Quartzsite Visitor Guide 2019: A Real-Time Look At What’s Happening [RV Long Term Boondocking Pt1]

Quartzsite Visitor Guide 2019: A Real-Time Look At What’s Happening [RV Long Term Boondocking Pt1]

It’s Russ!
I thought you were just a maniac I was
just *Bleep* about your driving. Good to see you RVerTV
Mister Mike
Good to see you brother, we just got down here
RVerTV Russ
Russ driving like a maniac in his new
van! awesome
K&B It’s awesome
oh ho I would love to have this chair
right here oh boy
a little shade on it and everything

(new music)
$180 or 7 months and that includes trash
and sewer and water and you get a nice
little map of the area with all the
rules you get a map of the long-term
visitor areas been a great map last year
but this one’s okay
and we’re here right there at La Posa South
and in a list of what everything has…Imperial and La Posa are the only ones
that have all of the services. La Posa’s
up here at Quartzsite there’s east west
and north and south we’re in South it’s
here and Imperial dam is way down by
Yuma now we haven’t checked that out yet
but we intend you so this is the book
that you get when you check in as well
and it gives you all the dates for all
the shows coming up
Tyson Wells has their Rock and gem show
starting January 4th
Sell-A-Rama all season and they’re arts
and crafts fair you just get to see
everything that’s in here everything
that there is to see and do in the
quartzite area is right here and this is
the RV show right here that will be
going to hopefully 36th annual Quartzsite
sports, vacation and RV show January 19
through twenty seventh so it’ll be up
for a long time a week there’s plenty of
time to get in there…free admission
and everything else you’d want to know
about quartzite… lots of ads for services
important phone numbers
a lot of things to see and do… a little
map of the town of quartzite so you
don’t get lost and a calendar of events
so that you don’t miss anything and
there’s plenty to do. Coming up in
January there’s a lot of things and in
December today is the 12th so coming up
is a Christmas light parade Christmas
VFW Christmas dinner with vets eat free
New Year’s Eve dances all kinds of music
and activities and a business directory
so everything that you could need is
right here in a long-term visitor area
as an RVer to stay all winter long
business listings A to Z what to do if
you want to be a vendor in quartzite. Our
first year here three years ago we tried
that it was really fun I gotta say we
didn’t make any money but it was fun
things to see and do just incredible
you’re gonna be busy all season long
if you’re if you’re here in the
quartzite long term visitors area of
course the gem and mineral show at the
QIA…the quartzite Improvement
Association… they’ve got their powwow every
there you go everything you need!
360 sunset

13 thoughts on “Quartzsite Visitor Guide 2019: A Real-Time Look At What’s Happening [RV Long Term Boondocking Pt1]”

  1. Great look at what is offered in and around Quartzite as far as businesses and services. Quartzite seems a lot better than unsafe slabs over in CA.

  2. Thank you for the information! We will be heading to Quartsite in January hope to run into you guys. We aren’t full time yet but hope to be in 3 years 🤞

  3. Very informative.. Wow! There is a lot more going on according to that brochure you showed. I wonder if I'm a quilter???? uhhhh, probably not, but the sunsets and sunrises? YES! 🙂 Hope to find you there this January.. Planning on being there around the 20th.. 🙂 You both look SO healthy. Michael

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