PUBG Gamers vs Fortnite Gamers

PUBG Gamers vs Fortnite Gamers

Let’s check twitter
Ohh yeah pls be free
WTF $29.99 USD?!
Say whaaatttt
Hmm let’s check twitter 🙂
Let’s get started
my ultra weapon. haha
Im’ma player
Don’t try to RUN! Honey
this is intense…
get this!!!!!

100 thoughts on “PUBG Gamers vs Fortnite Gamers”

  1. 11M Views Holy …. XD , THANK YOU SO MUCH <3
    Part 2 >>>
    Part 3>>>
    When a PUBG Gamer Plays Fortnite Battle Royale
    If your gameplay/picture/music/sound is used in the video and you want to removie it or credits are not there in the Description , contact me on my email .. I will add the credits or vice versa ASAP !THANKS
    P.S i am not declaring that fortnite is better than pubg or pubg is better than fortnite so please don't fight.

  2. U know I think playing a cartoony game will make u safe from a
    LONG lecture about why u need to stop playing games like gta,cod,hitman and well pubg and etc but that's just me

  3. Hey please make a video of mobile legends lag vs pubgm lag because coz this mlbb need more high connection than pubgm,wonder this mlbb with small map and 10 player on bettleground still need high internet connection whereas i can play pubgm smooth at the same time.

  4. If you want to build things you might as well play minecraft,which happens to be better than fortnite, and honestly if you like dancing in game just play just dance or something like that

  5. And well you can thank just THAT little the kids,for the popularity,because they really like the cartoonish graphics

  6. Most kills on pubg: 14
    Most kills on Fortnite: 4
    Wins on pubg: 50
    Wins on Fortnite: 00

    My fav game: PUBG but I like both games

  7. I had the most savage add ever! (Filipino)

    Guy1:im the handsome one and (guy2) is the pangit one (pangit means ugly)
    Guy2 Hindi! (No!)
    Later in the add

    Main guy: gets a girlfriend
    GF: Say Pangit ako it means I’m handsome (Ako means I’m)
    Main guy: I know what pangit means
    Main guy: pat’s guy 2’s shoulder
    Everyone: laughs

  8. End of the Argument, FORTNITE is better than pubg. Thats why more people are playing fortnite than pubg, and more people stream and watch fortnite

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