Poker Night in America | The Big 4 – 2015 | Part 1

Poker Night in America | The Big 4 – 2015 | Part 1

– [Voiceover] From Seminole
Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida,
this is Poker Night in America.
(upbeat jazz music)
– Hello and welcome to
a very special episode
of Poker Night in America.
I’m your host, Chris Hanson.
Tonight we’re gonna stray from
our usual cash game format
to show you a truly unique
evening of tournament poker
hosted by the Seminole Hard
Rock in Hollywood, Florida.
Four major tournaments
with four final tables
all converged on one night
in one massive event.
It’s called the Big Four,
and our crew is on hand to
capture this poker extravaganza.
We kicked off the week
at Seminole Hard Rock
by partying and pokering
for a good cause.
Celebrities from the
felt to the silver screen
were all on hand to raise
money for Habitat for Humanity.
I bet you never
thought you’d see
Scotty Wynn and Mekhi
Phifer in the same room.
We’ll come back to that
later on in this episode
but for now, it’s time
to turn our attention
to our main event.
The Big Four is part of the
Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open,
Florida’s most popular
series of poker tournaments.
Over 2,000 of the best
amateur and pro players
in the world descended
on Hollywood, Florida
for this poker battle royale
culminating in these
four final tables.
Now to start things off
we have the $1,100 no
limit hold ’em tournament.
After 794 entries,
accumulating a total
prize pool of 794,000,
these final nine
will battle it out
for the first place
prize of $146,000.
Next is the 2650 no
limit hold ’em freezeout,
where the competition
has been fierce.
502 entrants quickly
ballooned this prize pool
past its million-dollar
With 236,000 going
to first place.
And next up, grab the tissues
because we’re going nosebleed.
Next is the Big Four’s
$25,400 high roller table.
83 players fought tooth and nail
for a piece of this
$2,000,000 prize pool.
And these final nines still
have a lot of work to do
as they share the felt with
poker legend Jason Mercier
and everyone’s
favorite time scientist
and space ship
commander, Phil Laak.
The king of this hill gets to
pad their poker bankroll
with a savory $652,000.
And last, but
certainly not least,
looking out over this
crowded poker room is the
$5,000,000 Seminole Hard
Rock Poker Open Championship
final table players,
including returning
champion Dan Colman,
who has survived a
colossal field of over
900 entrants and will now
battle it out for first place
and $1,000,000 in
cold, hard cash.
And if you thought this is
the craziest four-ring
circus you’ve ever seen,
then get a load
of the ringmaster.
It’s everyone’s
favorite poker brat.
14-time bracelet winner
Phil Hellmuth Jr.
– [Phil] All right,
let’s do this.
– [Chris] And there he is
the man in the black hat,
trying to keep tabs on four
final tables at the same time.
We’ll hear more from Phil
Hellmuth throughout the day.
And while all four
final tables are going,
we’ll be focusing
mainly on the main event
and here is the chip count
of the final nine players.
As you can see, Randy Pfeifer’s
on top with 8.4 million,
and the man to keep an eye on
is defending
champion Dan Colman.
He’s got 3.6 million in
chips and plenty to play with
as he tries to take down this
event two years in a row.
– [Phil] One thing I
like about Dan Colman,
he’s using the poker platform
to instigate positive
social change,
oh and he won this
tournament last year.
That was for two million.
Oh, and he won the
high roller last year
at the World Series of Poker,
that was for 18,000,000.
Oh, and he made the high roller
the World Series of Poker
one drop final table again.
I was there with
him, I finished 6th.
He finished 3rd,
for another 1.5 million.
So if he wins this, it
would be a cool 22.5 million
for the last 14 months.
– [Chris] Blinds
are thirty and…
– [Phil] What can you do
with all that money, Colman?
– [Zazay] He goes to
the beach in the morning
before the final table.
– [Volpe] Yeah
he’s at the beach.
– [Zazay] Yeah that’s
what you do with 23 million.
– [Phil] When you
have 23 million
and you’re at the
numbered final tables,
it’s only a million for first,
you might as well get an extra
half an hour at the beach.
– [Zazay] Exactly.
– [Phil] Whatever.
[Mezheritsky] Makes sense.
– [Chris] So Phil, is
it my turn to talk now?
Okay, welcome to
the final table.
Blinds are 30 and
60,000 with a 10 K ante.
And let’s get to it.
Larry Moccia raises to 400,000.
– [Phil] So you wanna
go to Hamptons, too?
[Chris] Both Phil Hellmuth and
I have a mic tonight,
and Phil is using his, it
looks like, to plan a trip.
[Phil] Is that what I’m hearing?
You wanna go to
the Hamptons too?
– [Woman] I would love
to, I have an outfit already.
– [Phil] You do look ready for
the Hamptons in that outfit,
I’ll give you that.
♪ You know what it is
♪ ballin’ out at every level
♪ black and yellow
♪ black and yellow
– [Chris] Ladies and gentlemen,
give it up for Phil Khalifa.
– [Phil] They pay me
extra to rap, ya know?
It’s what I do.
– [Chris] All right, Randy
Pfeifer, our chip leader,
has raised to 1.025 million,
and now Moccia’s all in.
– Can I get a count first?
– [Phil] Here’s Hastings.
What are you doing,
Brian Hastings?
Life is good, huh?
– [Hastings] When are
you going to play me
in open face again?
– It’s 1.9.
– [Phil] No I beat
you on my LiveStream.
– [Chris] 875 for Pfeifer
to call and he does.
– I don’t have a hand.
– [Phil] This is
one of my victims.
But I don’t think I beat
him for very many points.
– [Hastings] I’ll get it back.
– [Chris] Well he’s behind but
he does have two live cards.
– [Phil] So we have
Randy against Larry.
It’s ace, jack
against king, nine.
Five million dollar pot, huge
swing in this tournament.
The ace, jack is a
two-to-one favorite
against the king, nine.
Give us a flop.
– [Chris] I think I’m gonna
go grab a cup of coffee.
I’ll be right back.
– [Phil] Three, five, queen,
that’s a good flop
for our ace, jack.
Give us a turn.
It’s a jack.
It’s a pretty good card
but not a great card
because it adds
[Pfeifer] It’s better for me.
– [Phil] more outs
– Better for me.
– [Phil] for the king, nine.
The king, nine now needs a ten.
There’s four tens
left in the deck.
Or a king.
There’s three kings,
that’s seven wins.
The ace, jack has 37 wins.
Five-to-one favorite
going to the last card.
It’s a five and ace,
jack is gonna hold up.
– [Chris] All right
I just got a cappuccino,
what happened?
– [Phil] Larry’s going to
double up
– [Chris] Oh look at
that, the ace, jack won.
Thanks Phil.
– [Phil] Five million,
and take the chip lead.
– [Chris] I have a feeling
I’m gonna be drinking
a lot of coffee here today.
We continue with the Big
Four when we come back
on Poker Night in America.
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(jazz music)
Welcome back to Poker
Night in America.
Let’s return to the Big Four.
Final table of the main event
here at Seminole Hard Rock
in Hollywood, Florida.
On the one seat this
is Randy Pfeifer,
currently our chip leader,
although he lost a big pot
and doubled-up Larry
Moccia just a moment ago.
Four final tables
running simultaneously
here at Seminole
Hard Rock Poker Open.
Chris Hanson here,
commentating this final table.
We also have Phil
Hellmuth in the building.
He’s going to be taking
things over from time-to-time.
Usually that’s my key to grab
something to eat or drink.
But it’s your key
to listen to one of the best
poker players in the world
talk about poker.
– [Phil] Let’s
not talk about it.
– [Chris] Brian Phillis
calls the raise from Pfeifer
and with that flop, I think
Phillis likes his call.
He checks if he’s gonna
get a bet out of Pfeifer,
which you would fully expect.
And now it’s try to
get as much money
out of your quad
deuces as you can
for Brian Phillis.
– [Phil] I want people to
know I’m from the right state.
Come on man, let’s get
it right, you know?
– You ever played
this game, spikeball?
– [Chris] So no draw going on
that would make Pfeifer
some sort of hand.
The question is whether or not
he’s gonna fire another bullet.
While Pfeifer decides,
we go over to the 2,650
no limit freeze out.
– [Phil] So now they’re all in,
they’re heads up,
it’s a classic.
– [Chris] Phil Laak and Phil
Hellmuth, hamming it up.
– [Phil L.] It’s a race.
– [Phil H.] It’s 13 to 10!
It’s queens against ace,
king that’s not a race.
– [Chris] Pfeifer bet 230,000.
– [Phil L.] It’s a race.
– [Phil H.] Phil Laak, is
everything a race, 13 to 10?
People make a living
on one-tenth of 1%.
These guys have the
market they make billions.
It’s 13 to 10.
– [Phil L.] It’s a race.
– [Chris] Phillis
trying to play it cool.
– [Phil H.] Okay, the queens
is a 13 to 10 favorite.
Give us flow.
The flop is 7, 9, 10 all clubs.
Nobody has a club.
Honey has the queens,
and Seth with the ace, king.
Good flop for the queens.
Give us a card.
It’s the ace of clubs.
There are four clubs on
board, any club for a tie
or Honey has one out to win
this with the queen of diamonds.
Last card.
It’s a six and the ace,
king is going to win,
Seth’s gonna get a big pot.
But before the flop, Phil.
– [Phil L.] It’s a race.
– [Phil H.] Alright I
got it. It’s a race.
– 460.
– [Chris] That was
just one look-in
at the 2650 final table.
We will recap all
of the final tables
once they have concluded,
but now back to the
main even final table.
Phillis has decided this
is his spot to raise,
and he makes it 460.
And Pfeifer calls.
You gotta wonder for the players
if this is
confusing for them.
We have four final
tables that are going on
and so normally you have
one final table in one room
while we’ve got now four final
tables running simultaneously
with Phil Hellmuth in
the middle of it all.
And it’s sounding like Hellmuth
has found another friend.
– [Phil] It’s Jen
Tilly in the house.
I wonder who you’re
rooting for, Jen.
– Well I’m rooting
for Phil, of course.
Phil Laak. Yes.
– [Phil] (chuckle) We know that.
Jennifer Tilly.
I love you, Jennifer.
Wait wait, okay this mic.
Let her step up here.
It’s the mic.
– Phil had a modicum
of sleep last night
I just want you to know.
But he performs well
on lack of sleep
because it puts everything
back into balance.
– Phil Laak’s
probably the only guy
that can perform
well with no sleep
because then he becomes
reasonable again.
– Yup.
– Sane again.
– Yup. (giggle)
– Somewhat normal, again.
– “Somewhat” is
the operative word.
– (laugh) Okay.
Jennifer Tilly in the house.
She’s the best.
– [Chris] Jennifer Tilly,
no stranger to Poker
Night in America,
played plenty on our cash games.
And now we’re back to the
main event final table.
Phillis bet 635 and
Pfeifer cannot call this.
(crowd cheers)
I think it’s safe to
say that Phillis got
all the money out of that
hand that he’s going to.
– [Volpe] That
was one of the longer
bets I’ve ever seen.
– [Pfeifer] Yeah,
that took a while.
– [Chris] Blinds are
now up to 40 and 80 K
with a 10 K ante.
Actions on Vlad Mezheritsky.
He folds.
Pfeifer in seat one
is folding, as well.
First player to leave
this final table
leaves with $75,000.
And it jumps up to
100,000 for 8th place.
– [Chris] Moccia makes it
240,000 with ace, king suited.
Moccia started our
final table here
with a double-up
through the chip leader.
Rick Alvarado is all
in on the button.
– I fold.
– [Chris] And the
decision back to Moccia.
It’s a pretty easy one to
make with ace, king suited.
So Alvarado is
going to be at risk.
Ace, king of diamonds
versus ace, nine.
Phil, what are the particulars?
– [Phil] He has king
of diamonds, it’s a
2.5-to-one favorite.
Give us a flop.
About two million in the pot.
King, queen, eight.
– [Chris] Alvarado in a bad
situation that just got worse.
He needs running nines.
It’s not gonna happen
and so the first player
eliminated from our final table
of this five million dollar
guaranteed tournament
is going to be Rick Alvarado
and he walks with 75 K.
Man, it’s always fun to
make it to a final table;
however, it’s never fun
to be eliminated first
at that final table.
– [Mezheritsky] Nice hand Larry.
(jazz music)
Welcome back to Poker
Night in America.
It’s our special episode
tonight of the Big Four
from Seminole Hard Rock
in Hollywood, Florida,
and after winning the last hand
and eliminating the first
player at this final table,
Larry Moccia is
now our chip leader
with 5.7 million in play.
So now we look at 8th place
That pays $100,000.
Blinds are 40 and 80
thousand with a 10 K ante.
– Did anybody see that?
– I didn’t see anything
– It all looked like
it kinda flashed by.
I didn’t see it.
– [Chris] The defending
champ, Dan Colman.
Who, by the way, could win
a Michael Phelps look-alike
contest if he wanted to,
will fold.
Omar Zazay
on the button with a great hand.
– Could I see your
stack, please?
Thank you.
– [Chris] Zazay about in
the middle of the chips.
He’s 3.9 million.
Short stack’s got 590,000.
– [Volpe] These guys take
so long to open, it’s crazy.
– [Chris] Zazay’s
gonna make it 180,000.
– [Colman] To my left.
– [Volpe] Do
you get all three?
– [Colman] Yeah. All
three in that corner.
It’s the corner death-threat.
– [Chris] Mezheritsky folds.
And now to Phillis
in the big blind.
Suited gap connectors.
– [Phil] Opus
normally side bets.
He’s just constant
texting, I think.
– [Chris] 5, 7 of
clubs gets the call.
We’re heads up.
– [Phil] Any good
offers there, Volpe?
– [Volpe] No good offers.
– [Chris] I’d say
that’s a pretty good
drawing flop for Phillis.
Zazay gets top pair, top kicker,
and bets 200,000.
Back to Phillis.
A little bit more
money into the pot
as we have a min
raise up to 400,000.
Are we gonna go see-saw
back and forth here?
We are.
Phillis with the
straight-flush draw,
might have right now
in his wheelhouse
so just putting them
all in the middle.
They both started this hand
with about the same
amount of chips.
He calls.
So here comes the turn.
It’s another eight, so
nothing for Phillis yet,
but still the big
draw’s out there.
525 to bet from Zazay.
While Phillis decides
what to do in this spot,
let’s go back over to
Phil at the $1,100 event.
– [Phil] David Eldridge
with the king, jack of clubs
versus Viet Vo with the
ace, five of hearts.
All in before the flop.
This pot is close.
It’s around three to two.
I’m gonna say 59% to 41%.
– [Chris] Dave Eldridge…
– [Phil] Deal.
– [Chris] plays out of
the Pittsburgh area.
You see him at Rivers Casino
on Poker Night in America.
– [Phil] And flop
is queen, six, five.
Viet Vo has a pretty decent
sized lead in this hand.
Give us a card.
It’s the queen of clubs.
David Eldridge has
picked up a flush draw.
He has nine clubs,
three kings, and three jacks.
That’s 15 wins.
Viet Vo has 29 wins.
He’s two and one favorite
going to the river.
Last card.
It’s a club.
And David Eldridge is gonna
make a flush and bust Viet Vo.
– [Chris] It always feels
good to make it on the river.
– [Phil] Meanwhile, they’re
down to six players,
at our $1,000 buy-in one million
guaranteed final table.
Still we have this pot going on
between Brian Phillis
and Omar Zazay.
It’s still happening.
Omar bet.
– [Chris] And after much
deliberation, Phillis calls.
– [Phil] And Brian called.
At least two
million in this pot.
– [Chris] Whiff for Phillis
– [Phil] 2.6 million probably.
River’s the 10 of spades.
Action’s on Brian
Phillis, who checks.
– [Chris] Both players check.
Phillis shows his miss.
Zazay shows his winning hand.
That’s the problem when
you get a hand like that
and you get involved
out of the big blind.
Seems like not a
bad idea to call,
next thing you know you’ve lost
over a million
chips off your stack
and you’re wondering what
the heck just happened.
– [Phil] I can tease
you a little bit today.
– [Chris] Four final tables
running simultaneously
here at Seminole
Hard Rock Poker Open.
This was the 5250 buy-in.
There’s also 2650 buy-in
and $1100 buy-in,
and the high roller
was a 25 K buy-in.
All coming to an end today
here at Seminole Hard Rock.
907 entries into this
tournament for 5250.
– [Phil] Joseph Calderon has
two-fours in the small blind.
Volpe with king, nine of
diamonds in the big blind.
Normally the math would be like,
very close to even money,
but Volpe’s very lucky
so I think he has a 60%
chance to win this pot.
– [Chris] Well we know
because of folded cards
it’s a little better
than a race for Couden.
Volpe is a 2014
WSOP bracelet winner
and he’s gonna look
to stay alive here
and he picks up a
couple of diamonds.
– [Phil] Volpe needs a nine.
Volpe needs a king.
Volpe needs a diamond.
It’s pretty close to even money.
Give us a card.
– I though that was a nine.
– [Phil] Going to the river.
14 wins for Volpe,
30 wins for Joseph.
– I’m gonna smash the diamonds.
– [Phil] Last card.
It’s a five, and the
two-fours is gonna hold up.
Joseph’s gonna win this pot.
– [Chris] And that’s
gonna do it for Volpe.
He’s got over four million
dollars in tournament winnings
and he’ll add another
100,000 to that
here at Seminole Hard Rock.
– [Phil] Volpe just
puts numbers up.
– [Chris] And we’re
now down to seven.
7th place is 125,000.
– [Phil] Good run Volpe.
– [Volpe] Thank you.
– And another player’s dreams
of taking home the championship
are dashed when we return.
Seven players remain.
Mano-a-mano for
One Million Dollars.
Gentlemen, it’s time to
take the stage.
Welcome back to Poker
Night in America
at Seminole Hard Rock
for the Big Four.
Updated chip count: Randy
Pfeifer and Larry Moccia
right up there at the top.
And after losing a big
pot a little bit ago,
with 5, 7 of clubs,
Brian Phillis is
now our short stack.
Dan Colman trying to repeat.
Just over two million in chips,
he’s got some work to do.
A raise from Larry
Moccia to 180,000.
He’s got pocket fives.
The blinds here are
40 and 80 thousand.
And we’re going
further up the ladder.
Zazay makes it for 35.
– I call.
– Call.
– [Chris] And Moccia calls.
So we’re heads up
with Zazay and Moccia.
– [Phil] Here we go again.
Reuben versus Gabbin.
This time Reuben
has the jack, deuce.
– [Chris] And Omar
Zazay bets 430,000.
Keep in mind we do have four
final tables that are running
all at the same time here
at the Seminole Hard Rock.
This is the main event final
table with 2650 buy-in.
And Moccia re-raises
and takes down the pot.
Moccia doubled-up in our very
first hand of this final table
and has held onto the chip
lead almost ever since.
Queens for Zazay.
Omar being very
active at this table.
Makes it 175.
And here comes the
cooler from Mezheritsky.
with kings.
As my normal co-host on
Poker Night in America,
Joe Stapleton, would say,
“Oh look at this! It’s lady
kings versus real kings.”
Copyright, Joe Stapleton.
“My babies.” Also
copyright, Joe Stapleton.
I’m basically just gonna
steal Joe’s material.
Zazay goes to 900,000.
– I’m all in.
– [Chris] Mezheritsky is all in.
Zazay shouldn’t take too
long to think this over.
About a million in chips
separate these two.
Zazay would be calling
for his tournament life.
– Call.
– [Chris] And here
comes the bad news.
– That was missing
from the equation.
– [Chris] What are
you going to do
if Zazay picks up a bad spot?
It’s a cooler.
– Kings.
– [Voiceover] Two black
queens. Two black kings.
– [Chris] And when somebody
paged Phil Hellmuth.
Phil we need you.
We’ve got an all in.
We’ve got a dog at the table.
And I can go get myself
another cup of coffee.
– [Phil] Two black queens
against two black kings.
Right now the kings is a four
and a half to one favorite.
Give us a flop.
Queen in the window for Omar.
The flop is queen, five, four.
– [Chris] Alright this
time I got a macchiato,
what did I miss?
Oh my goodness he had
a queen on the flop!
– [Voiceover] Give the dog back.
(laughing) Take the dog.
– [Chris] Mezheritsky deposits
the dog into the audience.
I hope he knows that person.
– [Phil] The turn is a
paint, but it’s a jack.
And with one to come, Omar,
who was a four and a
half to one underdog,
– [Chris] No Phil,
he gave the dog away.
– [Phil] has 42 wins
to Vlad’s two wins.
Last card.
– [Chris] What an
unbelievable turn of events.
Only a king in the river
will eliminate Zazay.
– [Phil] It’s another
paint, but it’s a jack.
– [Chris] It’s another jack.
A double up for Omar Zazay.
– Good times.
– Got it in with
two halves, baby
– [Phil] Queens
against kings. Wow.
– [Chris] And brand new life
for Zazay at this final table.
– So sick Vlad.
– Sorry bro.
– (sighs) F–k.
And I know you’d never f–k
it around right there, either.
– [Phil] Dan has the
ace, five of clubs.
The board is nine, six of
clubs, jack of diamonds.
Nine, six of clubs,
jack of diamonds.
He has a enough for
a flush draw.
– [Chris] Blinds are up,
we’re at 50 and 100 K
with a 15,000 chip ante.
A lot of folding going on.
Colman raises to 200,000.
Zazay in the small blind folds.
– [Vlad] All in.
– [Dan] Call.
– [Dealer] All in. Call.
– [Chris] Mezheritsky
moves all in
and a quick call from Colman.
Dan Colman, most
famously the winner
of the 2014 million dollar
buy-in Big One for One Drop.
That won him 15.3 million.
He’s trying to get to
the million dollars
here today at this final table.
He is our defending champion
and he looks like he
is in a great spot here
to eliminate another player.
– [Phil] Ace, jack
against ace, king.
Vlad’s all in.
Dan Colman has ace, king.
He’s a two and a
half to one favorite.
Give us flop.
– [Chris] And getting one step
closer to going back-to-back
here at Seminole Hard Rock.
– [Phil] 10, eight, three.
It’s a good flop for Dan.
Give us a card.
It’s a queen.
That’s a pretty
good card for Vlad.
He picks up some outs here.
Right now Vlad needs
a nine for a straight.
There’s four nines.
He needs a king for a straight.
There’s three kings.
Seven wins for Vlad
going into the river.
37 wins for Dan Colman.
Last card.
It’s a seven and Dan’s
gonna win this pot.
– [Chris] Dan Colman will
eliminate our third player
here at Seminole Hard Rock.
– [Phil] We’re gonna
lose another player.
Vlad is out.
– [Chris] $125,000 going
to Vlad Mezheritsky.
– [Zazay] I’ll see you at
Borgata, Vlad.
Dinner on me, alright?
– Alright, sounds good.
– A six-pack of players
remain in the running
for over a million
dollars when we come back
on Poker Night in America.
Welcome back to Poker
Night in America,
it’s Chris Hanson at the
Big Four four final tables
going on here at Seminole
Hard Rock simultaneously.
We’re featuring the
main event final table
where Larry Moccia is
still our chip leader,
but Omar Zazay,
after finding a
miracle queen to set up
his queens versus kings,
is now nippin’ at Larry’s heals.
And this is the chip
leader, Larry Moccia.
He will fold.
Six players who are
left, so let’s update.
Sixth place goes for 150 K.
Fifth place, $180,000.
And Dan Colman watching
players go out ahead of him
means he’s getting closer
and closer to repeating.
He won this event last year
and looking to go back-to-back.
Really the only thing
I ever do back-to-back
is see how tall I am
versus other people.
275 from Colman.
Back to Pfeifer.
Not buying what Colman is
selling, he is raising to 650.
Randy Pfeifer started this
final nine as our chip leader.
Even though Pfeifer missed,
maybe he’s setting up a play
for future streets
with that raise.
And that play, I have a feeling,
is about to be executed.
While Colman thinks
over the raise,
let’s go back to the 2650…
– [Phil] All in and
a call over here.
– [Chris] tournament.
– [Phil] Shijuan Liu as
ace, queen of hearts.
And Darryl has two red jacks.
Right now the red jacks is
about a 12 to 10 favorite.
Darryl’s all in
for around 750,000.
Give us the flop.
The flop is king, four, deuce.
It’s a good flop for the jacks.
Give us a card.
It’s a nine, and now Shijuan
needs a queen or an ace.
There’s three
queens, three aces.
38 wins for Darryl.
He’s six to one favorite
going to the river.
Last card.
It’s a three.
Darryl’s gonna win this one.
– [Chris] Thank you
very much, Phil.
You keep us updated
on all those tables.
Let’s get back to the
main event final table now
where Dan Colman did call.
And a four of spades
falls on the river.
– I check.
– [Chris] Pfeifer
tried his one play
that he had in the book, so…
– I can’t (mumbles)
so, king, queen.
– [Chris] It hasn’t
worked so far.
He checks.
Colman does check behind.
He is gonna play.
And maybe one more bet
from Randy Pfeifer.
Might’ve scared away
the young Colman.
– Nice hand.
– [Chris] Let me translate.
“Nice hand” means how in the
blank did you make that call?
– Did you read my soul, or what?
– I just don’t like to fold.
– [Pfeifer] (laughing)
“Read my soul.”
– [Chris] Playing
for a million dollars
at this final table on
Poker Night in America.
Colman with queen, ten
raised to 200 K.
Pocked sevens for Omar Zazay.
Back to Pfeifer,
folds his small blind.
Our chip leader, Larry Moccia,
calls with ten, six.
Getting involved in a
three-way pot with ten, six,
even in the big blind,
is awfully scary.
Just gonna tell ya.
He’s out of position for
the rest of the hand.
He misses and checks.
Everybody’s checking.
Another ace on the turn.
350 is the bet.
Going up to 1.1 million.
Call from Zazay.
This pot now just under
three million in chips.
Yet another overcard hits
the board to Zazay’s sevens.
And Colman’s gonna test him.
It looks like he’s
ready to make a bet.
That’s a big stack of chips.
Three million chips.
It’s a pot-sized
bet on the river.
Wanna be a professional
poker player, kids?
These are the kinds of decisions
you gotta make over and over.
And Zazay this time around
(jazz music)
makes the fold.
– Show it for the fans, Dan.
– They’ll see in 30 minutes.
– Do you have like,
pocket eights?
– Maybe. Do you have
like, pocket air?
– Something like that.
– Pocket eights for pocket air.
– [Chris] And with that pot,
Dan Colman now is
our chip leader.
Look at this, the defending
champion hops up to 9.3 million.
We’ve got more from
Seminole Hard Rock
at the Big 4,
when we come back.
Closed captioning is brought
to you as a public service
by Poker Night in America.
Thanks for coming back to
Poker Night in America,
we return to our final table
where we’ve go six players left.
(jazz music)
– [Chris] A raise from Pfeifer.
And a re-raise to 700,000.
Brian Phillis tells us that
his biggest tournament
cash ever was $6,000.
He has blown the doors off
of that number here tonight.
– What do you got, man?
– 2.4 I started the hand.
– [Chris] So he’s looking
at a raise and a re-raise.
I mean if you’re already looking
at the biggest
cash of your life,
you might as well go for it.
Not too many opportunities
you’re gonna have
to play for a million
dollars at a final table
and that’s what first place
is taking home tonight.
– All in.
– [Chris] And Phillis is all in.
– (sighs) I’m glad you did that.
– [Chris] And he’s ahead.
Couden has king, queen.
When you got a raise and a
re-raise in front of you,
it’s gonna be pretty obvious
there are gonna be some
overcards out there.
You just had to wonder if
it was gonna be an overpair.
And lucky enough for
Phillis, it wasn’t.
– [Phil] Alright dealer,
Joseph is all in.
Give us a flop.
King, queen against two nines.
It’s a good flop for the nines.
Six, seven, ace.
Give us a card.
It’s a five and
going to the river
Joseph has three kings and
three queens left in the deck
versus 38 wins for Brian.
Six to one. Give
us the last card.
It’s a paint.
(crowd cheering)
It’s a jack and Joseph is
going to finish in sixth place.
– [Chris] River is a jack
and the Pompano Beach,
Florida native, Brian Phillis,
has eliminated another player
and wins a 1.3 million chip pot,
much to the pleasure of
many in the audience, here.
– I win the hand.
I mean, he shoved so I gotta
fold, but I gotta call him.
I have ace, ten of diamonds.
– Oh yeah, of course.
– I mean, I’m not folding.
I mean he’s only
got 1.2 million.
– [Chris] Some movement
going on with the players
as they have spread
out in the room
that was left from
the eliminations.
– [Phil] Fraj, can
you rap at all?
You got anything?
– [Chris] Pfeifer raises to 225.
– [Phil] I got something.
– [Voiceover] You
got a poker rap?
– [Phil] No not a poker rap, but
I’ve got a little
Jay Z if you want.
– [Chris] I’m ready.
Come on Phil. Bring it.
– [Phil] Alright, I’m ready.
You ready?
– [Chris] I’m ready.
– [Phil] Alright.
♪ I’m in Boeing
jets Global Express
♪ Out the country
but the blue bird…
♪ Blueberry still connects
I messed that up.
♪ On a yacht on the low
♪ With a triple deck
♪ But I’m young what the beep
♪ Do you expect
♪ Grand openin’ grand closin’
– [Chris] Did he do it?
I missed it, didn’t I?
We’ll get back to him.
– [Phil] I can go a little
smoother than that, too.
– [Chris] Free raise
from Larry Moccia.
– [Phil] ♪ I’m in Boeing
jets Global Express
♪ Out the country but the
blueberry still connects
♪ On the low on a
yacht got a triple deck
♪ But I’m young what
the beep do you expect
♪ Grand openin’ grand closin
– [Chris] Phil
Hellmuth with either
the best, worst rap
I’ve ever heard before
or the worse, best
rap of all time.
– All in.
– [Dealer] All in.
– [Chris] Now Randy
Pfeifer is moving all in.
– Can I have a count, please?
– [Dealer] Yes.
2,750,000 total.
– [Chris] When you
get the five-handed,
an ace is gonna look
great in your hand.
The problem is
Moccia’s out kicked,
but he does have him covered.
Randy Pfeifer with almost
two million dollars
in career tournament winnings.
From Hamburg, New York.
And he’s gonna pick
up a very big pot.
That’s one of those
hands for Moccia
that if he doesn’t
win this final table,
he maybe look back at
that and wish he called.
– Nice hand.
– Thank you.
– [Chris] You get a million
dollars for first place.
575,000 for second and
the next player eliminated
will leave Hollywood,
Florida with 180,000.
And for Larry Moccia,
he’s into this tournament
for $140 step satellite win,
so he is technically
playing with house money.
He might as well stick around
to see if he can’t
get a bigger pay bump.
This time he’s got queen, ten.
That’ll go to the muck.
– [Phil] Fraj, is it old
school to be superstitious?
– [Chris] And now Dan Colman
the king, five makes it 220.
– [Phil] I mean, Phil Laak
just changed his entire getup.
– [Chris] Zazay in
the small blind.
– [Phil] He changed shirts, he
changed pants, he changed…
He’s like, “I changed
it all, Phil.”
– [Chris] Zazay, from
Richardson, Texas,
raises to 550 with eights.
Phillis folds, so
now back to Colman.
Let’s face it, for the year
2014 that Dan Colman had
he’s pretty much free-rolling
for the rest of his life.
But there is definitely
something special
about going back-to-back
in the same tournament
from one year to the next
and that’s what Dan
Colman is trying to do
here at Seminole Hard Rock,
in the Hard Rock Poker Open.
We’re now at 1.1 million.
Again, this is tournament poker.
So, yeah, decisions do
take a little bit longer.
And we have another raise.
Okay guys, let’s
put this to an end.
Somebody just ship them all in.
– [Dealer] 2,000,050.
– Guess you have it.
– [Chris] And the
raise from Zazay
is gonna be enough
to get rid of Colman.
(jazz music)
And Zazay stack them up
against the defending champ.
– [Moccia]
Omar’s come to play.
– Indeed.
(jazz music)
– [Chris] Well that’s where
we’re gonna end for tonight.
We’ll finish it up next
time and when we do return,
Dan Colman’s gonna
try to complete the
back-to-back journey,
but anybody with
those chip stacks
is one big pot away from
taking home the chip lead.
We’ll wrap up this
table next week
so be sure to tune
in for the finally.
For more from Poker Night,
or find us on Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube, or Twitch
where you can see
complete episodes
and unedited live streams.
Also, be sure to check
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Night merchandise.
For everyone here at
Poker Night in America,
I’m Chris Hanson.
– [Voiceover] We are here
for the charity tournament
Habitat for Humanity
supporting a great cause.
People are volunteering to help
people rebuild their houses.
I’m oh so excited
to see you guys.
– Thank you.
We’re so happy to be here.
We love coming here because
it’s like a vacation
even though it’s a poker party.
Phil said, “The only
vacations we ever go to
is when the tournaments
are in fabulous spots,
like the Seminole.”
– And you’re playing
in a charity event,
so I’m just wondering
if you guys are going
for the first and
second place again.
– You know, there
was one tournament
where I came in first
and Phil came in second.
I think it was like all the
stars were in alignment.
Maybe a one time thing,
but wouldn’t it be fabulous
if that happened again?
They have great prizes tonight.
– We were at separate
tables the whole event.
There were 150 with 50 rebuys
and we just kept
winning our hands.
– And then we got heads up
and I know Phil so well
and I think I had…
– We didn’t even do business.
We didn’t do a chop or anything.
We’re like, let’s go for it.
– Well, I never do
business with my boyfriend.
This is the great thing
about being a poker player
is that we do have
the opportunity
to attend events like this
and you’re having fun
and you’re raising
money for a good cause.
– Having fun giving back.
I love the idea of
Habitat for Humanity
but I’m more of a guy
who’s gonna donate
versus hammer and
nails and the sweat.
Those guys, they need help, so
have to play a lot of poker.
Build up those buy-ins.
– Yeah, Phil’s not a hammer
and nails kind of guy.
He just likes to throw
money at the situation.
He’s like, “I’ll do 500
rebuys. How about that?
That’s how I’ll life my arms.
Going for my wallet.”
– Awesome.
So tonight we’re going to
see you playing heads up,
donating a lot of money
for people that are
rebuilding houses.
– I hope so.
And it’s such a
great charity too
because it’s sort of like
helping people help themselves.
And you can sort or visually
see where your money goes to.
It’s really a fantastic charity.
We’re happy to be
here playing for it.
– Yep.

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  2. Pieffer plays so incredibly spewy. Shows his poor fundamental understanding of the game in that k9 hand. His line makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Jack was a horrible card to double barrel as he never c/r a naked jack on flop and there was a Js on board to prevent any Jx combos. Maybe this guy is a big enough of a moron to play A10 this way as he's clearly a mindless button clicker simply on a heater but in reality the only better hands than kq that could conceivably play this way are aj and 66. The funny thing is he checks when he finally gets a credible card to bluff, a combo draw getting there is conceivable

  3. @16:02 — when zazay decides to reraise and make it 650k, is he putting out 650k additional from his stack or taking 450k from his stack because he already has 200k out there for a total of 650k out there?

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    And hearing Phil's incessant squeeling through the megaphone would fucking tilt me to bits… cannot imagine playing under those conditions

  5. I wonder how much they paid Helmuth to come there for that. You can rest assured he didn't do the commentary out of the goodness of his heart.

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