Problem Gambling Prevention Week – After School

Problem Gambling Prevention Week – After School

Oh, hey! So your aunt’s picking you up from school today.
Again? Why?
Mommy’s gotta go and try to win back your college tuition at the slots.
The slots?
Yeah, the slots.
Uh, Mom.
I know and it could take a while.
Can’t daddy pick me up?
No. Remember this is our secret daddy can’t know.
Okay mom.
Okay good. Let’s go. Don’t want to be late.
It’s never this easy to spot a gambling problem.
Get to know the real signs.
Stop the
Responsible Gambling Council

5 thoughts on “Problem Gambling Prevention Week – After School”

  1. Why did that mother feel it necessary to tell her daughter that? She could have kept it secret. No one would have been the wiser.

  2. I'm glad this PSA is out there. Gambling addiction is very real and very serious. It really can tear families apart.

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