Red Peony Gambler 1968

Red Peony Gambler 1968

Leader and sister of the clan, I ask for
your permission in my obscure positi n.
This is my first invited appearance
in your honorable presence today.
Accordingly, allow me to introduce my
humble self from Higo, Kumamoto.
I was born in Itsuki, Kumamoto.
My name is Ryuko Yano.
I go by the name Oryu the Red Peony.
As you see, I’m nobody special.
Please kindly remember me from this
point on, and grant me your support.
Produced by: Koji SHUN DO,
Screenplay by: Norifurni SUZUKI
Photography by: Shin FURUYA
Art Direction by: Yoshirrlitsu AMEMORI
Music by: Takeo VVATAN ABE
Editor: Shintaro MIYAMOTO
Assistant Director: Tatsuo HONDA
Sound Recording by: Masayoshi MIZOGUCHI
Fight Choreography: Akinori TANI
Junko FUJI
Tomlsaburo WAKAYAMA
Minoru OKI, Kyosuke MACHIDA,
Rinichi YAMAMOTO, Yoichi NUMATA,
Masao HORI, Shotaro HAYASHI, Chiyo OKADA
Directed by: Kosaku YAMASHITA
Let’: do it!
– Let’: do it!
Hold it, please.
Let me see that card.
What I?
Visitor, what if this card is correct?
Then you can take my life.
I saw what I saw.
You’re a hasty one, aren’t you?
We’re sorry, everybody.
Wait just a morn-lent, please.
Visitor, you so arrogantly objected
the way we handle cards.
How are you gonna pay for it?
Boss .
You disgraced the game.
I’m Fujimatsu the immortal. I’ve been under
the sword many times and survived them all
Go ahead if you dare.
Wait a nwonwenk!
Miss, you can get hurt by meddling in our business.
Don’! underestimate me because I’m a woman.
You cheated and made a fool of me!
What ls It!?
You’re not the only one cheated out of money.
Let’: follow the rules and ask
them for clean compensation.
The Takehana Clan is known as an
honorable clan in the Iwakuni region.
How are you going to pay for this?
Ebirnasa, you disgraced us.
Your name is Miss Oryu the Red Peony, is it?
I apologize.
Manager, because you are a sloppy supervisor,
you let a gambler like him wander in!
Mr. Okakura, take care of your family
punishment later and compensate us first.
Now, cut off your little finger!
Boss .
Cut it off!
Boss, I’m asking you for
compensation as the proprietor.
Wail, please!
Miss Oryu, thank you very much.
If not for you, I’d never have backed
down and ended up losing my life.
I’m really grateful
That’: enough.
After all, you were the first one to spot the fraud.
I’m Fujimatsu the immortal, a member of Torakichi
Kumasaka’: Family in Dogo Hot Springs in Shikoku.
I’m on my way back from Shimonoseki
on an errand for my boss.
If it’: okay with you, please stop by Dogo.
Thank you for your kind word, but I like
being a lone wanderer always on the move.
If I didn’t have a boss already, I’d
have ed to come along with you.
You’ve got looks, you’ve got courage.
Oh, what’: in this bag?
It’: a flute.
A Hum? 1 see.
Well, I’ll be on my way.
Grave of Yuki Katag
I gonna pay you back for what happened earlier.
Holding grudges against me
for your own doing is fine…
But you’ll be losing more than just a few fingers.
We won’t let you live!
Who the hell are you?
I don’t know the circumstances…
But would you hold fire on my behalf?
What I?
What clan does your ass belong to?
Sorry, I didn’t introduce myself.
I’m Nao Katag
Just a beginner yet to be taken under anyone’: wing.
Shut up!
Whoever comes at me next will be dead.
Are you alright, miss?
Thank you.
As I’m in passing, please let me skip formality.
I’m Oryu the Red Peony, a wanderer.
What happened was I’d exposed a fraud on
their turf, and these were the consequences.
Thought it was something like that.
Better take care of your wound first.
Over there.
Now, take off your clothes.
You handle men like nothing
but you’re s a woman, I see.
It’ll be troublesome if you don’t take care of it.
Here .
I do it myself!
I’m embarrassed.
Thank you so much.
This wallet…
Do you know about it?
Are you familiar with this wallet?
If you do, please tell me who it belongs to!
No, I really don’t know.
This wallet means revenge for my father.
Miss Oryu…
I don’t mean to be nosy..
But can you tell me what the story is with the wallet?
If I told you, could you tell me something, too?
If 1 could…
My home is in Itsuki, Kumamoto in Kyushu.
My father’: name was Senzo Yano, a gambler who
led a small but independent clan in Hitoyoshi.
Mother died when I was little.
She died before her time from the accumulated
stress from being the wife of a yakuza.
Her last wish was to protect me from going through…
Jhe same hardships she’d gone through.
Honoring her wish, Father raised me to be
proper and presentable to any straight family.
I was engaged to marry into a regular
merchant’: family as my parents had shed.
Then, five years ago“
Marukane is one of the best
fabric wholesalers in Hitoyoshi.
Your father’: dream has finally come true.
You have licenses in tea ceren-lony, flower
arrangement, sewing, and even sword.
Her husband to be must be proud.
He’d better be careful getting into an argument
with her or he’d get cut down by her sword!
Oh no! Why do you tease me so much?
I’ll tell on you to dad!
An emergency! Emergency!
Boss was attacked by a street rnugger!
The killer has gotten away.
What did you say!?
Boss! Boss!
Father! Father!
I hate to bring you such heartbreaking news on
the Boss’ “49th Day After Death“ ceremony…
But Marukane cancelled the engagement.
It was impossible fron1 the beginning for a
yakuzafs daughter to becon-le the bride of…
…a regular fabrics wholesaler.
Oryu, I’ll take care of our territory,
so don’t worry about it.
Take the young men
This is a male business.
No matter how tough you are, a woman is a woman.
Now, please excuse us.
It’s merciless.
Really merciless.
It’s been only 49 days since Boss passed“
.and everyone left.
I’m the only one who wants to avenge his death.
It’s as if they’re strangers!
Miss, don’t you agree genuine yakuza
business requires loyalty and compassion?
Uncle is dirty!
He talks nice talks but he’: sneaky and he
robbed us of our territory behind our back.
Boss is. weeping in his grave!
I’m going on the road.
On the road?
The Yano clan is finished.
Shin, please become an ordinary man.
I’ll close our business…
But carry the crest of the Yano’: in my heart.
Father, forgive me.
Be a man from now on.
Wallet belongs to at all costs.
Do you know anything…
Anything at all?
I don’t.
So, you betrayed the will of your dead parents.
The world of men.
No use talking to me about my being a woman.
I was born strong-willed anyway.
You’re a woman.
Where’d she go, that bitch? Shit!
She shouldn’t have gone that far.
Alright, lefs chase her!
You go that way. We’ll take care of them.
And what caused the fight?
A trivial thing.
A member of the Yano clan of Kyushu that
Kumatora and Arajio used to belong to got…
…into an argument with a man of Iwazu’s,
and Kumatora protected the guy…
That’: how it started. Iwazu wanted the
guy handed over but Kumatora refused…
And the two got into a big fight.
Excuse me, sir.
Who is this member of the Yano in Kyushu?
It’: a man named Fugushin or some!glike that.
Hey, you..
So what if your name is Fugushin…
But you don’t have to stay puffed up like one.
I’m not puffed up.
Boss, here’: your no
Then, what’: the matter?
Boss .
What ls It?
Why don’t you let me go to Iwazu’s?
If I who’: the cause of the war go
to him, everything will be resolved.
I don’t care if I die!
Listen carefully.
Our man Fujimatsu owes it to your
boss for everything in Iwakuni.
Paying back loyalty with loyalty, that’:
the true way of the yakuza, isn’t it?
Iwazu of Matsuyama is one of
the largest clans in Shikoku.
He’: a good match for me, Torakichi Kumasaka.
Eat this.
What ls It?
Miss Okiyo says she can’t
write the letter of challenge.
It’s not Okiyo but me who’s sending it, isn’t it?
What trouble!
It’: okay, then. Isn’t there anyone
who can write in our clan?
I need scratching on paper, not your head!
You’re only the manager here and
you grow a mustache just like me.
The difference between you and me is the brains.
Please think it over, brother.
Mr. Fugushin only got into a fight
with an Iwazu rnan over a drink.
Don’t interfere with the matters of man’: buslness!
Miss Oryu the Red Peony is here.
Miss Oryu?
So you are Miss Oryu the Red Peony.
What a beautiful lady!
No, no! We’re kinda busy right now, so
let’s skip forma y. Please get up, please.
We accept your gift. Put it over there.
You have been going through much trouble for our man.
Please forgive us.
No, no, Miss Oryu! You’ve done so much
for our Sushimatsu, too. Forgive us.
It’: Fujimatsu!
I’m Toraklchl Kumasaka here.
Ah, such a beauty!
See, Okiyo, the saying “a peony when she stands,
a red peony when she sits“ is for a lady like her.
I heard the entire story.
Oh no, no, please don’t worry.
You know the saying about the
talking bird getting under one’: shirt .
Boss, you mean a royal bird, don’t you?
Yeah, a royal bird under a shirt is safe
from a hunter’: gunpoint, you know.
Sure this man belongs to your family.
But if he comes to us for help,
he’sjust like one of us, too.
And that’: how it is. So, please come in.
Shin, when did you leave our hometown?
While you were honing your skills…
I decided to train myself to be a good gambler, too…
worthy of being your number one follower.
So, I set out on my training trip.
It was three years ago.
I asked you to please quit this business!
I couldn’t do that!
When a delicate woman like you are working
hard to keep your family’: tradition alive…
I can’t just go straight leaving it all be
my only wish was to see you
once, that’: what kept me going.
I don’t care how difficult things can
be, I just want to stay by your side.
You fool!
A man shouldnT cry over a thing like this.
Don’! you see I, a woman, am smiling?
But my mistake got the Kumatora clan in trouble.
I’m Ryuko Yano, second generation boss of the
Yano family, with a man called Fugushin under me.
Leave it to me.
Is that Fujimalsu?
We all got together and managed
to write a letter of challenge.
Take a look.
Is there anything you might regret for doing this?
No, it works well not to have a wife
and kids on an occasion like this.
What about the girl in Osaka you’re engaged to?
You mean Klmlka?
I’m from Osaka, too.
Isn’t she waiting for you?
Boss! Don’! act like a stranger!
I’ve handed my life over to you since the moment
you gave me the cup of brotherhood in Osaka.
Please use it anyway you like.
We’d really better be prepared
for this war we’re getting into.
The army of Iwazu clan is much larger than ours.
It’: e a sumo match between a Yokozuna
champion and a Juryo beginner, to put it bluntly.
You’re right.
If a Yokozuna wins over a Juryo, nobody’s surprised.
But if a Juryo throws a Yokozuna out
of the ring, people will be surprised.
In sumo, the start-off is important.
I’ll go and throw this letter at
them before it gets too late.
Do it.
Please wait.
Let me take over the duty.
Miss Oryu…
Let me take care of the mistake our young man made.
No, no. I appreciate your offer.
But I can’t get you involved in this.
It’: only a matter of time that
Iwazu and I would come to this.
I, who rule Dogo, is a nuisance for Iwazu in Malsuyama.
What I want you to do, Miss Oryu, is
take Fugushin and leave Dogo with him.
This isn’t much but keep it for your travel expenses.
Boss, you say that because I’m a woman.
But if you were in my place, what would you do?
What would I do?
Yes, what would you do?
Accept the travel expenses and pack up?
What? You wanna see our boss?
I’m somewhat involved with this war.
So please.
Don’! be stupid!
I’m coming in.
I can’t die before I get to see Mr. Iwazu.
What is it? So noisy!
So, you’re Boss Iwazu.
I am Iwazu.
What the hell are you doing with that?
Please forgive me for my rude manners.
I’m a beginner called Oryu the Red Peony who’:
been kindly allowed to stay with Kumatora famil .
I forced my way in because there’:
something I need to talk to you about.
Taking us for fools! You bitch!
What do you want?
I want you to all a cease fire.
If you want truce, ask me in a proper manner.
This is not something a girl should meddle with.
Mr. Boss…
The one who caused this war to start,
Fugushin, is a member of my clan.
It’s more painful for me than death to see
unnecessary bloodshed because of him.
1 beg you.
I can’t.
Go back and tell Kumatora that hi ttle
tricks using a woman will not work for me.
Boss Iwazu, if you lost your life from a Ii le
trick by a woman, your family would lose face.
If you insist to start a war, shoot a couple
of bullets into my red peonies first.
Now, please shoot.
I came prepared to lose my life.
Do il!
Yes, sir.
Mr. Iwazu, let me handle this.
1 am Ohka of Okamura in Dojima, Osaka.
Since you risk your life to stop this war,
I’ll take your life over and settle it for you.
That’s fine. Please do.
Mr. Iwazu, she says to shoot the red
peonies in exchange for a truce.
Whafre you gonna do?
Leave it to me, will you?
I shot the red peonies as I promised.
What do you say?
Hey old woman, you may be old but you’re cool.
Miss Red Peony…
I’m stubborn but you’re even more stubborn.
Thank you so much.
Don’! thank me, thank old Otaka.
Stop calling me old, already!
Anyway, you’re just like what I
used to be when I was young.
It was just like seeing my young self.
Except she’: much more beautiful than you were.
That’: nonsense.
You gave me amorous looks back then!
I was night-blind back then, so
even a hawk looked like a crane.
Don’! be stupid!
Hey, whafre you all standing around?
Go and make settling arrangements.
Yes, sir.
Whafd you wanna talk about?
Well, you know, my brother…
What about Boss Kumatora?
He’: totally in love with your boss.
He loves her.
What did you say!?
He’: serious.
He’: got courage to fight but
none when it comes to love.
Please Shin, can you help him?
Don’! get so close to me!
So, it’: about a woman, huh!?
Thanks to Miss Oryu, we had a happy settlement.
Boss, we should stay up all night drinking.
A good idea!
Brother, you never know if a happy event
might not bring an even happier one.
What is the happier event?
Well, ifs…
I’ll tell you later!
I’ll do it myself, so you can leave.
Boss, change quickly!
We better leave these people as soon as we can
Don’! say “these people“ when they did so much for us.
But if you and that bear-like man ever…
Excuse me.
Fugushin, will you leave us alone for a minute?
No, I can’t leave you two alone.
Fugushin, go outside for a minute.
Yes, ma’am.
Please have a seat.
Miss Oryu, what do you think of my brother?
What do you mean?
Whether you think he’: a dependable
man in the yakuza world.
Of course, he’: a dependable man.
You’re lucky to have such a good brother.
Then, I’ll tell you exactly how he feels.
Will you drink from a cup of engagement with him?
A cup of engagement?
He doesn’t want to make his encounter
with you a one-time relationship.
Is a woman like me good enough for him?
Yes, of course!
Thank you so much!
Okiyo! How’d it go?
She agreed!
She agreed…
Miss Oryu agreed to being my wife…
Brother, stop crying.
After the settling ceremony,
there’: the wedding ceremony.
We’ll be busy!
Gotta get your flabby ass in shape!
1 know.
I’m happy for you, brother! I’m so happy!
What ls It?
Boss, I’m disappointed!
A woman of your class becoming a wife to such a man!
A wife?
I overheard it!
That you’re drinking a cup of engagement!
You fool!
That’s a cup for business, I mean, of brotherhood!
Miss Oryu! Thank you so much! Thank you!
Well, you know the old saying…
“A wrong wife brings a wrong life.“
It paid off to have held fast onto the
word and waited ’til today, ’til I’m 37.
Shall we ask Boss Okamura to be our go-between?
Yes? Yes?
Well, the cup, I thought, was of brotherhood…
Now everyone, please give them a hand.
Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!
I’m hurt, I’m bleeding!
What happened? How did you get bruised?
Well, the men from Sennari clan did it.
Mommy, please get them!
Boss, I’m sorry.
It’: my fault ’cause I wasn’t paying attention.
Mommy, that’: an extremely beautiful woman.
Introduce me.
Yoshitaro, why don’t you introduce yourself?
I’m Ryuko Yano. Thank you for letting me stay.
I’m Yoshitaro, 23 yrs-old. Nice to meet you.
I’m Fujlmatsu the immortal, for
Kumatora Family. Pleased to meet you.
The pleasure’: mine.
I’m her number one follower, Fugushin.
Well, old man, you do look like a blowfishl
1 Wove biowfish.
Let’: go eat blow fish sashimi some
time soon. I know a good place.
Now, Miss Oryu, please go up to your room and rest up.
Thank you very much.
This way, please.
Old man, let’: play gin rummy in your room.
I know the basics.
Yamanishi, what happened to your arm?
Yes, I… fell.
Really, he’: so hasty.
Don’! give me that crap.
It’: ob us you got into a fight.
I’m sorry.
Was it the Sennari clan again?
You’ve been so patient.
Boss, we’d better do something to stop them now.
I’m sure they’re after our gambling territory.
Boss, the second generation boss of Sennari clan.
Second Genera n Boss, we gave
you our answer a long time ago.
That’s why I came to discuss it again.
The rice supply for all of Osaka comes through Dojima.
The rice transporting ships serve people’s welfare.
Pay for all costs.
All you have to do is to say yes.
Gamblers like us shouldn’t meddle with
straight people’s business, don’t you think?
The times have changed now.
The rice ships were greatly affected by
the Bid Flood of Yodo River last year.
If you and I team up, I think the rice wholesalers
would feel safe enough to let us handle the supply.
I decline.
I’m running for city council next year.
In order to win, I need the
help of the people in Dojima.
Please support me when the time comes.
Welcome back.
Boss, someone who says he’s an old
friend of yours is here to see you.
An old friend?
When did you get out?
A month ago, on special parole.
Why didn’t you tell me? I’d have
made sure to pick you up myself.
This way.
Hard work, serving a sentence, bro.
On my way here, I v ted Mother’: grave.
Thank you so much.
Don’! act like a stranger!
Your mother is just like my own.
Providing a grave for her was no trouble for me.
From my mother’s hospital expenses to gifls
for me in prison, you did so much for me.
1 owe you.
Please stop talking about it.
I want you to relax and rest.
The outside world… It’s changed, hasn’t it?
All the new government in Tokyo thinks about is change.
No matter how big we talk, we from Satsuma
and Choshu are country men after all.
Since I parted with you in Hakata,
I worked so hard to get where I am.
Today, it’: money and power that talk.
I became the second generation
boss of this family as last fall.
I’m glad for you.
Nothing makes me happier than to make you be proud.
It was you who saved my life, bro.
I was dying at Kuroda Fan-lily in Hakata, and
you looked after me for three days and nights.
It was such a cold winter.
That’s why I ended up owing to Kuroda Farnily.
This is the wallet I gave you
when we went over to raid them.
I’m hoping this is son-re kind of rnistake.
Who did you hand this to?
Did you drop it somewhere?
You’re a descendant of samurai.
So, I doubt it, but…
Brother, please understand.
When I was on the edge of death,
I thought to myself how I…
…who was born into a respectable family of
samurai with an asset of 120 koku in Aizu…
Reformation, had lowered my
status to a mere gambler, left to die in the street.
I wanted to live a decent life again,
and I’d do anything to get there.
So you killed someone on the street, did you?
I did anything I needed to do.
They say the winner is always right, don’t they?
You being in a high position
leading this renowned fan-lily…
Don’t think the world w forgive you
for having been a street mugger.
Do you feel any remorse?
Yes, I do.
Though I was desperate, I’m sorry I did it.
Brother, I really worked my way up here.
I had my hands stained with
blood just to climb up the ladder.
I’ve come to the point where I’m
running for the City Council next year.
I beg you, please turn your eyes away from this!
the daughter of Senzo Yano,
the man you ed in Itsuki
…took on the name Oryu the Red Peony
and became a traveling gambler…
…to take revenge on the killer.
You mean, you and that girl
We met.
But I didn’t say anything to her ’cause I wanted
to see you first and hear what you’ve got to say.
I’m sorry.
If I meet her, I’d do anything to repay her.
You would?
If that’: how you feel keep it to myself.
Just one thing, I want you to be
just the way you used to be.
Live honestly.
Promise me that?
I’ll do as you say.
It’: me, Fujimatsu!
I looked for you all over.
As soon as I arrived in Osaka,
I went straight to Shinmachi.
When did you move to Sonezaki?
Good evening.
Please leave.
Please leave!
You thought I’d be so naive?
Is this who you truly are?
Waita minute!
Kimika is engaged to a nice man.
To Mr. Kakuai, the second generation boss of
the Sennari clan who’s an eligible bachelor.
He paid off her debt of 200 yen and gave
us another 200 yen as preparation money.
Ka, is that true?
It’: a lie, isn’t it?
Hey, it’: a lie, right?
It’: true!
Wail, calm down! Kimika belongs to someone else now!
Finally after many hardships, she found happiness.
If you really care for her, let her
go without giving her trouble .
Isn’t that that way a real man would act?
“W, Flljimatsu!
Were you able to see Ki
What’: the matter?
You came back so early.
I died a moment ago.
Oh, Boss“
I’m going back to Shikoku.
It was all a lie.
There was no such girl nan-led Kin-lika.
Fujimalsu, what are yougfrom us?
Telling you wouldn’t change anything.
Don’! be stupid!
What good is a farnily if we don’t
support one another in hard tirnes?
Don’! you remember what Boss
Kumatora said when we left Shikoku?
Come on! You’ve got to win the woman you love.
Don’! be such a wimp!
Excuse me.
I’m Ryuko Yano, the daughter of Senzo Yano
of Itsuki, Kumamoto,just a beginner.
I came to ask a special favor of the second
generation boss of Sennari of Naniwa.
So, you’re Oryu the Red Peony.
Yes. I’m staying with the Doman family while visiting.
So, what do you want?
I want you to hold off redeeming her.
Miss Kimika, I have one thing to remind you.
You still love Fujimalsu, don’t you?
If this arrangement is cancelled,
you’ll marry him, won’! you?
Kin-lika, who’s Fuj irnatsu?
Fujimatsu is a member of my family.
He and Kimika promised to marry each other.
But she owes as much as 400 yen.
I’ve got the money ready.
Here’: 500 yen.
I know I ignored the protocol, but I wanted
you to consider the feelings of those two.
What If I decline?
I’m Kozo Kakuai of Sennari clan.
I won’! make a fuss over a geisha or two.
So you will…
s not my style to simply retreat.
Say, you’re a gambler if nothing else, so
how about sorting out this matter over dice?
What do you mean?
If I lose, I’ll hand you K
But if you lose…
If I lose?
You’ll do as I say.
Please don’t! Not for me, don’t!
1 agree.
It’: a one-off game.
Who’: rolling?
You decide. Go ahead.
So it’: me.
Go ahead.
5 – 2. Odd, I see.
As promised, please hand Ki ika over to me.
Thank you! Thank you!
Ka, Fujimatsu waits for you at the Hachi Shrine.
There’: no need to rush.
Don’! you want this?
My hat’: off to you.
I’d like to have a drink with you alone.
Let me have the bond.
Kim ka, go wherever you want to.
A good-looking man is drinking by himself.
Say, how about pouring me a cup?
What a look you have when you’re angry.
Miss Oryu, you will pour me a cup, won’! you?
How do you want me to pour? Like this?
No, it wasn’t?
I’ve never poured a cup for a man before.
If you’re a man, why don’t you just let go?
We’re leaving now.
Get out of the way!
Miss Oryu, you’ve gone a bit too far.
We’ve arranged it nicely, so
why don’t you stick around?
You have a pretty face and I
don’t really want to kill you.
But if you resist me any more
Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?
You didn’t forget our pron-rise, did you?
Miss Oryu, long time no see.
Mr. Katagiri, tell me.
Why did you steal the wallet –
the evidence of my enemy, and ran?
You know who it belongs to.
Who ls It?
It’: me.
You mean…
You’re my father’: murderer!
Come on, take out your knife!
Even if you’re my father’: enemy,
I don’t want to act like a mugger.
Miss Oryu…
I’m sorry .
But this is all I can tell you now.
You’re hiding something.
Tell me, what are you hiding?
Tell me, who’: my father’: k er?
I can’t.
Why? Why can’t you?
If you don’t, you’re my enemy!
Miss Oryu…
Have you ever killed anyone?
You haven’t, have you?
The smell of blood never comes
off no matter how much you wash…
It stays with you for the rest of your life.
You live with a heavy, invisible
ball and chain on your ankles.
You’re not answering my question!
Miss Oryu…
You make yourself out to be like a
man, but you’re a woman after all
If your late father saw how you are today…
Do you really think he’d be happy?
I’ve already made up my mind.
What would you have left after
you accomplish your revenge?
I’m going to establish our clan again.
If you establish your clan, whaFd
be left for you as a woman?
Even I as a man sometimes get
so fed up with the yakuza life.
Seeing you, a woman, trying
so hard to fit in like that, I .
I’m not a woman, I’m a man!
I don’t want to hear you preach, I
want to hear what you really know.
Te“ me.
If you don’t, I will…
If that’ll make you happy,
I won’t avoid the knife this time.
Fugushin, do you ren-lernber what
the killer looked like even now?
How can 1 forge?!?
I ll remember that face, no matter how
many years pass, no matter what!
Then, you’d recognize him right
away if you saw him, wouldn’! you?
Boss, has something happened?
You saw Katagiri, didn’t you?
How come you didn’t tell me anything
about such an important thing?
He’: not our enemy.
But I need to see him for myself!
It’: okay now.
We’ll know who it is someday…
As long as he’: around.
Young Boss, I don’t know how
much he helped you in the past…
But aren’t you a bit too obedient to Mr. Katag
Don’t say anything outside, but brother
killed the father of Oryu the Red Peony.
Boss, how did you know that?
I covered for him because he’: my brother, but
he killed and mugged the man on the street.
What a cowardl
It’s one thing if it was a yakuza fight,
but to kill someone for money…
I know he was known as the scarfaced
gambler and served as a bar manager.
If that’: true, he’: no respectable gambler.
Where has he gone?
I’d lose face as a member of Yano family.
What’: the matter?
Looking so surprised.
What are you doing here, Fujimalsu?
Didn’t you go back to Shikoku?
If I go back, my boss will scold me.
I came to Osaka to protect Big Sister.
But my Boss…
Don’! tell Sis, ’cause she’d be concerned.
Mr. Fugushin, please come by our house.
He misses you so much, saying that
he doesn’t have a friend to argue with.
He seems to like men better than women.
Enough chit-chat!
You’re a nice couple.
It’: nice to have a wife.
Why don’t you find one, too?
Can’t do that!
Who’d look after my boss then?
I won’! need a wife.
Stay with my boss forever.
I understand now.
You’re III love with her.
Such a spoiled brat you are!
But you sent me a letter asking me to come.
There were some characters I
couldnT read but I tried hard anyway.
Come on, let’: go to bed now.
You know you’re my gal from now on.
That’: right.
All of me.
This, too?
Yes, it is.
Shall we?
Shall we? Hey, will you carry me on your back?
On my back?
Uh-huh. On your back.
I like being spoiled.
You’re so heavy.
Ouch! You’re so rough.
Just a minute, let me take off a sock.
There It ls.
My girl, let me in .
Just a minute, let me take off the other sock.
It tickles! I like it.
What the hell are you doing?
What the hell are you doing? What are you doing?
I’m not a fish.
Stupid, you’ve done such a bad thing.
I haven’t done anything yet.
She was rubbing my legs with hers,
so I was getting excited on my own.
Ah, I’m relieved that I’ve been saved.
Himeyakko! You’ve cheated me!
Excuse me!
Is Boss home?
If you have business for the boss, assume proper manners!
You’re the one who needs to assume proper manners.
What I?
What’: all the noise about?
Manager of Sennari, whaFd you need to talk to me about?
The story is, your son embarrassed us in a bad way.
That’: right.
He slept with our brother’: woman.
In this world, if you take someone else’s woman,
you can’t complain if you’re slashed to death.
You bastard!
You framed our boy.
I told you to teach him manners.
I wouldn’t let it slide.
Shall we slice him up!?
Clan’s shame.
The manager’s shame is
Our young men insist on killing him.
That’s why I came to discuss it with you.
Don’t beat about the bush, tell me what you want!
Is that so?
That makes things easy for us.
In exchange for your son’: life…
I want you to promise you won’! ever
interfere with Sennari’s business in Dojima.
Please write a letter.
1 refuse.
Oh? Are you gonna let your son die?
Yes, 1 am.
I brought him into this world.
I’ll do whatever I want w’th him.
I think this’d cost less than your son’: life.
Go home and tell Kakuai.
That if I say no, I mean no.
No kind of crooked, petty tricks of
yours w make me change my mind.
Get out!
We’ll wait for your answer until 8 in the morning.
But if you make any scene, we
can’t guarantee your son’: life.
Now excuse us.
Boss, forgive me!
I wasn’t paying attention and Yoshi got into trouble.
It’: not your fault.
Am I giving you trouble instead of helping you?
Stop it already.
He’s their hostage, so they won’t do
anything stupid with him so easily.
Yoshitaro, you were born under a strange star.
Born to a mother who’: a gambler.
No matter how slow you are, you wouldn’t have
had to die if you didn’t have a mother like me.
A parent would give her life for her own child.
How I wish I could switch places with you!
But I couldn’t hold the clan together if I did.
Please forgive me…
Ebimasa, do you ham Oryu so much“!?
Because of her…
I had to retire from gambling.
I can’t handle cards any more…
All I do is train to be a hilman.
Mt I think about is how I can give
her pretty face a scar just tike mine.

Is that so?
I could help you if you want.
I appreciate it.
Since she’: been staying with
Doman family, I can’t get to her.
Come out!
Get off me!
Give me Yoshltaro!
Who does he work for?
From Itsu Kyushu…
Of the Yano family…
I’m Oryu the Red Peony’s…
Number one follower .
It’: youl The street mugger!
Slop lying!
You’re my Boss’: enemy!
I saw it with my own eyes!
Shit! My Boss’: killer!
You, stop lying!
It’: you, who k led my boss in Itsu
This man aflackefl my boss mistaking him ior
you, for Yhe murder and mugging in Kyushu.

1 wok care of him for you.
So I’m the murderer, am I?
I’m no longer under your thumb.
If you don’t like my ways around here, leave.
We’re no longer brothers, you’re no longer n1y big brother!
I’m the one to cancel our cup of brotherhood.
You’re out of dale.
Going out.
I ll take him lth me.
Outta my way.
You bastard!
– Hold it.
Now we have a good excuse to start a war.
Don1an’s going down taking Oryu with then-l.
Get ready!
Yes, sir.
Boss! The killer is… Kakuai of Sennari!
Kakuai killed my father?
I’m sorry, Miss Oryu.
He’: my brother.
I saw him! I’m sure of it!
Gotta… get the boy back…
Fug ushin…
Fug ushin.
I’m no good.
I just get in the Miss’ way.
Whafre you saying?
You’re the only one I can depend on.
You can’t die from these little wounds!
Will you sing me the Lullaby of Itsuki?
It’: my last wish.
Don’! think so negatively!
1 beg you, Miss.
You’re a fool!
If you die, who am I gonna argue with?
Fug ushin…
Who was the one who said he’d never take
a wife and never leave his boss’ side?
If you just told me…
You wouldn’t have had to die!
Miss Oryu.
I’m sorry to have let your man die…
.all because I didn’t tell you the truth.
I’m leaving Osaka tomorrow.
Please excuse me.
Thank you for everything.
Fugushin, I never thought I’d have
the chance to use this so soon.
I’ll avenge your death.
Fuj irnatsu, please don’t!
It’: not me who’: going!
I’m going in place of Fugushin who
died saying he was gonna protect you.
What about Klmlka? She ll be left alone.
Miss Oryu…
I married him knowing he’: this way.
Let him do what he wants.
Don’! worry, I won’! die.
I’m Fujimatsu the immortal.
I’m gonna go, Miss!
Who sent you?
Say it!
(Tn-Ion, run!
You’re here, Oryu.
Kakuai, perpare to die!
Hey! Con-re on! We just want your boss’ life!
Leave the little men to me, Miss.
What did you return here for?
It’: not for you to understand.
Back off…
Back off!
Back offl!
Mr. Katag hang in there!
Mr. Katag
Mr. Katag
Miss Oryu…
I didn’t want you to kill this man.
For my sake?
For my sake.
Don’! die!
Don’! die!
Don’! die!
I, Ryuko Yano, am now the second generation
leader of the Yano family, thanks to your kind help.
Inner, I plan to travel
the world a while longer to train myself.
I ask for your kind patronage from this point forward.

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