Professional Overwatch Player DESTROYS Gamers (React)

– Wait, wait, how did you
kill me so fast?
Time out, what did you do?
– Oh my God, no.
– Yeah!
♪ (8-bit intro) ♪
– Hey everyone, I’m Jake.
I play for the Houston Outlaws
in the Overwatch League
and today I’m gonna be
competing against
some casual gamers.
– (FBE) Of course, our gamers
have no idea who Jake is
or what he does
for a living.
A former member of team USA
and now one of
the Houston Outlaws,
Jakerat is one of the best
Overwatch players on the scene.
Let’s see how well
an average gamer stacks up
against a real pro.
Thank you guys
so much for coming in today.
We’re gonna play some Overwatch
limited duel.
– I’ve been playing–
actually, I just switched over
to PC, so I’ve been playing
for the last two weeks.
I usually play on PlayStation.
– I play quite a bit.
I play almost every single night.
I, don’t judge me, play on PS4
mostly, so this is gonna be fun.
– Shortly after it came out,
a friend convinced me to buy it
and I played it almost
every day for a year,
but then it kinda got old
after a while
and I stopped playing completely.
– I actually played a bunch
last night.
I just kinda set up
my own limited duel,
but here’s the thing,
limited duel is so tricky
because you kinda have
to be good at
a variety of characters.
– (FBE) So, how do you guys
think you’re gonna do today?
Do you feel good
about this competition?
– It’s a competition.
Is there–
here’s the thing,
I don’t feel good about it,
but I’m gonna do my best.
– Overwatch, for me, is just
so much fun
and it’s not necessarily
about winning.
I hope I win a couple of them
but either way,
I think it’s just gonna be
fun for me.
– I tend to care a lot
about winning,
but I think over time,
I’ve become more and more
appreciative of just
enjoying the game.
– No.
– As you’ll ever be, I guess.
– Oh God.
I’m not good at any of these.
– Oh gosh.
– The strategy coming in.
The Moira V Moira.
Test of will.
– Oh my God.
You’re gonna destroy me.
– Oh no.
– Oh, it’s a Hammond on Hammond.
– No.
– The wrecking ball, let’s go.
– I don’t–
wait, hold on.
– Have you played
this character yet?
– I have not played this character,
so I’m at extreme disadvantage.
– The temptation to screen peek
is so strong.
I hear you setting up
traps for me.
– Nah.
– I’m cautious.
You wouldn’t do such a thing.
You wouldn’t.
– No.
– You wouldn’t leave a trap for me.
– Never.
– No.
Wait a second.
– Find him.
– No.
– Elusive as Doomfist.
– As Doomfist.
– I’m scared I’m gonna
come around the corner
and you’re gonna go
aiming for me.
There we go.
Battle of a lifetime.
– Ha, hello.
– What’s over here?
Thought you said you
weren’t setting traps.
– No way.
– I thought we were cool like that.
– Not setting any traps at all.
– She’s getting the point control.
Oh my God.
Here we go.
– Oh, nope.
Get out of here.
– He’s running away.
– No.
I’m just running away.
– Yep, all right.
– No.
– This is not a very fair
– I know.
– That was a really
unlucky one.
– Ah, nice one.
– The life steal is so strong.
– Will I keep it rolling
and pick my favorite guy?
My favorite character’s
Junkrat, but it doesn’t
seem like a very good
choice right now.
– No, I think Junkrat’s
a perfect choice.
I’ll pick Junkrat.
– I don’t even know.
– Gonna bring out
old faithful here.
This is the RNG I need.
I’m gonna close the gap
on this one.
– Ooh, Pharah.
All right, this is
a test for me.
I need to figure out
how to get up in the air
on this map.
– All right, I’m gonna
get good this time.
– All right.
Sombra, this can be
a tough one.
What if I just build
my nest in spawn
and never come out?
What would you do?
– Oh no.
– Oh my gosh, no.
You came out of nowhere.
– There we go, first hit.
– Oh, first hit?
I don’t think that was
the first hit.
Okay, okay.
– Sneak around the flank.
– Hey, I’m warming up.
– That was a dumb choice.
– I was like one HP.
– Oh!
– It’s a draw.
– Oh my gosh.
– Oh my gosh.
– That was a really
good one though.
I gotta give you
a high five for that.
– That was close.
– No.
– No, I’m hacked.
Ooh, taken down.
She’s won.
He’s kiting me.
I can’t take one more shot.
– Let’s go!
Oh [bleep], now he’s
just gonna destroy me.
Now I’ve just made him angry.
I’m just playing with a beast.
– That’s good.
I need to be taken down
a peg.
– Oh no, are you
Doomfisting again?
– I’ll play Ashe.
– No, I’m playing Ashe.
– All right.
– All right, it’s gonna be
double Ashe.
– I’ll play Doom, I’ll play Doom.
– Oh, no.
Oh no, I knew that was
gonna happen.
– Wait, wait, how did you
kill me so fast?
Time out, what did you do?
– You teleported in.
I had to headshot you there.
– Oh.
– No!
– Jukes.
– Dang it, that’s my favorite
hiding spot.
I didn’t even get
a shot in.
– Oh dude, I was
hardscoping too much.
– Symmetra’s filthy.
You can’t get caught up.
– That was crazy.
All right, one to four.
Or five.
One to five.
– Respectable, respectable.
– Yeah, not bad.
– You’re on the board.
– (FBE) So Caleb, was there
anything that was
a little bit harder about that
than you remember?
– Well, it’s definitely weird
not playing on my computer
and having a different setup,
so things feel different.
– (FBE) So, as you may
have guessed,
Jake is actually a professional
competitive Overwatch player.
– What?
I got a kill.
I’m gonna tell all my friends
about that.
– That was pretty damn good.
It’s like me playing
Overwatch on normal quick play
and just getting destroyed.
– (FBE) He’s actually a member
of the Houston Outlaws.
– That’s awesome.
– Wow, okay.
Also, nice to meet you.
– Pleasure to meet you again.
– Big fan.
– Well.
– This is my job,
so it’s not exactly fair.
– Now I just wanna
rematch you more.
– (FBE) Well Tom, we’re
gonna give you a chance
to redeem yourself.
– Oh, jeez.
– (FBE) In the second round,
you get to pick
which hero Jake plays as.
– That’s so–
that doesn’t matter.
– I feel like this is
uber cheating,
having to pick your hero.
– I feel like it’s uber cheating
that this is my job
to play this game.
– So, I gotta choose
who you get to play?
– Yeah.
– Out of those three,
they’re all pretty
[bleep] good.
– This is a little bit
of a tough one.
– I guess Ashe.
– All right.
– All right, you are going
to be–
yeah, no.
You’re gonna be him.
– Zen?
– I’ll let you choose.
– You’ll let me choose.
– Yeah.
– All right, how about
I try to give myself
the worst matchup,
so what do you wanna play?
– I’m gonna give myself
another shot at Moira.
– Probably Pharah
is the worst here.
– All right.
– All right, which hero
should I play?
– McCree.
– Really quick, how do you
emote with a controller?
– I actually have never played
Overwatch on a controller.
– Really?
– Yeah.
I haven’t played any
controller games in a long time.
– Nope.
– Oh [bleep].
– Wasn’t that long, buddy.
– I know.
– Okay, I accept my loss.
– I have to play dirty.
I’m sorry.
– The way it goes.
– Oh, no, no.
– Oh, we did the same thing.
– I’m not gonna kill you
once, it’s fine.
– Okay, I’m gonna yeet
out of here.
I don’t know why
I announce my moves.
Wait, I had the blocking thing?
How did that not work?
– It went out.
– All right, you be Ana,
’cause I know you’re not good,
that good.
– A lot of the time,
you get one of the heroes
that’s clearly bad,
but I feel like this time,
it’s always been–
it doesn’t really give you
an advantage to pick my hero.
I feel like I should
play Rein here.
– Let’s do it.
– I love this matchup,
’cause you just dance around
trying to fire strike each other.
– I’m really good with Rein
on PlayStation,
but this is gonna be rough.
– We’re both being Doomfist.
– Both?
Oh, the Doomfist mirror.
– I’m down.
– This is big.
The controller is not as big
of a disadvantage
on the Doomfist mirror.
– How did you get into this?
– I actually was a TF2 player,
I played in the ESEA Invite
in TF2, which was the pro league.
– I’m just gonna [bleep] hide.
– You build a nest.
– I know, that’s what
I’m [bleep] doing.
– I have to crack open your nest.
That’s the strategy.
I gotta find where you’re camping.
I’m out of there.
I feel like I’m about
to turn the corner
and you’re gonna
blow me away.
– I hope so.
That’s the goal.
– Gonna clear my corners now.
Oh, I heard it.
Oh my God.
– Yeah, a win!
– I thought you were
on the other side.
– Yeah.
– Oh no.
I’m scared.
I don’t wanna walk into it.
There’s something going
on here.
Something going on in there.
– Get back here.
I did damage to you.
That’s all that matters.
I was close.
– Sup.
– Can I make this jump?
No, I can’t make this jump.
I was wrong.
I actually was not
trying to suicide.
I thought I could make that jump.
When Overwatch came out,
I was already decently
high level in TF2,
but I was kinda
getting bored of it,
so Overwatch kind of
rekindled that for me.
Oh no.
What the heck?
– Oh, I forgot what
the melee button is.
All right, that’s fine.
– I’m going down.
Oh, the turnaround.
– Let’s go.
– We got the Pharah duel.
– Yeah.
– You’ve picked yourself
a little bit of
a tough matchup here,
but now I’m nervous,
’cause this should be
my house.
Just gonna drop in
and start freezing me.
I can sense it.
I can sense it.
I’ll get caged in.
I don’t even know
where you are
and I’m scared.
Wall, all right.
Blocking me off.
– I can’t reach that far, can I?
– No, you need to use
the right click.
If you use the–
I don’t know what the
controller, but the icicles.
– Okay.
– Oh, that chuck.
You got me.
– Let’s go.
– Domination, dude.
All right, fight on the point.
No, stay back.
– Oh, I got it, though!
You killed me, but I got it.
– C9.
It’s game point.
The pressure’s on.
– Uh oh.
Uh oh.
– I’m like a bird of prey.
– Oh God.
Oh God, no.
Damn, that aim.
– GG.
– Oh, you can shoot
out of your shield.
– I also can not
be frozen
when I use that ability.
– You can’t be frozen?
– That would be the fortify.
– This was not a good
matchup for me.
– This was a little bit
of a rough choice for you, I’ll say.
– Dude, you’re just gonna
[bleep] snipe me.
– Mei is the unknown sniper.
– No, dude, I love Mei.
Mei used to be my main.
– She’s really good now
that her icicles have no
damage falloff.
– Really?
Where did you go?
– Snuck out of there.
Oh [bleep], there you are.
Okay, I got you in
my clutches now.
My icy clutches.
– Oh no.
I was like, I can’t move.
Oh, that’s what Mei does.
– I love that you’re legit
not checking where I am.
– I feel like it would just
be deeply wrong.
– No, what the heck?
– Oh, C9!
Yes, my C9 vengeance.
– I was getting in there.
– I had a lot of fun.
That was very nice meeting you.
– Yeah, it’s a pleasure.
It was fun.
– It’s cool.
I’ve never played with
someone who has that
as their job,
so I can respect that.
– Honestly, I would love
to play against more
competitive players
just because I’d like
to get better
and I feel like–
I love my friends,
but you kind of get stagnant
after a while.
– It’s good to expand
out of your group.
That’s what the competition’s
all about is learning
and improving.
– I feel like I did a little bit
better choosing your character.
A little bit better.
I won one when
I didn’t choose it.
Now I won two.
– Yeah, you doubled.
You doubled.
You have a 100% increase
in your performance.
That’s impressive.
– What tips do you have for me?
– Focus on just your aim
for a day and then
just your movement for a day.
– Okay.
– If you work on your skills
individually, it’s a little
easier to improve overall.
– So isolate my skills.
How long do you think
until I hit Grandmaster?
– GM takes a lot of grinding,
for sure.
Put in the hours for sure.
– All right, next week.
Let’s [bleep] go.
– Thanks for watching us
play Overwatch
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– Bye.
– Hey fam, React producer
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