Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 42 | Ace Race

Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 42 | Ace Race

– From Seminole Hard Rock
in Hollywood, Florida
this is Poker Night in America.
(swing music)
Hello and welcome to
Poker Night in America.
With Joe Stapleton,
I’m Chris Hanson.
It is ladies night here
at Seminole Hard Rock.
– And if you think these women
play any less aggressively than
the men, well you are wrong.
Also, get some help, it’s
2017 for cryin’ out loud.
– [Chris] We’re gonna
restart here on ladies night
on Poker Night in America.
Let’s not get too worried
about who’s up or who’s down.
This is no limit
hold ’em Stapes.
Anything can happen at any time.
– That’s all my stuff, too.
Everyone’s like “I’m a
huge Big Brother fan.
I didn’t know you were playing.”
I’m like “Great.” Vanessa
stealing my hometown thunder.
– Oh, I didn’t mean to.
Just like, I’m sorry.
I’m just a cute, sad
puppy dog. Don’t blame me.
– [Stacey] I’m sorry guys,
I was on a nationally
televised TV show.
– [Chris] Poker Night in America
brought to you by Kimo Sabe.
– My little sister is not
watching me right now.
She’s watching you too.
– [Samantha] She’s
watching what?
– [Natasha] She’s watching
her, she’s not watching me.
– That many.
– [Chris] Samantha
Abernathy made
the first raise with sixes.
And a reraise from
Vanessa Rousso to 425.
– [Joe] Sam tends to run
pretty good in these spots
on Poker Night in America.
Sam’s definitely
gotta call once.
Vanessa would continue
even with the hands
the two sixes are ahead of.
– We all have (mumbles).
– What?
– [Chris] Another
four on the turn.
– [Joe] That is a
pretty bad card for Sam,
great card for Vanessa.
Both improve to full houses.
– I’m laughing at you guys
laughing at Natasha laughing.
– I’m just laughing at Samantha.
– Samantha who are
you laughing at?
– Shhh, laugh at her
after the hand.
Let her play the
hand, the poor girl.
– [Chris] 1,100
the bet from Russo,
and Abernathy calls again.
Alright, so here comes
the river. Now what.
– [Joe] Not a great River
for Sam,
and at least she’s
likely to know it.
Oh, looks like
Vanessa learned to act
a little bit on Big Brother.
She is not at all concerned
about making a value bet here.
– [Chris] Here we go
with the bet. It is 2400.
Vanessa’s pretty much only
losing to a four or aces.
Sam, on the other hand,
is losing to a lot.
Even some of Vanessa’s
bluffs just got there
with that queen on the river.
She’s really begging
for a call.
Please. Please throw in a chip.
Wow, and Abernathy does.
– Kings.
– Nice hand.
– [Chris] Oh, well then. ‘kay.
– [Joe] Kings are good.
– [Chris] 8,900 going the
way of Vanessa Rousso.
– Did you sell your
sick place in Vegas
that you were selling?
– Yes, I did.
– That place was,
I saw that online
someone had shared
it or something.
Sweet place.
– Yes, thank you.
– [Stacey] Is that where,
a couple summers ago
when you you and Selbst–
– [Vanessa] Yes, they
were all living with me.
– [Stacey] Yeah.
You guys openly talked
about that a lot
that’s why I remember it.
– [Vanessa] It
got weird, though.
My address got leaked online.
So too many people
knew where I lived.
– Oh.
– [Vanessa] So that’s why
I actually had to move.
– [Stacey] It got weird?
– [Vanessa] Yeah.
– I’m all in. I’m way in.
– Good luck.
– [Joe] We are flipping.
Like bags versus
shoes, one of these
two hands has a slight
mathematical advantage.
– We got a sweat.
– Few outs.
– [Chris] Still some
sweat going to the river.
Eh, nothing doing.
Danielle Andersen’s
gonna scoop up the crumbs
that were left behind from
the Vanessa Rousso hand.
And we’re gonna need
a rebuy in seat three.
– [Joe] Sam had a bunch
of outs on the flop.
Unfortunately the
two bricks that
peeled off weren’t any of them.
– He said “Nice hand.”
I said “Thank you.”
I’m scooping the pot, then
he flips the same hand over.
– Oh my god.
– It was like super,
I was saying, too
I feel like, as women,
that happens less to us.
I was surprised–
– Yeah, it actually has
never happened to me.
I didn’t know how to handle it.
I was like “Does not compute.”
I actually thought it was funny,
but it was just,
I was just, yeah
I was very not used to that.
It was really,
really interesting.
– ‘Cause normally guys
get a kick out of that.
I just feel like they don’t
normally do it to women.
And I was like “I can’t
believe he’s doing this.”
– [Joe] I have definitely
never slow rolled a woman.
I also have never
beaten one in a pot.
– And then I nit rolled you.
– [Chris] Have you slow
rolled anybody? Ever?
– [Joe] That would
require a winning hand.
– [Chris] Yeah, I
know that doesn’t…
– [Joe] No, I just–
– [Chris] I get so
excited; I couldn’t do it.
– [Joe] I very rarely
have the opportunity.
– [Chris] I’m more
likely to scream out
“I won, I won, I won!” than
I am to slow roll somebody.
– Not anymore. Now
it’s that many.
– [Chris] Rousso raises
with nines to 400.
– She want to do as I do.
– I do.
– See? She can’t resist.
– Oh, you guys are funny.
♪ Anything you can
do, I can do better
– She’s like, “Yup.”
♪ I can do anything
better than you.
♪ No you can’t, yes I can
– Well I’m not picking it up.
– No you can’t.
– [Joe] Oh, it sounded
like she really meant that.
– [Chris] Alright,
let’s see a flop.
– [Joe] Top pair for Taylor,
flush draw for Daniels.
– I’m all in.
– All in.
– [Joe] I think Vanessa’s
gonna have to fold those nines.
– [Chris] Abbey
Daniels puts in her
last 1,250 with that draw.
– You both sucked out out on
– [Joe] There’s the
call on top pair.
Abbey’s gonna need to hit
a club or running cards.
– Yeah, just go.
– Let’s run it.
– [Joe] That is a brick, now,
just a club working for her.
– You got it.
– [Joe] Brick, brick, ship it.
– Nice hand, baby.
– That’d be close.
Surprisingly one notch away.
– Poker Night in America
is brought to you
by our trusted friend,
Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
Why settle for tequila?
Step up to Kimo Sabe.
– [Joe] Hello, hello, hello.
Welcome back to Poker Night in
America. It’s ladies’ night.
Let’s say no more.
– Easy life, sometimes.
– She plays at the Bellagio,
I play at Hollywood Bangor.
– Whomp, whomp, whomp.
– [Chris] I wonder
what the poker
life is like up there
in Maine for Sully.
– I’m gonna mix it up.
I’m gonna try this.
– [Chris] Is it a hotbed?
– [Joe] I honestly
have no idea what
the scene is like in Maine.
– [Danielle] She can
do it, I can do it.
– [Chris] Sullivan made it
325 with a suited ace/10.
– [Danielle] It was
me, well it got like–
– [Joe] And Danielle
started this
hand off limping the small pair,
which is totally
cool in a cash game.
Flopping cheap sets
in multi-way pots
is how you make your money.
– [Chris] Three players
together to the flop.
Brought to you by Kimo Sabe.
– [Joe] And we’ve got top pair.
– [Stacey] 700.
– [Joe] For Stacey Sullivan
as she fires 700 at it.
Big draw for Taylor.
Top pair versus big draw is
like that classic matchup,
the gladiator matchup,
sword and shield
versus trident and net.
– No thanks. I’ll pass.
– [Chris] Stacey Sullivan
gonna continue to bet.
This is how we do
it in Maine. 1600.
– [Joe] The lobster bet.
I think Taylor’s getting
the right price to call,
but if I’m gonna be
honest, I don’t even
know what that means
or how to calculate it.
– [Chris] I think you
used it correctly, though,
which is half the battle.
– [Joe] Even a blind
squirrel finds a nut
every once in a while.
Jennifer Tilly.
Ace on the river, this is a
slam dunk value bet for Sully.
– All in.
– All in.
– [Chris] (imitates
gun noises) Fold.
– I was gonna do that.
– You still wanna call?
– I don’t wanna call now.
– Show one. Show one.
– I was gonna do that.
– Nice one.
– [Chris] Brand new
player at the table.
This is Marsha Wolak.
– [Joe] She does
look like a Marsha.
– [Chris] You’re not
gonna do it, are you?
– [Joe] Yeah, probably.
– [Chris] Okay, here
we go, just do it now
and get it out of the way.
– [Joe] Nope.
– [Chris] Come on.
– [Joe] Wait until it’s
mildly appropriate.
– [Chris] Don’t
make us wait around
for what we all know is coming.
– How much is it?
– [Dealer] 500.
– Three, four hundred.
– [Danielle] Oh, well.
– Right? One hundred, two…
– [Danielle] I was just doing
the simple math off of that.
– [Joe] Look at all these hands!
– [Chris] And cards that
are in-between them.
– [Chris] And here’s the flop.
Couple of spades
there for Rousso.
She picks up the nut flush draw.
But Andersen’s aces
are still ahead.
– [Joe] And pre-flop it was
such a good spot for aces.
Up again tens and ace/10,
only one 10 left in the deck.
And now Vanessa’s probably gonna
find a way to run these down.
Vanessa’s definitely not
folding. She could raise.
– [Chris] You raise you’re
probably gonna get rid of Wolak.
But if you call, you’re
probably also gonna keep her in.
– [Joe] That’s a
good point, actually.
This is a terrible
spot for the new girl.
This is the worst
spot for a new girl
since they moved it to Fridays
after The Cleveland Show.
– Call.
– [Chris] A queen on the turn.
– [Joe] That is a great
card for Danielle.
Someone might have
caught up a bit,
but probably not all the way.
So she should definitely
keep barrelling.
– [Chris] Now one of these
two she’s gotta put on a draw.
So that means the turn
should be expensive
with 4300 in the pot.
– How much?
– [Chris] 2,800 is the bet
from Danielle Andersen.
– [Joe] Vanessa’s
still not folding,
though I think she’s less likely
to raise at this spot than she
would have been on the flop.
Looks like Danielle’s
got her covered.
Much like one of David
Blaine’s stupider stunts,
I’m not really sure
what this tank is about.
I don’t even see what it
gains her in deception.
– [Chris] It’s a call from
Rousso. There goes Marsha Wolak.
– [Joe] Good fold from the 10s.
– [Chris] So now, heads up,
with pocket aces and the draw.
– [Joe] Nearly
10,000 in the middle.
– [Chris] And
welcome to get there.
– [Joe] It’s great that
Vanessa gets there,
unlike my dad to my
little league games.
Danielle can so easily
check behind Vanessa,
will not have the chance
to check raise her.
She’s gonna bet this.
– [Chris] Vanessa
Rousso has less than a
pot sized bet that is left.
– All in.
– [Chris] And now she’s all in.
– [Joe] Really bad
spot for Danielle.
Ultimately aces are
still just a pair.
– Not a huge fan of the turn.
Not a huge fan of the river.
Not blaming you. Just
silent observation.
– It sounded like
she was blaming you.
(Danielle laughs)
– [Joe] Vanessa’s really
good at the polarizing
river bet to make it
look like she’s trying
to buy the pot, but
has anyone really
seen her do it
recently with air?
– Nice hand.
– [Chris] And Danielle
Andersen has to do
what so many amateurs hate
doing, and that is folding aces.
But it is the right
call, we can see.
And a 17,000 dollar
pot for Vanessa Rousso.
– [Joe] Good
disciplined lay down.
– [Stacey] Well that was fun.
– I don’t know, I didn’t
really think it was that fun.
I don’t know.
– Why am I sitting
here in the dark
and those little girls are up
on stage in pretty dresses?
I didn’t wanna be the
person in the audience
watching them do their thing.
– Welcome back to
Poker Night in America.
That’s Joe Stapleton,
I’m Chris Hanson.
Back to ladies’ night.
– And then I come to
Florida and I’m like
oh, that’s right, my
hair is still frizzy.
When I moved there, I was like
oh, I must have gotten
better at doing my hair.
This cut must be great or
something. Must be my shampoo.
Then I was like, oh, nevermind.
It’s just that
there’s no moisture.
– [Chris] E-Tay calls
with suited nine/six.
And here goes Marsha Wolak.
– [Joe] Hope she’s
got queens beat.
– [Chris] She got
aces, that okay?
– [Joe] Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!
– [Chris] And there
it is, everybody,
if you were waiting for it.
Could’ve just got that
out of your system
like eight minutes ago.
But the raise is to 800.
– [Joe] Oh man, is Vanessa
looking to put another bet in?
– Buh-bye.
– All in.
– [Chris] Well that took
about half a second.
And so did the call.
– [Joe] Things have
escalated quickly.
Aces versus lady kings.
– Good luck.
– Thanks.
(Joe gasps and laughs)
– [Chris] No!
– Wow. Nice hand.
– [Joe] So sick!
– [Chris] Well you
barely had time
to make one bad joke
about her, Stapes.
– That’s enough for
me. Nice hand, girls.
– [Joe] I could have
done so much more.
– [Chris] I don’t really
think you could have.
I think that was pretty
much your runway there.
– I feel terrible.
Good to see you.
– [Marsha] You too. Have fun.
– Sorry you didn’t
run very well.
– [Chris] Danielle
Andersen in the straddle.
– That actually
happened during an event
a little while ago, my
other card was a queen.
– Oh really?
– The dealer ended
up flopping a queen.
– [Joe] Now it’s Vanessa
Rousso’s turn for aces.
– That’s always a bummer.
– [Chris] They are
going around this table.
– And you’re just like,
whomp, whomp, whomp.
– That’s how it goes then
you know you’re running bad.
– [Joe] (laughs) Oh man.
– [Chris] Oh my goodness.
And once again aces are
just dusted on the flop.
Or Vanessa does have
that ace of spades there.
– [Joe] Vanessa cracks
aces and now she’s
a pretty big favorite to
have them cracked herself.
– [Chris] 500 was the
bet from Vanessa Rousso.
Danielle Andersen called.
Stacey Sullivan
calls with top pair.
– [Joe] I like the
name Stacey Sullivan.
Sounds like a comic
book alter ego.
Spiderman’s girlfriend or the
true identity of Poker Girl.
I think Danielle’s
likely to just call.
Maybe Stacey stays in the pot.
When this goes bet,
call, bet, call,
I am not loving top pair here.
– [Chris] And
neither is Sullivan.
So she’s gonna fold so now we’re
heads up with
Rousso and Andersen.
– [Joe] That was a good fold.
– [Chris] Alright, river time.
– [Joe] Ah, Vanessa planning
on check calling here
to control the pot,
maybe pick off a bluff.
A bet here, however,
would not be a bluff.
– Aces.
– Moon opts to not bet river.
Tough to get paid
off by a worse hand.
But Vanessa probably
the one hand
that might have paid
off a river bet.
– [Chris] Still 5,200, a nice
pick up for Danielle Andersen.
– I was gonna call it.
– So glad I didn’t
call the turn.
– [Joe] Not now, Stacey,
it’s not always about you.
Remember Sophia’s
bachelorette party?
Let’s not have a
repeat of that, okay?
– [Chris] Danielle
Andersen doing
great here tonight on
Poker Night in America,
building quite the chip stack.
(Vanessa hums)
– [Chris] Looks like
it’s gonna be Rousso
and Andersen yet again.
– Want us to leave
you two alone?
– [Chris] Alright,
here comes the flop.
Brought to you by Kimo Sabe.
– [Danielle] We need a
candle, bottle of wine.
– Check.
– [Joe] Best hand flops
best top pair for Rousso.
Calls the bet from Andersen.
– [Chris] Now Rousso also
picks up a nut flush draw.
– [Joe] Andersen
picks up a gut shot.
They both check.
That is not the gut shot
she wanted to hit, however.
Terrible run out for Danielle.
This is a worse run out than
Norman Chad’s first marriage.
She left the front door open.
– [Chris] How many
is Norm up to now?
Is it a baker’s dozen?
(Joe laughs)
– [Joe] The thirteenth
one is free.
(Chris laughs)
– [Chris] And now it’s
that all important
heart check from Rousso.
– This is only because we
just talked about this.
Just in freakin’ case you
got the straight flush.
Just in case, I’m gonna
call. Right to the straight.
– [Joe] Wow, Vanessa’s just
calling with the nut flush,
afraid of the potential
straight flush.
– Here I thought I got there.
– [Joe] She’s gonna win
a big pot regardless.
And these two can just not
stay out of each other’s way.
They have a grudge
like they both
wore the same dress
at the Oscars.
(jazz music)
-Thank you,
have a good night.
– [Vanessa] You had
the king/10 you showed?
– [Danielle] Mm-hmm.
You get an extra
hundred, too, ’cause
I misclicked on the flop.
– I think I was about 3 or 4, my
mom took me to see a play and in
the play there was a bunch of
little girls on stage and they
were all dressed in flower
cosutmes, I think they were
playing flower fairies.
And I thought, why am I sitting
here in the dark, in clunky
shoes and those little girls are
up on stage in pretty dresses.
So I knew that was the place to
be, I didn’t want to be the
person in the audience
watching them do there thing.
– [Chris] Poker
night in America is
brought to you by our trusted
friend, Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
Why settle for tequila?
Step up to Kimo Sabe.
Ladies’ night three on
Poker Night in America
comes to an end like this.
And it was a good
trip to south Florida
for Vanessa Rousso.
She’s up over 19,000 dollars.
And Abbey Daniels probably
wishes she’d have found
something better
to do, down 17,000.
– Well, that was fun.
But I think we can all
agree that the real profit
is the friendships
that were created.
Goodnight everybody.
– Um, I’m supposed,
can I do my part?
– Just trying to make
it nice, but go ahead.
– It got weird
there for a second.
– It’s fine.
– It’s like an after-school–
– Chris, do it!
– Okay, fine.
For more Poker Night,
go to,
or find us on Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch
for up to date
information, full episodes,
and unedited live streams.
For Joe Stapleton,
I’m Chris Hanson
see ya next time on
Poker Night in America.
– Bye. See ya.
I’m really leaving.

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