Police Try Playing Grand Theft Auto 5 Without Breaking Any Laws • Professionals Play

Police Try Playing Grand Theft Auto 5 Without Breaking Any Laws • Professionals Play

– I want his car.
I’ll just work hard and save up money
and eventually buy a car,
like regular people do.
I’m on patrol.
Most time we come out, things
are already kinda going off.
We just pretty much just
respond to radio calls,
help people.
Growing up, my dad was
also a police officer.
Right away, I knew
that’s what I want to do.
So I’ve actually arrested multiple people
for grand theft auto,
pretty common actually.
I’ve played Grand Theft Auto before.
I kinda say sorry
sometimes as I’m playing.
I’m just like, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
Not sure how I’m gonna
be able to do any of this
just knowing how the game works.
I would think that I
have a pretty good basis
on what the laws are,
so it’s probably gonna be really tough.
We’re on our way to go get a haircut.
Already I want to go on
the wrong side of the road.
It was a right on red.
You just have to make
a stop and you can go.
That person is, well,
that person’s jaywalking.
That’s a ticket.
There’s no indicators in this game, right?
Okay, just making sure.
And now I’m at a red light.
It’s not hard.
It’s just frustrating not
being able to just go.
This person is just a really bad driver.
I’m just gonna pretend like
I’m using my indicator.
They almost hit that ped in
the street, or pedestrian.
– [Man] I’ll suck your (bleep).
– That might be
prostitution, I don’t know,
just overhearing that call.
So right on red, it’s
fine if you make a stop
at a red light.
I’m just gonna creep forward.
Maybe it doesn’t know I’m there.
Hey, hey, hey, mother.
This game is like designed for me to fail.
It makes sense though,
that type of driver in
southern California,
it’s accurate.
I’m just gonna
pass this car
if I don’t hit him.
Okay, we’re good.
Oh, now it goes.
Alright, not parking in the red.
We’re good.
Alright, gonna get a haircut.
I’ll just run the rest of the way.
Not in the street though.
– [Barber] Shall we begin?
– That’s a little ominous, but alright.
Well after all that, I’ve done one thing.
Traffic is like the worst.
I’m going to get my car washed.
There’s no U-turns and it’s telling me
to make a U-turn.
Alright, I’m just gonna
make a left when I can.
It’s an unprotected left.
You can go on yellow, so that’s fine.
Oh, green, and that car’s ran a red light.
Another ticket.
Another red light.
Hey, hey, watch yourself.
I was in the intersection
when it was yellow.
That’s fine.
This lady’s just crossing the street.
I would talk to them, and if
they were being really cool
and I explain, you know
hey, this is what you did,
you can’t be doing that,
and if they were cool
back, mostly I’d be like,
alright, this is a warning.
So right off the–
Can I do an exchange?
This is an exchange of info real quick.
I’m just gonna pretend
like I’m handing info
over to that person.
So we’re fine.
As long as you exchange info,
there is no need to
actually call the police.
If it’s just like a simple fender bender
like that was, all you
have to do is exchange info
and you guys can be on your way.
Is there a horn?
They didn’t go.
I’m stuck at the light again.
Is this because I hit them?
Now they feel like going all of a sudden.
Oh, they’re just awful now.
They’re just going right down
the middle of the wrong way.
At that point, that would
be reckless driving.
I’m pretty sure the limit line
is back there where I’m at,
so that driver would
be in the intersection.
Alright, gonna get my car washed.
Two things done, not too bad.
Okay, so let’s go to the fair.
Excuse you.
Not again.
It is not okay for a car
to just make their own lane.
That would be lane straddling.
Oh, mother.
They created their own lane,
and then they went around me,
an unsafe lane change from
their fake lane they made up.
I’m so frustrated.
I just don’t like traffic.
You better go.
There we go.
Okay, I was in the intersection.
We’re fine.
Okay, take it.
I wouldn’t pull me over.
Okay, nothing bothers me more
than people who just walk
in the middle of the street.
If I can’t drive on the sidewalk,
you can’t walk in the street.
– [Woman] You want a date, suga?
You’re handsome.
– Funny enough, pretty much a ticket.
You would think, no,
that’d be something more.
Who did that?
Alright, that’s a hit and run.
That person’s gone.
Green light, we’re good.
Alright, this car just
wants to run the red light.
Alright, well, I missed that light,
so I guess I’m just gonna back it up.
If you are a little bit in the crosswalk,
you are perfectly fine reversing.
If you were in the intersection, just go.
We don’t care.
Whoa, and he’s okay to cross.
He was the pedestrian,
he was in the right.
The unsafe left turn for a
pedestrian in the crosswalk.
Just gonna go park.
This is so weird.
This is very different
than how I’ve ever played this game.
– [Woman] Well, I finally
arranged a three-way
between Fred from my overeaters group
and Phil from my sex addicts group.
– Alright, you go.
That’s not illegal.
15 dollars.
I am not having fun.
You’re supposed to have fun at the pier,
but it was a really big
headache just to get over here.
And I’m alone, so that’s kinda sad too.
Got this fresh new haircut
and no one to see it.
15 dollars for one rollercoaster ride.
It’s a children rollercoaster.
That’s the fun I just had.
I’m gonna go see a movie.
This works like a regular parking lot.
I don’t think there’s a
ticket for going the wrong way
in the parking lot.
I think I would just yell at you
for going the wrong
way in the parking lot.
That was close.
We’re good.
That’s a very tiny stop sign.
I need more cash to pick up a prostitute?
I’ve had a long day in traffic.
I just want to go see a movie.
Alright, this guy just gets
to walk whenever he wants.
That hand is clearly up.
Oh, is this parking?
Legally parked.
Gonna go see a movie.
The movie theater is closed.
10AM to 12PM.
About four hours early.
I did all that, and I don’t
get to go see a movie.
Well, I’m just gonna
walk around the streets,
and I’m sure nothing bad will happen.
And he has a open alcohol container.
Even if you have it in a paper bag,
we know what it is.
Oh look, they’re in pursuit.
To me, that looked like a
regular driver or something,
or it can be a stolen car.
Bumping into people is not illegal.
See, these are good guys.
Following along, they’re
waiting for the okay to cross.
Oh, street vendors.
Technically, they don’t
have a permit, it’s illegal.
I’m gonna assume they have permits.
– [Man] (bleep) off.
– That’s uncalled for, but
hurting people’s feelings
is also not illegal so it’s fine.
You would think that people would not call
for something like that
though, but it happens.
Alright, whatever, it’s probably time.
There we go.
That took a lot.
That was a lot harder than
I thought it was gonna be.
Overall, I think I did fine.
It’s really hard.
– [Producer] So we had
regular people try this out.
One person had 25 crimes,
and one person had 18 crimes.
– That’s pretty bad.
Really imagine what their
driving looked like.
Unless you actively go
out and punch someone.
– It’s so fun to hit
people and punch people.
– [Producer] One person
only had four crimes.
– Having four in the game is good,
just because of how hard it makes it.
Having four on the road, it’s not good.
You know what you’re doing.
It was fun.
It was a lot harder than I
thought it was gonna be though,
for sure.
I did not think I was gonna get
this frustrated with traffic.

100 thoughts on “Police Try Playing Grand Theft Auto 5 Without Breaking Any Laws • Professionals Play”

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  3. I always break a lot of laws because I dont know a lot about US traffics (still learning). And because using keyboard or controller are way harding than using driving wheel.

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    My dad: comes to watch me play
    Me: tries to avoid the strip club, tries to not kill people, tries not to hit a car or a person, tries not to pull out a gun, tries to only go at green and yellow lights and tries to avoid any missions that involve me doing bad things

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