Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 27 | Our 100th Episode!

Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 27 | Our 100th Episode!

– From Seminole Hard Rock
in Hollywood, Florida,
this is Poker Night in America.
(casino band music)
– Hello and welcome to
Poker Night in America.
I’m Chris Hanson,
by my side’s Joe Stapleton,
and we’re back in
Seminole Hard Rock.
It’s day three,
of a series that we started
earlier in the season.
– I’ve been waiting
here for months.
– You know if you’ve been
here that long Stapes,
you’d think your beard
would of been a lot bigger.
– I only ran out of
razors six hours ago.
– Picking back up in Florida,
Phil Hellmuth is running late.
– Are you sure we haven’t
done this one already?
– Yep.
Well I see that Phil Laak is
buying in for 25 thousand
normally it’s 20 thousand
max buy in but
I guess he feels like breaking
the law today.
– What happened?
– [Seidman] I had
two kidney stones.
– [Chris] Blinds
today are 25 and 50,
with and extra $200
on the big blind.
There’s also the optional
straddle which could be in play.
– [Joe] That is gonna
lead to some big pots.
You know one of my
favorite bars in the world,
is here at the
Seminole Hard Rock.
– [Chris] Which one is that?
– [Joe] It’s called
Seminole Fluids.
– [Newman] Are you
still holding on it (mumbles)?
– No I’m fine, I’m fine now,
it went away, but you know,
I gotta pass them at some time.
– [Laak] I’m glad
there are no complications.
– [Newman] If you’rein the
middle of a hand and you have
to pass them, what do you do?
– I’m gonna get up, and
you’ll see me scream in pain.
– [Chris] Not even
60 seconds in,
and somebody’s
already complaining
about having kidney stones.
This is gonna be fun.
– [Joe] Let he who
is without sin,
cast the first kidney stone.
(group chatter)
– [Chris] Matt
Seidman makes it 150.
– [Joe] Nice spot to
pick up ace, queen,
suited in the small blind.
– [Chris] How about kings
in the big blind?
– [Joe] Nicer spot
to pick up kings.
Hello, Newman.
No way O’Hara gets away
from this pre-flop.
– [Seidman] About three
weeks ago, I was.
– [Joe] He’s gonna think
Newman is thinking he’s just
making a move against
a late position raiser,
plus ace, queen, suited is
just too strong to fold.
– [Seidman] I think
sometimes you have like
three or four.
– [Gross] Oh really?
– [Seidman] So
yeah, they wanted me to
carry around a strainer,
and go to the bathroom
through a strainer
to catch the things.
– [Joe] Remind me
to never eat pasta
at Matt Seidman’s house.
(group chatter)
– [Chris] O’Hara raises to 9,725
enough to put Newman all in.
– [Joe] And it’s
domination urination,
ace, queen versus kings.
(group chatter)
– I have Diamonds.
– [Gross] You got
what, ace, queen, diamonds?
– [Joe] Ouch.
Newman did not want
to hit that set.
(group chatter)
Newman looking for
the board to pair,
or to make his flush.
– That’s a good board.
You wasted a set, I
didn’t waste an ace.
– [Joe] They’re running
at twice first
of two boards goes to O’Hara.
– [O’Hara] What a board.
– [Torelli] That’s brutal.
– [O’Hara] I thought
that was an ace.
(group chatter)
– Yeah I do.
– Oh, you do?
– Well it didn’t help last time.
– Yeah it’s gonna
help this time though.
– [Joe] Newman needs
a club this time.
Brick, brick ship it.
Newman is gonna
need a new stack.
– JG in the house,
boys and girls.
Creating the mathematical fizz,
on the edge of the water
that you’re just
traveling down now.
There it is.
That’s not a
crocodile, that’s JG
making bubbles in the side.
– [Joe] You guys, Phil’s
not actually talking to you,
he’s in another
universe right now.
– Well you’s might
win the whole pot.
Look at that.
Lucky to get two.
– Don’t give him that.
– [Chris] Mukul raises him
with king ten of clubs,
makes it 350.
– [Joe] I like that name, Mukul.
Sometimes I wear
my pants too tight,
get a nasty case of moose mukul.
– [Chris] Silverman calls.
– [Joe] And Jeff Gross can
be in for a slight discount
if he wants.
– [Laak] JG of
court, (mumbles),
it’s three way.
– [Chris] So Gross is gonna take
Jack’s seven of
hearts for a walk.
Three players to flop.
– [Joe] Gross has paired
his seven.
Pahuja and Silverman,
both have a top pair.
Looks like they
may chop this pot.
(chopping cards)
And if that is the sound of
kidney stones being passed,
I think I’m gonna puke.
Jeff’s flop, just well enough
for this to cost him a bit more.
– [Chris] David bets 700.
Now Gross is raising to 1800.
– [Joe] He’s kinda turning
his hand into a bluff already.
And if you’re Mukul,
I don’t think you can fold
top pair in this spot,
when it’s pretty easy for
the raiser to be bluffing
or semi bluffing.
– [Chris] He will call.
– [Joe] And when it
goes bet, raise, call,
Silverman could maybe
think about folding this.
– [Chris] What would
Phil Laak do here.
– [Joe] Hard for king
ten to be the best hand,
with the action going this way.
– Just the grilled salmon,
with white rice and asparagus.
– [Joe] Grilled salmon, with
white rice and asparagus.
And to think we almost
went an entire hand,
without somebody making
us think of urine.
– Jeffrey Dale Gross.
– [Joe] Jeffrey Dale Gross.
These two are old friends.
Getting bluffed is annoying,
but getting bluffed by a
friend is super annoying,
it’s annoying on fleek.
– [Chris] Silverman
can’t help himself.
So all three players will
see the turn together.
Turn is at eight.
– [Torelli]
House of cards (laughs).
Watch an hour of Twitch a day.
– [Laak] I wanna see.
– [Torelli] Yeah I
don’t blame you, it’s fun.
– [Joe] I like Twitch,
but I thought season
two was a little slow.
Looks like it is up to
Jeff to continue this ruse.
The board didn’t get
much worse for king ten.
I would think this bet is
definitely not
gonna get it done.
Specially since you
have to fold out
two guys with top pair.
Get in there Phil Laak.
No crumb left behind.
– [Laak] We’re
making it happen.
– [Joe] Still not talking to us.
So last to act is supposed to
be the easiest spot to play,
but in this case,
Silverman is in a
tough spot again.
And he gets out of the way.
You can’t really blame him,
he is gonna be pretty peeved
if this gets the
showdown though.
Over 12K in the pot.
– [Chris] Gross
has been betting,
on every street.
Let’s see if he does it again.
– [Joe] And this is
a pretty bad run out,
for trying to get
a king to fold.
It is gonna take a hail mary,
and he could very well have
the ball batted down anyway.
Does that work?
I’m not really a sports guy.
– [Chris] You’re
pretty close, yeah.
– [Joe] Yeah?
If he doesn’t take
the hail mary,
he can just take his
knee, take a knee.
– [Chris] Now you’re
getting further away.
– [Joe] I mean it’s like we’re
at third and 11 in this game.
Can he make the three point
conversion for a homer?
– [Chris] Gross has the look
that he’s going to
be checking here.
– [Joe] Yes he does.
– [Joe] So sorry David
Silverman, you folded a chop.
Slam dunk.
– [Chris] There is more
Poker Night in America.
Don’t go anywhere.
For more from Poker Night,
or find us on Twitch,
Facebook, Twitter or YouTube,
where you can see
complete episodes
and unedited live streams.
– Welcome back to Poker
Night in America.
It’s Chris Hanson
and Joe Stapleton,
and oh look at this,
His Royal Highness Phil
Hellmuth Junior has joined us.
– [Joe] When you say,
His Royal Highness,
are you saying that
sarcastically, or for real?
– [Chris] Just sarcasm.
– [Joe] Unreal.
What! This is an.
You never give him the
respect he deserves.
Just unbelievable.
I can’t.
Really Hanson?
(group chatter)
– [Chris] And who’s the actor
that I’m trying to think of,
that Jeff Gross looks like?
– [Joe] His name’s Bill
something or other,
I can’t remember
his last name ever.
Great character actor.
Always plays like a
crooked politician,
or like a bag man,
or a CIA spook.
Man, these pocket
kings are going around
like the sniffles
in kinnygarden.
– [Laak] I
like playing hands
with Matthew Seidman.
– [Seidman] I know you do, Phil.
– [Hellmuth] Me too.
– Probably more than I should.
It’s probably to my
mathematic detriment.
– [Hellmuth] He beat
me, I called him down
with bottom pair or some
crazy thing.
– [Seidman] Appreciate the
– [Laak] Hey, you’ve gotta face.
By the way Matt.
– I didn’t think you were
betting it, it’s hard to value
bet a 10 against me there,
so you have to either have
a flush or nothing.
– [Laak] Like
you have the face
of people wanna play pots
with you.
– Really, do I just
have that look?
– [Laak] You have the look.
Yeah, some people have the look
of I don’t wanna,
I can’t beat him.
I feel like I can beat you.
You know, that’s
why I get involved.
– [Chris] Phil Laak
flops the full house.
– Check.
– Check.
– [Joe] Seidman’s probably
liking this board, for now.
Billy Fichtner, that’s his name.
– [Chris] Are you sure
it’s not Sam Rockwell?
Cause that’s what I
think he looks like.
– [Joe] Well sure, if you
wanna go at somebody easy.
– So sick.
It’s unbelievable.
– [Joe] I agree,
this is so sick.
Over pair versus trips
versus full house.
– Newly engaged hitchhiker.
– [Joe] Jeff Gross is raise,
last time he did this,
he had a bigger piece of
garbage than suicide squad.
– Check me off your wedding
I’m gonna get crucified
for that lay down.
– [Chris] He decides to fold.
– [Joe] Nice fold.
Now between these two.
– [Laak] Can you pull an
800 from both players, please?
– [Joe] This is
going to be a shame.
– [Chris] Do we see a
pot that exceeds $20,000
Joe Stapleton
– [Joe] It is entirely possible.
– [Chris] Action is on Laak.
And he calls.
– [Joe] Now Phil
Laak is no slouch,
and does not put in a ton
of money when he is behind,
so I wonder if
Jeff’s spidy sense,
is already starting to
go off a little bit.
Phil would not have many jacks,
that Jeff’s actually beating.
Seven changes nothing.
– [Jeff] All in?
– [Joe] Nope, no spidy sense,
it’s probably just
some bad Thai food.
– Wow, I laid down kings.
– [Laak] You’re in a bad spot
right now.
– You have queen jack?
– Yup.
Jeff Gross is drying deader than
the plug in headphones
on the iPhone 7.
– [Chris] And we
speculated that maybe
this pot would get over 20,000,
if you took the
under, you barely win.
But still a $19,000
win, for Phil Laak.
– I think you’re right,
there’s something
like when you’ve lost a
couple of times in a row,
there’s something with just
booking a win. (laughs)
– Yeah.
– Gimme some kind
of win, you know?
– I’ve played like two
five no limit hold’em,
and booked a win.
In spots like that
before, but in Macau.
– [Chris] What are
they talking about,
when they say book a win,
what does that mean exactly?
– [Joe] I’ve never done it,
I couldn’t really tell you.
– [Chris] Me neither.
I should probably read
a book about poker wins.
– You know wins, I think
wins, we got wins.
– Yeah, it’s an energy circuit,
when you’re like.
– Feels that way.
– Yeah, when you’re
just positive.
It’s a slight nuance.
– [Joe] Look at this,
David Silverman doubling
down on his eleven.
What does he think, this
is Blackjack? (laughs)
This guy thinks it’s Blackjack.
– And you could kinda
control so much too.
You don’t have to play 12
hours, you could play six hours,
and control when you win
and lose, to a large extent.
– I’ll tell you that
queens hands hold ups,
if somehow queens
can beat a nine six.
If somehow queens can beat a
nine six, I’m winning today.
– Nine six suited, get it right.
– 14K and I’m not losing.
It’s gonna take,
you’re gonna have to.
Even aces versus kings, I
wouldn’t be looking out for.
Yeah, it was gonna
be lock down mode.
– [Laak] It’s pretty much
and you have to play it,
it’s suit and
hearts and it’s 69.
– [Chris] Are you kidding me?
Now maybe
fortunate for Newman,
he didn’t catch any of this.
– [Pahuja] So what kind
of live shows did you see?
Who did you see this past week?
– [Chris] Check the flop.
– There were two house bands.
– Ok.
– [Joe] Newman’s
got diamonds now.
– [Hellmuth] I think
they were both pretty good.
– [Joe] No good diamonds.
– [Hellmuth] They have
live bands every night,
so they had one outside.
– [Joe] You know what they say.
Live bands are rigged.
– And then they had one
at the Hard Rock cafe.
And so, tonight I’m
gonna try to watch,
as much live music as I can.
I love live music though.
– [Joe] I prefer online music.
– Remember that?
It was with your son I think.
– [Joe] Bet and a call on
the turn.
– Good jazz place.
– [Pahuja] They have
three or four different venues
here where there’s,
can be a show.
Hard Rock live.
– [Chris] Oh boy, the flush
does come in for Newman.
– [Joe] Way to let em get there,
just masterful David Silverman.
– Every Friday, they have,
I don’t know if
they repeat or not.
– [Joe] Newman thinks
he’s value betting.
– [Chris] He can’t
believe his luck
that he just went runner runner,
to make a flush.
– [Joe] He did have luck,
just the wrong kind.
– Do you play Coconut
Creek at all or no?
– Not much, it’s right
around the corner.
– [Chris] Now Silverman’s
probably gonna make it 4000?
– [Joe] I ain’t
in the prediction
business Chris Hanson,
but he is gonna raise,
that’s for sure.
– Yeah, this is the spot,
cause people come
for like vacations.
– [Chris] Ok, make it
3500 and a quick call.
– Mr Begal, you’ve
floweda the psychic (mumbles)
on the channel in the
surf on that one.
– [Chris] There’s more
Poker Night in America,
when we come back.
– There’s a theory
of gambling, called,
score sheet decision making.
– Thanks for coming back
to Poker Night in America.
I’m Chris Hanson,
and he’s Stapes.
– So glad you guys stuck around.
Unlike my Dad, let’s
get to the table.
– [Chris] Poker
Night in America,
at Seminole Hard Rock,
Hollywood, Florida.
With Joe Stapleton,
I’m Chris Hanson.
Looks like we’re gonna
get to watch the
worlds greatest Phil Hellmuth,
play a hand.
– [Joe] Pocket kings,
for the great one.
– Everyone got two cards yeah?
Four of us have two cards.
– [Joe] And a quick
straw poll says that
nearly 90% of the people
at home are calling for
hearts on this flop.
– [Chris] And they’ve got them.
– [Joe] Oh man.
Phil why always an ace in the
flop when you have kings, gawd.
– [Chris] Alec Torelli bets 600.
Phil Laak calls with his draw.
And now the Hellmuth.
He calls.
– [Joe] Phil’s ahead, but he’s
gonna have to fade hearts.
– [Chris] Well now, the
second ace is actually good
for Phil Helmuth if you ask me.
– [Joe] Yeah, not a
terrible card for kings.
Checks around.
– [Chris] Oh boy.
That’s really an
interesting river.
– [Joe] All you people at
home, wishing for hearts,
you forgot about the
biggest heart of all.
Phil Hellmuth’s.
And how does Alec not bet this?
How did Laak not?
– Sir, my name’s Phil.
What’s your name?
– Joel.
– Joel?
– I don’t think I
can shake your hand.
– Joel.
– I can’t.
– You can’t shake my hand?
– Give me a fist bump?
– I can fist bump.
– Pleasure to meet you Joel.
Did Alec bet two
yellow checkers?
– [Chris] I’m glad
that he went with
the earthly handshake
or fist bump.
You should see his
intergalactic greeting.
It’s gross.
– He bet two yellow checkers.
I have yellow checkers.
– [Joe] Ah, Phil is so good,
even though he’s
got the nut flush,
he knows it’s pretty tough
to get a raise
paid off by worse.
– [Chris] Helmuth and
his small stack is in.
– Sometimes it.
– 1050.
– Sometimes it falls
apart (laughs).
– [Hellmuth] Sometimes
it can’t be a bluff.
– Joel, can you pull in 2K
from all the players
involved in this hand?
– [Joe] And shake
my hand (laughs).
Just joshing you Joel,
but seriously shake it.
– Thanks.
– [Joe] Just couldn’t
say no to those pot odds.
– I mean.
I don’t know how
I could ever fold?
– [Hellmuth] Kings full.
– [Joe] We know,
unfortunately they are getting
like 10 to one.
– [Chris] Yeah, and there goes
the flushes down the toilet.
So Phil Helmuth
bought in for 5K.
He’s well on his way to running
that up to a nice juicy 20K.
– [Joe] Imagine where he’s
be if he’d bought in for 20.
Probably broke.
– Yeah, I would create a
plan, and then go with it.
– [Chris] O’Hara calls.
– [Torelli] But a few plans have
gone wrong today, so I mean.
– [Joe] Alec getting some
pretty juicy pot odds,
but maybe he’s thinking
a three betting.
Oh hell yeah, queen ten suited.
It’s gonna thin the
field a little bit.
– [Chris] Falling like
the leaves off a tree.
There they go.
– [Joe] It’s a beautiful
image you painted Chris.
– [Chris] You’re welcome.
They’re orange,
red, it’s beautiful.
– [Joe] Reminds me of
fall foliage tours,
I took as a child,
with my parents,
who I hate, thanks.
– [Hellmuth] That’s
why I didn’t raise his hand.
– [Chris] Hellmuth will
probably be folding.
– [Joe] Yeah ace seven yuck.
– [Chris] There it goes.
– [Joe] O’Hara’s got
to Torelli dominated,
though I would give the post
flop edge to Alec Torelli.
He’s out of position however.
– [Chris] Look at that.
Torelli out flopping O’Hara.
– [Joe] O’Hara’s got decent
equity in this hand though.
40% of the time, he will end
up the winner at showdown.
Alec giving this a good think.
I think, because this will hit
both of the rangers pretty hard.
– [Chris] 900 the
bet from Torelli.
– [Laak] It’s time
to build something,
that’s what it is.
I can feel the
build time is here.
– [Chris] O’Hara calls.
– Check.
– [Joe] Bae, come over.
Interesting check from Alec.
He must think it’s
gonna be pretty tough
to get three full streets
with a pair of tens.
I think O’Hara takes
the free card here.
– [Chris] He’s gonna make
Torelli pay to see the river.
Asking price is $1850 please.
– [Joe] A little under half pot.
You might think he can get Alec
to fold some of
his ace high hands.
– [Laak] I could of been
a seventh grade science teacher.
– [Chris] Torelli calls,
we’re going to the river.
– [Laak] I
would of appreciated.
– I think your students would
of liked you.
– [Laak] A class
like introduction
of physical science,
and have the little bleakers.
– [Hellmuth] The
students would have liked him,
but the parents would of
been a little concerned.
– [Newman] Phil
that was pretty good.
I’ll give you credit,
that was strong.
– [Chris] Does he have
one more bet in him,
to try and take down this pot?
– New students would go,
have you ever had
Laak for science?
– [Chris] Alec’s in a
perfect check call spot.
All the draws missed.
– [Laak] – The kids would
be okay under my tutelage.
– [Newman] If you
walked in the first day,
he’s wearing the ski mask,
you’d be like oh.
– [Chris] He gives up.
– [Hellmuth] With the ski mask
and spouting like
illogical statements.
– Alec shows he can
beat queen high.
Ship it to Torelli.
We’re gonna hit that little
up and down pause button
on the game for now Stapes.
– But when we get back,
we’re gonna figure out
who’s up and who’s down.
– But there’s a theory in
gambling called
score sheet decision making.
I’d be stuck 21k and I’d be very
The embarrassment when he
doesn’t have the ten of clubs
and it was a chop is not that
I lose $2,500, I’m very happy
for the man.
I’ll get him later maybe but it
would hurt so bad if I was
– Close captioning
is brought to you
as a public service,
by Poker Night in America.
– Welcome back to Poker
Night in America,
at Seminole Hard Rock.
Let’s take a look
at the chip counts.
Green is good, red is bad.
The best of the green,
is Mukul up over 11,000.
The worst of the red is Jeff
Gross, at 16,000 in the hole.
– Oh gross.
I am so happy this
episode is over.
It’s gonna give me nightmares,
thinking about waking
up with pocket kings.
– As opposed to the nightmares
you normally wake up with?
– Walked right into that one.
– Yeah, sure did.
Next episode,
fashion tips for men.
– My father, who I got the
premature grey from
doesn’t have grey hair cause
he colors it.
So when I’m around my dad
who doesn’t have grey hair
and I do
It’s kinda unnatural right?
I just said that on TV, opps.
He’s gonna be mad.
– You know poker’s enough to
give you grey hair sometimes
I tell you what.
– Would you stop.
Seriously just stop.
For more Poker Night in America,
or find us on Facebook,
Twitter, Youtube and Twitch,
for up-to-date
information, full episodes
and unedited live streams.
For Stapes, I’m Chris Hanson,
thanks for watching.
– Hey, what the (beep)
is going on here?
– Everyone’s a
genius, they’re like
psychic at this (beep) table.
They’re just like
five or six off,
I’m gonna go crazy,
at this exact moment in time,
for no reason.
– It’s called carder
four, psychic flow.
– Half the people watching
this think he’s a genius,
and then the poker players
think something else.
The poker players are SMH
right now,
they’re like shaking
my head, you know?
They’re a SMH.
What did he just do?
Let’s just have a lucky
dealer or something.

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  2. Did anybody else notice @ 7:30 when Joe Stapleton stands up, he has holes in the thigh section of his jeans. You're on tv man wtf hahaha

  3. Only Hellmuth can cooler two top flushes and still only win the minimum with the short stack

  4. Why does helmuth keep buying in for the minimum? Is he learning a short stack playstyle? Can someone ask him? Only he knows… but he may not say until he's finished his experiment, if it is an experiment.

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