REAL MORTAL KOMBAT – Video Game Flaws (MK Parody)

REAL MORTAL KOMBAT – Video Game Flaws (MK Parody)

Round One Fight! Okay. Stop! Why do you have to cannon ball me every single time the round starts? Could you maybe mix it up by putting maybe a fly kick in there or something? Or perhaps maybe an eye laser, you do do that too. It’s on now, bitch! Stop it! Come here! Why would I block that?! I would consider ducking next time. Why would you even block like that anyway? What? It’s the only way I know how. It works for everything! Really? Yeah… I guess not. Scorpion Wins! Round 1 Fight! Alright! That’s enough of that shit! That’s what you think Mr Frosty Nipples! What? What the hell does that say? Toasty! Come Here! Sub-Zero Wins! Fatality Round One Fight! What?! We ain’t playing that game. You can’t block bullets. Get on the ground, you’re dead! No! I can deflect them with my mind. See I’ve actually got some talent. You have to bring guns and sticks and shit. You keep hitting me with sticks, of course I’m gonna block it. Well at least I LOOK different. I’m not following you… What does that even mean? I don’t even know if that offended you like it was supposed to. Yeah, well, you know what? Your mama! Whatever man. This isn’t an infinite time round. So just get back to your corner, and we’ll get this round done with, okay? FINE! Why you little… Finish Him! Stryker Wins Fatality

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