Polygamist Mafia: Escaping The Kingston Clan

Polygamist Mafia: Escaping The Kingston Clan

in the order you weren’t taught to question the authority of the leaders not only everything you ever make but everything you ever do and everything you ever will be has to be turned into the order your whole life is dedicated for it only Kingston clan is thought of as a massive enterprise that could easily be worth millions of dollars the Kingston clan has their fingers in all kinds of businesses runs their business and runs their family kind of like a religious communist Enclave members get a paycheck from the Kingston clan from those businesses that they work for but then that money goes right back into the clan that the majority we’re hearing going right to the top agents also served warrants at the four million dollar home of Washakie CEO Jacob Kingston son of Clan Lee John Daniel Kingston my dad is John Daniel Kingston and people on the outside call the Kingston clan and it’s just the Kingston group based on wee fundamentalist Mormons my dad has 14 wives counting my mom and I have 13 siblings on my mom’s side and 157 siblings on my dad’s side uncle’s marrying nieces and brothers marrying sisters from other mothers my mom and dad had the same father and their dads or tell Hewson yep that’s pretty weird my dad too didn’t know him she didn’t pay the bills he didn’t he didn’t come over for birthdays nothing in 2013 my mom got really sick because she had colon cancer and my dad convinced her to try some type of treatment that he thought could work instead of going to like the hospital and stuff so she she tried that and she got really sick when she actually did pass away then my dad and the leaders just just took an inventory of all of her stuff and then said if you want it you can buy it otherwise we’re just gonna sell it on Cassell and I have one thing it’s like a silver bell and she used it when she was sick if she needed help that’s the only thing that I got yeah nice six of 2015 my dad said the next day you need to pack your bags and figure out where you’re gonna live if you left the order then you can’t see or talk or hang out with with anyone like that’s in the order still so it’s been nine months since I’ve seen my dad and you know he didn’t think I would actually pack my bags and figure out where I was gonna live I think it was more of a threat than anything because he wants me back now when they have a struggle or Daniel gets upset and kicks him out they know they can come here and one day Joe showed up like can I stay here and I was like okay I’m Joe’s older sister I am the oldest out of 13 kids and I also have nine kids and I was married when I was 16 to the leaders firstborn son and I was his seventh wife in the church he required to have a baby every single year and you’re required to stay skinny and you’re required to pay all your bills and keep up the household all by yourself I had a few miscarries that were very deadly and at the very end I my I was pregnant and the baby had died and then my body wouldn’t pass it I was a Miss to miscarry so my stomach started swelling and I was getting septic and they had a magical tea to make me have the baby after all those teas and everything they could see that I my body was not gonna release the baby and I was deathly ill my husband decided he was too busy to deal with me that day so I stayed home passed out the whole day and when he came I picked up the phone call the doctor and he attacked me and at that point I realized something was completely wrong finally I got a doctor’s appointment and got into the doctor and got the baby out I kept all the kids with me and I found a way to survive with six kids this Sunday my dad asked me if I would meet with him to figure out how I can get back to the order he’s definitely gonna be trying to convince me to go back you can do whatever you want I just wouldn’t do it myself yeah so if you have something to say to him go have fun with that you dislocated my jaw you got a good shot I sure appreciate what it hit him back okay I was like whatever yeah cuz I didn’t know how bad it was until I left as long as you know I love and care about you that’s what matters yeah when I was 14 I believe that magic was real so I started learning illusions so people wouldn’t know the difference between the real magic and the fake magic I never actually learned the real magic but it did kind of open up my eyes a little bit learning illusions becoming more educated and starting to question a little bit more after realizing okay this something I believed in really big wasn’t real then I started thinking just more realistic and logical and I started question when I met Joe it was exciting because he had this dream of doing magic and when I learned his story on how he used magic as an escape to his life I was just so touched I fell in love with him my name is Christine Marie I’m the founder of voices for dignity we help survivors of religious abuse polygamy and human trafficking you know I had an experience with this in my own life I believed in him in a prophet and I was subjected to cult mind-control and human trafficking and our home is like a safe home a very fun kind of safe home and we taken kids from polygamy they wanted me to marry my first cousin because they say that they want to keep the bloodline pure they kept pushing that on me and that’s why I left after coming here and meeting Christina it was like a really good feeling knowing that I could decide what I wanted for my life whether I did what kids or I just wanted to stay single forever when people leave a cult they haven’t an enormous wound because everything that’s familiar to them is in their group and another thing that the public doesn’t realize is that there are also beautiful things within those communities we have to be careful not to do one-size-fits-all and say just because there are many many bad things that are in that lifestyle are in that group that there’s nothing good to pull people like Joe to come back I mean there’s his family who he loves dearly his brothers especially but there’s also certain doctrines and comfort in their rituals their traditions when you’re out in the real world and you don’t really know what the purpose of your life is anymore you know you wonder it yesterday I talked with my dad he wanted me to go back I just told him I’d have to think about it he was nice to me he just said are you long me and then I told him I yes I am and he says if you want to see your family again then you can come back and he told me what he expects me to do to go back work where he wants me to work and do what he wants me to do and like pay a fee he said it could range from two thousand three thousand or five thousand but he said however much it is you have to be ready to just pay pay however much I still can’t wrap my head around the beliefs so I’m not probably not gonna go back but I don’t yeah I’m not gonna go back we criminalize poor words if we let rights to taking away your rights would get taken money – we should get our choice just like you chose to be gay Jinxy standing up for rights but it still creates this inequality between men and women you know regardless of right hope I don’t meet any order members cuz it’ll be kind of awkward because we all know each other so they don’t know who I am what do you think is the reason for the bill do you think it’s because people hate the polygamists what why do you think people care that’s really an irrelevant question no it’s very important you don’t have the right to form our families according to our choices if we’re adults we either have that right or we don’t that’s the issue what everyone forgets in every discussion that I had with any of the pro polygamy people they kept pounding on the issue of choice this is not about choice when you’re an adult sure I mean people over 18 can make their own choices but they have children the children in polygamy did not choose to be born with a hundred and sixty nine siblings when you have that many children with one father how can that father possibly be emotionally invested in those children I saw how sensitive he was when he saw people from his his religious group did you hurt okay okay it’s okay okay and I understand that because he associates so much pain with having been kicked out of the group and having been through what he’s been through like when you saw your dad did you like were you drawn to like go back it’s part of you it’s okay you can be honest like part of me probably part of me yeah but for the most part yeah it’s worried about you because I know that’s a very emotional like shredding kind of things it’s Priscilla went through it too you don’t you know Priscilla oh yeah yeah yeah I want you I want to introduce you but she heard that I was in the dado is he here then can you show me when she made the decision to leave I didn’t tell her that things up and her she can do whatever she would like to do right and she did and she chose to Eli told us her choice yeah we love her I mean we really love her you know I don’t want you Kingston’s to think oh this one really messed up no no she is a good egg when you leave you go through everything that you’re afraid of like you’re in this really big depression and you don’t know how to get out of it it takes a really really long time like I I’m still really struggling with it even though I’ve been gone for a year I love to help any one of these people who’ve had all of their opportunities and dreams just crushed to you know get their wings again and feel beautiful accomplish their goals and just fly in the next few months while he’s thinking about it all I really hope to help them you know find his independence and experience the fullness of life and playfulness and and the magic of of magic he said your mind is the key that sets you free oh isn’t that perfect that is perfect well getting people to question stuff that’s because healthy so I’m gonna continue on doing magic fix maybe someone will see it and start questioning hey do you want to see an awesome magic trick guaranteed to blow your mind

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  1. Wow! Please don't forget precious ones, that Jesus loves you! Even when you are at your lowest point possible HE IS THERE! Just say His name….. There IS POWER in the name of Jesus 🙏😇😍

  2. The disowned son, “I might go back…wait what you want me to pay you $2000-3000 per month for no reason. Fuck that shit.”

    So his sister with 6 kids, happens to also be his step mother. I just want to see this family tree.

  3. The description is misleading, the Mormon church didn’t “abandon” polygamy, The US Gov declared them public enemy number 1 and we’re going to be driven out of the country if they didn’t stop practicing polygamy and polyandry.

  4. When they are talking about their siblings and rest of their family they all look like they really have to think about it. There are so many it is like trying to think of like half a highschool and they can't keep them and their relationship to them straight.

  5. I didn't watch the whole thing. did the authorities bust the cult for underage marriage and child abuse or what?

  6. It would be good to prey for all communities world wide, that the creator guide us all in our days of freedoms. Only the creator is the only one to rightfully gudge anyone because of his perfection,

  7. This reminds me of government, u world and some system takes most of your money, wow,

  8. When I was like 15 my mom and started taking the family to a Mormon church and it’s was fun me and my brothers liked it a lot then all of the sudden we stopped going time past and I asked. My mom why did we stop going and she told me cause the leader had a meeting with all the new members and told them they had sex exchange according to what god told him 🤔 ….

  9. I've always wanted more then one women, a bigger family, more kids, we shouldn't have to join a cult to do it. Religion is bad, truth is good, it should be illegal to deceive others to do ur biding.

  10. Soft comments for such filthy sick pigs fucking hypocrites most of you are bastards fucking and marieg among siblings most of you don't even know their father sons of bitches

  11. The Caucasian people are known as Esau/Edom in the Bible.. They took the Bible from Negros as they conquered lands, they put their own wicked, twisted spin on it's meaning.. The so called white man is the devil the Bible speaks of… Religion is the worst thing in the world .. it's ( the Bible ) misused in this case.. It's also misused to oppress the real people, to whom it was written.. The Bible was written to the Israelites of the Bible, a specific nation of peoples ( different shades of brown ).. NEVER was it meant to be shared with any other nation on earth.
    CHRISTIANITY is the glue ( lie ) that keeps so called white supremacy together.. Christ and his followers ( 12 disciples ) were black men, who spoke to others like themselves about the importance of sticking together, and not spiritually following other nations outside of the nation of Israel, Israel who's people are different shades of brown.. Not to be confused with the african who's forefather is Ham.. Negro's come from Shem in the Bible, one of the biggest lies used to keep negros in a down trotten state was/is, they ( crackas ) say that negros and africans are the same people.. We've been miseducated to the point that a lot of Negro's believe they are the same as all africans..

  12. Love to all these people, thank you for sharing your stories, so grateful that I have heard it. Sending peace and love to you all✌🏿

  13. They’re more worried about the criminalization of polygamy than the rampant incest and that’s really telling.

  14. I think incest is nasty but I don’t know why it’s illegal. If being gay or miscegenation is legal I don’t see why incest would be illegal

  15. The scene where they were gonna debate could’ve been better without the irritating music in the background lol

  16. Mormons are either ABUSERS/MUNIPILATORS or WEAK-MINDED/BRAINWASHED people . Period. I always wonder why Mormons never participate in the U.S. military/wars & love to use the U.S. constitution when it benefits them… If any other culture did this , the Govt. would shut them down! FAST! To me, their fuckin' parasites & cowards.

  17. You don't choose to be gay , you can choose how many wives you have. there's a difference, you Americans use your 'rights' to covers so many things which simply are wrong

  18. You can tell the kid at the beginning is still struggling with his mother's death… his father is a fucking piece of shit.

  19. Polygamy and polyandry relationships that are not abusive, cult like, or promoting of incest should be legal. It is possible to have a loving balanced three person relationship with children.

  20. Irresponsible Christians, calling the name of the Lord, and behaviour like evils.
    As much money as they makes off the subject's, he could not pay bills, or look after their kids, their sick.
    Do these ignorant minds even study their scriptures?

  21. omg joe is so cute and brave and GOOD. i hope nothing but the best happens for him and that even though he earthly father hurt him he has a perfect Father in heaven who loves him enough to lay His life down for Joe.

  22. I didn't choose to be gay I choose to be honest to myself and let a woman have love with someone that loves everything about them and wants kids with them and do everything couples do and I choose to see the ugly side of homophobia and hate from family members

  23. U don't choose to be gay, u choose to fuck ur underage cousin. Mormonism is a reprehensible fuckd up pedophile cult.

  24. How about the INCEST. I swear, that’s some white shit.

    His pain in the beginning is palpable. Sending love & strength to him. Happy he is doing better

  25. The only thing that I don't agree with in this video is the anti-polygamy stance.Polygamy doesn't have to be religious.
    People who don't have shady purposes wouldn't make/adopt a bunch of children.

  26. Japan sells 12 old school girl panties this is not that out their. Ps. Are mormon women stupid or is this a brainwashing deal?

  27. Update on Joe Robinson PLEASE!?!? Anyone? I really hope he stayed away and thrived, living his own life as a magician, if that’s what he wanted of course!💕

  28. 12:25 awww poor sweet baby 💔💔💔😢😭 I wish I could just hug him and squeeze him right there!

  29. Polygamist groups often banish young men because they are seen as competition for wives. I hope this sweet kid, Joe, never went back.

  30. Here we go AGAIN! A polyymist male in his late 40's, just remarked "we are free to teach and live how we choose, just like gay people "!+ wtf!? You are born gay! It's not a CHOICE like any religion. Simple. Can people please just get that fundamental fact corret. Please, as I'm sick of it.

  31. Awee.. It sucks when kids pay for the crimes of their parents. All and all I don't believe polygamy is that big of a deal. If it doesn't effect you personally then its none of your business who someone sleeps with. I find it annoying that people can sleep with multiple people at a time or have 3 relationships going on cheating on all of them but you're not allowed to be "married" to more then one person. So you can do it behind someones back but not in front of their face.. Anyways the problem is the incest. That causes huge health risk… The other problem is the sexual abuse. If consenting adults want to be in a relationship with multiple people that should be up to them.. Not the law. And that law is ruled by religious beliefs.

  32. .
    Bagi teman-teman yang hobinya membaca,..
    Mampir ke cerita tulisanku ya,..
    Kalau teman-teman tertarik,..
    Ikuti terus updatenya ya,..
    Jangan lupa folow, komen dan bagikan ke teman-teman yang lain juga,..

  33. You haven’t seen your dad in 8 months.. he probably doesn’t even notice one of his 157 kids is missing from the clan tho .. like whatttt

  34. All the fathers are crypto-fags and use mothers just to get children afterwhich they kill them with cancer….they all crave cock and respect.

  35. If you pump human beings with hormones, you can get them to do anything…..even have babies with goats or donkeys ….who the fuck knows.

  36. Wow these people really be having a lot of sex; didn't know that Mormons get down like that marrying their sisters & brothers.

  37. they mfs talk ab choice but they force their women to have babies every year what if they don’t want to what if they want an abortion what happens them u beat them disgusting 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  38. This cult needs to be taken down! Fbi needs to crack down on them! Throw all the adults in jail take away the kids and give them kids a chance in life! Little girls getting raped by their fathers,uncles,brothers and cousins! Mothers just sit back and let it happen! Put their asses away!!

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