Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 28 | Shades vs Goggles

Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 28 | Shades vs Goggles

– [Chris] From Seminole Hard
Rock in Hollywood Florida,
This is Poker Night in America.
(lively jazz music)
– Hello and welcome to
Poker Night in America.
I’m Chris Hanson, that’s
Joe Stapleton and Stapes,
we’re finally closing out our
trip to Seminole Hard Rock.
– Oh that reminds me, I forgot
to close out my tab
at the bar last night.
– Oh, a big tab?
– Oh I’ll say it was
Mister I’ll Have Another
Strawberry Daiquiri.
– (laughs) Coming up
on tonight’s show.
It’s a riveting story about
a man’s struggle to overcome
the genetic deficiency that
is going prematurely gray.
– How long since you
went prematurely gray.
– [Joe] Also, Phil Lock
get put in the hurt locker.
– So, this hurts so much.
– Oh, (laughs) I see
what you did there.
– Do you Chris? Do you?
– [Chris] Noah Schwartz
is going to join the fray.
He’s buying in for $10,000
and various stacks
all around him.
He’s got Laak with $41,000,
Hellmuth for $14,000.
If you’re jumping
into this game,
that’s probably, not the
spot you want to sit in.
– [Joe] Alright
Hanson, now pipe down
because there’s an
absolutely riviting story
happening right now
about hair color.
– My father, who I got the
premature gray from, like,
you know, genetically,
doesn’t have gray hair because
he colors it, so I’m around
my dad who doesn’t have
gray hair and I do and which
is kink of unnatural right?
– [Joe] I’m sure your phone
is ringing off the hook,
better answer it, hey,
it’s Hollywood on the line.
They want to turn your hair
color story into a movie.
50 Shades of Premature Gray.
– Now it’s like the first time
I saw it at all it was like–
– [Joe] I love Laak’s
goggles on the avatar.
You know he’s actually
only wearing those because
he refuses to miss new episodes
of the Vanderpump Rules?
Is it Vanderpump Rules
or The Vanderpump Rules,
I don’t know, spoilers.
– He’s going goggles,
I gotta go glasses.
– [Chris] Aces for
David Silverman.
– Goggles versus glasses, Phil.
– There’s even a
Bluetooth in them,
that’s the cool
thing about them.
– Please don’t
touch the goggles.
– [Chris] And look at
that, flops a set of sevens
but Silverman’s got
the flush option,
$275 from Laak.
– Take a backseat
sometimes, we gotta hear
the premature gray (laughs)
– [Joe] I actually
don’t hate this race.
– You put on your shades right
at the beginning of this hand
too and you made some comment
and I remember thinking
at the time I wish I
heard what he said.
– I’m with you buddy.
– I said I put on my glasses,
said oh shades versus goggles.
– Shades versus goggles (laughs)
– The goggles, they do nothing.
– Shades versus goggles,
that feels like it’s the key
to the end of the
hand, you know?
Alright, I called you Bagel.
– [Chris] Laak calls the raise.
Oh no, so Silverman gets
there with enough flush.
– [Joe] Man this
would be hilarious
if they put the straight
flush out there.
– Nine and a quarter.
– [Joe] Phil’s still betting,
I guess he must expect he’s
getting raised on the flop by
a lot of non-club over-pairs.
– Shades called.
– [Chris] And here
comes the River.
– Shades, what do you want for
that last card to come out?
– Six of Clubs.
– [Chris] No, come on, stop,
what a bunch of horse nonsense.
– I’m all in.
– [Chris] Can he actually
bluff Phil off a chop?
I love it, Shades
versus Goggles rules.
– Wow, you dirty dog.
That’s what I wanted to do, if
you checked, I would do that
so if I was sitting there
and I had a ten of Clubs,
I’m pretty sure that
I’m gonna check,
hoping that my
opponent hangs himself,
because he can’t call an
all-in because I would have
the blocker to the ten of Clubs.
– [Chris] Just
for clarification,
they both have a straight flush.
– Wow, that’s a strong
argument to call into chop,
but that’s pretty gross.
– [Joe] Silverman’s put
him into a worse spot
than when your girl asks to
look something up on your phone.
Yeah sure, go ahead
just be quick about it.
Just gonna watch what you do,
make sure you don’t
have any typos.
– Okay, what I’m about to do,
I don’t advise this at home.
There’s a theory
in gambling called
Score-sheet Decision
Making, and right now I’m up
around 3K, upstuck
seven, because I was
up ten at one point,
if I play this and
I get it wrong,
I now become legitimately stuck.
– [Chris] I like to call this,
by the way, Phil Laak-gic.
– [Joe] It’s logic
but Phil Laak style.
– I’d be stuck 21k and
I’d be very embarrassed.
The embarrassment when he
doesn’t have the ten of Clubs
and it was a chop is not
that bad, I lose $2,500
I’m very happy for the man,
I’ll get him later maybe,
but it would hurt so bad
if I was wrong, that pain,
that’s why he can do this
play, this is genius,
but I’m in such pain,
this hurts so much,
but I’m just gonna
do the painful move.
– [Joe] Makes perfect sense
to me, solid Laak-gic.
– Can you show it?
– I can maybe show
one, I’m not sure.
– Show him the red
one Vinny, come on
– I made a score-sheet decision,
in a theoretical
world, I put it in.
– [Chris] I would have showed
the Ace of Clubs, Ace ten
of Club’s way more likely a
hand he could’ve had there.
– When the River came and it
made a straight flush, my first
reaction was are you serious,
like that’s the run-out.
And then I quickly went into
thinking what does Phil think?
– I thought that he had it.
I thought he had like maybe
Queen ten of Clubs or Ace ten,
I don’t know, it
was a weird hand.
– In that spot he’s probably
not gonna wanna call $20,000 to
chop and I was happy to
hear him give the whole
analysis on why
he should fold and
I was happy to take
down the $2,400.
– I actually don’t
feel bad about folding
even though my live read said
just call cause he’s just
trying to steal but
then I didn’t do it.
Sometimes you don’t do
what’s right, you know.
– [Chris] Action
on Alec Torelli.
– [Joe] Raising with
five four suited,
he knows he’s likely to
get some salad folds.
– [Chris] Seriously,
we’re poker players here,
what’s with the salad?
– [Joe] Phil Laak’s doing it
right, he ordered a salad,
but in his goggles,
he’s eating a steak.
– [Chris] And we’re
watching Jeff Gross chew.
Who isn’t having
a good time, yet?
– [Joe] I don’t know probably
everyone who’s eating a salad.
– [Chris] Now we’re
up to a thousand
from Ian O’Hara
and his Ace king.
– [Joe] I do not know
much about his game
but I know we’ve seen him
play exactly two hands.
– When someone gets away with
like, bad playing against me
repeatedly, I just
get so tilted.
– [Joe] Oh boy, this could be
the worst thing that happened
to Ian O’Hara
since that mustache
he was sporting a
while back, yeesh.
– [Chris] There’s the bet and
there’s the call from Torelli.
– [Joe] I think he just calls
there pretty much always.
Alec is never supposed
to have a five here
and since Ian doesn’t have
a diamond, he may slow down.
– It’s a big charity event
down here, get some of the heat
players and get a
big event down here.
– [Chris] And I do not expect
Alec to give a free river,
not with those
diamonds out there.
$2,500, the bet from Torelli.
– [Joe] Unfortunately for Ian,
there are lots of worse hands
that Torelli would bet there.
– We’re all aware of that.
– [Joe] I watched a Golden
State Warriors game with
Phil once, he knew all the
player’s names and everything.
– All in.
– [Joe] Alec keeps on the fire
and this time he
empties the clip.
Puts O’Hara in a nasty spot,
he cannot be feeling
good right now.
– [Chris] O’Hara calls him off
and Torelli winning
a monster pot.
– [Joe] Brutal.
– So sick (mumbles)
just so sick.
– Alright kids, we
gotta take a quick break
but we will be right
back, stick around.
– [Chris] For more from Poker
Night, visit
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Twitter, or YouTube where
you can see complete episodes
and unedited live-streams.
Welcome back to Poker
Night in America,
let’s head back to the table.
– [Joe] O’Hara looking to
gamble up after that big loss,
he is straddling this hand.
– I was waiting for you.
– Oh I was, I’m getting
a refill right now.
– I got a Crown and
ginger right there.
– I’ll take a Crown
and Coke please.
– [Chris] Alec Torelli going
right back at Ian O’Hara,
raising the straddle.
– [Joe] Silverman calls
with suited connectors.
– [Chris] Gross is
looking at ace jack
– [Joe] Ace jack, so
much action behind you,
so much action still to
happen in front of you.
Jeffery’s got a squeeze box
and Alec doesn’t sleep at all.
– [Chris] For this big of a
raise, I think nine eight should
probably be a fold but this
is a cash game and these guys
are old pals so go for it.
– This is like two brothers
fighting, you know.
This is the best man, this
is buddies for life, but they
have to fight cause they’re
playing cards, so you at home
it’s like racquetball, you
have to fight when you’re out
there on the court
if it’s your friend.
– [Joe] (laughs) Thanks Phil.
– [Chris] Wow, couldn’t
have said it better myself.
And by the way, that is the
first poker slash racquetball
reference made in the
history of televised poker.
– [Joe] We could win
a Pokery for that,
is there such a thing
as a Pokery? No? Okay.
Betting a call on that flop.
Silverman ahead, I
think that flop’s
going to his Silverman’s
range quite a bit.
– [Laak] Does it hurt
to know that, like,
one of the both of you
boys is taking a hit?
– [Chris] And a
deuce on the turn.
– It hurts me more that
I’m not in the pot.
– [Joe] That’s the second
flush draw out there.
Does Gross fire again after
getting stationed on the flop?
– [Chris] $2,200 is the bet.
Don’t think Silverman’s folding.
– [Joe] It’s just a tough
spot for him because
he knows he’s likely to face
another bet on the river.
And that bet is likely to
be exponentially bigger.
Especially if it’s a bluff.
Gets bluffed by Gross, but
you can’t really blame him.
– Do you guys play hard against
each other in home games?
– Very, especially Dave and I.
– Yeah, there’s always people
within the home game that
play harder, it’s fun though
because nobody can get hurt.
No, you could get
hurt but it depends.
– People in our games got hurt.
– It always starts off
when no one can get hurt
and then it gets
to a point where…
– [Chris] I actually
played in a home game once
where a bug zapper was bet,
somebody bet a bug zapper.
Somebody had just been to
the home improvement store
and bought a bug zapper that
day, still had it with the
receipt in his car, didn’t
have enough money to cover
the bet, and put a bug zapper
into the middle of the table.
– [Joe] Sounds like
a really sick game.
– Cause you could have had
a ace king but you know…
– [Chris] Sad thing
is, he won and took
the bug zapper back and no one
had to return it to cash in.
Should’ve been a tell, if
someone is confident enough
to put in a new bug zapper,
they’ve probably got the nuts.
– [Joe] You know, that’s where
the term the nuts comes from,
someone was so confident in
their hand that they would
bet the nuts from their wagon.
So now we’ll have to call
the nuts the bug zapper.
I mean who would be crazy
enough to bet a bug zapper
without it being on the nuts?
Aces for Torelli, sevens
for Silverman, he flops
a set up and down for Newman,
Jeff Gross, eight high.
Torelli was the
pre-flop aggressor,
he continues here
with his over pair.
– [Chris] Alright Stapleton,
does this pot go over $20,000?
– [Joe] I’ll have to check
out the turn, $20,000 maybe.
Does it get to bug zapper
status? I’m not sure.
– [Chris] We’re at $4,300
now as the bet was $900
and got a couple of callers.
Let’s go to the
turn, what the deuce.
– [Joe] I think Torelli really
could go for three streets
if this board doesn’t
get much worse.
He’s very unlikely to
be behind right now.
Here comes $2,200.
Of course we know he is behind
to Silverman’s set of sevens.
– [Chris] And if you
are Silverman, there is
exactly nothing on this board
that scares you right now.
Not try to eliminate a
player, you’ll even keep
a player with a weak
draw in to see the river.
– [Joe] And Stewart Newman,
or as I like to call him,
Stew New, he’s still
drawn to the nut
so he should be going nowhere.
– [Chris] Just a call. Well,
we’re over halfway there,
we’re approaching $11,000
in the pot now as all three
players want to see that river.
And it is a nine and the ship
has come in for Stew New.
Can I call him Stew New or is
that just a you and him thing?
– [Joe] That’s my
gift to the world.
– [Chris] Thank you,
and he’s first to act.
– [Joe] Now he’s going to lead
out at this, very interesting
that’s $3,300 into a
pot of just over 10K
I’d be pretty surprised to
see Alec Torelli pay this off.
– [Chris] Do you think both
of them are going to fold?
– [Joe] I think a set of
sevens has to call once Torelli
folds, but he hasn’t acted
yet, let’s see what he does.
– [Chris] Torelli folds
and yeah, I agree with you,
Silverman has to
pay him off here.
– [Joe] I think Newman could
bet this with King Jack
or King nine, Rivered again.
– I knew I raised a turn.
– [Chris] And he didn’t get
the 20k, if he took the under,
you win tonight, $17,000,
no you don’t win that,
that’s going to Stew New.
– [Joe] You win
what my dad likes
to call the special no prize.
– I should’ve just check
folded the turn, so stupid.
– I wanted to Jam the turn,
but I didn’t have enough money.
– [Mike] Oh it’s tasty,
not gonna lie to ya.
Pepperoni, a fine
marinara sauce,
tasty crust.
– [Chris] Poker Night in
America at Seminole Hardrock
in Hollywood, Florida this week.
– [Joe] Straddle is on,
Ian O’Hara, in for a hundo.
– [Chris] Now we’ve raised
it to 300 with ace nine.
– [Joe] Hellmuth loves the ace
nine, I don’t fax with that.
– Now we’re even JG.
– [Chris] Oh come
on in, Silverman.
Looks like PBF is in.
– [Joe] Come on, all the
cool kids are doing it.
You know, O’Hara’s going
to need to have two blanks.
Wow, he folds the King four
despite getting
ridiculous pot odds.
He would’ve flopped top pair
and it would’ve been the
best hand, womp womp.
– [Chris] Torelli’s got the
best hand here with Ace Jack,
he made a pair of
Jacks on the flop,
both Silverman and Seidman
paired their seven.
– [Joe] Checks around.
– That’s the only way for
me to win that pot, all in.
– [Joe] Deuce on the turn.
– Who was the guy that used
to bet quack quack all the time?
– Paul Megrell?
I have not seen Pual
Megrell in a long time.
– [Chris] I haven’t thought of
that name in almost a decade.
– [Joe] For some inexplicable
reason, Phil Hellmuth has
bet here thinking he can get
four folds, not very likely.
And what would Hellmuth bet
now that he wouldn’t continue
with on the flop, Torelli calls,
I don’t think Silverman can
stick around with
third pair, nope.
Conversely, wow, Jeff
Gross folds the flush draw.
People actually
fold flush draws?
– [Chris] Not when I play.
Another Jack on the
River for Torelli.
– [Joe] Hellmuth wisely
waves the white flag.
– [Chris] That’s really
messed up, I was going
to say the exact same thing.
– [Joe] Really?
– [Chris] Like I was
about to just say that.
– [Joe] I would say
that we share a brain
but that would mean that
we both have half a brain,
actually that’s
probably generous.
– I’m gonna get a speech
after this hand for sure.
– [Chris] Hellmuth calls.
– [Joe] Wow, Phil
puts on the cape
and immediately falls
flat on his face.
– Thought I got lucky
on you on the end.
– [Joe] No you did not,
pair of Jacks was good.
– [Chris] Oh man, I am kind
of in stun mode over here.
(Joe mumbles)
You don’t see too many
times where Phil will just
hand over $3,400 like that, I
don’t care who it’s against.
– [Joe] Probably just
setting them up for later.
– [Chris] Schwartz
makes it $400.
– [Joe] David Silverman
getting involved
with the old suited two gapper.
He’s re-raising to $900.
Noah Schwartz will happily
continue in this hand.
Noah Schwartz repops it.
– Please don’t put
Torelli on my left again,
if we invite him again,
if we invite him again.
– [Joe] Silverman doesn’t
seem like the type
to just give this
up before the flop
despite the fact
that he is six high.
– [Chris] They’re suited.
– If I had you on my left
for the rest of my life,
I’d snap snap, make a few
adjustments and we’re there.
– [Joe] As I suspected,
Silverman did not give it up
– [Chris] Silverman looking
to do some damage here
with six three of clubs,
thinking of a specific flop.
– [Joe] Well that’s
about as good as it gets.
– [Chris] Well, that’s
right in the neighborhood.
– Are you on the seat committee?
– What gets you off
the seat committee–
– [Joe] And he’s gotta
be liking this flop.
– [Chris] Well he looks
like he’s ready to bet it
the amount is $2,950.
– You don’t think
I have an influence
on who plays in the game?
I have a big influence.
– [Joe] I wonder if
Silverman’s thinking
of putting in a raise here.
– Phil, it’s been a real
pleasure playing with you.
– [Joe] Good way to win this
pot without having it hit your
hand, and if you do get caught,
you have lots of equity.
There it is, puts
Noah Schwarts all in,
I don’t see how
Noah folds Queens.
Noah may come to the conclusion
that Silverman probably
wouldn’t do this with a set
and is way more likely to do it
with a draw, at which point
I think he’s gonna gamble.
– [Chris] Alright and
we’re gonna run it twice.
In order to scoop the
pot, a player would have
to win both of the boards.
– [Joe] So far so
good for Queens.
Board one is going to
go to Noah Schwartz.
He is free-rolling for
this entire pot and
it looks very likely that he
is going to win the second one.
Has to fade the River, he does.
– [Chris] Wow, monster
$30,000 pot for Noah Schwartz.
He had to work for it though,
he had to make a tough call.
– [Joe] Hey, sometimes
Queens hold up
against six tray. Sometimes.
– We got some pizza at a place
called Giovanni’s.
I noticed that Mike is already
eating pizza and I was the first
to order.
It boggled my mind how he would
have this pizza and he explained
to me that he found it on the
ground, he had ground pizza.
– Oh it was tasty, not gonna lie
to you.
Pepperoni, a fine marinara
Tasty crust.
– [Chris] Closed captioning
is brought to you
as a public service by
Poker Night in America.
(jazz music)
– Thanks for coming back to
Poker Night in America
Here at Seminole
Hard Rock.
– Well we’re going to be
heading home for the night
but let’s see who’s gonna
be sleeping comfortably,
dreaming about a big
old pile of chips.
– [Joe] First, let’s take a
look at the losers, no offense.
– [Chris] Ian
O’Hara down $21,000,
most of that came in the
process of just one hand.
And here’s the winners for
tonight, this is my shock face.
Alec Torelli’s on
Poker Night in America
and he’s winning again.
– [Joe] I’m pretty shocked
to see Phil Hellmuth
in the winner column I mean $25,
that seems like it
should be a tip.
Alright kids, that’s all the
time we’ve got here in Florida,
next time we head to Rivers
in Pittsburgh for more poker.
And Hanson finally
fulfills his lifelong dream
of becoming a colonel.
– Yeah, a colonel.
– Oh my god, that’s
how you spell colonel.
I just got that all this time.
Learn something new everyday.
– You wanna learn something
new about Poker Night,
visit us at or
find us on Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube, and Twitch for updated
information, full episodes,
and unedited live streams.
From all of us here at
Poker Night in America,
thanks for watching.
– Why do they spell it
like that, col-on-el?
– I don’t know, looks like, I
always thought it was colonial
the way it was spelled out I
thought it looks like colonial.
– Maybe we’ve been saying
colonial wrong all these years,
maybe it’s kern-ee-al.
– [Chris] Kern-ol-ial.
– [Joe] Kern-er-ial.

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  1. Phil Hellmuth threatening a player about not getting back on the show is the lowest thing he can do in my opinion, just because he lost a well played pot to him. That is all ego driven and is and angle to pressure Alec to go easy on him in future hands. That's some serious low-grade BS.
    Alec is one of the few known personalities here and is easily one of my favorite players on this show.

  2. Is hellmuth calling the $3400 knowing he is not good just to say everybody don't bluff me?? Smart players won't fall for it phil.

  3. how does he slow play the set of 7's there… such a fish man… i think he actually deserved that for being greedy… wow such a goldfish forreal…

  4. Both of the Philz on this show are highly entertaining, and highly overrated as actual poker player/grinders. If I had Carl's junior/Miller money I'd talk out my azz and allow the delusion of superiority to take over my life as well

  5. There's something about eating at a poker table that seems rude or low class to me. It just kind of comes off as unprofessional. I don't like it.

  6. Someone explain how Laak is a profesional poker player? I have seen so many bad plays from him, he doesnt make any reads, he doesnt understand where he stands, makes tells of himself, just a horrible player.

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