Pumpkin Carving Challenge

Pumpkin Carving Challenge

Did we scare you?
T: (Sarcastic) Scared me.
Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to the Pumpkin Carving Challenge with Tyler, say “Hi.”
If you’re wondering about the dresses,
we had no other option. (Yeah Right…)
Even though we have a natural affinity to get in dresses at the soonest opportunity,
We literally had no option, because.. it was…
Mark: Don’t look at me like that.
Tyler: They don’t think that about me, maybe you.
Mark: Whaa.. yo- you wou– you wouldn’t have a natural affinity to jump in that dress?
Where I live, you can order stuff online and it gets to your door in, like, 30 minutes.
They only had Women’s costumes..
(Halloweeny piano music starts.) And it’s Halloween! OooOOooh!
Is that a ghost?!
*Ghost creeps in*
Ueh. *And back out* Come on, man.
Mark: Soo..
Tyler: We forgot the timer.
Mark: What timer?
Ahh, fuck!
(Tyler laughs viciously.)
Mark: We.. are gonna be carving pumpkins.
But we can’t just make it that easy!
We forgot the ambiance!
Tyler: Son of a-
Mark, creepily: Safety first, kids!
I-It’s the wails of the damned! *Laughs*
Both: OooooOOOOoooo…
Mark: We need more water, man.
Tyler: LE-duh- NEHNEH!!
Mark: Also, this- this- this dress, it flows.
*Flips dress* Whoops~!
Heh… Sorry. ๐Ÿ˜
I lifted my skirt. (Both laugh hysterically)
Mark: Oh, you wanted to spin elegantly.
Mine’s just slightly sluttier…
*High-pitched piano arpeggio*
Tyler: Ok, back to what we were doing!
Mark: Alright, yes, so this is the Pumpkin Carving Challenge.
So the rule is we each have 5 minutes to carve the best pumpkin we can
5 minutes is not a long time to make a good pumpkin.
Or maybe it is!
I don’t know how long it takes to make a pumpkin! Soo…
Tyler: Keep in mind these pumpkins are completely whole, we have not taken anything out of them at all.
Mark: There’s no.. cheating here! No nothin’! So, we’ve got our.. carving utensil. A big one!
*Ambience starts* And then we’re gonna make a special suprise at the end, and if you skip the video
We’ll find you, we’ll hunt you down to your home, and then we’re gonna carve a Jack-O’-Lantern outa you!
*Creepily zooms in on Tyler, brandishing a carver* Yeah..
So. Are we ready?
Tyler: Uhh.. I think so.
Mark: I’ll be at a slight disadvantage because I’m going to hit the button.
How about we make it 4 minutes?
*Yu-Gi-Oh! Main Theme plays*
Three… Two…-It’s four minutes now- One… Boop!
It’s been so long I.. I.. I frickin’.. carved a pumpkin.
Tyler: Yeah, I got it first!
Mark: Oooh! You get it first. Well, I’m gonna have it better because my.. my lid’s gonna be part of.. Why are you freezing your lid?!
*Tyler suspiciously laughs*
I’m gonna shatter your lid dude.
Tyler: It has guts on it.
Mark: Uugh!
Don’t get your pumpkin guts over on my end of the table! (Mark is annoyed)
I should have probably left it at 5 minutes because now I’m rapidly realising-
Aww, that’s not a big enough hole! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
*More gutteral sounds from the wild Markimoo*
There we go..
Gotta, scoop, all the, guts out, n’
We’re gonna make a.. pumpkin popsicle out of it!
You’re goin’ for, you’re goin’ for the.. the spoon and what not,
I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go.. straiight in, with my hands.
Tyler: I have sleeves!
Mark: (Feminine sound)
You have sleeves on a costume that costs $20.
Tyler: I got a spooky Jack-O’-Lantern already.
Mark: Well, shut up!
It’s not for the competition.
Oh jeez, we’re running out of time.
Tyler: *Grunts*
Ooh, that’s hot!
Mark: It’s hot? What do you mean it’s hot?
Oh, the candle?
Did you burn yourself?
Tyler: No.
Mark: You idiot?
Now, those are some eyes.Get out of there.
Get.. Ah- There. Here we go.
Oh, god, he’s got lopsided eyes!
He’s got a smirk! I-It’s intentional, shut up!
Got 2 minutes left.
Mark: Yeah, 2 minutes left. We got this.
I got this, anyway.
I don’t care what you got.
Oh, man, my hand’s getting so slippery from the.. pumpkin guts!
(Mark grunts) Come on! (More sexual grunts)
Oh God… My jerking arm is really gettin’ tired… (✧ ͜ʖ✧)
Here we go! Spooky mouth, blregh!
(The pumpkin roars.)
Mark: Ok, anyway.
Ooooh, that’s coool. Oh, that’s actually actually, legitimately, cool!
Oh, 30 seconds left, holy shit!
(More grunting from the duo..)
Mark: Ah! 5 seconds!
There we go. Wooh! Done, hands off!
How’s yours look?
(Mark laughs) He’s so saad!
(Mark re-enacts the sound of vomiting.)
“I’m sick!”
(Even more sounds.)
Tyler: I made that on purpose, see the seeds in front?
Mark: Yeah, yeah, I got you, I’ve got you, I’ve seen, I’ve seen that before
Tyler: That’s pretty damn good!
Mark: I know, right, I know right?
Thank you for noticing, and , like, the way the entrails in the inside
like, make it looks extra sinister.
Whichever one the auto-focus picks!
This one’s mine!
Tyler: Mine.
Mark: See? It- It’s pickin’ me!
Mark: Alright, so, if you thought we were just carving a pumpkin, Pfft.
Pfft. Pfft.
As you know, we like dry ice, it’s cool even though the ambiance isn’t as.. good as it.. could’ve been, but..
Okay, so what we’ve got is we got extra foamy dish soap,
And we’ve got food coloring; one red and one green. Green makes sense if yours is sick.
So this is already mixed in water, Mine’s a little more concentrated than his.
Just deal with- Oh, now it’s a saggy flap. ಠ_ಠ
Okay, so.. so what we’ve got here is food coloring and soap, so this one already has water,
and there’s a little water in the pumpkin, not a whole lot, but
We’re gonna dump the food coloring in.
Mark: Oooh, that looks like blood.
Oh, jeez. Tyler: Oh, mine’s super green. Mark: Oh, jeez.
We have no idea what kind of mess this is gonna make,
Uh, and then we’re gonna put in-
Tyler: You want me to go get plates, or…
Mark: Nooo, it’s fine.. Yeeah, we should do that.
*Tyler Laugh*
Alright, I’mma stir it up with my spoon here to get a nice.. the soap and the food dye to mix together, because
Uh, the objective here.. (Uhh, Mark… MARK)
Tyler: Oh my god, yours has already bled everywhere.
Mark: Oh, awh. Awh, that’s so cool! Oh god, everywhere- When you said everywhere you meant
Ooh, it’s about to fall off! *breath* Eeeehh!
Tyler: Get a paper towel, run!
Mark: Paper towel! *scream*
Tyler: Run!
Mark: Aaaagh!
Tyler: You’re gonna make it! You’re gonna make it!
Mark: Ah fuck!
Tyler: You’re gonna make it!
Mark: Geez, you – you made it seem like it was more imminent than that.
Awh, that is so cool, the way it’s dripping out the mouth!
( ͡° _ ͡° Nice one Mark)
Oh jeez!
Tyler: For the record, Mark went to make his angry.
I went to make mine look like he was sick.
Mark: Yeah.
Tyler: Originally, my plan was to make it look like Mark… But… I didn’t have enough time…
Mark: Yeeah..
Tyler: That was before we decided on the time limit.
Mark: Yeah, so now, we need dry ice.
Okay, so here’s the dry ice-
Tyler: Cheers!
Mark: Clinkies! Okay…
*Sweet jazz*
Ooh, I see some bubble work. I need to..
I need to stir my.. my.. my horrific- Oh, god, my horrific invention.
Mark: Ooh.. Oh god.
Okay, so- Awh, that’s so cool!
Oh, look at the way mine channels out!
Awh, yours too! Oh, that’s so cool!
(Barf noise)
Mark:Oohhh.. *Laughs*
Yours just puked! *More laughs*
Mark: Yours literally just puked!
Awh, that’s so cool! (No dude, it’s not)
I need drastic measures to be able to make mine come up to your level because..
It-It’s not working out for me. So I’m gonna steal.. the ambiance.
A-Bubble Bubble, toilin’ trouble..
A-Something Something, blibbity blobbity.
*Tyler Laugh V2*
Oh geez!
Yeeaah, look!
Look at mine!
Tyler: I see it.
Mark:Braahh! Oh, geez.
Ohh, thank goodness we put down a cloth!
Awh, that’s so cool!
Okay, how do I stop it? *laughs*
There’s still all like the- the- the particulate.
I should have cleaned this up a bit before I did this.
Okay, so after some uh-uh-uh fits and starts,
we managed to figure out the best way to make this work
so what you got to do is you gota have a clean pumpkin, thats for sure.
And then, use a lot of soap and a little bit of water and make sure your mouth is not so far doowwn.
It’s gonna blow!
Wow. *fart sound effect*
H-Okay, so uh, happy Halloween everybody.
Happy Spoop-tober all the world around, for everyone-who, whoever celebrates.. that.
I said that good.
Tyler: Super Spoopy.
Mark: Thanks man, it is spoopy. So, we hope you enjoyed this, we had alot of fun even though we had no
idea what we were doing, but that’s pretty much everything we do in life.
So we just bullshit our way through-
How did you get on mine?
How’d you get on mine? Well, look at my hand.
This hand is totally fine, by the way, but this hand..
What have I done?!
How are we gonna clean this up?
Tyler: Heh.
Mark: So anyway, hope you enjoyed this video, uh.. You can do this for yourself, obviously,
only if you want to make a huge mess ._.
Don’t use as much food coloring as we did, cause that was stupid.
And, uh, make sure you clean your pumpkin right,
Cuz we’re also stupid, so thanks again everybody for watching.
And as always, we will see you in the next video.

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  1. 5:57
    Is it just me or for a second there it looked like
    they are trying to get a pregnant lady to push out
    a baby

  2. Not saying that i ship it a lot Actually does But if Jack was there….. Or Jack weared the dress….. Ya'll know what i mean

  3. Not saying that i ship it a lot Actually does But if Jack was there….. Or Jack weared the dress….. Ya'll know what i mean

  4. I'm just proud of Mark wearing a dress and while I watched Jack's video he wears a Peter pan costume… Just PROUD

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  8. Mark: Well I guess we donโ€™t have any other costumes….I guess itโ€™s the dresses, then, eh, Tyler?
    James and Jeffery: hold my lipstick

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