(Poker Vlog) BLUFFING with ACE HIGH in a $5,000 Buy-In Cash Game!

(Poker Vlog) BLUFFING with ACE HIGH in a $5,000 Buy-In Cash Game!

and we have made it to Dallas
dallas-fort Worth International Airport
they say that everything is bigger in
Texas this Airport is no exception if
you are someone you know is 6 foot 2 or
taller I’ll be starting a class-action
lawsuit contact me and Jeff Bosque calm
and I’ll get you in touch with a lawyer
there’s no reason for them to
discriminate against us just because
we’re tall we can’t help it if you’re
obese you could lose weight if you’re
obese you can buy two seats we don’t
have to get exit row our first class
just because we’re tall we barely fit in
these seats something has to be done
join me now in a class-action lawsuit
my man right there yeah so
no problem kiddo nica’s
no comprende you see panky
I don’t deserve any loan ikana quizzes
in that Park is where the Nicaraguans
mean what dude the Nicaraguans do in
that Park
would you look gorgeous
Luca Luca
chica Boca
no bueno Chico gang cohones
Martha’s going on
righty-oh Chico’s can cojones niggas
kinda whole days my besties banana in
the pants no bueno
yeah Romina Oh gracias
the overlay of specialist by mother’s
day bitches Oh sick value goddamn yo
what’s up dude live in the flesh yeah W
James Engels huh yeah we got bad
lighting here come on in Jeff’s giving
me the ropes oh wow dude do you are
showing me up he said want to see what a
real room looks like I’m alright dude I
don’t I don’t fit those anyway
what there’s even bigger magnums that’s
just like bro ego at that point let me
see sure no I’m trying to size you up
through your sweatpants I believe you
whoa March get yours today
where’s that at calm nice see spring
calm oh you got the plug-in do you
spring alright cop those guys
aimes good brother good drug this is
more kg day one of the $5,000 america’s
card room live cage we’re starting off
on the feature table you can watch the
replay on twitch or i’ll just go for the
highlights for you on this channel we’re
gonna be playing very aggressively cold
3bet cold for but check-raise is really
gonna leverage our ranges in a lot of
spots let’s stay focused let’s make some
good plays let’s bag up a lot of chips
and come back for day two overall at the
feature table
oh no am i in your lesson good
you’re still gonna out chip me like in
heads-up pots probably but uh but yeah I
should we swap is that immoral in a
field of 20 yeah yeah yeah that’s very
immoral what kind of question is that
this is so crazy
this is a thousand dollars I’m not
worthy of this no no I call it’s so
heavy we will be going live twitch.tv
slash Americans card room we got some
great commentators and we got a fish on
our left you might know him as Ryan de
pollo degenerate gambler it’s gonna be
an action-packed feature table tune in
now it will be too unfair alright so
there it is 5k and chips in front of us
prepared to get 20k and my oh maybe I’ll
skip yours only take a little but I’m
not gonna fill many hands this is the
luxury well one I have to focus anyway
but I’m not filming shit hands I’m at a
feast table it’ll be film for me right
yeah live streams you can get brought
live stream
so you can see here the players are just
getting seated getting set up those
lovely lovely plaques and chips there’s
the buskin a derp whats up boesky if you
guys are not familiar with the cage the
way that this format works is really
really cool so it’s a 5k buy-in
essentially and you get five thousand in
what we’ll call tournament chips but not
really so it’s a cash game with
escalating blinds where you essentially
have to survive for two days of play
there’s four blind rounds total and
we’re gonna have a different feature
table swapping out at every blind round
so you’re gonna get a chance to see four
different feature tables maybe some
players that you’ve seen before coming
back it’s an absolute blast man this if
those of you haven’t played the cage or
haven’t seen the cage before you’re in
for a treat I love it all right both you
here with fives he’s gonna make it a tea
to go from the big and any flop stop
bear that’s a pretty disguise looking
top pair you know I mean Jeff is gonna
think fives are good here oh yeah 100%
there’s a lot of advantageous turns to
that pick me up the street draws well
the only exactly the only over card is
an eight I mean you’ve got right exactly
and fourth and fifth can be kind to you
so he is going to I think value bet he
thinks he’s value betting here I believe
a value bet indeed pocket fives should
be good here the majority of the time
against a weak limp calling range from
the small blind he’s gonna have a lot of
hands like ace deuce ace three is four
four or five three six just a lot of
random crap of course there’s gonna be
some eight X there but you can’t be
afraid of that you’re gonna get him to
fold out its overs his unpaired type
hands maybe it’ll continue some bad
straight draws so of course we’re gonna
go for that value with pocket fives
again I think he thinks he’s value
betting me table is still not going
anywhere the undercard on the turn means
his eight is still the best hand and
that is it brick jeff has gotta like it
a lot less now he’s been he’s been
called twice a second over card has hit
and what is what what is Pablo Chuck
calling twice with that fives are
beating does he ever just have like ace
four it seems hard though after the
small blind check calls twice I’m
putting him on eight X and I want to see
if I can get him off of eight X we can
rep all the sets some two pair of combos
and over pairs additionally since we
have pocket fives we block most straight
combinations sometimes you got a man up
in bed a thousand other times you got to
know when to give up this time I give up
and Jeff just checks back alright good
check reasonably played by both players
he’s gonna see that Pablo does indeed
have a random aid yeah you can see a
little mini head shake there from from
Jeff like oh yah you rise he he bet he
value bet he value owned himself with to
the flop and a turn bet they’re so
Boesky are making it sixty five to go
battle of the blinds this could be fun
both with ace x suited here and he’s
getting three bet now by Ryan up to 180
with a six suited and let’s see what
boesky does I think Boesky might think
that this is just typical you think I’m
raising light because I’m trying to take
it but I’m not so let’s see what Bosque
likes to do here yeah there’s a pretty
sick situation too suited aces and blind
worst blind situation yeah he says how
about 550 for bet click back and Ryan
has to be like what is happening I
thought aren’t i nutted here and guess
what guys we have our first plac bet and
that makes me happy you know your
orthodontist told you plaque was no good
but train is here to tell you that the
plaque bet is the way and Jeff does
scoop it good fold yeah once you go
black you never go back
that’s good full by Ryan I mean you’ve
got the information you wanted right
you’re like I’m probably ahead here he’s
probably raising light and then when he
clicks back like that there’s I just
don’t think that’s almost ever a bluff
go baffled
one hour and thirty minutes down five
thousand starting stack I now have about
4,500 played a lot of pots really went
for it a lot of spots unfortunately we
did not profit on that short session
we’re coming back same blinds $10 $20
$25 button and he were five handed Ryan
and Apollo on my left Russian guy on his
left local one my right some guy from
Seattle on his right not the toughest
table but not the softest table
let’s stay aggressive and go for it
we’re trying to earn chips we’re gonna
increase volatility a lot of three
bedding C bedding let’s see what happens
all right so Pablo is gonna pop up his
usual $50 raise here with ace nine
suited and both skis like I’m gonna try
to take you to the church of Ace King
here definitely a three bet on the
button all day here it’s just a matter
of how much this might be one of those
spots where Pablo cold calls the three
bet you know you hate folding a suited
ace can’t Jeff be doing this wide from
the button and you just look so pretty
you know but then you’re gonna have to
play a flop out of position now Pablo
might be too good for ya see this is
what players do it’s so predictable you
know it’s like you open with h92 tits it
looks so good you get three bit and
you’re like I don’t want I need to see a
board with a fine whop all the Spade
yeah and when you Bink an ace you have
two questions right yes and this is a
sweet little boy it’s just kicker but
then again you’re facing a three bet
right so is like tens or jacks and both
skis range precisely so this is why you
dis you’re in awkward no man’s land
spots and even though he flopped the he
flopped his opponent in the 90/10
territory he still might fold at some
point both ski checks back kick here’s
the problem guys we’re probably gonna
get some sort of bet call scenario here
and if an ace hits the river look at the
fan and someone has tossed a pizza into
a ceiling fin and now we’re going for
the bet here the way Pablo has played
this hand I would definitely not fault
him for calling a horse not he’s gonna
he’s gonna come along for this river
ride all day like like if Bosque had two
jacks here would
bet now wouldn’t he have bet the flop
you don’t really know what you had what
he hate doesn’t nobody has so unless he
exactly turned a king and is not an ace
in us the it is the fake ace before so
random brick I think he probably gonna
go check call again to be honest with
you will see pots at this point 705 but
it’s gonna have to be kind of a value II
bet it was three bet to 175 pre 150 on
the turn he can’t get a whole ton of
value out of this he’s not like he fires
300 plus he’s never gonna get paid and
that’s a lot more than 300 you trying to
make it look a little blow – oh snap
call one ship map call 420 was the bet
oh look at that and he do Pablo just
went with it the way the hand worked out
yeah I mean he’s I didn’t think he was
gonna get that much value I thought
Pablo would have folded for that amount
but he would have called less but his
read was just on Boesky and said dude
I’m in I’m coming I guess what does
dizzy I wonder what he put Bosque on I
think he made his mind up that he was
like check calling the river I’m gonna
call like weather Boesky bet a hundred
or apparently 420 I think he was just
not calling but he does win the blinds
it looks like this update just in guys
so I feel G and JJ Kurata was sitting on
about 4,500 and chips and our boy get
through see ya and again still leading
the preflop raise and aggression at
shirt our good ol boy a bow ski look at
that slick hair yeah he looks like he’s
a greaser from the 50s it’s maybe he
pulled up in his Corvair he ran a comb
through it put on his sunglasses and
said let’s play some card and the comb
is one of those switchblade yeah yeah
he’s like I don’t want any problems and
he just kicks it out and then like his
own theme song starts playing right just
runs it through his hair leather jacket
blowin in the wind in slow motion oh so
it looks like Igor was sixes from the
hijack is gonna make it 60 to go Bose
he’s definitely gonna defend from the
big here with ten Jack suited and this
could be fun yeah go for it this give
you a whole lot of fun look at this flop
so Boesky with top hair potential run
around our club Oh
set for Igor oh oh you know what that I
do I do know exactly what that means you
guys ready that’s a little bit of a
cooler huge cooler and the club out
there too
cooler wins fatality
it’s either playing the cage to just the
Mortal Kombat kitchen and it looks like
Igor is gonna bet Bose skis just gonna
flat here and look out gnarly trouble
indeed right here in River City Valastro
tuna tease guys Valastro tuna tease oh
and now Boesky is going to check again
so I mean bow skis play this puck really
passively right he just called the raise
pre-check called flop now he’s probably
just gonna check call turn because there
are so many sweet rivers I would be
incorrectly raising here a fair amount
of the time Geoff’s too smart for that
and that is not one of them but that’s
not the worst I mean running seven seven
at both ski thought he was good on the
flop then yeah he didn’t change too much
so he probably checked calls river I
would imagine
and then you know it’s gonna be awesome
times for Igor going boats full bitch a
oh but pots at 500 now and Igor is just
thinking how much money can I get
Cornhusker set asaurus rex vs flusher
tuna tees yeah yeah buddy you know
what’s up alright three-fitty is the bet
here some nice escalating bets here race
263 forty on the flop 130 on the turn
and then say how about tree fiddy God is
there ever a universe where Boesky funds
a fold here’s opponent has fired off
race pre and then fired in all three
streets I mean I mean is your is he is
he really doing this with like ace king
of diamonds just like going nuts trying
to win the pot yeah exactly
otherwise otherwise he’s a full house
yeah otherwise he’s yeah and vise full
does he singles forward as he raised
with you know King 10 Queen 10 days 10
all those combos and player all three
streets no way no way that that hand is
slowing down on at least one of these
streets I think that hand slows down on
the river for showing exactly yeah yeah
so boesky basically figured this is a
very polarized line you know he thinks
he’s up against ace king very good
Boesky unfold by Jeff the busca nadir
great fold you know I mean in so many
casino cash games what would someone
would Jack than the clubs there do ya
snap call yeah they they just they did
the cry call they’re like okay prove it
yeah I run so bad yeah that’s what would
happen but Jeff is too good for that
true dat great fold true that a king of
monsters yeah raise to 50 after he makes
a great fold you get rewarded with aces
that’s how so that’s if you’re never
getting pocket aces that’s just cuz
you’re not making good folds so it makes
it 50 to go with ace 5 suited here in
hi jack and over to boesky we are
definitely going to find a three-bed we
sure do up to 210 here ryan snap folds
back over to david
and it looks like David is in the tank
and he does make the call here eat for
three peels down couple hearts on board
not much going on for David he does have
a wheel draw though as well as some
backdoors spade potential yeah I mean
yeah not much going on as far as made
Han but that’s that’s a pretty decent
board for ace five it’s enough and if
you think your opponent’s just three
betting with a random like I don’t know
like the three betting with a gauge game
then you’re in trouble anyway Israel
that’s supposed to and here’s another
one of those spots where we opened with
a suited ace we get three bet and we
don’t want to fold and you just get in
trouble so let’s see if he’ll know we
won’t fold let’s see if he’s gonna get
himself in trouble here yeah hey look at
that he’s like calling as quick as you
can and that is not a bad card for
boesky I don’t see a lot of fours in my
opponents calling my three bet range no
and if they did ever wake up with some
weird two pair hand you’re
counterfeiting them so that’s this turn
it’s a great turn card cool for me man
indeed and of course it would be
unbelievably hard to have two pair like
what did he keep three call to three but
he opened with eight three suited and
then called three so I think Jeff just
knows he has his opponent close to dead
he has to wonder what what David called
with on the flop though Jeff is blocking
like an ace I flush draw type of thing
so what in the world today would call
with on the flop well you know you know
he 29 yeah I was gonna say what if you
had a pair like that right cuz what
calls and doesn’t like for bet click
back pre right so they get nine so
that’s what I’m that’s where I’m at
right there and there we go he lets it
go those key with ace eight on the
button most likely gonna come in for
raise he sure does let’s call that sixty
sixty-five and Ryan the good old Bosque
Ryan rematch round one fight
so yeah so the next cage is gonna be a
blast man already looking forward to it
are you planning on playing the pl o–
cages at all to possibly it depends how
things go
I just hate I love this place I just
hate the process of getting here just
traveling traveling I think the people
standing up in the airplane the smell
that people farting in the airplane
everyone just sitting in the lobby –
staring at their phones like zombies
waiting to get on Oprah boarding Oh
priority boarding Oh who’s boarding now
tell me how you really feel don’t
sticker coat it for me bud ski haven’t
wrapped in there
the pre-boarding like what does that
even mean you get on before you get on
never use of the prefix press it to
channel George all right talk us through
this hand alright so David’s been
opening very wide he like reason called
it each douche he’s open like six seven
I almost three Benham this time you know
I’ve been real aggressive so I’m gonna
continue that just over 4x out of
position ace Jack going for value and he
said you know he likes the content I put
out so I think he’s slightly less likely
to bluff me and he’s gonna play more
straightforward fair enough I’m so not
too worried about that that doesn’t
really affect this hand but I want to
play Postum he’s probably a weaker
player on you look at that well it’s he
does flop a set but I think we have
range advantage which is a it is a thing
so we’ve got to continue the story of an
overpair you know ace queen type hands
so we’re gonna put in the seabed 225
usually i down better a bit here but i
want to get more folds I don’t want to
can you continue with like Jack 10 10 9
stuff like that I just want to want to
take it down here he puts in the call
and I think that graphics wrong I don’t
think there’s two hearts yeah we’ll see
here in a minute or whatever cameo there
is yeah there is okay
definite speed on the turn which is look
at you that’s opens up some
opportunities for you to I was shutting
down and unless this specific card came
course right because now you’re like
double gutted and it’s not hard and like
life is okay now and I have this magical
yeah the any ace of spades right yeah so
that you got a blocker – uh yeah that’s
Plan B prettiest card in the deck norm
ASA spades is good so I really size up
here 750 I want to get him to full you
know like stuff like Queen Jack King
Queen maybe it’s a bad heart draws 8 X
whatever the hell you just called
whatever crap you called him with I
twofold now or I might be there on the
river if he calls so he thinks about it
for a bit and I could even get value
from like worst worst heart draws who
knows yeah but you know I’m I don’t want
to check call I don’t want to check
raise I think this is the best place so
he’s reaching for chips and you’re like
okay well let’s see what this River goes
yeah Emily all right brick and I just
give up unless I hit my straight but
backdoor flush gets there I don’t think
there’s any Spade hands you can have
unless it’s like specifically eight nine
of Spades so I think it’s time to either
give up or go for the gusto
yeah 2.4 K in the pot let’s go big let’s
polarize it to Jack 10 or Jack 9 type
hand sets or backdoor flushes yeah and I
got that magical East of Spades so
sometimes she’s got a you just got to
put it all at risk
so we’re slapping what’s like 1800 or
something in there mm in there and he
says well I don’t I don’t think I can
fold that’s that’s that’s rough when you
hear that that’s rough too strong and he
puts in the call but in reality what I’m
either bluffing or I actually have a
better hand than a set true true I I
have a breaker status back tone question
yeah or random jack 9 so I understand
why he’s fallen yeah it’s tough to pull
the set but he’s like fuck it I got a
yeah yeah that was a pot man and that
was perfect I’m gonna shape up to be a
really good I thought I got to go back
in two minutes
handle business I will go regain some of
those chips yeah 1400 I can run that
shit up from bed set up Baker 31 yeah
that was a problem awesome
speaking of a thing look at these hand
matchups tens King ten suited King Jack
suited let’s go we’re gonna start by
raising by David here in the high Jack
250 with King Jack of Diamonds
while Boesky gets his back beat up it’s
the old school chops massage which I
thought happened in the movies
so BOCES gonna click it up to 220 now as
a three-bet and that got the other king
ten suited to get out
but that does eat up one of both skis
outs here with the 10 I didn’t see well
so they see in there that’s yet
well-trained looks interesting ace Queen
4 misses both David has that Broadway
shot but Bose he’s got two of his outs
it’s not a great flop for Jeff you know
your opponent raised and then called you
when you three bet but Jeff is not gonna
slow down he knows if he checks here he
loses this pot a ton so he’s just gonna
try to see right now if David has
something just like he has and he might
just win it’s so gnarly the one outer
ten would just be like cooler central
yes it would be extremely unlucky for
Jeff but David calls and Jeff has to
hate that call both skis like I’m gonna
be playing a lot of pots worth of David
apparently indeed he has the best hand
the board pairs aces on turn Jeff still
has the best hand but how can he know
that what did what does David have
that’s worse than two tens
yeah ace Queen brick rainbow board right
exactly what is he calling me with he’s
got it yeah I’m something but David’s
gonna check back here and that that
might tip off Jeff oh he’s not I’m wrong
Wow he’s gonna bet okay good good good
spot by Jeff to or by David here to fire
a bet and I can’t imagine it’s not gonna
work it’s not gonna work
it’s Jeff gonna call now he can’t call
what in the world can David have that’s
worse than two tens
he doesn’t like it man he does fold all
right well played by David he wins with
the worst hand all the way on fourth
Street and justice an unfortunate spot
for Jeff
David had basically the only hand really
other than ten Jack which is hard
because Jeff has two tens David really
has the exact hand he can have there
that’s worse than two tens that would
play that way look at all
and we are no longer at the feature
blinds it with winds at 25 50 with a $30
button Annie
I’ve dwindled down to 1000 inch it’s not
fun it’s a not very mini-blinds that’s
20 blinds I’m under the gun I looked
down it to black Kings could rip 20
blinds but we want an action we’re not
scared it’s six max make it 125 to go
Caucasian male aged about 30 am I left
as a New York accent probably has some
shady past a criminal record puts in the
flat button calls and big blind comes
along all I’m thinking is no ace the
flap comes Queen 10-4 all hearts well if
they flopped a flush they’re gonna get
all my chips I bet half pot 250 New York
looking guy on my left flat calls button
calls and big blind folds all right no
hard on the turn please dealer it turns
a brick and I wager almost all my chips
450 they might be bad enough to just
call a call with a small flush and I’ll
still be alive with 25 chips tournament
New Yorker on my left snap calls I
didn’t even realize it was so quick
somewhat of a timing tell must be a noob
to the live game and button folds
I almost show my cards but the dealer
informs me that the New Yorker called
alright let’s see a river I got one
hundred and twenty five dollars behind
the river is a seven not hard time to go
for max value minus twenty five chips
I still need half a blind just in case
I’m wrong here he has a set or some shit
I bet a hundred he’s snap calls and
shows a screen with the Ace of Hearts we
dodged it and we get the full double and
some 2400 let’s run it up
that’s all have a flush
$2,400 in chips one hour and 30 minutes
left to play in the day still 25 50 $30
button and what’s bag up 5k back to
starting stack that’s our goal
seafood risotto
mine’s at 25 50 I look down at pocket
aces under the gun we’re gonna make it
125 to go hopefully we’ll get some damn
action Ryan de pollo quickly puts in the
call next to act the button calls and
the big blind comes along for the ride
for ways to the flop was really hoping
I’d get a three bet but let’s see what
happens the flop comes 10 8 5 pretty dry
think it’s a good time to put in a see
bet I bet 250
Ryan de pollo folds the button folds and
actions to the big blind he puts in the
call let’s hope for a safe turn the turn
is a 7
Jack 9 gets there and various two pairs
get there not my favorite card when the
big blind checks I decide to go for a
little pot control let’s check it back
and get some value on the river
the river is a 6 it’s now 1/2 a straight
out there various 2 pairs all I can beat
is say 10x so he eventually puts in the
check and I don’t think there’s much
merit and value betting if you had an
over pair should a 3bet preflop he has
10 Jack he’s probably not calling so we
just check back aces and hopefully we’re
good last hand of the night
let’s win with aces
didn’t nobody call me with bad guys
please name in the back IV number I’m
out of chips and he had an overpair
thought you were to raise preflop I wish
you had to raise pretty fun
he cost me tell you were trans in there
with a double bass I seem like I was
trapping I am a lot of the time there
god dammit that I did a crappy
Thank You Bertie downstairs thank you
and I’ve bagged
3190 not bad considering we were down to
less than a thousand we’ll take it we’re
coming back to 40 80 with a $10 ante per
person on the button tomorrow but first
let’s go to the free comped afterparty
so he’s never played by gosh yeah oh hi
gal with no Commission neighbors there’s
the nuts but we’ve lost Taylor can’t
stop you making most
one out
okay I’m pretty sure I lost because I
bought into 80 American dollars and
they’re now gone so that’s a good
indicator yeah you know I know it’s
tough to figure out because is like the

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  14. Few things for the peeps if they ever go to a a casino in Costa Rica. 1. The drinks are not free. I was betting 100 US a hand pai gaw and still had to pay 8 bucks a drink. 2. Most places you can gamble in US Dollars or Costa Rican currency Colones. They have different chips for each. Obviously try to use US Dollars. 3 They do not use a wheel for roulette the use a keno style ball pop out thing. 4. Never Ever put a single dollar in a slot machine. There is no gaming commission so the slots can literally be set at 0% payback and it’s totally legal. 5. If you play pai gow they will be using a shuffle master. Make sure they use the dice to determine the order of hands. Never play with an automatic shuffler and an automated number generator to determine order of hands. 6. Almost all casinos have “hosts” to get the poker game started. They are not your friend. They are paid to get the game started and keep it going. If you give them your phone number they will text you non stop. They won’t take no for an answer. I wouldn’t give them my number first time I play somewhere. They will badger the fuck out of you come up with some excuse.

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