Punta Cana Travel Vlog | Hard Rock Resort

Punta Cana Travel Vlog | Hard Rock Resort

hey guys I’m Michelle Martinez aka
Mickie Marz
and welcome to part 2 of my DR Series
So I got to visit Punta Cana
with some of my family and we stayed at
the Hard Rock Resort which is an
all-inclusive, family-friendly and
of course very touristy destination
Towards the end of the video
I’m gonna dive deeper into
some of the ups and downs of
my stay
and I’m gonna talk about some of
my favorite features about Hard Rock
so we finally got to our room at the
Hard Rock Hotel don’t mind the way I
look it’s been a very long day we had a
five-hour drive today
but this is our room
Amanda: There’s the jacuzzi you wanted
Yes! I’ve been waiting all year for this.
I tried to get a relaxing jacuzzi shot
for this edit, but this is what I got
instead so enjoy
Michelle: (Spanish) Ay coño! I’m dying
Michelle: What if I come out with third degree burns?
Amanda: That’s possible.
Oh my God, I feel like Im having a water birth.
we’re on our way to the club
or whatever they have here; some Latin night party
It’s our first night here, let’s see if we have fun.
So we did it,
we went out on our first night and
it was very disappointing
we were very tired
we could have just gone to bed and
it would have been a lot more satisfying
first of all this party that
started at 10 o’clock okay we showed up
at like 11:45 or maybe later I don’t know
It was over!
what kind of party
is only two hours long?!
So we went to the disco
and a la disco DJ #$%%
was playing the wackest…
anything right elevator lighting yeah I
could really vibe to any music so
sometimes like if I’m at a club and the
music’s not like good like I’ll still
dance but it was like the crowd no I’m
sorry there was no crowd there wasn’t a
circle of people and a gap in the middle
like a school dance and he was like
really awkward and just the vibe was not
good it was our first night there so we
didn’t really know how to navigate the
hotel so that’s why we kind of confused
the Latin night party for an actual
party but it was really more like a
family concert so that’s why it was only
two hours and we missed it
so we’re gonna go out to the pool now I
just wet my hair so absorb as much
today was a lot of fun there was a party
at the pool and I really enjoyed myself
I definitely liked the crowd a lot
better than the crowd from the club
yesterday yeah now I’m just sitting on
the balcony air drain relaxing so my
family was only at the resort for two
full days so days two and three were
beach and pool days all the bars
surrounding the pools are included
there’s unlimited drink so of course
everybody loves that so the ups and
downs of hard rock
I do have the option of making
reservations they’re actually one of the
tourists that I met there on my first
day she said even if you have
reservation and show up an hour early I
was like what but pretty much the wait
time is really long there’s just so many
people there everybody wants to eat
breakfast lunch dinner at the same time
so expect the wait time when you’re
gonna eat room service can take up to an
hour and a half to show up even if it’s
a small order of like sandwiches if
you’re trying to decide between room
service and dining out my suggestion is
to dine out because the wait time can
actually be shorter and the food is way
better and the other downside as you
notice in my vlog already it’s very
disappointing maybe Saturday night or
just other nights in the hotel would
have had more people at the club just a
better ambience that was just one night
though I don’t know what the rest of the
nights are like I just personally don’t
like to go to clubs where they play uh
sure’s yeah yeah yeah that’s just not my
scene there was also a cash bar at the
club which I wasn’t expecting and it’s
not that they charge for liquor that was
the issue it was that it was cash only
and me and my sister didn’t know that so
we didn’t have enough cash for our
drinks it’s very disappointing and it’s
finally the ups of the Hard Rock Hotel I
loved all the food that I ate over there
everything was bangin but they had an
ice cream parlor parlor they had an ice
cream place in the main building you can
literally just spend the entire day
eating ice cream no one’s gonna stop you
it’s included there was lots of pool
space like infinite pool space so even
if one pool is crowded I’m sure you can
find a quiet little area for you and
your family or your spouse whoever
you’re there with and you’ll be good now
on to my favorite things about my stay
at the hotel and the first part was the
ice cream parlor I didn’t get a picture
of it I’m sorry but just trust me those
cute and the ice cream was good also
among my favorites the double shower was
a huge plus for me and my sister
we both take forever to do our hair
after swimming so that really just sped
up our process of getting ready for
dinner and no one had to wait the
jacuzzi in the room yes that was just
like jacuzzis are important to me when I
go on vacation so like having a Jacuzzi
in the room that you don’t have to share
with a bunch of strangers was awesome I
would go and just hop into the jacuzzi
before going to bed to relax my muscles
from a long day of walking swimming
whatever I really liked having to the
jacuzzi in my room and I aspired to have
one in my house someday and it will
happen I’m putting that out into the
universe jacuzzi in my house and that
pretty much sums up my stay at Hard Rock
Punta Cana 2019 I hope you guys found
this video helpful if you liked it
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  1. I will make a mental note to always check if I can have a jacuzzi in my room when I go on vacation 😝 thanks for the hair tip 😊👌🏽👌🏽 I can’t wait to go DR again and enjoy the beautiful beaches 🏖

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