Poker Terminology: The Rake – A Re-Raise

Poker Terminology: The Rake – A Re-Raise

The Rake is a very very small amount that
you will have, it’s more like a tax of tables.
It’s like a betting tax at the Poker Tables.
The Rake is the small percentage of the winnings
in every hand, that are taken by the casino
operator, or the croupier sometimes, if you’re
fortunate enough in a live game as a commission
for running the game. So maybe here, you’ve
got a great big Pot here of about eleven or
twelve hundred, perhaps the Rake would be
ten, fifteen or twenty chips that don’t return
to you, they go into the Kitty of the casino
operator and the winning hand gets the rest
of it. The Rake, normally a couple of percent
goes back the casino operator, the Dealer.
That’s the Rake.
The Raise. The Raise is a way of increasing
the Pot, increasing the amount of money in
the Kitty and hopefully increasing your win.
It’s an aggressive tactic to get things moving.
Let’s have a look at this sort of pre-Flop
situation here, early in the hand. The Dealers
Buttons here, Small Blind, one chip there
for five, compulsory bet. There’s your Big
Blind there, compulsory bet for ten. That’s
a Call Bet there for ten, it’s just moving
nice and quietly. Maybe the player here has
a little peek at his cards, sees they’re really
strong and thinks “Right, I’m gonna put some
money into the Kitty, I wanna get this Pot
nice and big so I can win it.” A Raise has
to be double or more the previous bet. The
bet here was 10, so if you’re gonna Raise,
you have to make a bet of 20 or more. So perhaps
the player will bet 300. That’s a big Raise.
The Re-Raise. The Re-Raise, we’ve spoken about
the Raise when you can increase the Pot to
increase the amount of money in there to get
yourself a nice win. Let’s look at a Re-Raise,
when the stakes get increased again and again.
The example at the table here; Small Blind
for five, Big Blind for ten, player here in
this position, he’s Raised to a hundred. Player
here, got a very nice strong hand. He’s given
three choices now. He can Fold his hand, he
can Call that Raise of one hundred, he can
Re-Raise. He can Re-Raise by taking that hundred
and doubling it or more. A minimum bet to
Re-Raise would be two hundred. Maybe in this
case, a good Re-Raise would be to four. It
puts the pressure back on the player who has
done the Raise. Basically it’s you saying,
“I’m stronger than you. You think you wanna
bet? Now I’m really betting.” It puts the
pressure back on the player behind, it’s a
very aggressive strategy. The aggressive players,
they Re-Raise all the time. They put the players
before them under a lot of pressure by Re-Raising.
It’s an attractive way to play if you’ve got
a great hand. It’s also what bluffers do,
to try and pinch some money from people who
have Raised in front of them.

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  1. Isn't the minimum re raise actually $180.00. To break it down, $20 to call the blind, $80 to call the raise, and an additional $80 for the re raise, total $180

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