PokerStars Duel: Neymar Jr. Vs. Sara Sampaio

PokerStars Duel: Neymar Jr. Vs. Sara Sampaio

let’s agree a presence a achieve in Ayurveda can where you could be sort of the finest football Sultan’s generation Neymar jr. amor jr. as a football player he just loves the game as a poker player he’s very similar he wants to win Neymar it’s an incredible football player but I’m very competitive and I’m predictable the four-time Portuguese Golden Globe winner of the best female model award Saracen fight thank you going to underestimate me the biggest Idol in Brazil huge celebrity model adds up Spinelli amazing Neymar raises to 4,000 good pan let’s start close Sarah coals let’s see the flop flop is bingo spades a lot six of hearts I probably have the backhand let’s see if Neymar’s the best in this be a rabbit’s four times looting the potatoes mo we believe at Neymar Colts game on I don’t think Scala king Sarah bats 5000 we’re gonna say goodbye Emma calls that probably didn’t help him let’s see if Neymar will give up Diddley Sarabeth’s 5,000 putting nada for the shallow guys a little bit name our fault poker is a game of control and you have to you know minimize your losses and maximize your gains Lamar had to fold or block I mean I was passive he was trying to see all the clubs and call and call call Jared had the best hand and she grace may mark raise to 8,000 Sarah calls to 8,000 ploppies full of diamonds ten clubs six of clubs that didn’t help at all hey what salut is a kid named was trying to put me under a lot of pressure but I’m now gonna make it easy for him Sara bets twenty thousand still on board do the other co-workers maybe name I have 10 seconds to out my phones I think I did a very very good bluff he was not expecting I’m very proud of it I’ve got my hand into the game I’m feeling good sara is obviously a very confident girl the fact that she dared to bluff Neymar was like such a sign of confidence and a bold move and I love that about her she got a major believer Sara got the power now Sussex is this department it’s a bit of a rough start for Neymar but he knows how to focus and he knows that sometimes you have to suffer a little loss in order to come back fighting I do anyone say Pagano Sarah calls a champagne Armando mi raises to 6000 told Sarah calls premier Tamina naima best 3000 nothing display me I have to know Sarah calls name up that’s 2,000 it’s nothing I think let’s turn the tables Sara raises to 4,000 named re-raises all in I didn’t expect that but I really hate to lose you calling Dylan my mom I should just go with my good and that’s a cold shutdown please it’s time to show hands saris rank dev namo were the rejects okay let’s go put everybody never wins do their pool house Jackson eights that was a stupid call there was like what is she doing I was dominating this is not happening obviously Sarah got a bit overconfident there in poker if you win a couple hands you can get a positive tilt and that usually means you’re going to play too many hands too aggressively and you’re gonna end up losing sada is still disappointed but you can’t play well we regret Tanith put it together sir it’s not over after this mistake I think Muammar has her exactly where it wants her on a spurious Vicky Pryce have ten seconds to act come on time out for name sake see look named I raise this bullet I know how to call but I really don’t want to lose own pace and waterpark I didn’t celebrate okay sorry you have ten seconds to act you thought of my hands okay it’s our calls and we’ll get to a showdown Jake seven for Neymar two three four Sarah I did right yeah you don’t have any more chips everyone’s double cities let’s see the fluff Oh Sarah’s a big draw but Neymar is ahead Sasha casts a far smaller I say so old man özil says what I think we do with you Unitarian yeah you’d like 30% sir let’s do the third card now cereth is ahead member needs a three or an eight to win the duel oh gosh no I’m finished I know you appreciate you sure sabaki messy hahaha let’s go it’s time for the river card yeah Wow what does seek hand anymore got so lucky but sooner took it well poker can just hit you in that way sometimes Neymar is just the luckiest person I’ve ever seen overall it was an incredible day I’m so happy for da – playing bird Neymar’s foundation it’s great cause Santa played really well name I got really lucky but she was happy and brought about her game you know initially Sara was dominating but knee mark came back fighting and he took it down hundreds pds initial valuation set up and my boy jhagadu – free vitamins energy that eight I’m gonna have nightmares mother eight today

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  1. they need one of these with zlatan…."zlatan wins hand"…."zlatan folds"…….."zlatan is all in"………"zlatan have de nuts"….."zlatan fuck you later"

  2. Neymar isn't "lucky". They even said after the flop Sara only had 30% chance of winning the hand. As an isolated event, Neymar was lucky with the river, but generally he wasn't lucky, he had the stronger hand

  3. Thankgod there's subtitles for what they're saying. There's so many cuts in the original audio that it's impossible to understand what they're saying. Even when I'm a portuguese native speaker.

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