Real Life MINECRAFT Box Fort! 24 Hour Challenge DAY 7 – Building A Nether Portal

Real Life MINECRAFT Box Fort! 24 Hour Challenge DAY 7 – Building A Nether Portal

welcome back to real life minecraft
where we survived and realized using
only minecraft items and oh my gosh Jake
that’s an Enderman in today’s adventure
we finally built our own nether portal
we construct a workshop on the second
story of our house go fishing and I farm
and eat a delicious watermelon what’s
going on everyone yes Papa Jake and we
are back with another day of real-life
minecraft and we are back with day 70 of
real-life minecraft
day 7 j7 yellow tune it will be day 70
but guys this of course is the series
where we survive in real life using only
minecraft items and every time a video
gets 50,000 likes we survive another
night and we have been out here now for
officially one whole week wait wait wait
what are the calculations on this Jake
guys 300,000 lights that’s a whole lot
of lights that’s enough likes to fill in
the Grand Canyon that made no sense
anyways the more likes we get the longer
we live in Minecraft and of course we
have been living with our amazing a
Minecraft base which today we are gonna
be upgrading and making even more epic
but Before we jump into that guys I do
want to remind you in all of these
videos at the end we give a huge shout
out to one of our awesome squad members
if you want to be a part of the squad
it’s really easy all you got to do is
subscribe hit the bell button and
comment hashtag squad okay that’s not
how you do a brother you need to get
into it you need to get your feet down
and your mind in the game and yell
hashtag skull at the top of your lungs
and for y’all you guys are home
that means comment hashtag spot but guys
before we start upgrading and doing some
more crafting today of course we need to
do some resource gathering but I wanted
to show you guys what we have so far and
what we’ve been working on so right here
is our Minecraft port it’s two stories
of Awesomeness we’ve got an activated
piston here with
fires out Jake actually built this all
himself with my two bare hands and a lot
of wood we’ve got an activated piston
here which when you step on the pressure
plate it will shoot out an arrow it’s
any enemy that comes at us and then when
you come on inside the fort it’s a
little messy Logan I do apologize
welcome to the board we got over here a
crafting table we’ve got a furnace these
are probably my two favorite parts of
the fort we got the armor stand over
here and we have a secret door right
here now we don’t tell anyone about it
so if you guys tell anyone about my
secret door I’m gonna be really mad okay
now when you pull this like this the
secret door opens
and that’s where we have our chests with
all of our diamonds in all our goodies
so today’s mission is actually pretty
intense we are going to the nether well
before we go to the nether though we do
need to make some additions to the base
we are gonna make a bigger second-story
so we have a full second story that I’m
gonna turn into a workshop and we do
need to get some food because we’ve been
out here for a while only eating
Minecraft food and I’m kind of hungry so
maybe we build like a smoker so we can
smoke our food and get some yum yum
or a Jake we could just a little cheat
meal you know go down the street oh well
the restaurant for real guys in real
life we sleep here we live here we eat
here and if it’s not in Minecraft we
don’t get to eat it I’ve been living on
apples and bread the past week and I
feel great Logan you need to go gather
some resources with the equipment that
we have because we are kind of low on
stuff while you’re gathering the
resources I think I’m gonna start
working on the workshop so we can get a
ton of your stuff made speaking a new
stuff Logan we got a creeper coming this
way Jake I’ll get him with the sword no
let them get the pistol we’re gonna be
a-okay right we’re not okay move move
move piston didn’t work nice your
redstone piston machine doesn’t work we
got gunpowder maybe I should add the
gunpowder to the piston Sheen and shoot
out TNT we make a TNT cannon Jake that
might be a little dangerous I mean it’s
dangerous but it’s better than a piston
that shoots arrows okay all right well
that that can come later okay you go
gather your resources I’m gonna start
panning the fort and making the second
story did a little bit of upgrading
inside the fort cleaned it up a little
bit made it a little bit more liveable
so now we got the bed moved over here I
also have my armor stand which looks
super sick behind the LEDs I big that
looks awesome so any new armor I grab I
can put on the armor staff just like you
would do in Minecraft I also had to move
the crafting table over here kind of
close to my secret door but I think it
makes a more secretive time to start
binding some material so we can build
our awesome workshop
what something just shoot me no guys
it’s a skeleton okay you’re going down
mr. skeleton you don’t mess with the
Logan aider I got the best sword skills
in the game and I think I’m ready for
the nether check you know we got the dog
right here can you team you blue for the
dog you are now officially my minecraft
dog I don’t any bones for you but if I
did I would give you all the bones in
the world so your your mind now you
don’t opens you’re not Logan’s before we
have a mission today and that is to get
some water from the ocean using my steel
pail let’s grab our water and head back
to the farm so we’re back at the farm
and first things first we need to make
sure that we take out a little section
for our water so we can fertilize the
I’m also growing some nice flowers too
so you know maybe we can make some dye
guys we should grab some flowers and
make an awesome banner using the loom I
can grab dye and then we could dye the
banners and have our own individual
banners like the Papa Jake house all
right now time for our one watermelon
seed place you there in fertilizer just
like in Minecraft you need a nice block
the water beside wherever you’re farming
that’s how you grow food nice and fast
probably how real farmers do it is I’m a
real farmer tomorrow morning we should
have a fresh watermelon
we are converting this minecraft paste
into a Minecraft mansion we got this
entire section of the four on two
stories there’ll be a back entrance into
this second storey and we’ll have a nice
handy-dandy workshop up here with all
the new Minecraft updates
so check this out guys we actually made
the entrance to the second storey
outside so you come out the back door
here and then you open up this door here
so check it out guys we’ve got the
second storey workshop so you come up
like so and we are now on the second
story it has a ton of room to add all of
our new stuff I’m thinking we add the
loom we add the blast furnace I also
want to add a smoker to make some good
food I was thinking today we could go
fishing and get some fish and then smoke
it in the smoker and then I got some
nice fish also my favorite part about
this is the fact that you can see
outside and it’s got such a sweet and
nice view know you do you want to join
up for it oh don’t leave me come back
Jake what are you doing Jake what do you
mean it’s not jake is looking absolutely
incredible except for that what is that
Jake that’s our chimney where the smoke
comes up okay Jake
but dude this has to be on par with some
of our biggest box foots of all time it
is getting huge and it’s only day seven
it is a box for a mansion dude if you
get 50,000 likes and we go to day 400
the whole world is of Oxford next we got
to build an island an island obvious we
got an island minecraft box bore but
Logan I wanted to show you some of the
cool inside stuff because now that we
have your resources we can finally put
them inside the workshop and start
building some new cool stuff Jake that
weird guy is back ah
that’s friendly Phil yes friendly Phil
what do you want every time you come
here something bad happens so it better
be good we have friendly Phil but we’re
minecraft pro so we’ve rebuilt the whole
thing in like
it kind of took a long time Suns
actually like the creepers yeah friendly
Phil I think we can handle some
skeletons and creepers okay no we’re not
sick minecraft I just took out a
skeleton the viewers are destroying that
like button again fifty thousand likes a
video pulse were about to go to the
nether okay alright friendly friendly
Phil careful with family fell it’s I’m
being careful okay we want to go to the
nether we’re going to the nether
friendly feeling there’s nothing you can
do about it I mean I’m just trying to be
freeing the pill it’s dangerous I mean I
think we spent enough time in Minecraft
to go of another but I mean Jake what if
he’s right okay he’s not right okay I
don’t know what friendly feels up to but
every time he sees me he tells me to
stop going there stop doing this I think
he might not be so friendly I don’t know
guys what do you think personally I
think friendly fills up to something
gives me the creeps
no I mean he did warn you about that
cave and look what happened yeah but
r-cubed that was his cave that he set up
for me do we ignore friendly Phil for
now please get back to the real business
at hand inside his building my legit
workshop this is how we use those
materials you gathered and build some
awesome new items at our crafting table
so Logan I think first things first
what’s one new item I want to use oh I
know what it is the blast furnace
everyone needs a blast furnace to smell
through or faster oh there we go we got
ourselves hoodoo that’s heavy
furnace this is going in here into the
workshop next item I want to crap is oh
I know we’ll do the loom because we’re
gonna be making our very own banners
today this is the loom this is how we’re
gonna be crafting our banners and giving
them some sweet designs we’re actually
doing a lot of work on the workshop
today which I like but we are still
going to the nether guys alright next up
I think we’re gonna need a stone cutter
for our brand-new workshops so mr.
crafting table I’m gonna give you the
resources you’re gonna give me a stone
cutter in brand-new stone cutter that’s
dangerous this is going in the workshop
Jake you’re using all of our resources
that we just mined I know I know but
it’s important that we build the
workshop because then we can expand the
base with anything last item we’re gonna
make today is one of my favorites and
something we’re gonna be using for
dinner it’s called the smoker here we go
in three two brand-new smoker that we’re
gonna be using for cooking some fish
tonight because I thought we could build
a fishing rod and try some fishing I
mean I am working on some watermelons
but we’re out of chicken and breads been
getting old and I’m kind of tired of
apples so why not fish cheek that’s a
great idea except you’re not very good
at fishing Oh Logan I’m the best
fisherman you’ve ever seen okay when I
put my fishing rod in the water all the
fish come by cuz they’re like what’s up
proper Jake can I get an autograph
cuz you cool hey Jake the Sun is going
down we need to get cooking first before
we go catch some fish and build a
fishing rod why don’t we check out the
brand-new workshop that is my passion
project oh the workshops actually
looking pretty good oh dude this is
awesome and it’s on the second story
which is sweet we got our stone cutter
our furnace our loom and our smoker it’s
not too shabby not too shabby plus we
have another room that we can build
under here so we can keep expanding the
unlimited possibilities that’s why I
keep telling you guys if you have
anything you think we should add on to
this bass be sure to comment down below
but before we get into using some of
this stuff and building our banners I
think you’re right Logan I think we need
to go crab fishing rod and do a little
bit of fishing ok locum ball in order to
make a fishing rod we need some sticks
and luckily I have some in my secret
hidden chest so why don’t we open up
this bad boy here diamonds that’s a
steal not bad move slime slime in here
ah sticks okay now we’ll use these to
craft got my sticks and my strength and
all we need to do is use the magic
powers of the crafting table to build a
one outside before we check it out our
very own minecraft fishing rod check it
out the Sun is going down it’s the
perfect time to fish because they’re all
sitting down for their dinner and I’m
about to serve them up so I’m chef
Pappas yo Jake be careful with that Papa
Papa Papa Jake all right here we go
cast it out and now we wait although can
I got a big one here hold on he’s
fighting me brother
where to go where’s the fish Jake that’s
not how you do it we gotta finish time
to take this fish to the smoker make
some dinner now I’m officially inside
the workshop and it’s time to cook some
fish Logan’s back down there Logan why
just saying hi
but anyway we’re gonna be using our nice
little smoker here to cook our fish so I
already put it in close up the lid here
and we’re gonna let it cook for about
one two three and it should be ready get
up pull this down yeah I think I see
some nice fresh fish check it out we got
some smoked and cooked fish Jake that
actually looks really good time in the
Papa Jake minecraft for it it’s pretty
good I’m gonna do a really good job
making this slow cooker
what happens
well Papa Jake and lo dinners stealin
minecraft while they’re still in
Minecraft I was gonna destroy their base
but they came back anyways I think
everything is a grave everybody they
haven’t left long video in Minecraft the
more likely they are to find me you are
very far away who in their right mind
look for a big dragon Lea you stop Papa
Jake we are back inside a fort after
eating a nice yummy yum dinner
it is currently uh well it’s getting
kind of dark out we’ve spent a lot of
the day building we got a lot of stuff
upgraded inside the four guys check out
my bedroom it’s on the second story it’s
kind of better than Jake’s better and
that’s for sure and we have my bedroom
where we get to see the nice beautiful
oh my gosh gee that’s an Enderman Jake
there’s an unnerving outsider for no
this is all over again where’s mushrooms
I want to make sure he’s okay moobs get
over here come here boy
no endermans getting you this time I’ll
open what you need to do is I’m gonna go
to sleep while I sleep you fight off the
Jake come on now’s our chance we can get
him all right but I’m doing it for mr.
Rochelle’s it comes in handy
cuz I’m doing this for you you stay here
hey guys I’ll grab my sword he’s done
yeah Bannerman’s got where did he go
no Jake he was right here maybe you got
scared away from my kung fu powers
crisis averted Papa Jake saved the day
once again guys we are safe to head back
in the fall how many at least it wasn’t
an under man alright well that’s a find
mean is a nighttime lobster spawning
he’s probably Scout since creepers all
around but it’s okay maybe we just lock
our doors tonight and go to bed lock the
doors we go to Logan another skeleton
dude where are these skeletons coming
from inside our base and chill all we
want but if there’s a ton this is
spawning how does spark you so close to
our base
we’ve been all around this place we’ve
never seen a spawner we gotta get this
thing out of here hope all right let’s
get rid of this and fast we got lucky we
found a spawner get over on the entire
house as far as I can public we’ve been
around this entire place I mean we’ve
scavenged the entire area for resources
we would have seen a skill at this
corner there that means somebody placed
it yeah I guess that is kind of
suspicious but who would have done that
man help feed or whatever his name was
you mean friendly fella just friendly
Phil okay but not so friendly dude
someone put it there look I think first
thing in the morning we need to set for
another portal and get into the nether
maybe we can find some more information
in there tomorrow is another portal so
get some rest Logan we don’t know what’s
gonna be on the other side of that thing
see you in the morning and we are back
and it is days I don’t even know what
day it is but I had a great sleep last
night we need to wake Logan get up I
sleep up there I actually realize Logan
has a little bit of advantage because
last night I kept getting ants crawling
in my bed which is not fun so you’re
actually sleeping up there probably got
a lot less than you so that’s nice and
today is an extremely special day
because it is the day we finally get to
build our nether portal and go to the
nether before we do that Jake I think I
need to eat breakfast while Logan I’m
glad you mentioned that because today’s
breakfast I got something extra special
you see last night while you were out
gathering resources
I actually went ahead and planted some
watermelon we’ve got a fully grown
watermelon I knew it was gonna work
oh now that that’s breakfast that is
breakfast look at this it’s fresh it’s
grown straight from the farm what more
can you ask for when you’re living in
real life minecraft guys I am looking
forward to this sweet watermelon now the
key to a good watermelon cut is you get
your ax
put it right in the middle and you just
give her a good swing like that and we
got watermelon
I don’t think that’s how you eat a
watermelon oh you to warm up huh you’re
dripping everywhere the map warm Oh hmm
all right guys now that we’re all filled
up on our watermelon I think it’s time
we head back inside because we got a lot
of planning to do before we head to the
nether and we actually had a really
awesome idea suggested to us by one of
you guys huge shout out to short clips
for suggesting that we use our brand-new
loom to make some awesome banners we’re
back inside the workshop and time to use
the brand new glue takes time we put
this bad boy to the test Logan Jake I’m
going first here we go all right do tons
of a banner inside and here we go oh
that is sick check it out mom got her
custom banners all right let’s go put
these on the front of the fort oh yeah
don’t mess with the owl squad okay looks
pretty cool but I think I’m gonna put
mine here hanging off the roof the nice
Papa Jay banner it can flap in the wind
it looks cool I think our base is
starting to look pretty awesome well in
order to build our nether portal we’re
gonna need a bunch of obsidian and my
flint and steel then once we’re done we
just strike it with the flint and steel
and boom we have another portal yeah I
got my diamond armor my diamond helmet
my diamond sword Jake I don’t have any
armor Oh
you got a diamond sword oh okay I have
an idea I have an idea why don’t you
build the new shield let’s build that
shielding Oh guys check out this shield
all right Logan while while you were
making your shield I set up the nether
before we go inside and activate the
nether portal I do want to remind you
guys that if you guys want us to stay
another night and go into the nether
where you’re gonna need 50,000 likes on
this video just in case whatever happens
Logan I think we should do the shout out
right now huge shout out to Logan Jones
for being a member of the squad squad
thank you so very much Logan for being
an amazing member and as always guys if
you see you down below in the comments
give him a big thumbs up give him a nice
little comment thank you so very much
but guys I think it is time to activate
this nether portal good thing I have my
foot and steel are you ready for this
Logan my first never never been so ready
in my life Jake here we go in three two

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