Please press the subscription button below ⤵️ Where are we looting? We just looted it together We just split up Okay, we just split up a lot of loot later We meet on the bridge, just for us Fight together to get (Chicken Dinner) OK, ready? Let’s go Where is my friend? What took you so long? Pot with a gun Ehhh … wait a minute Choose a pan or gun? Pan? or a gun? Pan or gun? (screaming) hurry up How about this, we only have three of us You are calm, just relax Don’t think about it the most important thing for us (chicken dinner) Let’s go to the factory / okay, let’s go Come on fast, fast, fast I drink first How about it? Just go ahead Okay Enemies, enemies Run How about this? Watch the enemy, watch, watch Look, where is he from? How about this? / We just forward us You can do it (Chicken Dinner) Okay, let’s go Please! Please! Where else is my friend? Please! Help! help! Wait I’m afraid to go out there Ahhhhh (laughs) You all suck! This is a drink Please, hurry up! / Please Ahhhaaaa … (got an idea) This is the medicine you took, then you eat it Please hurry up Where have you been? hurry up help me Okay, me too We run fast, bang Drink first ahh Please! Please! Please….. How about this? How was our friend there? Maybe he is dead Just leave it alone The important thing is we can (Chicken Dinner), let’s fight How about this? Okay, but how? Pot, where is your pancake? Fast, fast, fast! I still have a pan so I just go ahead? Do not! Take it easy, just keep it from here, okay I have to take care of him Outrageous Finally I get (Chicken Dinner) Behind the scenes Don’t forget to share this video with your social media

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