4 thoughts on “Raided Arcade Owners Say They Provide Games of Skill, Not Gambling”

  1. What's the difference between this and Chucky Cheese or nickel a play where you play win tickets then redeem them for prizes?

  2. The only reason they are allowed to operate is because they give out tickets, and a lot of tickets are needed for a high value prize. If you can get cash back out, it's gambling unless it's a bona fide game of skill. Rigged games are NOT bona fide games of skill, and are thus generally only legal as redemption games that don't have insane jackpots. Some states don't hav eproper laws on what is and is not a real skill game. One tha't RIGHT is california.

    True games of skill.
    Whack a mole (while the moles popping up is random, the game is a reflex test, which is skill based)
    SKee ball.
    football throw/basketball toss.
    traditional pachinko. (the ones without slot machine spins). there is nothing not visible to the player, and they have full control over the power of the launcher.

    NOT true games of skill.
    Any game that has a percentage setting/skill factor setting. (this includes those fish hunter games)
    Any game where the jackpot is a essentially unwinnable most of the time. (many games will have say a 2ms timing window on hitting the jackpot. which is not humanely possible to reliably hit, until it's takes enough money). they claim it's a game of skill because the top prize is available every game,but you have no idea if you are gonna get the hittable window, or the unhittable one, which is an element of chance. if the game ALWAYS uses the 2ms window (spin-n-win at dave and busters) it's technically a game of skill.
    "skill stop" slot machines (pachislots are one sort) They can and do slip when they don't want you to win. They are allowed in japan, but only because its' low stakes redemption (in theory), not because they are games of skill. The lawmakers know dang well it's gambling.

    As a rule, if a sufficiently skilled player can always turn a profit on the game, it's a game of skill. People are reluctant to operate true skill games with potential to win cash, for this reason. 🙂 (see Tippin Blocks, which had a jackpot that was winnable every game, but got updated to become impossible if people won too much on it)

  3. Don’t care what anyone says jump into a fantasy league with some guys who know what they are doing and see what happens. Your not getting lucky you will lose.

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