Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 41 | Ladies Night III

Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 41 | Ladies Night III

– [Narrator] From Seminole Hard
Rock in Hollywood, Florida,
this is Poker Night in America.
(exciting music)
– Welcome to Poker
Night in America,
it’s Ladies Night at
Seminole Hard Rock.
– [Chris] Here we go with
buy-ins from 5,000 up to 15,000,
and it’s America’s
three favorite words,
it’s Ladies Night.
Poker Night in America
brought to you by Kimo Sabe.
– [Natasha] You have more of
the Canadian French accent.
– [Vanessa] Really?
– [Natasha] I think so.
Because I feel like
we kinda have close.
– Maybe from talking
to Mel in French,
’cause she’s Canadian, but.
I’ll tell you one thing,
if you spend some more time
in Quebec, though, but no.
Sometimes I can’t
even understand some
of the Quebec French,
it’s hard, the
accent’s so strong.
But maybe a little bit rubbed
off on me, I could see that.
Usually people say I have
a slight American accent,
’cause I’ve been here
since I was 10, so,
I lost my totally French accent.
– [Vanessa] My Rs were
a little messed up,
I was literally
like, I used to say,
“Are we going to the
school right now?”
– That’s kinda how I speak.
– And then speech therapy, like,
they would pull me out
of class once a day.
– Oh really?
– [Joe] A bet and a call.
Sam calls with her flush draw.
Ace king, still the
best hand for now.
– I don’t think I’ll
ever get rid of it.
I’ve been here like
eight years on,
and I haven’t lost it.
– [Vanessa] Accents are cool.
I wish I had one.
– You do have one.
– [Vanessa] In English?
– Yes.
– [Vanessa] Really?
– [Chris] Sullivan bets 575.
– [Joe] Now once Sam
stations her twice,
I think it’s really
hard for Sullivan
to bet this a third time, if
she doesn’t catch the river.
When Sam calls twice she’s gonna
have a jack often enough.
Sullivan does check, and
that is gonna open the door
for Sam to bluff this.
Eight high is almost
never winning at showdown.
– I think we’re not
quite awake yet.
– [Chris] 1300 the
bet from Abernathy.
And obviously we can see that
Sullivan just has ace high,
so it’s impossible for
her to call that bet.
– [Joe] Come on, Sully, you
gonna let this shark bluff you?
– All in.
– [Chris] Oh, well
then there’s that.
All right.
– [Joe] Wowie.
– Yeah, Sully, yankees suck.
– Ooh, nice hand.
– Hello.
– Oooh.
– Sexy.
We came to play today.
– And he trades
it for something.
– Oh, he trades up?
– Yeah, I wanna do that.
– Oh no, I did that.
– Oh, you did?
– I did it, I got
all the way up to.
– [Chris] Poker
Night in America.
The very first TV
show that featured
an all-female cash game.
We’re back at it again
here at Seminole Hard Rock.
– I used Twitter, I
started with the paperclip,
that’s what you’re
talking about, right?
– [Sam] Yeah.
– And I went from
the paperclip to a,
one of those
light-up pens, like,
those pens that you, it
has like a laser pointer.
Someone gave me that.
Then I traded that for,
I think it was like,
it was maybe a puzzle.
And then a puzzle
for like a t-shirt.
A t-shirt for a DVD
of the movie Rounders.
I signed the DVD of
the movie Rounders.
And traded it for DJ equipment,
and then for another piece of
like DJ lighting type thing.
Which was pretty cool.
– How did the logistics work?
– Yeah, how does it work,
do you have to accept
what somebody gives you?
– You have to just
barter your way up
from a paperclip,
see how high you can.
Some guy did it all
the way up to a house.
– [Sam] Yeah.
– Wow.
– [Sam] From a paperclip.
– [Danielle] Then how does
the exchange of goods go?
How do you get the?
– [Chris] One time
on Craigslist, this
guy had a scooter,
and I traded him
50 bucks for it.
– [Joe] What a swap.
– [Chris] Flops ace high.
Sullivan flops top two, nice.
– [Joe] Abernathy misses,
top pair for Vanessa,
could get dicey for her,
especially now that
the six is paired.
This is an action turn.
Abernathy’s picked up
a flush draw finally.
– [Chris] 375’s the
bet from Sullivan.
A call from Rousso, a
call from Abernathy.
More calling here than my
mom on a Sunday afternoon.
And the flush gets there.
Bless you.
Somebody’s allergic
to suck outs.
Sam’s hand is not
nearly the nuts,
but the way the action’s gone,
it’s a safe value bet.
– Call.
– [Joe Vanessa’s
giving it a think,
but I do not see how you
can over-call in this spot.
Someone’s gonna have
a flush, or a six,
or ace queen, or ace king.
– I don’t think I’m good.
I don’t think I’m good.
– She’s funny.
– There’s so much out there.
– [Joe] Good fold.
– Flush, nice hand.
– Well, could I beat you,
that was the question?
Could I beat you?
What’d you have?
An ace?
– I had ace queen.
– You had ace queen?
– [Stacy] Mmmhmm.
– What the (bleeps) was
I doing in that hand?
– Okay, guys, we gotta
take a quick break,
but I promise, we’ll be back.
I mean it this time.
– [Narrator] Poker Night in
America is brought to you
by our trusted friend,
Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
Why settle for tequila?
Step up to Kimo Sabe.
– [Chris] Thanks for coming
back to Poker Night in America
with Joe Stapleton,
I’m Chris Hanson.
Let’s get back to Ladies Night.
– I’ve found the
more I play cash,
as probably Danielle
would tell you,
it’s like a waste of
time to often grind.
Or like, E-Tay, do you
like grinding 15 hours
of a tournament to
walk away with nothing?
– [Esther] No, hell no.
– It sucks.
– [Vanessa] Nobody likes
it, nobody likes it.
– Why E-Tay?
– I don’t know.
– Do you do this a lot?
– [Chris] You
know, that’s funny.
I do enjoy the pain, though.
A good 15 hour grind,
and then have to leave.
That is fun, especially
if I’ve gotten knocked out
just after a 90
minute dinner break,
that’s the best time ever.
– [Joe] You sound bitter.
– [Chris] No, not at all.
Or even better yet, if
I could stick around
for a whole entire day to
come back the next day,
and then get knocked out
on the very first hand
through a suck-out?
That also is my
favorite kind of pain.
– [Joe] Since when
did this turn into
a therapy session
for Chris Hanson?
– [Chris] I’m sorry, I thought
we were in the trust tree.
I thought we were
open and sharing here.
– [Joe] The trust tree’s been
killed by global warming.
– [Chris] I’m sorry.
Vanessa Rousso’s
ahead in this hand.
She hit top two
pair on the flop.
– Is that what you
do for a living?
– No, actually I’m a
pharmaceutical rep.
– [Joe] So it’s Abbey
Daniels continuing.
Drug dealing poker player.
– [Chris] Stapes, they’re
talking about you.
10 on the turn.
– [Joe] So Daniels goes
from worst to first.
Turns the nuts.
That was a nasty turn
for Vanessa Rousso.
– [Chris] She bets 500,
and now Abbey Daniels
deciding what to do.
Abbey Daniels calls the turn.
– [Joe] So it was a
nasty turn for Vanessa,
but a nastier river
for Abbey Daniels.
– All in.
– [Chris] Here we go.
All of the chips
are in the middle.
– From the nuts to losing.
From the nuts to losing.
Such a bad river.
– [Chris] And now Abbey
Daniels is the one
who has to make the decision.
– [Joe] This is a
really tough spot,
this is a tougher spot than
red wine on a white carpet.
Some folks might make this
bet with just a king here,
but there’s really
very few value hands
that ace queen is
actually beating.
– All right, nice
hand, pocket 10s.
– [Joe] Ouch.
– Yeah, nice hand.
Went from the nuts.
– Ace queen.
– Yeah.
– I went from the best hand.
To you having,
hitting the gutter.
To me, it’s catching
back up, but yes.
– [Joe] Okay, let’s
not get into who had
the best hand, okay?
We’re all better than that.
– [Chris] Blinds on
Poker Night in America,
by the way, are 25 and 50.
There is an optional
$100 straddle that
we might see if people
get gamble-gamble.
– [Joe] No straddle, this hand
action’s folded to Vanessa,
still stacking chips.
– Give me one second.
– The trapper gets trapped.
How often does that happen?
– [Chris] Deuces for Rousso.
– Hey, you forgot to
straddle your weird chip.
– I know.
– I’m the straddle
police over here.
I got my badge and everything.
Um, that many.
– [Joe] You know
what that say, Chris,
deuces never doesn’t win.
– I was actually just like
looking for it before,
and I remembered thinking
that it was over there,
and I was like, wait.
– [Joe] I think I might’ve
gotten that wrong.
– [Chris] Esther Taylor,
ace queen of diamonds,
raises it to 425.
– [Joe] Wow, three betting
and under the gun razor
can get dicey and expensive,
but in a cash game,
it feels right.
– [Chris] Danielle
Andersen, D Moon girl.
Raising again, woo.
– [Joe] Cold four bet
with ace queen off.
– I’m really
annoyed because now?
Ugh, I can’t even
watch this now.
– How do you know I’m calling?
She knows, she knows
we’re gonna see a flop.
– No, well, good point.
If anything, if there is a flop,
I don’t wanna see it.
Oh, but the sicko in me
can’t help but look.
– Don’t look.
Don’t look til the end.
– You can’t, you
know you have to.
– [Joe] Classic
flop for ace queen.
– [Chris] Look at there.
Ace queen of
diamonds from E-Tay,
picks up the nut flush draw.
– [Joe] Which means
unfortunately for Danielle,
E-Tay will be folding less often
than a slice of artisanal pizza.
Ace king is gonna
make up a huge part
of both these player’s ranges.
But it looks like they’re
not gonna be too shy
about putting money
into this pot.
– [Chris] 15 hundy was
the bet, 1500 is the call.
Let’s go to the turn.
Another king.
Anderson checks, so
now back to Taylor.
– [Joe] Yeah,
Esther should have a
slightly easier
time betting this,
because at least she’s
probably drawing live
to a diamond and any
non-seven ace hand
without a king in it
probably has to fold.
– [Chris] 2,350.
– [Joe] I think even
aces would have to
consider folding here.
Certainly not here,
then on the river.
Let’s not get
ahead of ourselves.
– 55 is what I’m
trying to make it.
– [Joe] Of course,
there’s always this.
– [Joe] Whoa, this is so agro.
– [Chris] I read a poker
book once, and it said
don’t chase the flush
with the paired board.
How do you feel
about that, Stapes?
– [Joe] I mean, it’s
good advice in general,
but if you look at
this paired board,
like there’s so few full
houses that Danielle can have.
Like it’s almost more
likely for her to have
quad kinds than for her to
have king seven or king eight.
– [Vanessa] I’m one of
those people that’s always
really really cold.
– Mmmhmm, me too.
– [Chris] Oh boy.
Esther calls, and this
is getting intense.
16,350 in the middle.
Let’s read Esther’s
mind right now.
Diamond, diamond, diamond.
Every pulse of her heart,
you can hear the word
diamond coming from her.
– [Joe] Come on,
dealer, hurry up,
and put out that diamond.
– [Chris] And she gets it.
– [Joe] Try as she might,
Danielle Andersen could just
not stop that river
card from coming out.
– Check.
– All in.
– [Chris] Smell you
later, Danielle.
– I’m guessing my
deuces weren’t good.
– [Joe] No, Vanessa,
they weren’t good.
– At least you didn’t
see a deuce, right?
– [Chris] A huge pot
for Esther Taylor.
– [Natasha] I liked
how mad you were.
– I didn’t wanna fold
those deuces at all.
– What?
– Oh, I’m just laughing
at Natasha laughing.
– I’m laughing at
you guys laughing
at Natasha laughing.
– [Chris] Back to ladies night
on Poker Night in America,
brought to you by Kimo Sabe.
Our third edition of Ladies
Night on Poker Night in America.
Danielle Andersen makes
it 150 with her sixes.
– [Joe] Daniels is in with
her suited connectors.
Stacy Sullivan also
with suited connectors.
– See, this is the
part where I said,
I don’t take a long time,
so if I’m doing that, smack me.
– [Chris] Three
players together.
Andersen, Daniels and Sullivan.
Great law firm.
Even better poker firm.
– Did you start playing
more after Big Brother?
Like, you were not playing
for a while, right?
– [Vanessa] Well, I was
DJing, working on my music.
– [Joe] D Moon girl firing
nearly dead to the two pair
of Abby Daniels and the
big draw of Stacy Sullivan.
– [Vanessa] In the last two
years, I started playing
only when I wanted to, which
just happened to be a lot less.
– [Joe] I like the
raise from Abbey Daniels,
it’s a small two pair,
it’s very susceptible,
best to build the pot when
you’re sure you’re ahead.
– [Vanessa] So now, you know,
I just played last
week in Michigan.
– Yeah, I saw that, I was like.
– I’m gonna go play next
week at Five Diamond,
I’ll be playing more.
And then I’ll probably take
a few months off again in
the January to March-ish,
and work on some music again.
I like to have balance.
– I’m all in.
– [Joe] That’s a safe turn,
so I like to all in
bet from Abbey Daniels,
it’s a good bet,
protect that hand.
– [Chris] So Sullivan
hits the eight on the turn
to go with her flush draw.
And decides it’s not worth it.
– [Joe] I think it’s good fold,
sometimes the hearts
won’t even be live.
– Luanne, you’re my favorite
dealer, did I tell you that?
– Aw, thank you so much.
– Well you were
til you put a king
on the river again
Vanessa and gave her that.
– [Chris] Poker Night in
America brought to you
by Kimo Sabe.
– I was stupid enough to call.
– We’re trying to
butter up to the dealer.
– She’s still a little
salty about when you made
kings full when she had the.
Tiny salt in there.
– I’ll admit it.
– Don’t be salty to me.
– [Joe] Yeah, Abby’s
not that salty.
You’ll know she’s salty when
she un-invites you to brunch.
– Well, I can’t fold
and retain my pride.
– It’s on sale for 33% off.
– We can give you back your
hand, Natasha, for 150.
– [Chris] One player
not gonna see this flop.
(clears throat)
– [Joe] Whose got
hearts, anybody?
Nope, no hearts.
Danielle Andersen’s been
taking a bath so far today,
and not the good
kind like you want
with the wine and the
50 Shades of Gray.
– [Chris] She bets
550, top pair.
– I feel like I’m always
doing what you’re doing.
– I’m gonna be really
impressed if, Vanessa,
you do the like not
impressed face on me.
– [Chris] Very likely to win
some money back on this hand.
And the turn, now gives
Andersen two pair.
– Check.
– [Joe] Ah, sneaky check.
– [Chris] It appears
you’re giving up.
Usually induces a bet
from your opponent.
– [Joe] Yeah, I don’t know
what this bet would be,
from Abby, a bluff, I guess?
Considering, I don’t think
many worse hands would call.
A seven eight or a
heart draw would call,
but that’s about it.
– And now it’s time to
get some cards.
I’m having ADD.
Struggling with the patience.
– See how cold they are?
– Oh yeah, I know.
I feel you.
– [Chris] Danielle Andersen
putting in a raise.
– See, are my hands cold?
– No, it’s just weird.
– You’re making it weird.
– [Chris] Daniels calls.
– [Joe] That is a loose call.
– [Chris] Danielle might raise
her draws, it’s possible,
but she’s pretty much
making a decision now
for the turn and river.
– [Chris] And another
king on the river
gives Anderson a full house.
– All in.
– [Joe] What a loose call.
– Nice hand.
– Nice hand.
– [Chris] Obviously
Daniels put her on a hand
that she thought she was
bluffing the entire way,
maybe that she missed her flush,
and that was the only way
she was gonna try to win
was just bomb the river,
and Daniels made
the wrong decision.
– How’d you do that?
How’d you do that?
– Every once in awhile I
actually find it, it’s bizarre.
– [Natasha] She’s gonna
lose it back, I predict.
– Yeah, don’t worry,
Natasha had a dream.
I’m gonna lose it back.
– It’s like there’s
physical, mental.
All kinds of challenges.
– [Natasha] Were you bored
most of the time though?
– Not really because
I was thinking…
You’re kept really really
busy thinking of strategy
all the time, there’s always,
there’s so many
variables in the game,
it keeps your mind
active, I guess.
But as far as like activities
wise, is it boring?
Sure, but me, I’m game
obsessed, so I was fine.
– [Chris] Full disclosure,
I’ve never watched one minute
of Big Brother.
– [Joe] I didn’t catch
any of Vanessa’s season,
but I should
probably check it out
because I loved the book.
– [Danielle] If you just
didn’t get along with anybody
or were kind of on your
own, I would think.
– [Vanessa] That would be
really bummer, yeah for sure.
– [Joe] So we got ten
eight versus two nines.
– [Sam] I wanna go on Survivor.
– [Esther] That’s what I would.
– [Sam] Or Amazing Race.
– [Esther] Or Amazing Race.
– You could probably
get on Survivor.
You’re like, cute and
personable and funny,
and all those things.
– Would you eat, like.
– See, I troll you,
or you troll me, and I’m
just like super nice.
– Samantha’s looking at you
like no one’s ever talked
to her like that before.
She’s like, say
more, tell me more.
She’s looking at you
like this has filled
the void in her life.
– She’s like a cat that’s
rubbing your leg like “pet me.”
– When we just met, we wanted
to do Amazing Race together.
– Dan O’Brien and I
talked about trying to get
on Amazing Race together.
– All in.
– [Joe] Natasha jams on
the raise from Daniels.
Hoping she can get Abby to
call it off with top pair.
– [Chris] Daniels, don’t do
it, you just got those chips.
– [Sam] We basically went on
our own little Amazing Race.
– Yeah we did.
– [Joe] Yeah, she’s really
gonna need that if she calls.
– All right, I’m gonna
fold it, nice hand.
– [Joe] Okay, good
fold, Abbey Daniels.
– Nice hand, nice hand.
Pocket nines, good job.
– Poker Night in America posted
a picture on Facebook or
something and so and so
commented on this and I knew
it was somebody from my home
They’re like showing me support,
I love that and then I look at
the comment and it was like,
“Is that Vanessa Rousso from
Big Brother?”
– I don’t know just laughing at
Natasha laughing.
– I’m laughing at you guys
laughing at Natasha laughing.
– [Narrator] Poker Night in
America is brought to you
by our trusted friend,
Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
Why settle for tequila?
Step up to Kimo Sabe.
– [Joe] Now some of
these ladies may be down,
but at least they’re
saving money on all
of those ladies night drink
specials and appetizers, huh?
Am I right?
Mozzarella sticks,
all I wanted was one,
Samantha Abernathy, geeze.
It’s reverse discrimination.
Next time on Poker
Night in America,
it’s more ladies night.
Have you at all considered,
having a consolation
station where I help
console the ladies
who’ve busted out,
with some red wine,
maybe aromatherapy.
– Yeah, yeah.
– Really?
– No, no, that’s a bad idea.
– [Chris] For more
Poker Night in America,
find us at
or connect with us
on Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube, and Twitch for
up to date information,
full episodes, and
unedited live streams.
Joe Stapleton, I’m Chris Hanson.
Thanks for watching.
– This one I did terribly.
Like they put Crisco
on the ground.
I’m obviously not the
athletic one of the group.
There was like lanes, and you
had to race back and forth
with this tiny little cup,
filling up liquid
into this big bowl,
and the first one to do that.
There’s like a floating
golf ball in there,
which when it gets to the
top, you can get it out,
and the first one
to do that wins.
It was a really great
experience, I had a blast.

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