Professional Dancers Try The Fortnite Dance Challenge • Professionals Play

Professional Dancers Try The Fortnite Dance Challenge • Professionals Play

(Russian dance music)
(Techno dance music)
– So I’ve been a dancer all my life.
I’ve toured with Becky G, I’ve
toured with Yo Gabba Gabba,
I was Brobee.
– I’ve danced videos, live
performances, awards shows,
Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Bieber.
– I think it’s gonna be easy.
I’m a dancer, I should
be able to pick it up.
– Jesus, take the wheel.
Electro Shuffle.
It’s like, Chicago and
what is that thing called?
I didn’t go to the gym
today, so this is it.
This is it.
Head, arms, yeah.
I’m killin’ it!
– Orange Justice?
– [Leo Lam] Yeah!
Upbeat and wait and up!
– Okay
– [Leo Lam] Yes, come on!
Let’s go, Kayla!
Stick the tongue out!
– Fortnite, also a good workout.
– Oo, the robot!
Oh, he didn’t —
Ooooo, look at that, killer!
Come on, oh no, he’s going too fast.
– [Kayla Gaskins] Oh, there you go!
– Who’s killing it right now?
– “Flapper”
I knew it!
Oh, I got this.
Oh, wait, let me get it together.
– [Leo Lam] Charleston!
Maiden girl–
– This is easy, I got this one.
– [Leo Lam] Oh, you got the shoulder too.
“The Floss”
There we go.
Core, core, squeeze the glutes and core.
I need that hair.
I’m off, I’m off.
Yeah, Woo!
– “Tidy”
Oh snap!
– [Leo] Come on!
– Oh, he’s like–
– [Leo] Wax on, wax off.
Wax on, come on, garage head.
He’s stanky with it.
– I know, he’s like–
Watch his head, he’s like–
Hey, hey, hey!
– “Dance Moves”
– [Kayla] Hey, this is all you!
– Point, Kayla!
Oh, this is battle stance.
Who is this character, he’s cute.
I want his number.
– [Leo] Come on, dancer.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
same arm, same leg, same arm, same leg.
There we go, come on.
You gotta do it exactly like the game.
Which way do we do it?
Which way do we do it?
Up, up, up, up, down,
down, down, down, up, up.
Oh, Carleton!
It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone.
– Hold on, really quick, I just wanna say
that he’s had all the easy ones
and I’ve had ones that weren’t!
– Excuse me, you’re in my camera time!
Don’t be mad, don’t be mad, don’t be mad.
– Oh God, why’d I pick this one?
Squat kick.
I’m out of shape!
What is he– Oh my God!
There’s no way I’m gonna
be able to do all that.
– Kayla, come on, you
can do it; you’re young!
– Oh, did you hear me pop already?
– [Leo] Be light on
your feet, on your toes.
– Honestly, you come do this one.
No, you can take this one.
– No, you picked it out!
– Go ahead!
– Oh, (beep) me.
Sorry, expletive!
Close enough!
– Nope, all wrong, all wrong.
I definitely won because
I had the harder ones.
– It was just harder for you
because you couldn’t do them as well.
Oh, damn!
– We both won!
– Okay, I love her.
She didn’t win.

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  2. The squat kicks and the kicking at the feet on the one hand clap and the split jumps all of those are Ukrainian

  3. i am 10 and to fit in with these peasants in real life, i must learn their sacred dance, orange justice . after sacrificing my soul playing fortnite, i have memorized and have been enlightened with the orange justice, therefore, i am now their tribal queen. -HBIC kirsty

  4. Finally a fortnite dance video where they don’t put orange justice at the end of the video because iTS sO hArD tO dO

  5. This just cringy all the cringy kids are doing this in school they always talk about fortnite I just want fortnite not to exist because I want kids in my school talk more about other games

  6. I can’t believe he danced with Beyoncé he does not seem like that good of a dancer. She was better and won after doing the dance I see in Russian movies and at Jewish weddings (also in movies). That is a ridiculously hard dance to do, you gotta be fit lol 😂

  7. the girl can't even do the hype and she is blaming other 🤣🤣🤣🤣how could she still got 9.8 with the hype 😂

  8. Hope that Cosaques and Russian will attack Fornite as well as France for the Inspector with trench coat. Hate this game

  9. As a former Pro Dancer also. Dancers never learn any choreography this way. The Choreographer always walks us throught it without music first! Then we mark it with music. All the while asking Qs' choreographer clearifing. By the time we actually perform it even @ auditions we've gone over it several times already!

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