ReTales: Shoplifter

ReTales: Shoplifter

Christmas season is hands-down, the worst time of the year for a retail employee.
Not only because of how busy and hectic the stores get,
but also because the season starts to draw in
the shoplifters.
I mean, what better time to steal then when everyone’s occupied and distracted right?
Don’t get any ideas.
You know, stealing’s bad… 🙂
Anyway, one time back when I worked in retail,
I was minding my own business, folding and hanging whatever,
when all of a sudden, Marie, my coworker turns on the intercom and says,
“Security to the front, please. I repeat, security to the front, please.”
And I’m like, security??
pfft, we don’t have any security.
It’s just you, me, and Devonne in the back.
Who are you calling?
And right after she said that, this customer couple starts bolting for the exit.
And then from my [peripherals], I see my manager sprinting from the back room to chase the couple.
Marie is then on the phone reporting an apparent theft, and I’m just there like,
“Umm…what just happened?”
Honestly, I was never really trained or prepped for a situation like this.
Devonne comes back, moments later, with a disappointed look on her face.
“They got away.”
I asked how that could be, considering they had to haul a bunch of stolen merch to their car and whatnot.
Devonne said something about some protocol
about not being able to do anything once they’ve actually made it inside their vehicle?
I don’t know.
To be honest wIth you,
I think that if we were just some locally owned store,
Devonne would have probably brought a nail bat
and wrecked their car into a burger-sized pulp and then ate it.
I told them I was really sorry for not being more useful in the situation.
I felt so clueless about it,
because Devonne and Marie even said that they’ve been keeping their eyes on the suspicious couple for a few minutes
before the Grand Chase occurred.
Now I was just there, like,
“Oh yes, hello valued customer, [inaudible mumbling]”
You’d be surprised by how often people try to steal and actually get away with it.
I guess I just got used to people
accidentally going through the front door sensor with clothing clips that we forgot to take off,
that I never actually thought people would have the
balls to steal.
After that incident,
it definitely made me more alert of how people behave in busy merchandise environments.
“And do what I must to protect those who need it.”
lol why are you still here

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  1. Catching thefts is lost preventions job and not the minimum wage part time employees. so when i see people stealing im not allowed nor obligated to stop them but need to report it to loss prevention or a supervisor/manager

  2. I had someone steal a $350 mixer from my store yesterday. Had to file witness reports with the police and everything

  3. If you think I’m gonna risk my life for a store, you better shut the fuck up because you’re wrong.

  4. If people are stealing they probably need it more then whatever billion dollars company you worked for 😂 I used to let people steal from Walgreens when I worked there 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. Stealing is easy in most stores. You just have to act natural and avoid stealing things that make it too obvious. A good trick is also to buy something (could be $1 or whatever) and steal whatever it is you need along the way so that no one gets suspicious about you just walking in and then out without paying. However, I know it may seem like people would be suspicious about someone just randomly walking in and out but honestly workers don't really focus on you unless it's extremely dead and you're like the only person in there.

  6. When you tell yourself that you're just gonna watch one video and you spend the night binge-watching domics

  7. I always get the attention of the retailers, for some reason, the look they were givin me was not interesting. bitch if I ever gonna steal, I wouldn't ask for a size 32 and get your attention!!

  8. I once tried to steal a bouncy ball when I was 6, but my mom saw me stealing and called security on me😑. I was Beyond Scared.

  9. One time at Walgreens I saw a guy steal cigarettes

    Me,my dad and brother were buying some swimming supplies. This probably 22 year old man is buying cigarettes. The cashier puts the cigarettes on the table right in front of him. She opened the cash register and the guy grabbed cigarettes and booked it out. The employee chased him down and did not catch him. It was not I repeat NOT busy. 😑

  10. In Walmart when we past the grapes I take one cause there’s holes in the package big enough to get a grape through and I felt like a ninja when doing it but my mom saw soooooooo she joined in too. HELL YA YEAH. Nah just kidding she said hey don’t do that and looks away. I steal another one. Welp I might be in the FBI watch list

  11. Once a couple middle aged ladies got to my lane 10 minutes after closing and one of them ran back to find their keys. After they finally left my co-workers bitched that they kept coming into the clothing section and stuffing shit in their bags. They would show up near close so that they could rush out with stolen merchandise. Meanwhile I'm over here not noticing a damn thing. Self checkout is the fucking worst though. They wait until the person watching has to move carts out of the way to grab theor shit and leave. If it's in a bag I don't question it. Shoplifters piss me off cause the workers get in trouble for not being more aware. Even though they literally wait until we'reoccupied with something else.

  12. you want gucci but your mom say no >:( but she can buy you supreme so how do you to get gucci?? employee: you buy anything you: yes in my mind: i stole gucci! >:) but you accidently said it O_o
    employee you get aressted but your like 5 your gucci soooo thug life then your grandpa baught it in the next 2 weeks

  13. I work in a restaurant as a waitress/cashier and we keep a tip jar in front of our register. Two punk ass boys come in and one was trying to distract me by flirting with me but I had a boyfriend at the time so no thank u and I see someone bolt out of the restroom and grab the tip jar. I was holding a plastic serving tray so I threw it near the guy and he slipped on it and fuckin face planted. Safe to say we got the tip jar back and both were taken to juvie… I don't like restaurant work lol

  14. i shop lifted something when i was little and…

    my mom didnt find out, until two weeks later the police came

    so i was like, a fucking rebel when i was 5

    BuT IiKe i kEPT dOING iT

    and i didnt get caughtt

    only one time tho …

    we dont speak of that day


  15. There was a woman the other day at the shop I work at. She asked me about the price of ham, so I check. Then she asks my colleague which ham is BETTER. Who asks that? So immediately we have our suspicions on her, because she's asking really weirdly with her bag hanging around items. As I go and tell my manager about her, we lose sight of her and then suddenly hear a Code 100 called. She made it out the door. 😑
    And she LAUGHED as she looked back which really pissed me off. And we have the same protocol, not really allowed to chase which is unfair.

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