Primitive Technology: Freshwater Prawn Trap

Primitive Technology: Freshwater Prawn Trap

Cutting loya cane for trap
Splitting loya cane
Folding cane into shape
Position 4 canes over a center point
Use one spoke to tie them together so that now there are 7 spokes (an odd number is needed for weaving)
Adding another cane to weave with
Weaving over, under, over, under etc.
Adding a new piece when the old one runs out
Tucking in the left over ends
7 sticks to form the funnel of the trap
Ordinary vine is tied on and woven onto the sticks
Funnel is pulled from ground for further weaving
Funnel is inserted into basket, completing trap
Big waterfall
Small waterfall
Fresh Water
Prawns in water
More prawns
Setting the trap under tree roots
Prawns entering the trap. Once inside it won’t be able to find the opening to get out due to it’s position in space above the floor of the trap
Storing in a pot of water
Another prawn
Making a fire
Splitting the prawn kills it instantly (to reduce suffering)
Yams I planted years ago from wild yams further down stream
Hot rocks from the fire boil the water quicker than having the pot on the fire itself. Less water evaporates before it gets to boiling point this way.
Prawns turn red when cooked. Peel the shell and eat them.
Tastes similar to fish
Eating yams. Tastes similar to potatoes. Has more calories than potatoes do.
Prawn trap

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  1. Вот в Сибири сложно выживать в России в Красноярском крае

  2. Пока выебывался с убиением раков камушком, один сделал съебейшн в кусты. Первый раз вижу чтоб раков убивали перед тем как варить.

  3. Hell, even Forrest Gump caught more shrimp than that on his first try. Could you imagine what that guy could accomplish if he would set himself to something profitable.

  4. three shrimp he didn't de-vein, one filthy root and some ashy rocks, he must be able to eat things that would make a billy goat die of food poisoning.

  5. Мы в России , так каждый день живём !
    Вот это ЯМС. .!!!

  6. How to survive anywhere in any jungle.
    Stone age technology at its best.
    Thanks for sharing this video.
    Many people in other countries feel that they have to keep up with the most developed countries.
    If you only have the jungle to use to earn your living, you better set up your own primitive technology industry to make a sustainable lifestyle before you can make money to buy modern tools.
    A lesson in economics.

  7. Убивайте креветку мгновенно, чтобы уменьшить страдания…. АААА, да мы их живыми варим, не задаваясь подобными морально этическими соображениями.

  8. Сколько я в детстве таких мордух переплёл

  9. Русские поставьте лайк чтобы американцы думали что я что то умное написал

  10. Когда наступит апокалипсис, я хочу, чтобы этот чел был рядом со мной

  11. Как-то жалко экосистему
    Лучше бы гидропонную ферму построил..

  12. This trap cleverly takes advantage of a little-known fact about prawns – that being, they're dumb as shit.

  13. Can we just all be impressed that this guy is the only You Tuber to never have a bad comment and the only people disliking him are the trolls only here to do that and not actually watch the video.

  14. I really prefer this dude over that chad zuber idiot. This guy is just doing his thing without having to “act”. Well done, sir. Thank you for the videos.

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