Poker Night in America | The Big 4 – 2015 | Part 2

Poker Night in America | The Big 4 – 2015 | Part 2

– From Seminole Hard Rock,
in Hollywood, Florida
This is Poker Night in America.
(energetic music)
Hello and welcome to
another special episode
of Poker Night in America.
I’m your host, Chris Hanson.
Well, this is it.
We are down to the final
five players of the
Seminole Hard Rock
Poker Open Championship.
Whoever takes home
first place tonight
will go home with over
a million dollars.
The pressure and the fatigue
at this point in the tournament
must be staggering
for these players.
Now, keep in mind,
this is the Big Four.
So we’ve got four final
tables running simultaneously
and we are going to
be featuring this one.
The $5 million guaranteed
Seminole Hard Rock
Poker Open Championship.
907 players entered this
event with a 5,250 buy in,
but only a fraction of
those are still left today.
In fact, you can count
the amount of players
who made it to the final
table on two hands.
And we watched four of them
bust out in the last episode.
So now, like I said earlier,
we’re down to five guys
with their eyes on the
prize of $1 million
for a first place win.
What about those other
tournaments, you ask?
Well we’ve got three other
featured events from the
Seminole Hard Rock
Open that have
come to a head here and now.
The $1,100 buy in seems to
be moving the fastest today.
We started all four final
tables at the exact same time
so we’re heads up on the 1,100.
Over at the 2,650 buy in final
table, we are four handed,
and in the high-roller event,
during our last episode, only
one player was knocked out.
The next player to bust out will
almost triple their investment.
And what’s this?
I’m being told we have
an all in right now.
Alright we’re going
down to the table
in the eye of the
hurricane to Phil Hellmuth.
Phil, what’s goin’ on?
– Ian has pocket aces, Phil
Lock has King Queen off-suit.
The math on this, I
think, it’s seven to one.
King Queen against two
aces, give us flop.
10 seven deuce. Pretty
good flop for Ian.
He’s lookin’ good.
Give us a card.
Phil Lock turns a
King, now he has hope.
He needs a King,
there’s two Kings,
He needs a Queen,
there’s three Queens,
He has five outs.
Ian has 39 outs.
Last card please.
(audience cheering)
Phil Lock’s gonna
finish in 8th place.
– [Chris] And Phil Lock
will be knocked out of the
High Roller event, his chips
are going to Ian O’Hara,
and as we go back
to the $5250, $5M final table,
Randy Pfeifer is
raised with King nine.
And while Dan Colman
thinks over Jack eight,
let’s check out our
latest chip count.
Dan Colman, your chip leader by
about a million over Omar Zazay
and Randy Pfeifer currently
sits on the short stack.
Colman’s pumpin’ it up to 530.
$1 million for our champion here
tonight at the
$5,000 buy in, at the
Seminole Hard Rock
Poker Open Championship.
Dan Colman tryin’ to win this
event two years in a row,
literally the only thing
I’ve done two years in a row
is have a birthday.
And Dan’s tryin’ to
take this thing down
for the second
time in two years.
Pfeifer hits his
King on the flop.
I have a feeling
that Colman is gonna
bet to represent
having that ace.
And here comes the
continuation bet. It’s 325.
Pfeifer makes the call.
Pot is approaching
2 million in chips.
Here’s the true test.
If Colman bets here again,
which it looks like
he’s getting ready to,
he’s now turned his
bluff into a semi-bluff,
as he did pick up
the flush draw.
At 750,000.
And so Pfeifer now
tryin’ to decipher,
that’s right Phil, I can do
a bit of rapping as well,
are these just two continuation
bets or does he have it?
– You are a man. Nice hand.
– [Chris] And right
now, indeed Dan Colman
is a man who has the chip lead.
Here at this final table.
– [Randy] I have the same
hand as the hand I’ve
lost all my chips
with today, King nine.
– Yeah that’s true.
– I lost to him
and I lost to you.
– [Chris] Randy Pfeifer has
lost over 5 million in chips
with a starting hand
that has included a King.
He started this final
table as our chip leader.
Kings are not the thing
for Randy Pfeifer today.
– I’m sure my buddies’ll be
“Ass [bleep], you pulled it
– [Chris] Randy you have
nothing to worry about, man.
You just tell your frends,
“When was the last time you
“played for a million dollars
on Poker Night in America?”
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Welcome back to Poker
Night in America.
We get back to the
tournament action
tonight at the Big Four.
– I’m gettin’ all these
medium hands, like,
garbage hands if I do,
just do, five handed,
and I haven’t had a pair
bigger than nines at all.
I’ve had Ace King
once. I haven’t had
Ace Queen at all yet.
All the medium, Queen
Jack, King Queen, King 10,
King nine a lot.
– It’s fine too, but like the
time to hit your card rush
isn’t 10 handed, 12 handed,
it’s at the final table.
– [Randy] Right, yeah, exactly.
– It’s all for nothing if not
– [Chris] You’ve gotta play
with the hands you’re dealt
and for Randy
Pfeifer, King nine,
the hand he’s been
dealt and playing with,
has not been
working out for him.
Lines are 60 and 120k
with a $20,000 annie.
Zazay is gonna raise it up.
The Texan playing
here in Florida
has Ace King and
he makes it 265.
Randy Pfeifer in
the one seed after
giving away chips to Dan Colman.
– [Randy] All in.
– [Chris] He’s now all
in with Ace Queen suited.
Pfeifer said starting
this hand that
he hadn’t seen
Ace Queen all day.
He gets it and runs into a
cooler, Zazay having Ace King.
– I fold.
– Give rough count please.
– [Omar] 2 million
– [Randy] 2 million 80.
– [Chris] Come on Omar, it
doesn’t matter what he has.
You know you’re calling
with Ace King, here we go.
And Pfeifer is at risk.
– Randy is all in with
Ace Queen of Diamonds.
Omar has him covered and
Omar has the best hand.
Give us a flop.
Omar is a 2 1/2 to one favorite.
Nine four deuce. It’s a
really good flop for Omar.
Give us a card dealer.
– [Chris] Only one diamond
there in a nine high flop.
– It’s a six of Hearts and
now Omar has to dodge a Queen.
There’s three Queens
left in the deck,
which means he has 41 wins.
Randy has 3 wins.
Last card.
It’s a Jack
– [Chris] River’s a blank
and that’s gonna do
it for Randy Pfeifer.
Randy Pfeifer finally got an
Ace Queen, and look at that,
If he’d have been playing
King Nine that time,
he would have turned
out to be a winner.
That’s the way it goes
and it is definitely not
the last time we’re
gonna see Randy Pfeifer
at a big tournament final table.
Now four handed, here’s
what we have for chip count.
Omar Zazay, your new chip leader
with 8.2 million in chips,
Dan Colman, though, right
behind him with 7.9 million.
4th place pays 220,000 and
then you have a 90,000 jump
up to 3rd place, for $310,000.
– [Brian] How much the bet?
– [Omar] (mumbles)
– [Dan] What’s that?
– No, (mumbles)
– (chuckles) How
much is the bet?
– How much the bet?
– [Chris] Colman
raises to 300,000.
– I think I’m gonna move
to that seat over there,
so that everybody’s on my right.
– Uh…
– Right?
– I don’t, I don’t think…
– It was a joke.
I just feel like
everybody’s on my left
even though we’re in a circle.
– [Phil]
Rubin versus David.
– [Chris] Sounds
like there’s some
action over at the $1,100 table.
They are heads up for
that championship.
Let’s go over to Phil Hellmuth.
– Ruben has the best
hand and the chip lead.
If he wins this,
he wins this trophy
and the title, and the cash.
Ace Eight for Ruben against
King five for David.
Ruben is a 2 1/2, excuse
me, two to one favorite
to just win this title
right here, right now.
Give us a flop.
– [Chris] Alright we’re
doin’ two at once.
Two flops comin’ at ya on
Poker Night in America.
– [Phil] Three four Jack, it’s
a pretty good flop for Ruben.
Give us a card.
– [Chris] Flop doesn’t help
anyone here at the $5,250 entry.
– [Phil] It’s a five,
not so good for Ruben.
David now has a pair of fives.
Ruben can win this pot with
a deuce. There’s four deuces.
He would make a straight.
There’s three eights
and there’s three Aces.
10 outs to win the title.
Thirty four outs for David
to take a massive chip lead.
Give us the last card.
– [Chris] Colman bets 450.
– [Phil] It’s a six and the
King five is going to hold up.
David’s gonna take a
massive chip lead in this.
– [Chris] And Colman
will get no action.
Thank you very
much for keepin’ us
updated on the $1,100
tourament, Phil.
And this seems like
as good a spot as any
to recap the action
in the $1,100 buy in.
794 players bought in to
the $1,100 event that had
a 1/2 a million guaranteed
in first place prize money,
This was the fastest moving
of all four final tables.
They got started
at the same time.
And every player
that got eliminated,
they got closer to the
big money at the top.
And right now it’s Ace
Jack versus Ace Queen
for David Eldridge to
close this event out.
– [Phil] Ruben with Ace Queen
against David’s Ace Jack.
10 seven five. Good flop
for Ruben. Give us a card.
It’s the 10 of Clubs and David
picks up the nut flush draw.
Ruben, you’re still
three to one favorite
going into the river.
Wow. It’s a Queen of Clubs and
Ruben is gonna lose this pot.
He hits Queens on the river,
but David makes a nut flush
to win the title, the
cash, and the girl.
– [Chris] So indeed, David
Eldridge scoops up the $146,000
with the win and he’s the
1st champion of the big four.
Three more tables to go.
We’ll get back to the
poker and Seminole
Hard Rock Poker Open Championip
when we come back.
Welcome back to Poker
Night in America.
Here’s our updated chip counts.
Omar Zazay with 8.9
million in chips,
Brian Phillis right
there with 7.6,
Dan Colman, who was chip leader
for a good portion of this
final table, has
dropped to 3rd at 7.4
and the short
stack, Larry Moccia,
with 3.2 million in chips.
Phillis will start
this hand under the gun
Phillis folds, over
to the short stack,
Jack nine on the button.
Fold. Fold. Fold.
This is where you should fold.
Except he raises to 250.
When you’re the short stack,
you gotta be careful
with every raise
you put into the middle.
(audience cheers)
But he still has one of those
stacks that, you know what?
If he gets doubled
up, it’s gonna hurt,
that’s for sure, from
the other player.
And Zazay calls
with a suited King.
Straight draw for Moccia,
pair o’ kings for Zazay.
And they’re both checking.
Zazay is first and
he fires 300,000.
Moccia calls.
Moccia hits his
nine on the river
and it is the worst
thing to happen to him
because he moves all
in for 2.635 million.
– Whaddya got buddy?
Got a good hand?
– A little somethin’.
– A little somethin’?
You (beep)-ing (mumbles)
– [Chris] Zazay playing
very deliberately
here at this final table.
As we said earlier, the
stack that Moccia has,
it’s enough to get
somebody to fold,
but it’s right on that line of
getting somebody
to call as well.
And if Zazay thinks he’s just
getting the right price here
to make this call,
he’s gonna be a winner.
– Call.
– [Man] Ooh, he called.
– [Chris] Zazay makes the call
and Moccia knows he’s beat.
– [Phil] It’s been a call
– [Chris] Hats off to
Larry, $140 step satellite
got him into this $5,200 event.
And he is gonna be leaving
in 4th place with 220k.
– 2% for the win.
It’s all you bro.
Good call buddy. I had info.
Larry, good job man. That was a,
I couldn’t fold
top pair, buddy.
– Yeah, I know,
psh. Of course not.
– [Chris] Alright now
we’re three handed.
Third place in this
event is $310,000.
Phillis with suited
Ace makes it 260.
[Chris] And a call
from Zazay
So we’re heads up with Zazay
and Phillis, here’s the flop.
It’s 10 high. Gut shot
straight draw for Zazay.
And Phillis has top
pair, top kicker.
Call from Zazay.
And now an open ended
straight draw for Zazay.
He’s gonna get a free river
card as Phillis checks as well.
He doesn’t get there.
So Phillis and his pair
of tens is the winner,
unless he folds.
Zazay will be first to act.
Half-pot-sized bet
from Zazay of 525,000.
Phillis calls, Phillis wins.
Zazay, interesting there,
showed his cards to Phillis,
showing him “I’m capable
of bluffing at this,
“even if I have
absolutely nothing.”
Lot more great tournament
action at the Big Four,
when we come back on
Poker night in America.
He’s the weirdest
(bleep)-ing guy in the world.
– (laughs) So weird.
(energetic music)
– [Chris] Omar Zazay
is our chip leader,
but it’s pretty tight between
second and third place
with Brian Phillis
and Dan Colman.
Again Dan Colman trying
to win this event
two years in a row.
350 from Colman, with
Jack 10 of Hearts.
Phillis has pocket fours.
Again, for Brian Phillis,
his biggest ever
live cash was $6,000.
Just slightly more than the
buy in to this tournament
at Seminole Hard Rock.
And here comes a raise
from Phillis up to 900,000.
Call from Dan.
Colman makes two
pair on the flop.
Phillis betting into
a monster at 725k.
And if you’re Omar Zazay,
you’re loving this action,
just hoping one
of the two players
is gonna eliminate the other,
because you’ll automatically
bump up from winning
310,000 up to at least
575,000 for second place.
Colman lets Phillis swim away
with a little bit more line.
Turn is an eight.
Brian Phillis checks
to Dan Colman.
– [Phil] Was Jason wrong once?
– [Chris] Oh hey, wait a second.
I forgot, Phil Hellmuth
is joining us again today.
– [Phil] You were
wrong, in other words.
– [Chris] Alright, Phil,
what’re you up to now?
– [Phil] (laughs) He manned up.
Well done Jason.
That’s a test for you.
– [Jason] When you’re
wrong as often as I am
you just learn to say
“Yeah I was wrong.”
You’re just not used to it.
– [Chris] Phil,
leave Mercier alone,
he’s trying to concentrate.
Now keep in mind there
are two other tables
that are going on at the
exact same time as this one.
Just over 1.3 million,
the bet from Colman.
And that should
be it for Phillis.
And it is as he folds.
– [Phil] And
Colman’s gonna win pot.
– [Chris] And speaking of those
two other tables
that are going on,
let’s check out the $25,000
high roller event for a bit.
It looks like they’re
five handed, currently.
Aah, but look at this. The
2,650 is heads up, alright.
We’re whittling it down,
what a fancy coincidence.
Not related to editing,
or anything like that.
We have an all in. Alright
let’s see how this pans out.
– Here we go. Fabrizio,
he has a chance
to win this tournament
right here, right now.
It’s a flip.
Four for Fabrizio, seven eight
for Danny Fuse. Give us Flop.
Seven eight Jack, Danny’s
flop two pair. Give us a card.
It’s a six. Fabrizio
needs a five.
There’s four fives in the deck.
He needs a four,
there’s two of those.
He has six outs
to win the title.
Danny has 38 outs to
continue the fight.
Give us card.
It’s a five.
(crowd cheering)
Fabrizio’s gonna
win the tournament.
He’s made an eight
high straight.
– [Chris] So there
we go, it’s our
second champion
from the Big Four.
Fabrizio Gonzalez taking
home 236,000 dollars,
but what about the
rest of the players
that made the final table
of the 2,650 event, you ask?
Well, here’s a little
story about the 2,650.
This was a million
dollar guarantee event.
They had 502 players for
a $1.2 million prize pool.
Final table payouts ranged
from $23,000 for 9th place
all the way up to
Daniel Gonzales
beating out Daniel Fuse
for the 236k prize.
All those players are
currently being paid out
and now it’s time to go
back to the
the 5,250 $5 million
guaranteed final table,
where it looks like we’ve
done some coloring up.
So we have some plaques
on the table now.
Each one of those is
worth 1/2 a million.
Blinds are 75 and 150K
with a 25,000 chip ante
New chips on the table,
same Dan Colman betting.
On the button, makes it 350,000.
With suited Ace four.
Phillis calls the
raise with King six.
And that’s kind of a
good flop for Phillis.
Dan Colman has
none of that flop.
But Phillis checks and you know
that Colman’s
gonna continuation.
And that’s exactly
what he did. 400,000.
Phillis calls, so
here’s the turn.
Now Colman picks
up a flush draw.
Both players will check.
Oh wow.
A 10 of Diamonds on the
river gives Colman his flush.
So the board pairing again
gives Phillis the full house.
But you know Colman’s
gonna wanna try
to put some more money in here.
– [Phil] And Phillis
checks, and Colman gets
– Flush
– I had a full house,
– [Chris] And Phillis was just
– Wow
– [Chris] Forced to call
instead of coming
back over the top
just in case Colman
had a 10 in his hand.
And I think Dan Colman got away
from that about as
cheap as he could.
– [Phil] And
Colman made a flush,
and Brian Phillis
made a full house.
And in this country, a
full house beats a flush.
Actually, in every
country that’s true.
But it used to be in Canada,
the straight be a flush.
Did you know that?
It’s harder to make a
straight than a flush,
so the Canadians have
some good logic there.
– [Chris] Zazay just
sitting back wondering
“why won’t one of these two
just please take out the other?”
They’ve both been
involved in so many hands,
but both of them
playing very carefully.
Zazay not gonna sit this one
out, he raises with Ace five.
Phillis folds, so
it’s over to Colman.
He calls.
And that’s two pair for
Colman. Nothin’ for Zazay.
500,000 the bet.
– All in.
– Call.
– [Chris] All in from Zazay
and a quick call from Colman.
– Big hand here. Dan
has Queens and eights.
The board is Queen eight six.
Brian Phillis moved all in
bluffing with Ace five off suit.
– (laughs) Not this guy.
This guy.
– Oh, sorry. Omar
moved all in bluffing
with Ace five off suit.
Sorry, let me get it right.
(audience boos)
– [Chris] Come on Phil,
you’re gonna step on my lines.
You can at least bother
to get ’em right.
– Alright, however, if you
had to have a dry Ace high,
at least he has backdoor
spades, and a backdoor straight.
Give us a card.
Big pot here.
It’s a 10, and Dan
doesn’t even have
to worry about the river,
he’s gonna get the double up.
– [Chris] That’s where
Dan Colman with that
just continuous
betting added up now
to get him paid
here at this spot.
– 3.5, four.
– [Chris] And Brian Phillis is
not pleased with that result.
Probably thinking, “Zazay,
why did you do that?
“You had Ace high.”
More poker action
from South Florida
when we come back
to the Big Four
on Poker Night in America.
(Theme music)
– (Voice over) During the break
a couple of players
were knocked out
at the high roller final table,
so let’s recap all of this.
We’re back at the Big Four,
with three players at each
of the two remaining
final tables,
and I am one lucky guy to
have a scriptwriting intern
who feeds me this gold,
see what I did there?
Four… Three…
Two… One… Clever!
Aren’t they?
Let’s get back to the Seminole
Hard Rock Poker Open Championsh.
which happens to be one
of the two final tables
with three players
left at the Big Four.
Oh my… here we go.
– I mean really, can we just
pay somebody to write scripts
instead of having
the interns do it?
There’s gotta be
somebody who can do it.
‘Course I don’t want to do it,
but someone could do it for me.
Blinds are 75 with 150K with
a 25 thousand chip ante.
350, the bet from Zazay.
Five Seven for Coleman.
As Dan Coleman has been doing
this entire final table,
he keeps the pressure on,
raising it to 1.1 million.
And here comes another raise.
– What do you say
the short hand was?
– Zazay bringing it
up to 1.875 million.
All of these players
are basically
within one raised
pot of each other.
Roughly three million chips
separating first from third.
And that bet is enough to
get rid of Dan Coleman!
– On the button with Jacks,
Coleman makes it 325.
– 907 entries into this
event at $5250 entry.
Brian Phillis from
Pompano Beach, Florida
calls out of the big blind.
And that is about the most
perfect flop you can get
if you’re Brian Phillis.
He flops the straight,
Coleman hits a set on the flop,
and when you’re in Florida,
the fireworks look even bigger
and we’re gonna sit
back and watch him go.
– As Coleman bets just
over half a million.
Phillis comes back over
the top to 2.5 million.
This will probably be
the make or break hand
for both of these players
at this final table.
– I’m all in.
– And there we go!
We knew it was going to
happen with that kind of flop.
– Call.
(Crowd repeating ‘call’)
– [Phil] Brian’s called!
– Whoever wins this pot
will be the new chip leader
and will be in a great
position to go heads up…
(Crowd cheering)
for the million dollar
first place prize.
– [Phil] This may well
be a 20 million dollar pot.
[Chris] We talked about
this before
Get it right, Phil.
It’s 16.95 million in chips
Right now Dan needs a
King, a Jack or a ten.
– Coleman’s already packing up.
[Phil] He’s around a
two to one underdog.
[Chris] Don’t forget your
Swiffer Wetjet that’s
under the table as well.
Make sure you check
under the broiler pan.
See if there’s
anything in there.
– [Phil] Now, a Queen
in the river would be a tie
but basically Dan needs
a Jack, just one Jack.
Dan needs a ten,
there’s three of those,
three kings, three
aces, Dan has ten outs.
Brian has 34 outs
going into the river
and there’s three tie cards.
Last card.
[Chris] River is a deuce!
And Brian Phillis is going
to eliminate Dan Coleman
and there is much jubilation
here at the Seminole
Hard Rock Poker Open.
(Crowd cheering)
– Sick cooler bro.
– And Dan Coleman will
not go back to back
after winning this
event last year,
he will go out in
third place this year.
A lot of applause for one of
the best players in the world
right now.
Dan Coleman, let’s have
a round of applause.
He played great again.
– What is going on here?
All this excitement
of Dan Coleman being eliminated
it looks like we’re heads
up at the high roller
and we’ve got an all-in.
– [Phil] Jason Mercier has
Ian has Ace, King.
If Jason’s Jacks hold up
he wins the tournament.
– [Chris] Well Jacks
didn’t work out for Dan Coleman
at the $5,250 entry.
– [Phil] Right now Jason’s
almost a 13 to 10 favorite.
Give us a flop.
(Crowd chanting ‘Ace’)
– There’s a Jack in the door,
Jason’s flopped a set.
[Chris] Everybody has a
set of Jacks.
Ian’s flopped a King.
It’s King, Jack, deuce.
[Chris] I haven’t seen this
many Jacks
since I went to the Jack
It’s over, the four on
the turn, it’s over.
Jason Mercier is your champion.
Well done Jason,
congrats brother.
– [Chris] and Jacks didn’t
work out for Dan Colman,
but wins the event
for Jason Mercier
here at the high
roller final table.
– [Phil] Jason
“the Luckbox” Mercier.
– [Chris] The $25,000,
no limit, high roller event
had 83 participants,
and when you look at
a list of the players
that were in this event,
this was a tough
field to get through.
11 players made
money in this event,
everyone else falling short
and in the end we were heads up
with Ian O’Hara
and Jason Mercier
and as Phil Hellmuth said:
“Jason Mercier luckbox-ed
his way into $652,000
and for O’Hara it was $391,000
for a second place effort.
When we come back to
Seminole Hard Rock,
more of thePoker Open championsp
Where we’re heads up with
Omar Zazay and Brian Phillis,
the last of the four final
tables here at the Big Four.
– [Phil] Mano a mano
for one million dollars,
gentlemen, it’s time
to take the stage.
– (Voice Over) Closed
captioning is brought to you
as a public service by
Poker Night in America.
Thanks for coming back
to Seminole Hard Rock
in Hollywood, Florida.
Let’s get back to ‘The Big 4’.
In this heads up
battle it’s Omar Zazay,
who has a lot of work to do.
He’s at 6.1 million in chips,
that’s 31 big blinds
and Brian Phillis, sitting on
a stack of 21 million chips.
– [Phil] And now
Phillis, with Kings,
coming out of the small blind.
He makes it half a million
and call from Zazay.
And trip eights for Zazay!
Alright, now we can
see some action!
500,000 the initial bet,
but now raised up
to 1.2 million.
– All in.
– Phillis moves all in
and Omar quickly calls.
So Zazay in a good
spot to double up.
– I really had a
feeling he had it too.
I’m like, “what the
[bleep] am I going to do?”
– Brian needs a king.
Oh wow, the turn is another ten.
So it’s really hard
because he can win
with a ten or a king.
He has two tens,
two kings.
Omar, you have 40
cards you can win with.
Last card please.
And the river is a Jack and
Zazay’s gonna double up.
To quote Eminem:
“Omar’s back, back
again, Omar’s back,
tell a friend.
Omar’s back, Omar’s
back, Omar’s back
That’s Eminem!
I worked on that one too.
[Chris singing] Guess who’s
back? Back again.
[singing] Shady’s back.
Tell a friend
Yeah, that is Eminem
Tell a friend
Zazay is back
So Zazay doubles up and
just like that, we’ve
got a brand new ballgame.
Raised to half a mil.
Call from Zazay.
Second place: 575 thousand.
The winner tonight walks
away with a million.
Check check the flop.
[Phil] Six, three deuce,
check check.
– Here comes Zazay
firing half a million.
Phillis raises to a million
and a call from Zazay.
– 500
– 500,000, the bet from Phillis.
[Phil] Omar checks, Brian
bets 500, Omar calls.
– Phillis caught hand
firmly in cookie jar there,
and with that, a little
over 4 million in chips
and the chip lead
now goes to Zazay.
– Last call.
– [Chris] At one point
Brian Phillis almost had
a four to one chip lead
and now he find himself
sliding in the wrong direction.
He’s got 11 million in chips
and Omar Zazay with
just over 16 million.
Still pretty close though.
Ace, Queen goes to 500,000
and another ace
in Phillis’ hand.
Aces are a big commodity
when you’re heads up.
– Three million.
– We’re going back and forth,
Phillis raises it
to 1.5 million.
Zazay then makes
it three million.
And there is a fold!
Brian lays it down.
Zazay is playing
with the confidence
and he’s playing
with the chip lead.
His entire body
language is changed.
His style of play seems
to have changed as well,
where he is now pushing the
action and it’s working for him.
– 1.2
– 400 from Zazay and a raise
to 1.2 million from Phillis.
This 5 million dollar guarantee
is down to these two players.
As we’ve got a million
dollars for tonight’s winner
of the Seminole Hard
Rock Poker Open
and here’s the flop.
Phillis pulls even
further ahead,
pairs his ace on the flop.
– Omar calls.
– 1.3 million from each
player, going into the middle,
this pot, over 5 million
as we go to the turn.
Board pairs.
Zazay drawing dead as we’re
gonna head to the river.
Phillis checks.
And Omar Zazay bets 1.2 million.
Both of these players
will be taking home
their biggest poker payday ever,
whether they come in
first or second place.
– 1.2
– We now have over 7
million in the middle.
Phillis is ahead with
his pair of aces.
Does Zazay have the courage
to fire one more bullet,
Here on the river?
And will it work?
Phillis bet the flop,
Zazay bet the turn,
and now Zazay has bet enough
to put Phillis all
in on the river.
– How much did he
bet on the turn?
You got it Omar?
– If Phillis folds, he’s
going to be crippled.
He’ll have just
over 3 million left,
and he’ll be in a huge hole.
And Phillis lays it down.
– Don’t, don’t show it [bleep].
– And Omar Zazay shows
Phillis that one.
– [Phil] Omar was bluffing!
– [Chris] And once
again you can just tell,
the confidence, the
swagger, the momentum,
is all right now,
with Omar Zazay.
– Nice job.
[Chris] When we come back,
we continue heads up play
for one million dollars.
– I told myself every street,
there’s no way I’m fooling.
Good job man.
– Thanks bro.
– I don’t know where
the defibrillators are
at Seminole Hard Rock,
but Brian Phillis’ chip
stack needs some resurrection
because it has slid
all the way down
to just over 3 million in chips.
And with this big
of a chip lead,
Zazay’s gotta try
and close it out,
and if you are Brian Phillis,
you just gotta find a spot
to get all these
chips in the middle.
And this might be it!
He raises to half a
million with nines.
– All in.
– Call.
– Deuces for Zazay and
Zazay moves all in,
a quick call from Phillis.
And here we go, pocket
nines vs. pocket deuces,
for a million dollars.
(Crowd jeering)
– [Phil] Give us a flop.
– [Chris]
Alright, only a deuce
will eliminate Brian Phillis,
otherwise, he’s gonna double up.
– [Phil] Four, seven.
Looks like a pretty good
board for the nines,
for Brian, give us a card.
It’s a five and Brian is gonna
have six million in chips
if he can hold off a deuce.
There’s two deuces
left in the deck.
42 wins for Brian,
2 wins for Omar.
Last card.
And now Phillis has just
over six million in chips.
We started the hand saying
he had to find the spot
where he had to get all
the chips in the middle,
and pocket pair vs. pocket
pair did exactly that.
– I’m trying bro, I’m trying!
– And Phillis fans are
loving every minute of it.
(Crowd cheering)
[Phil singing] We’re just
fun, we don’t care who sees.
So what? We go out.
That’s how it’s supposed to be.
Living young and wild and free.
Ladies and gentlemen,
okay, now we got it goin
Phillip, Hellmuth, Junior,
tip your bar staff.
Two drink minimum here tonight
at the Seminole Hard Rock,
Hollywood, Florida.
Both players catch
a piece of the flop.
Zazay’s got a pair of tens,
Phillis with a pair of deuces.
The turn pairs the board.
700,000 from Zazay,
and a call from Phillis.
1.1 million from Zazay.
(Crowd heckling)
1.1 million and Phillis calls.
And that one hurts.
It wasn’t a huge pot
but it now seems like
all the momentum you had
from the double up is now
gone and some of the air
is being let out
of the building.
This is the lowest point
that Brian Phillis has been
in this heads up battle.
Omar Zazay has 24.3 million,
just ten big blinds
left for Brian Phillis.
– All in.
– Zazay moves all in
with a six and a call.
From Brian Phillis
with ace, five, suited.
Will this be it?
One million dollars
goes to the winner.
– A six on the flop
baby! Let’s go!
– Put a Jack.
– Things are in terrible
shape for Phillis.
– Don’t celebrate yet, I
flopped two pair aces and sixes.
– Alright, so here’s the turn.
It is a seven of spades.
– Jack or a seven.
And now there are more
chopouts for Phillis,
but it’s over.
Omar Zazay is your Seminole
Hard Rock Open champion
and South Florida’s
newest millionaire.
– Good job brother.
– Thanks for the
support brother.
– You played well man, good job.
– [Chris] It is the kind of
money that can change
a life and there you have it the
final results of the final,
final table of The Big 4 at the
Seminole Hard Rcok Poker Open.
Omar Zazay takes it down with
Dan Colman just two places
away from back to back titles.
Congratulations to all the
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For everyone here at Poker
Night In America,
I’m Chris Hanson.
To quote Eminem:
“Omar’s back, back
again, Omar’s back,
tell a friend.
Omar’s back, Omar’s
back, Omar’s back
That’s Eminem!

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