PS1 Video Game “Predicts” TAAL VOLCANO Eruption? 🇵🇭

PS1 Video Game “Predicts” TAAL VOLCANO Eruption? 🇵🇭

Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Frank here! Pretty recently, it’s been all over the
news both internationally And within the Philippines of the devastation
related to the Taal volcano explosion. As someone who’s family in the Philippines
is from Cavite, the news really hits close to home. As I was watching this information unwind
on the news, I couldn’t help but think that the events
taking place with the Taal Volcano was similar to a video game I was familiar with – Front Mission 3 for the Original Playstation
1. Now, I just want to reemphasize that in no
way am I taking lightly the natural disaster that took place. Obviously real lives were and still are being
affected. But I wanted to share with all of you the
parallels between what took place with the Taal explosion And those relating to the plot of the video
game, Front Mission 3. For those of you who don’t know, Front Mission
3 is a tactical role-playing game which uses strategy to destroy enemy targets. The story of Front Mission 3 is set in Southeast
Asia in the year 2112, Where some of its events transpired in the
Batangas area, more specifically Taal housing the formidable mobile sea-fortress “Dagat
Ahas”. There are also two Filipino characters in-game
which I mentioned in my Filipinos Video Game Characters video linked below. The first is Jose Estrada, a 35-year-old Philippine
Navy sniper who was convicted for insubordination. He refused to take up arms after he mistakenly
killed his wife, and has then disobeyed any combat orders from his superiors. The player may recruit Jose to his party after
following a series of events. His role in the party as a sniper enables
the player access to one shot kills with his rifle once he reaches higher levels. The role of the Philippines in Front Mission
3 is so relevant that one major Filipino character was not enough. Pham is another Pinoy character in the game,
who was encountered shortly after meeting Jose. Pham was born to a wealthy family and lived
a relatively comfortable life. But her idealism has led her to join the Philippines
Liberation Front, A separatist group that seeks the country’s
cessation from the Oceania Cooperative Union, at the young age of 17. What stood out to me was that the Taal Volcano
is constantly brought up as a base and fortress in game. And despite the many areas in the Philippines
to select, it’s coincidental that the game developers picked Taal, Especially considering that this game was
made in 2000. In Stage 15: Taal Naval Base, at the Taal
Naval Base you have to choose between two routes to enter the base, Alpine Detour or
the Front Gate. If you take the Alpine Detour route, you will
enlist Jose Estrada as a new Party member. Jose will fight with you in the last Taal
Base battle, Front Gate. In fact, the game even alludes to a base hidden
within the Taal Volcano. And with the game consisting of military robots,
missiles, and projectiles, Who’s to say that a battle isn’t taking
place inside the Taal Volcano right now, causing it to erupt? Obviously, that is a stretch and a bit of
an exaggeration but remember that the plot of Front Mission 3 revolves around a war And with present tensions between the United
States, the Middle East, and other countries, Who’s to say that there isn’t a secret
military base within the Taal volcano and a robot battle ensuing causing a volcanic
explosion? Regardless, Front Mission 3 came out in 2000,
exactly 20 years ago and is a classic still worth checking out. Especially given that it has so much Filipino
influence, characters, and background, I highly recommend it! I have also listed some reputable charity
websites below supporting assistance and aid relief to those affected by the Taal explosion. Please consider donating to such a worthy
cause and to help out our fellow kababayan. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget
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of when I post a new video! Also, if you are currently in the Philippines
now, please stay safe. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys
in the next video!

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