold
or not, I think it was, but,
I don’t know.
– [Christina] Yeah, you got
I might have got there, too.
– [Chris] Ladies’ Night from
the city of Brotherly Love,
here in Philadelphia at
– Yeah, try having a baby at 39
years old.
– There wouldn’t be a number.
Like, when I, as I’ve been
dating men,
and they would say, and they
would say,
like, will you have another kid?
There wouldn’t be a number for
me to start,
have another kid, because it’s
it’s like another 18
years of responsibility.
– [Chris] A couple of spades
on that flop for Beth Shak.
And an up and down straight
draw for Cate Hall.
– Other than chess, what would
you do
if you weren’t playing poker?
– Writing, I love writing, yeah.
– For, like, books, or
everything, whatever?
– I like all of it, but it’s
really hard to make money in.
You have to do something else.
It’s like, well, chess is like
that, too.
– Yeah.
– I think it’s great to do
while you’re doing other things.
So, I just do less of
that and more writing.
– I enjoy writing a lot, too.
I don’t think I could do it for
a living,
but I really like it a lot.
– It’s just one of those things
that are sometimes better
if you don’t only do that,
because then you can be more
just like poker.
– Yeah, yeah, pick the games
that appeal to you, yeah.
– Although, it’s like I’m pretty
and all the things I like
the most are sedentary,
so, it’s like I have to balance
– [Christina] That’s kind
of funny, yeah, interesting.
– I feel like I just have to
work out
more than most people, because–
– [Christina] Everything you
like to do is just sitting.
– Although, sometimes if you
go to a poker tournament,
there’s so much walking.
I feel like I’m always walking.
Whenever I travel, to the
World Series, or whatever.
I always lose weight in this
because of that.
And because of the long
hours of not having
real solid meals.
– Yeah, forget to eat a lot
when you play poker I feel like.
– [Samantha] It’s weird, you
would think
it would be the opposite.
– [Christina] Yeah I know.
No, I do, whenever
I play a lot of tournaments
I typically lose a lot of
because I forget to eat.
I’m just so into the game.
– [Samantha] And it makes you
like anxious and when
you come back from eating.
– You don’t wanna eat a big
meal for dinner, yeah.
– [Samantha] Feel tired.
– Sure.
– [Samantha] I usually eat
right after it’s over.
During the dinner break I’ll
call my Mom.
– On your carrots (laughing).
Your like 1300 in calories in
– [Jennifer] If you start to do
weight-training, though,
I feel like you crave
it if you don’t do it
for a couple of days.
It’s always like, wanting
food, or something.
[Chris] So Shak is ahead and
she’s been betting every street.
Let’s see if she does it again.
– [Jennifer] For a
while I stopped doing it,
for like a week, it’s just
like I wanna go to the bar!
– [Chris] Both draws missed,
but it was the betting from Beth
that won her hand.
Way to lay on the pressure,
Looks like it paid off for you.
More tough decisions by our
when we return.
– [Voiceover] Draft Kings, the
official fantasy sports site
of Poker Night in America.
– Welcome back to Poker Night in
Let’s get back to the game.
We got a $100 straddle on the
that being Samantha
Abernathy in the one seat.
So, we’ll start with the small
– [Beth] What was
it, Boyhood with Jess,
with Patricia Arquette,
I loved that.
– You really liked that?
– But there was another one
that I watched, another–
– Is that a new movie?
– [Christina] It’s weird,
it’s a little slow,
but it’s a really well-made
and incredible acting.
– [Chris] 10s for Shak, she just
– Another great movie that I
just saw–
– I saw her hand, so it’s a
little bit–
– Oh, you saw it.
– It’s a little bit,
can’t really call now.
I looked over to see if you
were calling,
and you lifted your cards
up, so I was like —
– [Christina] Me?
– [Jessica] No, her.
So then, if I called on behind,
– [Christina] After you
see her hand, then yeah.
– [Jessica] That’s okay, I say
that now.
– [Beth] Did I save you, not
save you? I don’t know.
– [Jessica] No you definitely
– [Beth] Maybe not.
– I’m gonna need my cards back.
And the beats just keep on
– 25 bucks.
– Are you playing red and black,
or club’s?
– [Christina] No, I have
clubs, she has diamonds.
– I’m glad you’re paying
– Yeah, I am.
– She’s like, yeah I’m
collecting it.
– Pay up!
That’s only the second
time it’s hit though.
– [Chris] The bet is 700.
– It’s been rainbow everytime?
– Yeah, every other time,
except for the one time
that I payed you, yeah.
Or hearts, yeah, the other
– [Christina] So, we’re one and
– [Chris] you might get
a call from Barbour.
Also, with a gutter ball
straight draw
going to the turn, she does
– [Christina] It actually
hit more than anything.
Nobody wanted it.
– [Chris] Beth Shak’s got
herself on a bit of a rush.
Poker Night in America live
are available at our
as well as unedited
versions of our live stream.
And we have another straddle on
This time, it’s Cate Hall.
– I’m just straddling every
hand for the rest of the night.
– Raise.
– [Chris] Nancy Levin announces
a raise from the small blind
with Queen, Jack.
– Yeah, you play a tournament
next to a guy that everybody’s
every name in the book,
and you’re like, trying to
on a tournament, that’s not easy
to do.
– [Chris] Abernathy
gets back in the action
with King, Jack suited.
And now to Cate Hall, who
straddled on the button.
Yeah why not, with Queen, Deuce
– I’m gonna flop two pair.
That’s my plan.
-No, flop a nut straight.
– Forget two pair.
– I know what cards you have.
– Except that’s not always good
enough. (laughs)
Especially at this table.
– Boom, got it.
– Boom.
– She knew.
– Phil, is he still in?
Is he still in?
– [Chris] Checks for
everybody, here comes to turn.
– [Jessica] Oh really? Oh.
– [Christina] Natasha. You know
– [Natasha] Huh?
– You know kitchens?
– No.
I don’t know what that is.
– Ah, I thought you were cooler
than that.
Very disappointed. (laughing)
– I might know the game not
know the name.
– [Jennifer] No, it’s like
an old online poker thing.
– [Chris] Abernathy calls.
– I like how that qualifies
as old school.
It was like four years ago.
– [Chris] I don’t see Hall
calling here.
I think this is her opportunity
to step out of the hand.
But then again, what do I know?
She’s raising. She wants this
Now, let’s see if she
can get away with this.
Well-played, Cate Hall.
Oh, and have a little of
this, as well, on the side.
– I flopped a pair.
– Turned the old 7/8 of club
Never folding.
– She had you crushed with
the queen high.
– If I can beat quads on the
river, can’t fold.
– Nobody has ever implied odds
against me.
– You never have, it’s like I’m
like why am I trying to
get there if it’s nothing?
It’s always my favorite,
when I finally peel the set.
They literally have queen high,
and I’m like,
wasted, like, all of that, for
I check raise on the
turn and they snap fold,
I’m like, why me?
– [Chris] Ah, there’s Samantha
getting those good cards again.
That’s what she’s used
to playing here tonight.
– [Jessica] That’s the problem
you never have it.
– [Chris] Levin calls on the
And Jessica Dawley calls from
her big blind.
– [Christina] There’s a hat in
here, too.
It’s pretty sweet.
– Natasha] You wanna drink?
– Yeah, could I have a glass
of Chardonnay, please?
– [Karina] I’ll have a
– [Natasha] Chardonnay too,
– [Chris] 275 from Abernathy.
– [Christina] Were part of New
York are you in?
– Tribeca.
– [Chris] Levin calls.
– Do you like art?
– What?
– Do you like art?
– Yeah.
– Love.
– Really?
– I went to Art Basel to see
art for the first time.
– [Christina] Wow.
– [Beth] It was amazing.
– [Jennifer] Where did you go?
– Art Basel. For the first time,
– Have you ever been to like
Venice, or?
– No, I went to Art Basel in
But actually, we went
separately, but together.
He went with friends, I
went with my boyfriend,
but it was amazing.
– Jennifer] You’re into art,
as well?
– [Christina] Yeah, I love art.
– [Jennifer] Making it, or
– [Christina] Both.
– Enjoying, like–
– Everything.
– [Jessica] What’s it
like to have King Jack?
Ooh, just wait.
– I rivered a pair of fives.
– [Chris] We’ll see how
these ladies stack up
when we return on Poker Night in
Poker Night in America is being
brought to you by
Where the world plays online.
– This is like the turn
a set, still behind.
– Think like the last hand.
– It’s a good last hand.
– [Chris] Well, here’s
where we will finish
Ladies’ Night from Sugarhouse.
Natasha Barbour down 9k,
come back next time for more
And on the winning side,
it’s really all about Samantha
although she did take a
couple of steps back tonight,
she’s still, from her Ladies’
Night debut,
will be booking a $13,000 win.
For more from Poker Night,
or hook up with us on Twitch,
Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube,
where you can see complete
and unedited live streams.
Also, be sure to check
out our online store
for all your Poker Night
For everyone here at Poker
Night, I’m Chris Hanson.
Poker Night in America is
brought to you
by 888 Poker, where
the world plays online.
And by Draft Kings.
– Wait, wait, wait, if you win
do I get to Truth or Dare you?
– But I already said
that I have a question
that dealer that looks like
Keanu Reeves.
– Oh, you have a crush on the
– I was just giving an example
of all the ways to get out of
the question
without actually incriminating
– I don’t think you understand
There’s a lot of ways to wiggle
out of it,
but making up somebody is
probably not
the spirit of Truth or Dare.
– Okay, that’s true, that’s

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