Republican APOLOGIZES for Helping to Elect Trump

Republican APOLOGIZES for Helping to Elect Trump

There’s this former Republican congressman
named, uh, Joe Wolf.
He’s really a disgusting guy, much like Steve
King, Big Tea Party guy is Joe Walsh.
When he was in Congress, used to have a radio
show where he would say horribly inflammatory
He is now apologizing, apologizing for his
role in helping to get Donald Trump elected
in 2016 he wrote a New York Times op ed yesterday
where he said, quote and Mr. Trump, I see
the worst and ugliest iteration of views I
expressed for the better part of a decade
to be sure I’ve had my share of controversy
on more than one occasion.
I questioned Mr Obama’s truthfulness about
his religion.
At times I expressed hate for my political
We now see where this can lead.
There’s no place in our politics for personal
attacks like that, and I regret making them
so okay.
I mean, this is good.
Walsh is realizing how destructive and terrible
Trump has been.
He’s realizing how destructive and terrible
some of the things he did, which are similar
to the personal type attacks that Donald Trump
Uh, how terrible those were.
But he didn’t just help elect Donald Trump.
This guy’s entire moral compass is completely
He wants tweeted, if Trump loses, I’m grabbing
my musket.
That’s not a personal attack.
That’s actually a threat of violence, a specific
threat of violence from a prominent Republican.
He said on Twitter, a quote, I’ll just say
it, Sandy Hook parents.
Your 15 minutes is up against, I guess, gun
safety activists coming out of the sandy hook
And who even knows what he meant by that.
I could give you a really long list, but the
point is this guy wasn’t just a supporter
of Trump in 2016 and he regrets supporting
Trump because Trump has been bad or something
like that.
He was supporting Trump in the most toxic
and destructive way possible while simultaneously
being a completely deplorable right wingers.
So, okay, it’s good that he changed his mind
about Trump.
His point, I guess, is to encourage a primary
challenge against Trump.
He tweeted yesterday, quote, why did I write
this piece?
Two reasons.
First, I wanted to make clear that Donald
Trump is unfit to be president and he must
be challenged in the Republican primary.
And second, I wanted to apologize for the
role I played in helping to put an unfit man
in the White House.
So I, I’ve said before, it’s a problem in
our society when people become irredeemable.
And we’ve actually, when we talked to former
extremists last week, I interviewed former
Neo Nazi, frank mink.
He said one of the things that helps get extremists
out of their views is becoming redeemable,
being redeemable, and being re accepted by
society when they attempt to write the wrongs
and move out of their horrible extremist ideology.
That lack of empathy is what often gets extremists
into extreme views in the first place.
And so it’s really important that people don’t
become irredeemable to society.
And I agree with that, right?
I mean, we, we need people to be redeemable
in order to encourage more people to reconsider
their actions.
At the same time, he still a toxic republican
who doesn’t like Trump and who was so ignorant
or blinded by partisanship to a degree that
I guess he didn’t realize the extent of the
damage that he was doing by supporting Donald
Good for him.
I mean, it’s tough to own up to mistakes.
If more people did, it would be better off
as a society.
But this doesn’t change that Joe Walsh still
would put elected officials in power who want
terrible policy and who, if they are allowed
to do what it is they want to do, would be
hugely destructive in terms of the direction
of the country.
If it were up to Joe Walsh, we would have
A slightly less insane, less toxic republican
as president.
That’s not what the left is looking for.
Beyond the one point of agreement that Trump
has to go.
So let’s give him credit where he deserves
It’s tough to say, I made a mistake.
It’s tough to do it publicly.
That’s great.
At the same time, let’s not pretend like now
this guy is an ally of some kind whose political
views aligned with ours.
There’s also another angle here.
The idea being Republicans are simply realizing
that Trump is a losing ticket.
So it’s not that they’re abandoning Trump
because they don’t like Trump’s style, tone,
tenor, or way of doing business.
They’re trying to get themselves off of a
sinking ship before it takes them down.
So they’re claiming that it’s moral grounds
that have them objecting to Donald Trump.
But really it’s a lot of them think Trump
will lose, in which case this is actually
even less genuine than we believe it to be.
Let me know what you think.
I’m glad giving credit where credit is due.
We just don’t want to give more credit than
what is actually do

100 thoughts on “Republican APOLOGIZES for Helping to Elect Trump”

  1. We need to stop believing that people who support Trump really are “choosing” him. Bill Maher likes to point out the irrationality that people born in Christian nation’s are mostly Christian, and those born in Muslim nation’s are mostly Muslim, etc. The fact is, we become, largely, a product of the place and conditions into which we are born!

    This is no less true of politics, especially as the GOP has invested heavily on making itself more like a religion than a political party. 30 years ago, seeing the inevitable demographic shift that would favor the DEMS, the GOP began turning their party into a religion based on dogma and identity in order to vaccinate its members against rational thought. This is what conservative religions do. They isolate their members in a separate sphere of idea inputs, controlling the information and the interpretation of information by limiting the scope of input. Then they build a dogma of ideas that must be accepted in order not to be a heretic.

    The effect is to make their members hard of mind, incapable of rational, analytical thought, and so these members become “stuck” in the dogma. The environment of information flow makes the members feel as though they are free thinking, but like all people in a religious environment, they can only think analytically about the information received, which is limited to acceptable information.

    My point is that Trumpism really is a religion in that sense, and Trump really is a quasi-deity, or at least a cult leader, in that sense.

    And here it is: As much as we might hate Jihadist Muslims for having their destructive ideology, or conservative Christians or Hindus for hating homosexuals, and White Nationalist Christians for hating blacks and browns as a part of their dogma, these people really had very little choice. Their analytics led them to choose their extreme ideologies, because like any calculating machine, “garbage in, garbage out”.

    So when we think about Trump adherents, we need to accept that they are a product of the environment in which they grow up and live. And a product of intentionally limited information flow.

    But now, with the Internet, information flow is so vast, that the mechanism is no longer to keep people from seeing information that offends the dogma. Now the mechanism is to be the rule setter as to which information is acceptable to include.

  2. Another nitwit who needs to be hoisted up the flagpole feet first like Mussolini. Adolf Eichmann apologizing for sending people to their deaths would have been just as insincere.

  3. Tell them keep their apologies they road this train with him and they said nothing they did nothing they circled the wagons around him and we don't want to hear from them now stay mute it spoke volumes to the people. Goodbye to all that thought this wasn't your problem and choose to do nothing

  4. The only solution is Trojan Horse messaging! To break through into the isolated realm of the Trump cult adherent, we need to create media that seems to be exactly what the Trump cult member considers to be “real media”, and then insert psychological viruses that disrupt the dogma.

    Messaging that says: “I’m with Trump. America First! That’s why I support Medicare for all! As Trump said, we need something better than Obama Care. Medicare works for everyone over 65, let’s make if for all of us, so that we can all have healthcare that Trump says will be way cheaper than Obama Care and way better, covering everyone as Trump promised. Join the movement that Trump started to care for everyone, cheaper and better. Medicare for All will Make America Great Again.”

    OR: “I’m with Trump. We need good jobs for all the little guys, and gals, like me. We aren’t racist. Like Trump I support the right of every American to live their lives as they choose and to share in our country’s huge tech wealth, like the $75 billion Bizos has. Amazon should be paying taxes. So let’s Make America Great Again by Passing a $15 minimum wage for every working person, and let’s create a special tax for Bizos and other billionaires who cheat the system. We deserve decent lives working hard. We deserve good jobs that we can rely on. We deserve a $15 minimum wage to Make America Great Again.”

    OR: “Trump is not a racist. Everyone knows it. But having illegal immigrants coming into the country is a problem. So let’s fix this. Of course we welcome asylum seekers, that is what it means to be America. And as Trump says, we love the DACA kids, so let’s make them citizens. Let’s stop the criminals from coming in, that’s the point. So to Make America Great Again, we stop the illegal criminals from entering, we make DACA kids who were brought here as children, and we make sure legal asylum seekers are treated right! Anything else would be racist, and Trump is not a racist!”

    OR EVEN: “Trump wants America to be Great Again, and so do I. He wants there to be background checks on any gun purchase, and so do I. He wants to take guns away from crazy or dangerous people first, and do the paper work afterwards, and so do I. We need these military style guns off the streets because they are the primary reason so many mass shootings occur. So let’s Make America Great Again by supporting our Great President in solving this huge problem. I don’t want my kids murdered in school by some crazy person or terrorist using a military assault rifle. Trump is right. We can’t let them do it any more. Let’s make America Great Again by banning automatic military assault weapons from our streets the way it was 20 years ago, AGAIN! Let’s Make America Great Again by protecting the Second Amendment Right’s to own regular guns for hunting and self defense, by agreeing that military weapons should only be used by the military. You wouldn’t want your neighbor to have a tank in the garage. Why an assault rifle?

    A massive messaging program like this would

  5. Well hell! He's sucking up! Who the hell is he to plead ignorance all of a sudden? He's up for re-election isn't he?! Fuck him. He is NOT irredeemable!

  6. We are all talking crap I haven't heard no one since 2016. Talkin about changing the presidential instead of being an electoral votes change it to popular votebut know everybody is focusing on everything that's happening let's focus on the future let's change it

  7. Poll: If you had to choose between these two candidates in the 2020 general election who would you vote for?


    #YangGang #Trump2020

  8. His nonsensical tribalistic talking point about other countries with "homogenous populations" being able to have healthcare we can't…I'm a little suspicious of his apologies but good regardless that he has.

  9. There needs to be alot more of them republicans to admit publicly what Trump all about to wake there cult up there is truly nothing to like about him straight up garbage 🚮COWARD, CONMAN, PATHALOGICAL LIAR, BIGOT,TRESON SOB,LET'S NOT FORGET ABOUT THEM ❤LETTERS FROM LIL HUNG KIM SUCH A LIL BITCH UNFIT TO REPRESENT THE UNITED STATES

  10. I feel like there is less harm in giving too much credit than there is in not being willing enough to accept change in good faith. The importance of redeemability cannot be undersold.

  11. Trump sent this fuck face out to blow orange smoke up the asses of the masses. It's all part of his reelection scheme. Everything this fuck face is saying was dictated to him by his orange master.

  12. It's good people are changing… hope they are able to help and correct this big mistake…the American people are still going to pay those broken dishes😢

  13. I think we can take the reference to "musket" as metaphor. Now, if he had said "assault rifle," my assumptions would be more serious.

    Beyond that, I agree that such public conversions are more pragmatic than heartfelt.

    Or, as Jimmie Swaggart put it, "Ah have SEE — UHHNNDD!!! before going back into business at the old stand.

  14. Everyone that voted for trump sould make a public apology for voting for him and giving America one of the worst presidents in history ever

  15. Apologising is just the beginning… these bigots and hypocrites need to make amends before they be truly forgiven… and the average America that votes and not vote will also need to wake up and realise they are also responsible for who they elect

  16. The GOP thinking that Trump can be a scapegoat for his greed and division tactics, they are equally to blame by encouraging, defending and enabling his actions,.
    Changing their tune when the election is looming and Trump looks unpopular, saw this coming a mile off. Their intent was always to say "it wasn't us it was him," eventually.

  17. Wait and watch who amongst Republicans lawmakers will be throwing Trump under the bus, not one Republican had a spine and are now installing back brace to walk back their support for this Russian asset

  18. The First Step to Solve a Problem is Admitting there is a Problem !
    Admitting, Acknowledge, Acceptance and even Realization is what Every Americans desperately NEED to do!

    Majority of Americans fixate so hard on blaming leaders for the nation's problems.
    It is no wonder our nation is a diseased cesspit of corruption and immorality.

    Most of the U.S. Citizens have direct responsibility on voting, activism, direct action, protest and vigilance, etc.
    If Non-Americans criticize us, some Americans pretend that "American people had nothing to do with the problem."

    Trump is NOT the Cause,..he is just Symptom of all Chronic Problems in America, and We(You) are the problem.

  19. He is the Prodigal Son. Embrace them and welcome them back.
    He was wrong. He saw that. He has BEEN redeemed even if we still disagree politically. Remove the hate. Embrace the live and your fellow brothers and sisters no matter what.
    He has had an epiphany. Encourage him.
    He saw the errors of his ways. Let him prove himself and encourage this behaviour, reward it, and encourage more people to find it easier to redeem themselves too.
    You may not ever agree on political issues but recognising their own toxic behaviour, apologizing and taking responsibility is HUGE. His job now is to help those close to him do similar and keep America and its UNITED States, united, and repel the hate.
    That is how you win.
    United you stand tall.
    Divided the US will fall

    Guess which one Putin wants..?

  20. Listen family, you’re missing the point! When I say family I’m referring to good decent people. But you know this history!! As a student of American and world history, I assert to you that we’re dealing with the Invisible Empire of the South. Now go use your googler and get back to me with an informed reply! Respect!

  21. I prefer to meet a positive move with a positive attitude. So, while this does not redeem Walsh, I will say it's a step towards redemption.

  22. I disagree on one point – this guy – disgusting as he is, is a temporarily ally. As strange as this may sound. The position he holds, might hurt Trump more than anything the democrats do. So – why not use this advantage?
    If he becomes a problem afterwards – it's at least a new problem to deal with and not Trump any longer. (It's a bit like bug-hunting in programming: getting 'another' error-message than before IS most probably progress…)

    As the saying goes – War makes strange bedfellows…

  23. Is this more about him realising that the tide may be turning against Trump and him trying to position himself better for the next election cycle?

  24. Sounds like a fascist who us upset they picked the wrong demigod who isn't able to actually be a fascist dictator.
    We got lucky that trump is a failure. His presidency has exposed the far right for the fascists they are.

  25. The "rats" leaving the sinking ship, I just hope a any Trump replacement will be one that is true and honest and can stand up to the all powerful corporations any lobbyists poisoning not only America but the whole world.

  26. I'm glad that their so call " president " is going to be a one term. Karma strikes again in 2020 for the sexual predator in chief.

  27. Another Nationwide search for Pac-Man, the disingenuous fake news..
    We found a person that's calling himself a Republican.

  28. Walsh says things like this on his show and then spends the rest of the time doing what he says he hates. He's a terrible person trying to act like he's not.

  29. He should apologize. Everyone who voted for him should apologize. We wouldn't be in this f*** up mess if it weren't for him.

  30. Very good he owned up to making a mistake. Now it would be great if he told the trump cult that it is not to late for them also to say that they were wrong for supporting trump. Ones they say they were wrong most of them will not make the same mistake again. I belevie saying u made a mistake shows that you our a good person and u r strong learned a lesson move on and not make the same mistake again. And for sure we all have made some very bad mistakes growing up in our life. God bless.

  31. David, you forgot to mention that he was one of the dumbasses who advocated arming three-year olds on Sacha Baron Cohen's show. This guy's judgement is impeccable!

  32. Do not trash this guy ! Yes, he’s a dick. But, maybe he doesn’t want to be a dick any longer. He’s never going to not be a Republican. Who cares. What we need is for people who are doubting Trump to see this guy, and realize they’re not alone, and that rejecting Trump is survivable. Btw, I despise Joe W. But, I’m gonna let that go….for now.

  33. OK… one apologized that he has wronged, and we would want to forgive????? Hell no….because, he should follow up to his apology to what means he would correct his wronged actions.

  34. We need someone who is not Republican or Democrat, but someone who is for the people, and wants to fight for the people, and not wanting to get in office just to pad their own pockets to run.

  35. He is apologizing because Trump is an asshole, and that's a non-apology. It's not Trump's fault that Trump is President. It's his enablers'. Walsh shouldn't apologize because he enabled Trump. He should apologize for being an asshole. And then he should modify his speech and behavior, and then do penance.

  36. He help seed the whirlwind, now he voices his regrets. Too little, too late. The storm of hate and financial incompetence is devastating US.

  37. Change his mind tactically and not because he cares in, but in viewing them as a strategic error, because that’s how the more sensible conservative assholes think, that not what he said was wrong morally, but that what he said was tactically foolish in error i’m going extreme far right is not a good move because its backfiring on making him look bad, why i mostly hated center right Republicans because they cater to as one of them, in pretending as if they weren’t one of them or that they wernt in bed with them, in always being obscure towards it being hard to pin them down, we’re now a lot of those in the center that was OK with that are now feeling uncomfortable by being connected with the far right towards looking bad, in saying that they’re not like them and that they have nothing to do with them, when it was them who resurrected them in fanning the flames of hate.

  38. Until he makes up for his vast mistakes, apology denied! This is just another rat leaving a sinking buffoon in order to sniff out future cheese to horde and ravage.

  39. Okay…… and is he going to do about that now??????? is he going to put Country first……? His own priorities first….? Ot that's it….

  40. No forgiveness, none, singular contrition means nothing! This is Reagan to now GOP sabotage, obstruction, greed, and power madness! No GOP, will ever be forgiven! And Libertarians can gft!

  41. Joe was the one in Obama’s address who called out liar. This guy is a scumbag… at best! Now he’s worried about his future so he’s putting distance between him and this Orange crush! He’s a Bitch!

  42. People, this will get better, eventually righteousness prevails; with or without these hateful, deranged individuals. Also, too little to late for this guy. He knew, that trump was a hate-filled snake when he met him. Pray for the people in El Paso, and Dayton, and then take action to make sure it doesn't happen again; by any means necessary. Actions not apologies are whats needed now. Get rid of these insane fearful politicians. And enact common sense laws which keeps kids and people safe.

  43. He is NOT turning over a new leaf. He has ALWAYS clawed at anyone and anything he thought might benefit his climb to the top. He is an unabashed, unrepentant villain, acting out a commercial advertising his next strategy. He is like a neighbor that killed, skinned, and ate your puppy, then said he was sorry because it just didn't taste good. He is a snake.


  45. Trying to get off the sinking ship! Let’s hope people can see where he’s coming from! How could you trust anything he says?

  46. We all make mistakes and everyone needs a second chance, redeeming oneself is there. Let's see what Compassion and kindness looks like.

  47. Those Americans caught up in Trumps hatred should think hatred cuts 2 ways. Sadly I see many people now hate Americans, all Americans. Trump is the reason ofcourse. Many cou tries don't want to see Americans in their country. I am Canadian and it upsets me to see the anti-American feelings here. So all you folk who hate immigrants or people with a different skin color should consider this. You are not immune from hatred no matter how white you are. Is it fair to be hated because you are American. Hatred is never fair, but just think about it. Remove Trump before it gets worse. I have British friends who now loath Americans.

  48. I've been following Walsh on Twitter for the better part of a year. He's not an ally of the left by any means, but he's more and more recognizing that Trump is a mutual enemy. I have a large amount of respect for him, even though he and I disagree on a lot of things because of much of his behaviour in recent months

  49. Not good enough for America. Hos many are dead from Trump Rehtoric? He deseves prison, as does Trump…..

  50. Dear Trump apologists: everybody screws up, thanks 🙏 for pulling your head out!!

    Dear Trump supporters: stop screwing up! see how Trump is loyal to NOthing except money and maybe Ivanka. HE is the rapist/murderer…

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