Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 24 | Rich Friends

Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 24 | Rich Friends

– From Choctaw Resort
in Durant Oklaholma,
this is Poker Night in America.
Welcome to Poker Night in
America at Choctaw Resort,
he’s Joe Stapleton
and I’m Chris Hanson.
– Coming up on today’s show
Brandon Cantu and Alec Torelli
tangle, E-Tay Brady hits her
sister Marsha Hellmuth in face
with a metaphorical football
and speaking of metaphors
the aforementioned
poker brat thinks bluffs
are a lot like potato chips.
– Let’s pop the top
on this episode huh?
Day two continues, we’ve got
three new players who are gonna
sit down, Roger Sippl’s
buying in for 10,000, Phil
Hellmuth back at the
game and Craig Stanley
will take up the seventh
seat with another 10,000.
– [Joe] Craig won his
way into this game.
Roger Sippl’s a big time
CEO out of Silicon Valley
I believe he started a
company called Aviato.
– [Chris] And he also
plays as you will find out
in the same home game in
California as Phil Hellmuth.
– What’s it like to
have 100 million?
– I don’t have 100 million.
– [E-Tay] Torelli’s no longer
the richest at the table.
– It might have been a brief
second where before taxes
I had five million, during
my peak of all peaks.
– Right okay at the
peak of all peaks
up at the summit what’s it like?
– It’s really good.
– I mean like did you expect
a different answer like?
– [Joe] You gotta
appreciate the honesty.
– One of my favorite
stories is about what
you did to your friends
when you won the,
when you, when one of your
top companies went public.
– Oh are you talking about
the year of Roger Cruz?
– Yeah.
– [Roger] Oh that was good.
– [Joe] Well don’t leave
us hanging, tell us.
– It’s, it’s really good.
– [Chris] There’s something
that Phil Hellmuth
is very good at, it is pulling
information out of people
and putting people on the
spot to say something.
– [Joe] He’s also really
good at getting run down,
he’s a 76% favorite here,
make that 91% favorite.
It’s a story of a
girl named Brady,
who is raising too soon
but not so good cards,
one of them was the
same as her opponent,
both of them in hearts.
– [Chris] Alright she picks
up a little help on the turn.
– [Joe] You know I was just
joking before about Phil getting
run down but it is looking
significantly more likely.
– [Chris] Well Ester-Taylor
Brady was bluffing with the
first bet, now it’s a semi
bluff, a bet here on the turn.
(commentators laughing)
Oh no.
– [Joe] I say I get no enjoyment
out of watching Phil get
run down, but I just laugh so
I’m not sure what that means.
– [Chris] And you
were the one who said
he gets run down a lot, at
the very beginning of this.
– [Joe] Oh he hates
poker some nights.
– [Chris] So which
is it buddy boy?
– [Joe] He just does.
– I’m going to be
so disappointed if
he had like jack ten
of hearts and was just stone
cold dead the whole hand
(laughs) oh my God.
– [Joe] You’re not
far off buddy boy.
– What a joke.
– [Chris] Really tough spot
for Phil because I know
she’s totally capable of doing
this without absolute air.
Phil’s totally capable
of making good lay downs.
– I have the big pair.
– [Chris] Nice fold.
– You could show me a
bluff E-Tay I don’t mind.
Yeah and,
– Four of hearts.
– Four of diamonds?
– She probably had ace
four of hearts, I had jacks
and I was going to let her
bluff off all our money.
She might of even
had seven four.
Come on it’s so unfair.
Right I’m just going
to try to bluff Phil
even though he’s
stacked cold 1,600.
Good play I give her credit
but you needed a
miracle river card.
– No I know, I know.
– [Phil] You really
needed a seven or a heart.
– [E-Tay] I’m agreeing with
you on all, all accounts.
– [Joe] Miracle turn and river.
– [Phil] That sucks
for me, I got somebody,
then I trapped somebody and
they tried to give it all to me.
– You did trap me to be honest.
– Of course I trapped
you, it’s not hard,
every time you raise
you’re gonna have a pair.
– If you bust Phil are you going
to text like your
whole home game?
I would expect that.
Like send out like a–
– [Alec] Take a picture
– Oh there’s already
an email chain going.
– Oh okay.
– [Alec] The group chat.
– [Phil] It was so tilted
I should’ve called it,
she has to have a–
– [Chris] Nice
flop Brandon Cantu.
– [Phil] Or nothing, I should’ve
called her, she either,
she’s not betting a king, not.
– [Chris] Simple pairs
his three and bets 400.
– [Joe] Sippl may be
the one guy at the table
I would not feel bad about
stacking, he can afford it.
– [Phil] Is he,
is he your friend?
– [Joe] He’s been on the
board of over 12 corporations.
– [Phil] You know I just
lost a big pot right,
I just got bluffed
for all the money.
– [Chris] Easy Phil, easy.
– Against the one person I
knew would bluff it off of me.
– [Joe] What’s
happening over there?
– [Chris] Phil’s like
a Phil in a china shop.
– [Alec] I think he just did,
he only pulled in two jacks
and made up a story
about it I don’t know.
– Good luck man, good luck.
(bleep) man I
should’ve had that,
should’ve picked that off.
– [Joe] Sippl with
just 8% equity.
And it looks like–
E-Tay’s going to call thin.
– [Phil] Do just a three
barrel bluff, I knew it.
– No can’t do it, not
against you maybe,
but he definitely would.
– Nobody three barrel
bluffs anymore.
– What?
– It’s a lost art.
– Stop.
– And when’s the last time
you saw it on the show?
– [Joe] Oh man how in the world,
you get 3% equity on the
flop, 8% equity on the turn.
– Which is why I should’ve
finished the job with ya.
– [Chris] Slamming
home on the river.
– You gave me the money and I,
– I did.
– refused it.
– [Craig] She’s that good.
– [Phil] And you might
give it to me again.
– But now you’ve,
now you told me
that you’re going to
trap me, so maybe not.
– That doesn’t matter.
Once you get away, bluffs
are like potato chips,
once you get away with one,
it tastes so good you
want another and another.
– I don’t like potato chips.
– Doesn’t matter,
what’s your favorite food?
– Cheetos.
– Cheetos, so bluffs
are like Cheetos.
Almost everybody that bluffs
me I end up beating busting,
– I believe it, I believe that.
– my whole life
it’s a weird thing.
Cause I’m going
to trap them again
and they’re going to
bluff again, that’s all.
– I got a straight.
– I got a full house.
– [Joe] Yep.
– You and I are
playing so good Cantu
how does that (bleep) happen?
– [Chris] Oh man.
Nice trap.
– Let’s see if Phil
can make like Elsa
and let it go, after the break.
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Welcome back to Poker
Night in America
with Joe Stapleton
I’m Chris Hanson.
Blinds are 25 and 50 with
an optional $100 straddle.
– [Joe] And Roger Sippl has
decided to exercise that option,
he’s putting in 100
blind, he’ll be last
to act before the flop.
Himmelbrand raises with sixes.
– [Phil] What was
the flop last time?
– Oh, we missed
three already so.
– [Phil] Okay.
– So I don’t even know, but.
– That’s a good point, I
agree with you this hand.
– Yeah, if it was the
first one we should
probably go back but
given that we missed.
– Agreed, well thought
out, yeah I like it.
– [Chris] And Brady
re-raises with aces.
– 1,000.
– [Chris] Action on Cantu.
– [Joe] Hard to believe
this guys a dad now.
– [Chris] We’re all
getting older Stapes.
– [Joe] Oh, speak for yourself.
I think you pretty much always
have to call with a pair
when stacks are deep enough,
too much implied odds.
And implied odds, that’s
the money you stand
to win when you flop a six.
A set of sixes against
a pair of aces can
sometimes get you
the entire stack.
– [Chris] Himmelbrand calls
and here’s the flop, oh, oh my.
– [Joe] Okay so of course
there’s also this thing called
reverse implied odds and that’s
the money you stand to lose
when you flop a set and someone
else flops a bigger set.
– [Chris] I like to
call it, screwed.
– [Joe] Yeah.
– [Chris] You can call
it whatever you want,
but you just got screwed.
– [Joe] I don’t know if
a raise is mandatory here
with a set of sixes,
it’s kind of a dry board,
and your opponent can only
continue if they have an ace.
Or two or three aces.
– 1850.
– [Chris] 1,100 for
Taylor-Brady to call.
– [Joe] And I think E-Tay
may also just flat here
and I was wrong before,
there aren’t a lot
of value hands Greg
could be raising with.
And if he’s bluffing a raise
here would send him heading
for the hills faster
than Audrina Patridge.
So she does flat,
before it gets
shradyer on the turn.
– Call it, call it.
– [Dealer] Very well then,
and a call.
– [Joe] Oh no.
– Hope it’s ace
king and not aces.
– [Chris] It’s aces.
(talking over each other)
– That’s cold.
– Oh my God.
– [Joe] Greg Himmelbrand
more like Greg Himmelstacked.
– [Chris] Oof.
– [Joe] Greg felted brand.
– Another 17.
– Thank you.
– What’s crazy about that hand
is, if I literally had like
$500 less in my stack I wouldn’t
have peeled the three bet.
I had like just the minimum
amount that I needed,
and she hadn’t really been three
betting very much so I gave
her a very strong range when
she did so I figured the times
that I did flop a set I was
gonna get paid almost 100% of
the time, and it came ace high
with both of our sets so at
this point I can play a very
small pot in case she has aces
or just hope she has ace king
and get the money in, so I
decided on the latter and when
she snapped me on the turn I
wasn’t really super happy, I
said I hope this is ace king
and not aces, and it
wasn’t it was aces.
– Pulled it out, yeah like–
– Yeah I should’ve
played it slower.
– Definitely.
– I was doing better when I
was trash talking you, Alec.
I think I’m going to go back
to that, telling him how–
– [Alec] When he was being an
orangutan he was doing better.
– Yeah like, I’m going
back to being an orangutan.
– [Joe] Stanely’s
raised the queen jack.
– [Chris] Sippl’s in.
Starting right now I’m just
letting everybody know.
– Okay good, kick it up.
– Not against you though,
everybody else, everybody else.
– [Roger] You’ve already shown–
– [Brandon] By the way I
can suck out, I mean, Alec,
Alec will tell
you a story there.
– Do you think those,
you’re the only one
I don’t need more of.
– Yeah we’ve had some good ones,
that was a massive pot too.
It was like, this is a good one.
– [Roger] The suck outs
have been against you
here are small compared to the–
– Yeah, it was so brilliant,
it was against J.R.B.
too, it was so priceless.
– [Joe] Very good
flop for Stanely.
– [Chris] There are
a couple of options
for him to get a Phil
Hellmuth style rundown.
– Who dissin’ when the pot
has got a what, maybe 400.
– [Joe] Yeah somehow
Taylor-Brady is the favorite
even though she’s
behind for now.
I like this big
bet too, he’s going
to get action with the
best hand so why not?
– [Chris] And the
player they call E-Tay,
calls with all of her drawings.
– Like live against
like the online wizards.
– [Joe] Does she
know my name is Simon
and I like to make drawings.
– [Chris] Misses on the turn.
– They play a different
style for sure.
I’m not saying–
– Of course you do because,
you know exactly what
they’re gonna do.
– Yeah they have such
a like, funnel style
– Narrow minded yeah.
– [Joe] Three calls there
but no one’s got a club.
– [Alec] Just cause they play
like everybody else, you know.
– Yep I agree.
Categorizes them very–
– That’s why I said they don’t
do well when they go live,
cause it’s like, you know they
have the fundamentals right,
but they’re so–
– There’s just like a transition
phase I guess because it–
– Mmmhmm so ABC in a
way, in a weird way,
even though it’s solid
it’s still like the same–
– [Joe] Looks like Roger’s
going to bet at this now.
– [Dealer] 1,000.
– What’s your hand range when
I, like what’s bottom line
hand range when I open or
cut off when you drink wine?
– Why are you asking?
– Because I love to hear
your responses. (laughs)
– [Joe] I guarantee you
Alec does not answer him.
– There’s a well thought
out answer, that’s why–
– Yeah that’s true
if I give you one.
– [Brandon] I know.
– My well thought out answer
is that yours changes,
– [Joe] Conversation over.
– depending on your mood.
– Really, really, I’m
surprised to hear that.
– [Joe] Alright Craig,
you’ve got the best hand,
what’s the planely Stanley?
– [Chris] All in,
nope guess not.
– [Joe] I think he
meant to go all in,
it looked kinda like
a stringy all in.
– [Chris] Now it’s 2,200.
– I like discussion where they,
– Yeah that’s what I mean.
– yeah yeah yeah like.
– [Alec] It’s just like
pretty straightforward.
– [Greg] And E-Tay thought our
hand was exciting but, not–
– [Joe] Nice hand I’d like
to bet, I think Roger is more
likely to call the bet on
the end than he was to bet
with his own hand so
well done Stanley.
Coming up next some
tense words exchanged
between Brandon Cantu
and Alec Torelli.
– More Poker Night in
America straight ahead.
– I never seen the slow roll
coming but he’s like
“You’re good.”
It is what it is man.
Go on, hey and we’ll play
you know, we’ll keep going.
Welcome back to Poker
Night in America,
we’ve got two hands to
go for the day, and both
of them involve Cantu and
Torelli, take it away boys.
– I mean you know
Alec he’s looking,
he makes all these
weird three bets.
– [Brandon] No I
know, he’s playing–
– [Joe] Yeah like all
your weird three bets.
– [Phil] Half the
time with nothing.
– He plays the internet
era you know like.
And it’s funny when like–
– [Phil] You know it and
I know it and we just,
I didn’t have a
choice I had sixes.
– He catches the most basic
tell, and he’ll try to
go with it, thinking that
we don’t know of the tell
and we’re not going to the next
level you know what I mean?
It’s just, it’s very basic–
– [Phil] Yeah but that’s why–
It’s why you can’t, you
can’t, they don’t know
how good we are, they
don’t understand.
– It’s why the internet
players like all get just,
they all just get crushed.
– That’s why we’re
deep every tournament.
– [Joe] These two need to be
in a buddy cop movie together.
– Come on Alec, I’m
already too late.
– I mean all you had to do was
make it 12,000 no big deal.
– I know, if you don’t think
I considered that by the way.
– I think you considered it.
– I swear on my
mother I considered that.
– [Phil] I think, I think
2,000’s considered though.
I mean considering and
doing it are different
things though I consider a
lot of things am I right?
– Yeah you’re right
I wouldn’t do that.
(Joe whooping)
– [Chris] Wow, did you
see that look? (laughs)
– [Phil] He could easily–
– [Joe] Cantu.
– 600.
– [Joe] Alec flops trips,
Cantu raises his flush draw.
So in the Hellmuth
Cantu buddy cop comedy,
I guess Alec Torelli
is the villain.
– [Chris] Yeah good
looking, smart.
– [Joe] I’m taking
you down Torelli.
– [Chris] Well
dressed, yeah he’d make
a good villain in that movie.
I see him stealing part.
– [Joe] Dogs playing poker.
So it goes bet call on the turn.
Cantu dead to a
heart which he binks.
Hey Mr. Meeseeks I want
you to help me be able
to suck out better on the river.
Nobody, Rick and
Morty, alright fine.
– [Chris] No lost me.
– [Joe] I mean how many people
just auto call with trips there?
I can see the hands
and I almost called.
– [Chris] As Phil Hellmuth said
they underestimate
how good we are.
– Back to hell I was
going to unload the clip.
– [Chris] And that
just shows you how good
a player like Alec Torelli is.
– Yeah but this year I’m up
a couple hundred dimes so.
– Okay.
– I can’t always play
great and lose you know.
– [Joe] A couple hundred dimes,
what is that four,
five, dollars?
No sorry, bad math,
40, 50 dollars.
– [Chris] Yeah.
It’s not much.
– [Joe] Who plays for dimes
any more that’s crazy,
I thought these Silicon
Valley guys had money.
– Between the hand you and
I played, I would’ve move on
on the turn against my
friends in Palo Alto
and they would’ve called
and hit the heart.
And then I would’ve–
– Yeah I couldn’t have called.
– [Roger] And you
would’ve ramped it.
– [Phil] And then I
would’ve ramped it,
– [Roger] We would’ve
seen it yeah.
– [Phil] They would’ve
got there cameras out.
They would’ve.
– Do they film you, your rants?
– Oh yeah, he said
he has 10 of them.
– Did you just hear
that he said he
has like five
videos of him, yeah.
– Oh I didn’t hear that.
– Yeah.
– Yeah.
How did I lose the other day?
Someone raised with ace five
of clubs, I did a monster
re-raise with aces and
it came deux three four.
– [Joe] Three ways to this flop,
Cantu the original raiser.
Action flop.
Torelli flops trips Cantu and
Hellmuth both flop a pair.
Pairs very likely to be
good most of the time.
– 1,000.
– [Joe] Brandon, Cantu,
what’re you doing buddy?
I mean I’m sure it’s fine I
can just see the whole cards.
I think you can get
action from worse 10’s,
when you make this
raise here it’s just
unfortunate Alec
Torelli has got a jack.
And I think,
yeah I think that two calls
here is often not gonna happen.
Phil is pretty intent
on calling with that 10
and then when Torelli
calls in front
of him he knows his
10 can’t be any good.
It’s very unlikely
to be good at least.
– [Chris] Three on the turn.
And now Cantu slows down.
– [Joe] If Cantu bets
here I don’t expect it
to be very big, almost
2,800 in the middle.
And Cantu does not bet.
The only problem
with not betting here
is now Alec gets
to set the price.
– [Chris] And that
price is 2,000.
– [Joe] It’s over 2/3rds pot,
and this is just why it sucks
to play out of position.
Alec gets to see
what Brandon did
and make the move himself.
Could be a bluff.
We know it’s not.
Fire fire fire.
– [Phil] Yeah she
had heart heart.
– [Joe] Good fold Brandon.
– [Chris] Saved himself
money because there was
obviously no way Torelli
was going anywhere,
he was probably going to raise,
and the Brandon would’ve
had to fold anyway.
– I had a lot bigger
than eights Alec,
it might’ve been a bad fold.
– Yeah, I didn’t think
you had two eights.
– What’s that?
– I didn’t think
you had two eights.
– Ah I was just, I was just
sniffing some stuff out.
– Eights don’t make much sense.
– It would be a very weird
play if I had eights.
– Yeah it’d be weird.
– Because we can’t
judge their play solely
on height we’re going
to have to use chips.
We’ll find out who’s
winning when we return.
– Before he said, he must have
had at least a five or six.
He was already having fun.
– Ah it’s all good, but I never
seen the slow roll coming
but he’s like, you’re good.
And then he rolls over middle
set, I got 2’s, he’s got 7’s and
I think there was a king after,
queen whatever it was.
I lose.
It is what it is man.
Hey and we play tomorrow.
We keep going.
Closed captioning
is brought to you
as public service by
Poker Night in America.
– Alright that’s
it for this week
let’s check out
the final tallies.
– [Chris] We be done with
day two of Choctaw and here
are the people with the red
downy marks, not optimal.
– [Joe] Sad clown.
– [Chris] And here
are the people
with the green uppy
charts, very optimal.
– [Joe] Where the hell was
Daphne Turner this episode,
what’d she hit and run?
– You know it’s not that often
that you see Alec Torelli
in the loser bracket, let
alone the bottom of it.
– Nope but I’m sure Phil
is happy for the company.
Next time we are back to
Choctaw for the final day
with a host of locals
looking to take their shots.
Will they do as well as Daphne,
I don’t know, that’s why
you watch you dingus.
– Check it out.
For more from Poker Night in
America visit
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information, full episodes
and unedited live streams.
For Joe Stapleton
I’m Chris Hanson,
see you next time on
Poker Night in America.
– These guys love
to play against me,
let’s be honest they
love to call raises
with hands they shouldn’t
and then crack me
and hear me go speechy,
he has like, if I–
– You might have had that
like once or twice tonight.
– If I gave him
permission, he has 10,
he told me he has 10 videos
of me ranting at our game.
When I start ranting I like,
you know see me on the show,
I become kind of
oblivious to my ranting
and I’m like how
could they do that?

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  1. Torelli is so good i've seen him make the toughest folds make easy. Phil and Brandon think they are better but Alec is on a different level

  2. 15:50
    Cantu is such a donk. He doesn't even know it. He check raises the flop and has no plan for the turn after getting called. Seems kind of ridiculous. He was lucky to get chips off of Alec earlier in this session. Alec got his money back + 5K after it was all said and done

  3. I don't agree w/majority opinion re:Torelli folds. For the same reason that Cantu reliably folded his pair of 10's to trip Jacks, they knew each other's flow on 3rd, or so, level thinking. Besides, it doesn't take a hardened pro to realize that a heart on the river was the worst possible outcome coming up against Torelli's trip Aces. Cantu's check calling 900 on turn meant he was buying the river. And, Torrelli knew it when Cantu bet 2200(li'l too much,imo) on the river. No waay Cantu could be floating to the river & just bomb it for 2/3rd's pot.Torelli deserves credit, though, for being focused & paying attention.

  4. I am almost 100% convinced that Phil Helmuth is 100% convinced that he is the only player in poker history to get sucked out on/drawn out on when he is ahead pre-flop or after the flop.
    Like these high stakes players don’t all have 10’s of thousands of combined hours playing, and haven’t seen a million suck outs before, where the hand that was behind after the flop got there and beat the hand that was ahead.
    Then they have to hear Phil whining about it for an hour.

  5. Lol Cantu looks like the guy that always has a plan but instead is always asking for handouts. Phil must bring him along to big games just to steam people.

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