Poker Night Presents | The Big Four – Part One

Poker Night Presents | The Big Four – Part One

– From Seminole Hard Rock
in Hollywood, Florida,
this is Poker Night in America.
(upbeat jingle)
What’s up guys, Doug Polk here,
and welcome to a
very special episode
of Poker Night in America.
I’ll be your host
tonight and with me,
is everyone’s favorite
fitness icon, Shaun Deeb.
– You weren’t
expecting us, were you?
Don’t worry, Chris is
around here somewhere,
but Stapes is busy working
on his tan in the Bahamas.
– I know you’re a
bit disappointed,
but Shaun and I are
more than excited
to guide you through this
cornucopia of tournament poker,
hosted by the Seminole Hard
Rock in Hollywood, Florida.
– Four major tournaments
with four final tables,
all converged on one night in
this massive event, The Big 4.
– We kicked off the week
at Seminole Hard Rock,
by partying and pokering
for a good cause.
As part of Matt Stout’s
Charity Series of Poker,
celebrities from the
felt, the silver screen
were all on hand to raise money
for Brad Garret’s
Maximum Hope Foundation.
We’ll come back to that
later on this episode,
but for now it’s time
to turn our attention
to our main event.
– The Big 4 is part of the
Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open,
or as the most popular
series of poker tournaments.
Over 2,300 of the best
players in the world
descended upon
Hollywood, Florida, this
poker battle royale,
culminating in the
four final tables.
– Shaun and I will
be focusing mainly
on the $5,000
Championship Event.
Chris Hansen is here to tell us
about the three other
final tables, Chris?
– Thank you very
much Shaun and Doug,
let’s get started first
with the $1,100 event.
This event had 828 entries,
and some re-entries,
to make a prize
pool of $828,000,
and now let’s check out our
$1,100 buy-in final table.
Adam Krach, Jordan
Joeckel, Georges Boyadjian,
Guy Smith, Marsha Wolak,
Phil Hui, Daniel Buzgon,
Aaron Massey and Russ Dykshteyn.
And now for $2,650 No Limit
Hold’em, which had 529 entries,
creating a prize pool of
over 1.2 million dollars,
here is our final table.
Thomas Immekus, James
Gilbert, Jeffrey Chang,
Dan Heimiller, Bradley
Snider, Jerry Wong,
Koray Aldemir, Taylor Wilson
and finally, Dermot Blain.
Next we check out the $25,500
high roller tournament.
Now this has 105
entries for a prize pool
of a nose bleeding
2.6 million dollars,
and at that final table,
we see Marvin Rettenmaier,
Daniel Strelitz, Francisco
Picasso, next is Ray Qartomy.
In seat five, no stranger
to Seminole Hard Rock,
after winning the Main
Event a couple of years ago
and taking third last year,
we now find Dan Colman,
Reiner Kempe, next
is Barry Hutter.
Next up is Andjelko Andrejevic
and in seat nine
is Nick Petrangelo.
Alright, that’s it
for the side tables,
now let’s back to you
guys with the Main Event.
– [Shaun] Thanks Chris,
these nine players
have survived the colossal
field of over 900 entrants,
will now battle out for first
place and one million dollars.
The rest of the payouts are
nothing to laugh about either.
First person knocked
out of this table
will still leave with $75,000.
– We better mention too, in
addition to Chris, Shaun and I,
you’re going to see our
M.C.’s of the event,
Maria Ho and Ali Nejad,
wanting to round up the floor.
– Congratulations
to all the players
for making the final
table of The Big 4,
good luck to all of you.
– [Shaun] Tom Midena
coming as the chip leader
with 74 big blinds,
we’re coming to 30k, 60k
small blind, big blind with
a 10k ante from all players.
– [Doug] Right, and
we can see here that
the chips, are pretty,
relatively equally spread.
I mean obviously, we have
a pretty big difference.
– [Shaun] You have like
three different tiers,
you got, you know,
the three big stacks,
three middle stacks
and three short stacks,
so you’re gonna see a
lot of people battling,
trying to get that
chip advantage
to take control of
this table and abuse,
you know, these big pay jumps
they’re about to becoming.
So Jason Koon opens
with his standard 2.5x.
– [Doug] And Burt wakes up with
jacks and I have to imagine
we’re gonna being
seeing a three-bet here.
(table laughter)
– [Shaun] Nope, Burt
elects to just call.
– [Doug] Well I stand corrected.
But usually when you
have these strong pairs,
you’re gonna want
to re-raise opens,
especially from bigger
stacks to get some value,
and try to knock some
hands out that have equity.
– [Announcer] Marsha Wolak
has doubled up in the 1,100.
– [Shaun] And now Burt
decides to check to Koon,
who is the aggressor.
Koon’s gonna continue
with a continuation bet,
about 1/3 pot, 135k.
Turn brings a deuce,
bringing a second flush draw
on the board.
– [Doug] Now Burt’s
gonna check here
and Koon has, kind of an
interesting decision
with king jack.
When you have a
jack in your hand,
that’s not a card you
really want to have,
you want him to have a hand
like queen jack or jack 10.
– [Shaun] We see a
bet and a snap call,
and Burt’s gonna find
out the bad news,
that he just got three outted.
– [Doug] If there
was only a way,
that that didn’t have
to go down like that.
– [Shaun] It’s
poker, there’s a lot
of ways to play every hand.
– [Announcer] Got an
all-in and a call here,
over here at the
1,100 final table.
– [Shaun] Well Doug, it
looks like we have an all-in
at the 1,100 table,
who’s at risk Chris?
– Well Shaun, it’s
Daniel Buzgon,
who has ran his ace
ten, right into kings.
Russ Dykshteyn has him
covered with his kings.
If Buzgon cannot win this hand,
he’s going to be
eliminated in ninth place,
and he will walk
away with 15,500.
And here comes the flop.
A couple of nines but
no ace for Buzgon.
Turn is a king, and
that will do it,
Buzgon is now drawing dead.
Daniel Buzgon
leaves with $15,500,
we have eight players that
are left at the $1,100 table.
We still have full tables
going at the other three here
at The Big 4, and so guys,
our first player’s eliminated,
36 is now down to 35,
let’s get back to you
with more of the
Main Event action.
– Thanks Chris, and
we’ll be checking in
more with side tables later.
– [Shaun] So it’s up to
Seth in the big blind,
with king queen off.
– All in.
– [Shaun] And he decides
to risk all of Joe’s chips,
and Joe snaps him off.
– [Doug] In general, with
king queen in the big blind,
it’s not a question of,
does jam make money,
because I think it does.
It’s a question of
makes more, jam or call.
And if people are opening
tight to the point
that they’re folding
ace jack and sevens,
then king queen can come a
really, really terrible–
– But those are also
ace jack and sevens
in early position, it’s
not necessarily what people
are on in the button, you know,
Seth and Floes have a
lot of history online,
and so they’re gonna
expect a lot of things.
So Joe ended up
doubling up here,
to over three million,
and now he’s, you know,
getting close to one
of the chip leaders.
We’ll be back with
more action packed
nine handed play after this.
– [Doug] Welcome
back to The Big 4
at Seminole Hard Rock
in Hollywood, Florida.
Poker Night is brought
to you by Sit & Go 2.0,
go to
and claim a free
Sit & Go 2.0 strategy ebook.
Queen ten of spades
here for Jason Koon,
we’re going to be
seeing a raise.
– [Shaun] Yeah, I think
we’ll see Jason, you know,
knowing that he’s one of
the most experienced people
at this final table, and
he’s gonna definitely
apply pressure with
his chip stack.
– [Doug] Ace ten suited here,
what do you think
we’re gonna see?
– [Shaun] I think
we’re gonna see a call,
I think, he’s one of the
more amateurish players
at this final table.
A majority of his opponents
are full time poker players,
their sole income is poker.
– [Doug] I really don’t
mind seeing a flat here,
from ace ten suited,
if you’re at a table
without a lot of re-raising,
because it’s a hand
that plays well post-flop.
You know you’re gonna get
some flops with clubs,
you know, obviously an ace
or a ten, some Broadway draws
and it gives you
some playability,
to not just have all of the
middle pocket pair type hands
that you might want
to flat behind.
– [Shaun] So we see
Floes here, flop a set
and no one else
really flop anything.
– [Doug] I think we’re gonna see
a continuation bet
from Jason Koon.
He’s got some reasonable
removal, some backdoor equity.
King high flop is usually
a little bit more favorable
for the pre-flop raiser.
They have a few more
kings, like ace king,
that the players behind
just aren’t gonna have,
’cause they’re going to
be three-betting them.
However, sets are in plays
and we see bottom set
here with the call.
Now, some players might want
to go for a raise on the flop,
but one of the things
I like about calling,
is if your opponent
was bluffing, you
keep them in the pot.
However, the jack of spades
peels off on the turn,
which if you’re Jason Koon,
you gotta be pretty happy now.
– [Shaun] Yeah, I mean it is
the sole best card in the deck,
and he still only has
30% versus Joe’s set.
– [Doug] But oh
when it gets there.
So we see a barrel now,
and I think we’re gonna see
Joe cue to call here.
– [Shaun] Yeah, they’re gonna
have close to a pot-sized bet,
there’s gonna be about
2.5 million back,
and you know, Joe with position,
can make some really
good decisions
and he’s hoping that Jason
have as much equity as he does,
but we’ll see what happens
on this river card.
– [Announcer] And
that river is a nine.
– [Doug] I believe
that’s a flush Deeb.
So now, in Jason’s shoes,
the question is
to bet or to trap,
and I think we’re
gonna see him continue
to tell his story
with a third barrel.
– All in.
– [Shaun] He goes
for the whole lot.
– [Doug] Now this is not what
Serock wanted to see here.
– [Maria] It looks like
over here at the $2,650,
we have an all-in and call.
– Sounds like
something’s going on
over at the 2,650 table,
what’s happening Chris?
– Yeah that’s right
guys, we got some action,
hopefully we’ll get
back to Joe Serock
before his decision is made.
We’re over here
at the 2,650 table
and James Gilbert is
all in with nines,
versus Daniel
Heimiller with tens,
Jerry Wong has already been
eliminated in ninth place.
Eighth place pays
just over 30,000.
No nine for Gilbert.
– [Announcer] Turn
pairs the eight.
– Turn pairs the board.
And it’s no nine on the river
and so James Gilbert is
gone, he wins $30,800,
that means we’re down to seven
players in the 2,650 event.
Also at the other tables,
we have seven players left
at the high roller, five
players are left at the $1,100
and nine players are still
remaining in the Championship.
So that’s what’s
going on over here
and now let’s get back
to you Shaun and Doug
and Joe Serock with
a tough decision
here against Jason Koon.
– Alright, thanks Chris.
– All here in the river
against Joe Serock.
– [Doug] It’s good for the game.
– [Shaun] Joe decides to fold.
– I don’t want to know.
– [Doug] Big lay down.
– [Shaun] You know,
when you flop a set
on king five three rainbow,
you’re not thinking
about folding too often,
but Joe played it
absolutely perfect.
– [Doug] He really did manage
to get his money in ahead,
and get out when he was behind.
– [Shaun] So Jason’s
now comfortable chip
leader right now.
I really expect to see
a new gear from him,
now covering everyone
so significantly.
– [Doug] With the chip lead,
you definitely want to look
to put some more
pressure on the table.
Again, you can’t bust,
they can, let ’em know that
and try and take
some people out.
– [Shaun] So Joe’s
gonna open here to 140
with two eights in the hijack.
Roman wakes up with ace jack
suited in the small blind.
– You about 2.3 to start?
– [Joe] Yeah.
– [Doug] And I think both
options are reasonable here.
– [Shaun] I like
three-betting a lot more
than calling out of position.
Especially how you consider
the big blinds plays,
you know, we’re gonna find
out how the big blind plays
waking up with ace king suited.
Looking at an open and
a three-bet in front.
(Tom mumbling)
What sizing do you like
going with here Doug?
– [Doug] I would
like to see something
around the 900k type of size.
You start to go too
much bigger than that,
you commit yourself to the pot,
and you go too much smaller,
then you let
Valerstein in to call
with some of his
weaker three-bets.
– [Shaun] And Roman
makes a good lay down.
– When you have ace king though
and you take it down pre-flop
in an open three-bet,
four-bet situation,
you’re still pretty happy
to pick up a sizable pot
and look, we both know how it
goes with ace king sometimes.
We’re back at The Big
4 in Hollywood, Florida
and if you’re wondering
how the players
are stacking up, here you go.
– [Shaun] You got Jason
Koon and Tom Medina,
far and away the chip
leaders right now,
Jason sitting on a shade
under five million,
and everyone else kinda
falling by the wayside,
with Zo Karim, right now the
short stack with 20 big blinds.
– [Doug] No one under
a million though,
so still lots of play left.
– [Shaun] And nine handed,
it gives you a lot
of time to wait,
the blinds are hitting
you not that frequently.
Two jacks for Roman.
– You guys can take the trophy.
– [Doug] And he says open it up.
– You can just take it, it’s
too heavy for me to carry,
you’ll get a back injury.
– [Shaun] Fold to
Balzano on the button,
who wakes up with ace ten.
– Which is the raise?
– [Shaun] Being the
second chip stack,
anytime Jason
doesn’t enter a pot,
see an opportunity for
him to take advantage
of the stacks that he covers.
– [Doug] And on the button,
I think I’m fine with this.
I also don’t mind a three-bet.
Put some pressure on the opener.
– You have like
four million, right?
– [Shaun] Yeah, I think
three-bet’s a little better
in situations where the blinds
are going to squeeze
more frequently,
otherwise the blinds
are going to over call,
’cause I think ace ten plays a
lot worse three or four ways.
– [Doug] Big flop
here for Valerstein,
flops middle set and he’s
up against a gutshot.
– [Shaun] He elects
to bet very small,
of third pot, 155,000,
giving a very good price
for Balzano to call and
try to hit his gutshot.
– [Doug] And he makes the call.
– [Shaun] Valerstein
turns a full house,
so Valerstein decides to check
and Balzano takes the free
card and makes the straight.
I don’t think he’s going
to be very happy though.
– [Doug] Now Valerstein has
an interesting decision.
Does he once again, try and
set the trap with a check,
looking to check
raise, or does he bet,
hoping his opponent has a
queen or maybe the last jack
and will call a bet.
– [Shaun] Do you think his
opponent would bet and call
a check raise with a worse
hand than jacks full.
– [Doug] I think
he certainly could.
A hand like ace ten might,
if Paul decided to check
back a hand like sixes.
I also think it’s
unlikely to see a hand
better than jacks here,
given that king jack
is heavily blocked,
queens is likely
going to re-raise pre-flop,
and king queen likely
would have bet on the turn.
– [Shaun] And you can see that
Balzano seems very pained,
but he still makes the
call, to find out he lost.
– [Maria] We’ve got
another all-in here
at the 25k high
roller final table.
– And we have some big action
over at the high roller table.
What’s going on there Chris?
– Yeah, that’s right Shaun,
we do have some big action
over here on the
high roller table.
Barry Hutter is all in,
and he’s looking to
double up with kings.
He’s up against Ray Qartomy
with ace nine offsuit.
We’re currently six
handed at this table.
All little cards,
that’s good for Hutter.
And here comes the turn,
it’s a five of hearts.
Let’s see if Hutter
can double up.
Oh, no, it’s an
ace on the river!
And Barry Hutter goes from,
“I’m thinking I’m
gonna double up”
to, “Where did I
park?” just like that.
Barry does leave though, with
$120,000 for his work today.
Five players are left here
at the high roller,
including Dan Colman.
Six players are
left in the 2,650.
Just four players remain
in the $1,100 event,
and there are still nine
players that are remaining
at the Championship
table, I mean come on,
what’s with all the
nits over there.
Shaun and Doug, back to you.
– Thanks Chris, now back
to the Main Event here
at the Seminole Hard Rock
Poker Open Championship.
Folded to Roman on the button,
he wakes up with
the jack six suited.
He decides to open
up to 135,000.
– [Doug] You know,
standard button open,
especially as the
stacks get deeper,
these are hands
you’re gonna wanna.
– [Shaun] Medina decides to flat
the small blind with two nines.
I’m sure Doug is not going
to be a big fan of this,
but I am not
surprised to see this,
on the way this final
table’s been playing out.
– [Doug] I’m a little more
okay with this, I think.
Nines, weaker than
jacks or queens.
– [Shaun] So Roman
flops a flush draw,
and an over card to the nines,
and it’s a a good board
for him, being ace high.
He’s going to
continuation bet 150,000,
and I expect to see a
call from Medina here.
– [Doug] And he makes the call.
The turn is the eight of hearts,
and now a third of the
deck can improve Valerstein
and take this one down.
– [Shaun] Yeah, I
mean, it seems like
a reasonable spot to barrel,
you have jack high, you
can’t win at showdown,
you have so many cards
that improve your hand,
your opponent has
a lot of hands,
especially like two nines, that
could easily fold this turn.
Even if he has a
gutshot, you know,
it’s tough to call
here with second pair.
– [Doug] This is a tough
spot though for Medina.
This is honestly a tough spot.
– [Shaun] Making the correct
decision right now to call.
We’ll see what happens
on this river card.
And Roman makes his flush.
– [Doug] The good
news for Medina here,
if there’s any good news.
On a river like this, he
can just decide to get,
you know, let his hand go.
There aren’t many
hands he’s beating now.
In fact, some of the
only hands he might beat
are hands like ten
nine or jack nine.
And when you have two nines,
those aren’t too likely.
– [Shaun] And I
think Roman here,
recognizes his
opponent’s pretty weak.
He doesn’t want to
like that river card,
so he decides to bet 1/3 pot.
– [Doug] These spots are tough,
because you’re
getting a great price,
and whenever you get a great
price, you have to mainly call,
or else your opponent
can bluff you.
But, when you get a good price
versus a small bet like this,
it’s okay to let some
of your worst hands go.
I think nines fits the bill.
– [Shaun] And he makes
the same decision,
Doug Polk approved fold.
– [Doug] That was
a well played hand.
Actually you know what–
– [Shaun] For both
parties, yeah.
– [Doug] I like how they
both played that hand a lot.
Valerstein played the
river better though.
– We’ll be back with more
of the SHRPO
Championship after this.
– We are still nine handed here,
at the Seminole Hard Rock
Poker Open Championship.
Poker Night is brought to
you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
– [Shaun] The blinds
are up right now,
we’re up to 40 and 80,000
with a 10k ante still.
So Joe Serock with two
nines under the gun,
we’re gonna see
an open from him.
– [Doug] Certainly
the standard play,
looking to get a little action
here with your pocket nines,
but you’re hoping to not
run into any higher pairs.
– [Shaun] And Tim wakes
up with two queens,
next to act and
three-bets to 350,000.
– [Doug] Not ideal
here for Serock.
Also the min raise
pre-flop, definitely a play
that you want to
have in your arsenal,
particularly against big
blinds that you think
might not be the
strongest players.
Back over to Serock with nines,
I think we’re gonna see a call
and we’re probably
gonna be taking a flop.
– [Shaun] And Joe’s got
about two million back
after he calls the
additional 190,000.
He’s not loving his
spot but you know,
getting that price, he could
have the best hand sometimes
and he’s gonna, you know,
see what happens
after he flops three.
– [Doug] And when
you have nines here,
there are really
two kinds of flops,
those with a nine,
and those without.
– [Shaun] That is one with.
– [Doug] Now in
Burt’s shoes here,
it’s a relatively safe flop.
His opponent could have a
hand, like maybe ace queen,
a very conservative ace king.
He’s only really
going to be behind,
if his opponent has a hand
like nines, or maybe jacks.
Now the question is, should
he call or should he raise?
What do you think Shaun?
– [Shaun] Ah, I
like calling here.
I think that there’s
very few hands
that have a lot of
equity, any one that does
is going to jam the turn.
If he has ace king,
ace queen of hearts,
or king queen of hearts,
you’re just not gonna
get those hands to fold.
– All in.
– [Doug] One of the
advantages to jamming,
is by doing this, it
gives you a chance
to also look to go all
in when you have hands
like you know, ace
queen of hearts,
or queen ten of hearts,
some semi bluffs.
If you only have those
draws when you go all in,
your opponent can call you
with some light holdings,
knowing that you’re on a draw.
By working in some
sets, all of a sudden,
it becomes a lot worse to call
here with a hand like queens.
– [Shaun] You surprised
Tim’s taking this long
before calling?
– [Doug] Well having
the queen of hearts
is not very good
here, because…
– [Shaun] He finds a fold.
– [Doug] That was
quite the lay down,
but having the queen of hearts
here, isn’t a very good card.
You want him to have a hand
with the queen of hearts in it,
so maybe he just thinks that
having that card is too bad,
or maybe he just
thinks that, you know,
Serock isn’t really willing
to bluff in his spot.
– [Maria] Got an
all-in and call here,
over here at the
1,100 final table.
– Sounds like
something’s going on
over at the $1,100 event
Chris, what’s happening?
– Yeah guys, it’s
Marsha Wolak over here
at the $1,100 table and
she’s all in with ace nine.
Phil Hui has ace four offsuit,
so Marsha in a good spot here.
Of course, you gotta survive
the flop, turn and river,
and sorry I even
brought that up Marsha,
that’s probably my fault.
Four comes on the flop for Hui.
Only a nine will save Marsha,
it doesn’t come and that
will do it for Marsha Wolak.
She leaves with $52,000,
so now at the $1,100,
we are heads up
for a Championship.
First place in
that pays $151,000.
We’re still four handed
over at the high roller,
six handed at the 2,650
and for the Championship,
nine handed.
Back to you, Shaun and Doug.
– [Doug] Alright, thanks Chris.
– [Shaun] Some people are
getting a little bit shallower,
and you see Jason actually
lower his raise size
to 2.4x here, as
opposed to 2.5 earlier.
King ten suited in the cutoff,
and Zo’s in the
tank here with his
little over nine big
blinds and decides to go
with ace seven suited,
knowing that he’s ahead
of Jason’s opening
range and Jason opening
so often in front, he may
get some folds as well,
as he’s not gonna
get too many spots
that folds to him, to open jam.
– [Shaun] In
general, once you get
into the really
short stack zone,
you want to pick hands that
have good high card value,
rather than hands
that you’re really
relying on your fold equity.
– Come on guys.
– Zo is the all-in player here.
– Come on listen.
– I owe more money out man
– Going to the flop, Zo’s
ahead with his ace high.
– [Shaun] And the
flop’s courtesy
of Kimo Sabe Mezcal
and Sit & Go 2.0.
What a flop for Zo.
– [Doug] That is an
extremely good flop for Zo.
– [Shaun] So now Jason can
only a hit a non-diamond
king or ten to win,
and he finds it.
– [Doug] That is poker.
– Sorry buddy, good game.
– Good game man.
– [Doug] And Zo Karim
gets knocked out here
in ninth place,
good for $75,000.
– [Shaun] And now everyone
else is guaranteed six figures,
at 100,000 with eight players
remaining in this tournament.
– [Doug] There’s nothing quite
like being at a final table.
You’re always rooting for
everyone else to bust,
because then every one
of you gets richer.
– [Shaun] So folded to
Balzano here on the button,
he opens the king queen off,
my personal favorite hand
in the world, 275,000.
Looks like Joe is sizing
up a three-bet here.
– [Doug] And we’re gonna see Joe
make a move here with
seven five suited.
Now with king queen on the
button, you got some options.
I do not think fold
is one of them,
but both call and raise
do make some sense.
He decides to call and
I think I prefer that.
– [Shaun] You know, you
have the button, you know,
position’s pretty
sweet and you know,
with this stack-to-pot…
Ooh, and with that flop, you
love every decision you made.
– [Doug] And we see a quick
check here from Serock
with the low flush draw.
Now, it’s gonna play
fair easily on the flop.
I imagine he’s gonna
go for the check call,
but it’s going to get
weird on the turn,
because he has no
showdown value,
which normally makes this
a pretty good candidate
to go ahead and bet the flop.
It’s definitely worth noting,
to have some flush draws
in your check call
range on the flop,
so when you check call,
you can turn a flush,
but the problem with weak ones,
are that if you
face a turn barrel,
you’re gonna have to fold,
which makes it preferred
going for more aggressive lines.
(players talking off mic)
– He’s counting his remaining
stack and deciding what to do.
He bets 700k with
about 1.3 million back,
very scary bet ’cause he
looks very committed to Joe.
And Joe finds the fold.
Alright, we’re
down to eight now,
five million dollar
Championship here at The Big 4,
who will be the next
to hit the showers?
We’re back.
– At The Big 4.
– [Shaun] We’re
still eight handed
in the 5k Main Event, a million
dollar to first tournament,
Jason Koon still the significant
chip leader at this table.
Joe Serock opens two fours
to 185,000 in the cutoff.
– [Doug] And the action over
to Tim Burt on the button,
going for the three-bet with
my favorite hand
Deeb, pocket aces.
– [Shaun] Uh oh.
And someone has half
of my favorite hand.
– You know what you
started with Floes?
– [Shaun] And another
card, two kings.
– [Joe] Like two.
– Thanks.
– [Shaun] I think Roman is
just in a terrible spot here,
late position open,
button three-bet,
he’s sitting here
in the big blind,
looks at two kings, he is
just praying for action
and he’s not gonna be happy
with the action he gets.
– All-in.
– [Shaun] He jams.
– [Doug] Wow.
– [Maria] Announces
all-in from the big blind,
and Tim quickly calls.
Tim shows aces.
– [Doug] This is the face
of a man up against aces.
– Aces, let the best
hand win, come on.
– [Audience Member] Just
put a king out there.
– With an ace.
– I’m pretty sure
I’m getting there.
– [Doug] Any kings about?
– [Maria] The flop is jack,
eight, deuce, rainbow.
– [Doug] Not what you’re
looking for with pocket kings,
not even any backdoor
outs, needs a king.
– We’ll take a
deuce on the turn.
– [Doug] I was close.
– [Shaun] It was close.
(background chatter)
– [Maria] It’s not the king
though, it’s the queen.
Roman needs a king, otherwise
Tim’s gonna double up here.
– [Doug] And the
aces get the hold,
and Burt doubles up
to 4.1 million chips.
In running for the chip
lead, still a little bit
behind Jason Koon, but
now he’s got some ammo.
– [Shaun] He’s in
third place right now,
and he’s definitely a
very experienced pro,
you know, a couple circuit
rings under his belt
and he’s had, you know, a lot
of results over his career.
– [Doug] Looking to
add to that resume here
with a million dollar
first place prize.
And we’re looking at
a couple ace jacks.
– [Shaun] And you’re
gonna see as let,
more and more people
get knocked out,
you know, the ranges
are opening up,
you’re not gonna see
as many tight folds
as you saw to
start, nine handed.
– [Doug] And now the action
is on Roman Valerstein,
with queen nine of
spades, lets it go.
– [Shaun] He really
wanted to squeeze there,
but you know, he knew that
no one is opening that wide,
no one is flatting that wide.
It would have worked, I
think versus these two hands,
but I still think it was
the right fold overall.
– [Doug] This is
gonna be interesting.
Whenever you see two
players with the same hand,
it oftentimes comes down to who
wants to be more aggressive.
– [Shaun] And I think
the pre-flop raiser
will win very frequently,
but I mean queen, queen, ten
hits the flatter’s range a lot.
He has his king
queens, his ace queen,
pocket tens, queen
jack suited, you know.
There’s just so many
hands that Seth has here,
that are really strong.
Seth actually has the worst
hand probably in his range
on this board, equity wise
and absolute hand value,
so he decides to
turn it into a bluff.
– [Doug] Kinda
awkward, a small bet,
you have a gutshot,
might not even be good
and we see a check raise!
Going for it here.
– [Shaun] Just way too
small sizing, I mean,
I think if you
want to bluff here,
I think you gotta put a
lot more, over three X,
because of how
small a bet it was,
because if you
had a strong hand,
why would you not just
call if you were trapping,
why would you make that
raise, it seems very face up
and I think Seth smelt
correctly, that you know,
Tim’s telling a story
that isn’t true.
– [Doug] One of the things
that I like about is that,
if Davies has a queen,
it’s never getting through.
If he doesn’t have a queen,
then it actually might
get him off of some hands.
Now, I know he called
here with ace jack,
had the backdoor nut flush
draw, certainly a loose call.
I think I’m okay with
the size, a little small,
I would agree with you,
but on paired boards,
going for that small
size, not exactly ideal
and Davies takes it down
with a bet on the turn.
– [Shaun] A very tiny
bet by the way, only 350,
and it still worked,
and that’s kind of,
using his position well and
using his stack leverage
and recognizing that you know,
Tim had a polarized range,
of being, you know,
boats and big trips,
or just kind of a bluff and
so, his bluffs are gonna fold
and he gets kind of a free
showdown versus those hands
that he doesn’t have
much equity versus.
– [Doug] We really saw
the value of position
manifest itself in that hand.
– [Shaun] Speaking of position,
now it’s on Roman on the button,
he has king jack offsuit.
(announcer mumbling)
I’m surprised that by
elects to limp here.
We saw him raise jack
six suited earlier.
– [Doug] I suppose his logic
is he doesn’t wanna raise,
and then get re-raised, it’s
very awkward for this hand
and so by just
calling on the button,
he can be up against two
random hands in the blinds,
get to play some post-flop.
– [Shaun] He’s not
playing post-flop,
he’s playing pre-flop now.
– [Roman] How much?
– [Doug] Well he is now.
– [Shaun] Ryan elects to
jam his 15 big blind stack.
– [Doug] And this is aggressive.
– [Shaun] I love it, this is
old school tournament poker,
you know, Ryan came up
in the streets with me,
we battled a lot, you
know, 10, 12 years ago,
and this is the thing,
when people button limp,
and you know they
kinda are weak,
it’s gonna be tough for Roman
you know, call off
15 big blinds here.
– All-in.
– [Shaun] He doesn’t
think Ryan would shove
as wide as he’s shoving.
Oh, and he takes the
jam, and he got caught.
– [Doug] Sometimes, good
plays just don’t get rewarded.
I think you can jam a lot of
hands here in the big blind,
without having to
include king deuce off.
– [Announcer] And it’s
jack, four, deuce.
– [Doug] Great flop
for Valerstein.
– [Shaun] Ryan’s in a
lot of trouble right now.
– [Announcer] Here
comes the turn.
It’s another jack.
– [Shaun] And now he’s dead.
– [Doug] Great turn
here for Valerstein.
(background chatter)
– [Shaun] Ryan’s gonna be uhh,
eliminated in eighth
place for 100,000.
– [Doug] Still not
too bad, show up,
you’re card dead, try to make
a move, walk away with 100k.
– [Shaun] You’re in your
home town, buy-in 5,000,
make 95,000 profit, there’s
worse ways to spend your week.
– [Announcer] And it
looks like another
all-in and a call here,
between Russ and Phil.
– Sounds like
something’s happening
over at the $1,100 event
Chris, what’s going on?
– Well Phil Hui is all-in, it’s
down to eight deuce for him
and it’s a $60,000 difference
between first and second place,
let’s see if he can stay alive
in this $1,100 Championship.
Russ Dykshteyn has sevens,
so we need some luck
here for Phil Hui,
otherwise they Championship’s
gonna go to Dykshteyn.
Flop is ace, seven, tres,
a set of sevens for Russ,
lot of work for Hui,
oh and look at that,
Hui picks up a flush
draw on the turn,
but he can’t get
there on the river
and so that is going to do it,
second place to Phillip Hui
and the Championship
for the $1,100 event
goes to Russ Dykhsteyn.
So here’s a quick recap of
the $1,100 no limit event,
that had 828 entries,
all putting up the $1,100
for an $828,000 prize pool
and our top three payouts
go to Marsha Wolak with
52,000, Phillip Hui with 87,000
and your $1,100 no limit
champion is Russ Dykhsteyn.
Now down to three tables,
let’s check out the 2,650,
looks like they’re still
six handed over there.
We are down to three
at the high roller,
and man, Dan Colman
is still in it,
and as you know, over at
the Championship table
with another elimination,
you are now down to seven.
Doug and Shaun, back to you.
– Thanks Chris, one
table down, three to go.
– Welcome back to
Poker Night in America,
and before we get to it, I
just want to remind the viewers
that we have a free poker app
available for Android or iOS.
Just by downloading and playing,
you automatically qualify
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We’ll fly you out,
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This is totally free,
no catch, we just wanted
to give our fans a poker
night they’ll never forget.
With Zo Karim out
in ninth place,
and Ryan Fair now eliminated
in eighth for 100,000,
we’re down to seven players.
Currently Jason Koon is
a sizable chip leader,
a shade under seven
million here on 6.9,
and we still have
a few other stacks,
all ranging around
three to four million,
so no clearcut second
place emerges yet,
but plenty of play for the
players here at the table.
– [Shaun] The next player
eliminated in seventh,
will be walking
away with 125,000.
So this hand, because Ryan
busted in the big blind,
there is no small blind,
so it’s a little bit
less to fight over, being
40k less than the pot,
but Seth is always going
to play these two aces.
– [Doug] Opens it up,
now we’re gonna see
if he can get some action.
– You had ace six that
hand when you shoved on me,
I folded two nines.
– [Doug] And Medina looks
down at ace ten on the button,
he’s got some options.
– And then I was like,
I would have had like,
I mean I was jacks and
probably hating it and calling.
– [Shaun] He elects
to three-bet to 625,
which is going to work versus
most hands, but not this one.
– [Doug] The question
now for Davies here,
is should you go for the call
and try and slow play this,
which I believe
Deeb is a fan of,
or should we fast play
and try and stack him.
– [Shaun] Well he’s deciding
to go Shaun Deeb supersystem.
– [Doug] I’m also a
fan of this by the way,
I think this is a great play.
Balances out maybe some of
the weaker calls
you want to make,
you’re not too worried about
hands he might improve too,
and you give him a shot
to hang himself post-flop.
– [Shaun] Yeah, I think
he’s gonna c-bet a lot,
and you’re gonna
pick up those chips,
and you know when you have aces,
there’s not too many
hands that can call a jam,
so you’re just like, if you
cooler him and he has tens plus,
you’re probably gonna stack
him on most boards anyway.
– [Doug] He jams
and takes it down.
– [Shaun] Nice, picking
up over a million chips
with the aces, and no one
even knows you had them.
– [Doug] Always
nice to win chips.
However, on T.V. poker, they’re
eventually going to know.
It’s much better in
non-televised poker,
to have big hands and
not go to showdown.
– [Shaun] Jason made a fold
that I’m kind of surprised.
Huge chip lead right now,
the way table’s playing,
I’d be opening ace seven there,
I don’t love it but I
think it’s reasonable,
I kind of play the blocker value
and you kind of just keep
abusing these stacks behind you.
So Joe wakes up with two
deuces, decides to min raise,
and Joe’s being the
short stack at the table,
he really doesn’t have to
worry about being abused,
because he’s gotta
gamble, he can’t fold
and hope someone busts, it’s
not gonna happen too often.
– [Doug] If there’s
anything good to be said
about being the short stack,
it’s that you don’t have
to worry about busting,
because you were
the shortest stack,
you didn’t really give
away that much value.
It’s the middle stacks
that end up in trouble
on a lot of these situations.
– [Shaun] So Joe
decides to check back
the king, six, four
flop with two deuces,
and the turn is an ace, where
Roman now takes the lead
with his pair of aces.
– [Doug] This card in general
will be good for Serock,
because he’s gonna open up a
lot of ace X hands pre-flop,
meaning that he could
decide to go ahead
and turn his deuces into a bluff
and it looks like he’s going to.
(announcer mumbling)
– [Shaun] Yeah, I think
it’s one of those spots,
where you decide if you’re
gonna bet two streets,
or you know check back
and check turn and river,
and I think he’s very
rarely gonna bet this turn,
without firing on the river,
unless like the worst
card in the deck,
say the king of
spades comes off,
that might be the one card
he might not two barrel.
– [Doug] You want to have
some bluffs to go two barrels,
and some bluffs to go one.
If you always fire two,
your opponent can try
and hero call you, so certainly
worth picking some out,
but I do like betting
twice in this situation
with a lot of hands.
– [Shaun] Would deuces
be one of those hands?
– [Doug] Deuces is a
reasonable hand to do it with.
Deuces is a very weak hand.
You don’t really block
any of the potential draws
that could check call, I
would prefer to have deuces
without a spade but really
doesn’t matter too much,
so yeah, this seems
totally fine to me.
And he does not
get that through.
Close though.
(Shaun laughing)
That was close.
– Yeah, those chips
were almost his,
he thought the pot was
his as soon as he released
and then he knew it wasn’t,
but just ’cause it didn’t work,
doesn’t mean it was a bad play.
More poker action from
The Big 4, after this.
– Welcome back to The Big 4
and we are still seven handed
at the Seminole Hard Rock
Poker Open Championship.
– [Doug] Valerstein opens
up to 175k with ace ten off.
Over to Jakoon on the button.
– [Shaun] Jakoon
has a serious face.
(announcer commentating
on a side table)
Oh we got two big hands here.
And Jason decides to
click it back pretty much,
which is a very, very
small, almost minimal raise,
and he makes the 175 to 300.
– [Doug] I can not see
anyway around Balzano
putting his tournament
life at risk here
and being in dire straits.
– [Announcer] Raise to 175,000.
– [Shaun] He elects to
go for the cold four-bet,
I love his sizing, 875,
he’s not fully committed,
looks like he could be bluffing.
If Jason’s you know, just
abusing his big stack.
– All-in.
– [Shaun] But
unfortunately for him,
Jason woke up with the
goods on the button.
Yeah, I think Paul
just can’t fold here.
I mean you don’t love your spot,
but queens is just
too good of a hand
and there’s just
coolers in poker
you can’t be mad
at yourself for.
– Call.
– [Announcer] And he says call.
Jason shows pocket kings and
(drowned out by commentators)
– [Doug] The first king
flips over, he’s saying
– [Commentators]
Please be an ace.
– [Doug] But it’s not,
it’s another king,
and his tournament
life is on the line.
– [Shaun] No help on the
flop, and no backdoors.
– [Doug] He needs a queen.
– [Announcer]
Let’s see the turn.
It’s a jack.
– [Shaun] Close though
with the jack of diamonds
on the turn, so two
outs to suck out
and survive, and to
become chip leader.
This is a pot for chip lead.
– [Doug] It’s a very large pot,
probably the largest
pot of the tournament.
Kings hold and Jakoon
destroying the table,
up to over 10 million chips.
– Paul finishes up in
seventh place for 125,000,
while Jason Koon is
now up over 10 million,
dominating his opponents.
Roman Valerstein second, 4.5
and followed by Seth Davies,
Tim Burt, Tom Midena and Joe
Serock rounding up the bottom,
and come back six handed,
playing for one million dollars.
That’s it for today, but we’ll
wrap up all the action here
from The Big 4, next time
on Poker Night in America.
– If you want more Poker Night,
you can find us in social
media, including Twitch
and YouTube, where you
can find full episodes,
live streams and
exclusive content.
Also, don’t forget to
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You and your friends can have
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Search for us in your app
store and download it today.
From everyone here at
Poker Night in America,
I’m Doug Polk.
– And I’m Shaun Deeb
and thanks for watching.
(upbeat rock music)
– [Narrator] For the
third year in a row,
The Seminole Hard
Rock Poker Open
played host to the
Charity Series of Poker.
Kicking off the SHRPO
Championship week,
players turned out for
a special $300 event,
this year benefiting
actor Brad Garret’s
Maximum Hope Foundation.
– The Maximum Hope
Foundation helps provide
financial assistance
to the families
of children with
terminal illnesses.
– Even if you have insurance,
a lot of these families
are literally
financially wiped out,
because at least one parent
has to quit their job,
to stay home with the child.
– And so it’s to pay for
the basic necessities,
like utilities and it’s a
very personal charity for Brad
and Matt Stout
organized it through
his Charity Series of Poker,
so basically it was
really, really good though,
all the poker players
are here, you know,
helping out a good
cause and you know,
I think we will probably
all have a good time too.
– [Narrator] After this
year’s CSOP welcoming party
wrapped up at L Bar,
participants made their way
to the tournament area
to begin the event.
In total, players raised $30,000
for the Maximum Hope Foundation
and SHRPO Chance Kornuth
took the top prize of $5,000
and the SHRP guitar pick trophy.
– And so the family finds
themselves in this situation,
where they might need
some help from you guys.
How would they go about getting
in touch with your foundation?
– All they have is get in touch
is how they can pull us
up and if they qualify
for the assistance, which
usually has to be backed up
by a doctor, a social
worker from the hospital,
then we’re happy
to help them out.
– [Shaun] Poker Night in America
is brought to you
by Kimo Sabe Mezcal
– [Doug] And Sit & Go 2.0.

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