Pole Dancers Bust Myths About Their Sport | Truth or Myth

Pole Dancers Bust Myths About Their Sport | Truth or Myth

64 thoughts on “Pole Dancers Bust Myths About Their Sport | Truth or Myth”

  1. Thank you for this video this is really interesting. I think pole dancing looks incredibly difficult and impressive, and definitely doesn't have to be about stripping.

  2. I’ve been watching videos of the pole dancing championships and it’s really a beautiful sport and the sheer strength these dancers have is amazing. I’d love to try a class some day

  3. 1 question for people who do pole: what about chafing? Do y'all use some sort of powder/lubricant to keep it from hurting your thighs after a while?

  4. And now I'm officially unsubbing. I tried to believe, but this channel has officially gone done the toilet. Goodbye.

  5. Sorry: but Pole Dancing is not a Sport or part of the arts. It was created as a form of erotica to bring in men into adult entertainment clubs. The idea that it is anything more is just a reinvention to make it acceptable.

  6. I just started a couple of months ago. I've never enjoyed group fitness stuff, I love pole. It's giving me way more confidence in the movements of my body. Trusting that I can hold myself up and do cool things. I mess up, but those times get me fired up to improve. Gonna show this video as my defence to anyone who tells me there's something wrong about pole dancing.

  7. "we have teachers" yeah because they don't make enough

    "we have doctors" You think doctors waste time dancing for dollars?

  8. I love this. I’ve been poling for 18months now and love every minute of it! I soooo can relate to everything they say and I originally started pole to loose my baby weight and here I am 18 months later entering Bristol Pole Championships! Who would have thought?? My gosh what an amazing journey I’m on and just love the pole family I’m in! Thanks for making this Video! Just so inspirational!! Xxx

  9. A great video!

    Pole changed my life. I couldn’t be happier to travel the world and share my passion ❤

    There are different types of classes: very athletic to very sexy. It’s like any dance:  if you’re not into sexy, then don’t do sexy but maybe choose for instance ballet that is very technical and artistic. If you love to move your hips, maybe you prefer salsa or commercial dance. The same way you can choose different styles of pole and one style doesn’t define what pole is or isn’t.

    Many people with different jobs take pole dance lessons: teachers, lawyers, doctors, strippers. We are an inclusive community and everyone is welcome. Most of pole dancers just practice for fun like any hobby. So yes, a doctor PAYS for pole lessons or might perform in a competition because it’s FUN. This is the part that some people here seem to misunderstand.

    If you think pull ups count as exercising you should understand that pole is great workout! People who are into for instance calisthenics should definitively try pole for extra challenge 💪

  10. Stop deceiving yourselves in order to justify your "sport". Pole dancing is exotic, sexually charged dancing as close to stripping as you can get. The only reason a man would get into pole dancing is to find hookup opportunities with other sexually charged pole dancers and not out of love for the so called sport.

  11. They are disguising the sexual overtones of their skimpy outfits and ignoring the complaints of overweight and older people going to classes and realising they not only are they unable to even start, they are being looked down on and shamed by the dancers themselves. This is a completely sexual practice. Whether it's channeling desire for food or sex… it's still must and flesh and feelings of giving into lustly impulses. It's completely sexual so don't be deceived! She outright said it's a cult. Sin starts out very lovely and deceives you into compromise.

  12. It’s clear the people hating don’t understand a thing on the topic. If they ever even tried it they’d have more understanding than what words would do for them

  13. Yes! The freedom! That's why i love it. That's why i love dance in general. I've learned over the years that i have NVLD. And while my fine motor skills are compromised my gross motor skills are not. For me the pole adds an extra layer of achievement and fun. I was never able to do a cartwheel as a girl or even skateboard. I wanted to play soccer so bad but i would get lost and confused on the field. (Nvld lacks a normal spatial processing/ spatial awareness). But on the pole i just have fun and forget about all that! I can't get lost on the pole. I can't get lost in a bad way. Where i lose my car keys, lol. I can only get lost in a transcendental way. Its spiritual for me!💕💕 And that's why I love it 🤗

  14. This is a great video. I've seen pole dancing and I think it's incredible and beautiful. I would like to try it someday.

  15. I think the most educating comment in the video is (totally paraphrasing) until you walk a into a pole dancing class and experience the magic, you will really never understand. As a former instructor it is one of the most rewarding things to see a brand new student experience pole dancing for the first time. In all my years of teaching that happened 99% of the time.

  16. Everyone bashing pole dancers should really be careful cause if you slip and say that to a pole dancer in person, they may just pick you up and throw you across the room, cause they sure as hell can. 💪😂

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