Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Overheated (Clip) | HBO

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Overheated (Clip) | HBO

Is an ice tub a magic bullet?
All the evidence indicates
that if someone can go
in one of those tubs
within 10 minutes,
they’re gonna survive
the heat stroke.
Doctor Doug Casa would know.

He’s one
of the world’s leading experts

on heat stroke.
Casa says that
in the more than 2,000 cases

he’s tracked,
ice tubs have saved athletes

from heat stroke every time.
More than 2,000 times
with no exceptions.

-If it’s survivable…
…then why are kids
still dying?
They’re dying because
the people who supervise them
are not taking care of them.
I mean these are children,
so they’re minors.
So, we have people
who have responsibilities
to take care of them.
And those people are not
doing their job.
for high school sports

are written
on a state-by-state basis.

And it turns out that three
out of four states

don’t mandate the use
of ice tubs,

despite their low price.
What does an ice tub cost?
Max, 150 dollars.
-So it costs nothing?
Then why the reluctance?
I mean, why is not every single
high school
in America saying,
“Well, this is easy,
and 100 percent survivable,
makes perfect sense.”
Yeah, so I ask myself
that same question
-a lot of times.
-O’BRIEN: You do?
Especially when we have
these tragedies
that keep happening.
O’BRIEN:Doctor Casa knows
about football tragedies.

He’s the head
of the Korey Stringer Institute,

which was founded in the wake
of football’s highest-profile

heat stroke incident,
Korey Stringer’s death

during NFL training camp
in 2001.

Casa says the NFL
aggressively improved

its heat-stroke safeguards.
NFL had the death,
made massive changes,
to try to really do
the best they can
to prevent the next death
from happening.
Could you imagine,
we’re gonna tell the next parent
that they didn’t have a tub,
and they lost their kid
from heat stroke
and you’re explaining
it’s 150 dollars,
then they don’t get their kid
for forever after?

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  1. This story needs to be shared with all of our coaches. Please please please post the full segment as a public service. This is incredibly important.

  2. I do not agree with the ice tub solution.. yeah the ice tub is only $150 , but you know how much water/ice would have to be spent nation wide to have those fill out in every high school. Stop practicing twice a day and either practice early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

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