Hey folks! How’s it going? This is Iron Seagull here, back with another Sims Info
Thoughts video. So recently we did get
that update that added Baby Yoda,
some hairstyles for children and
toddlers, some music, and a whole lot of
bug fixes. But there was one particular
thing in these patch notes for the bug
fixes that got some people’s attention
and is that it’s a possible hint towards
improve babies the said fix reads as
fixed an issue in which some sims could
stand on or a walk through solid objects
specifically baby bassinets babies were
becoming quite paranoid they weren’t
actually sims when I first read that I
just took it as a joke because a lot of
people like saying that the babies are
objects in the sims 4 and they pretty
much are you just get them out of by
debug and boom you’d suddenly have a
baby it’s it’s kind of weird because in
the previous games that’s not how it was
the baby who seems for art I pretty well
– they’re bassinets whereas in previous
games you could take them out of their
bassinet and just take them around
places and stuff you could even put them
in strollers in the sims 3 if you own
the generations expansion pack but so
far that is not the case with the sims 4
and a lot of people do want that to be
changed and ever since the beginning of
the Sims franchise they always focus so
much more on adults than the other life
stages so I think it would be really
great for that reason – for babies to
get some major improvements but could
these patch notes really be a heads at
improved babies actually happening in
the future
well I vaguely remembered one time that
they did actually hint at the big create
a save update that happened back in June
of 2016 it did some digging and it led
me to this old article from Sims
Community back in May of 2016 when a
patch came out so in the patch notes
there was something
quite interesting where sim guru gnomes
said here’s to hoping your days are
counted in sin days because then you’d
get to live a lot of nanoseconds on
average I’m not gonna read that whole
number but it turns out it was actually
some sort of code where the morgue
discovered a deeper meaning saying
that’s a pretty basic code based on the
alphabet substitute letters for the
numbers and it translated to cas
changes coming.
And sure enough, less than a month later
we got that huge update that added all
those gender options as well as the
ability for a synthesis from any of the
six voices in the game and the masculine
and feminine clothing tags so if we did
actually just get a hand towards improve
babies this week then it would not be
the first time that patch notes hinted
at something but I think the major
difference between the one that I just
referenced and the patch notes from this
week it’s a lot more of a deliberate
hint in the one from 2016 because it’s
like okay they went out of their way to
put in that code into the patch notes
and it’s like oh this time around like I
said earlier I took it as a joke and I
think that might be the intention of it
so it’s a lot more up to interpretation
it’s not as blatant as the 2016 thing
was I’d be a lot more willing to believe
that we were getting some sort of hint
towards improved babies if something was
found in the code that massively changed
how babies work I’m kind of surprised we
haven’t really had much in terms of code
leaks besides that thing about horses
some months back I guess they seemed to
have finally made sure that things don’t
leak out through the code anymore
another thing I’ve seen people talking
about is oh maybe the fact that baby
Yoda is in the update is a haze at
improve babies because baby Yoda is
a baby so that must mean that improved
babies are coming somehow now I think
that’s a huge huge stretch I think it is
just more capitalizing on the Baby Yoda
means and whoever works on the Baby Yoda
object was just like oh my gosh I love
baby ona so much so I gotta have this in
the sins for I guess it is kind of funny
that they included Baby Yoda in the same
update as in its patch notes it mentions
the whole bassinet Sando babies being
paranoid that they’re not actually sims
but I think that is a coincidence but in
case you were wondering if improved
babies could possibly be the big
surprise that’s being revealed on Maxis
Monthly next week in case you missed the
community post that I made in the
community tab on my channel no sim guru
frost said that it is not a baby update
also I gotta love how he words it
exactly as a baby update because if he
said the baby updates then that would be
a major hint that improved babies would
be coming eventually and speaking of
that last big announcement for 2019 I’m
even more confused as to what it could
actually be because I thought it was
going to be some sort of free content
updates but then we already got that
this week unless we’re getting to in one
month because it was confirmed by seungu
frost at the end of July that now they
are only going to be doing a Maxis
monthly live stream if they have free
new content coming to the sims 4 base
game if they don’t then they’re just not
going to do a Maxis monthly that month
so it seems like there is still going to
be one last feature coming to the Sims 4
before 2019 ends well the 2010s decade
ending I don’t know why they would bring
out a huge updates with a lot of fixes
this week and then to another update
potentially in the next week or two why
not just consolidate that all into one
update because
if we are in fact getting another
feature then it’s probably going to
break even more things I do hope we get
another patch this month before
Christmas because this patch that we
just got this week did break some things
because now shower/tub combo z’ don’t
properly raise hygiene and i’ve seen
reports of people’s games being put in
to speed3 and the pause button not
working anymore for some reason so yeah
they they introduced a couple of new
problems even though they fixed hundreds
of course that’s not really new that
even happened with the older sims game
sometimes but still those are pretty big
issues that they should fix pretty
quickly because especially for those who
don’t keep up online with all the latest
blogs that have happened they’ll be
really confused as to what’s going on
and one other thing is that it was
established a while back by the same
group that they have to release free
content in the same quarter that they
announce it and I believe it was due to
some sort of financial and legal
reasoning so if they do announce some
sort of free content coming to the sims
4 base game on Maxis monthly on Monday
then well they have to actually release
it this December because if they wait
until January or later then that’s
already getting into the first quarter
of the new year hopefully they are not
breaking the established rule of if
there’s no new content coming to the
base game then they’re not going to show
anything but at least there are two
potentially mind-blowing things that we
know will not be coming because it has
been confirmed multiple times that open
worlds and open neighborhoods will not
happen because it’s an architectural
level change that they just can’t do
with the Sims force so if we ever get
those things back we’d have to wait for
the sims 5 another thing we should not
be expecting are color wheels because
SimGuruLyndsay did confirm before cats and
dogs came out that they are not making
a style for Sims the color wheel you see
has been created exclusively 40s for
cats and dogs create a pet feature she
also said the color wheel hasn’t been
part of TS4 from the beginning this
may look similar but is a different
system built for pet coats on a slightly
more positive note create a world has
not been put off the table yet sa new
grant has mentioned in the past how he
would like to do create a world last
year there was a user named HazzaPlumbob
who made this really detailed PDF
document about their ideas for how
create a world could be done for the
sims 4 and SimGuruGrant did say that
they were actively discussing what a
create a world sort of experience would
be like for the sims 4. He also did say
earlier this year that they wouldn’t be
doing a create world in the same way
as they did with the sims 3 but they
have some ideas and that’s a significant
undertaking that they would have to
weigh against other options it does seem
like it would be pretty late to do this
now because now the sims 4 has been out
for over five years but then again it
took us about two years to get toddlers
and then four years to get terrain
editing so hopefully we could get a
creative world tool eventually because I
think that would open up the game so
much more then we don’t have to wait
until a game pack or expansion pack for
us to get a new world that will probably
end up being pretty small anyways and if
this ended up being what was revealed on
Maxis Monthly this Monday that would
definitely blow my mind and that wraps
up another Sims Info & Thoughts video. So feel
free to let me know your thoughts in the
comment section below do you really
think those passion oats are hinting at
improved babies and what do you think is
going to be coming in the Maxis Monthly
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will talk to you all later, and have a
great day. Thanks for watching!

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