Revenge of the Woman Gambler 1966 1080p Blray

Revenge of the Woman Gambler 1966 1080p Blray

– How are we playing?
– One round!
Writers: Kenz6 ASADA,
Artistic Director:
Music: Tomokazu KAWABE
Director: Hiroshi NOGUCHI
Sir, something has been stolen from you.
Yes, my papers are gone.
– Hold the thief, hold the thief!
– Catch him!
– What is going on?
– It’s a pickpocket!
You must be taken to the police
station. Please follow me.
What kind of behavior!
Pretending to see nothing.
Reflect on it carefully though!
Miss, I’ll give you a
price estimate if you want.
– A taxi without a uniform!
– Miss, where are you going?
To Jorakuji.
That’s not in the neighborhood.
Jump in, I’ll make you a price.
Thank you so much.
What’s happening?
Who are these guys?
Apparently they were waiting for you.
You are their accomplice!
Miss, follow me.
I really want to thank you.
Who are you guys?
How does this rhyme?
You will know when you
will come, my pretty one.
So you’re the boss?
Are you also into thievery?
At what level?
Shut up. lnsolent!
Calm your insolence. This was not
a simple pickpocket.
In your branch, there
are specialties!
A girl like you
would not understand that.
Someone who interferes
has to pay the price.
A rule that is unforgiving.
Of course.
All this for interrupting a theft?
It’s a little too much, right?
You prevented me from
doing my first mission,
when I had just been welcomed here!
Sabu! Not so fast, I’ll
take care of it personally.
What a mess it would be to kill her too quickly.
I want to see a lot more of her.
It’s better like that.
You become a little more desirable.
This is too much!
I’m not some kind of cheap stripper.
If you want to see some
skin, you’ll get some!
How do you like it?
I already thought you were not
an ordinary woman,
with everything you said!
But it’s also beautiful
to see red blood,
flowing on white
skin to dye a tattoo.
Wait, boss.
You know, boss,
who that girl is?
You may not remember.
I have seen her before playing
in a gambling hall in Hakone.
Over there?
I thank you for bringing it to mind.
Your skills were very appreciated.
So who is this girl?
She can be an asset if
she is on our side.
And look at me right now,
I know this milieu, I know
what I’m talking about.
Shinkichi, we cannot
leave her looking like this.
Go get her a kimono.
And you, Yukiko,
is it okay to forget
what happened today?
What were you doing in the area?
Were you looking for work’?
Yes that’s it.
I already have a place to go.
Does that mean you want to stay?
That’s what I had planned.
It relieves me to hear that.
Wait a bit…
and you will have work.
Master, it’s been so long.
I’m coming back from Tokyo.
I am Yukiko, the daughter
of Kinjiro Eguchi.
I’m going back to
my family’s land.
With Mr. Kinjiro?
I am happy to be the one who
receives the remains of your father.
Thank you so much.
As a child, I often bickered
with your father in this place.
I’m glad I brought
his remains home.
Everything has its place.
By the way, what do you
think you’re going to do?
I think I’ll find a job in town.
I’m on my own now,
left to myself.
I do not know where to go.
Looks like you left a lot of
painful memories in Tokyo.
Travel is like medicine
for wounds of the heart.
I held a ceremony for your
father, but also for you.
Thank you so much.
About work, can you find
something in this city?
I was recommended to boss
Gunji, if he has a place for me.
– Excuse me’?
– What are you talking about?
The Gunji group is
not like the others.
We have a moral code.
I have stubbornly made it
prosper and last until now.
Do not let anyone point a finger at you.
Father, the world’s view on
the yakuza is not yours!
That’s enough.
Yakuza have been functioning
since ancient times.
I took over.
Do not be anxious for the family.
You will not be rejected later.
I don’t wish to fulfill
a duty so absurd,
that I will be outlaw forever.
Don’t be cheeky.
I’ll manage.
I let you follow the path you
choose. It isn’t bad.
Me, my father,
I do not want to see you worried
about the clan all the time.
Do not worry too much.
If you have nothing else to do,
go and sort the fish eggs!
From now on I am going out of business.
I hate yakuza above all else!
Is the Gunji boss here?
Yes, he is in the living room.
Thank you.
– Are you the boss of Gunji?
– That’s right. And you are…?
I am Yukiko, the daughter
of Kanjiro Eguchi.
– Are you Miss Yuki?
– I do not want to disturb you.
No such formalities between us.
Mr. Kinjiro’s daughter!
I have received the letter
of recommendation.
Please enter.
Senkichi, we have a guest.
Bring tea.
– It’s not worth the bother.
– Please, do not hesitate.
Thank you for
the gift you sent for
my father’s funeral.
No, no it’s nothing.
But most of all I’m sorry for
not having been able to attend.
I’m sorry for Mr. Kin.
The work becomes more
and more complicated.
Are you working here?
Boss, it’s her!
She intervened on the train
against the pickpocket.
Is that true?
Miss Yuki, thank you.
You managed to save
the Gunji clan.
Do not exaggerate!
There was an extremely important
contract in this portfolio.
I own a cabaret named Shimpuza.
But a bastard named Maisaka dreams
of getting his hands on it.
This theater is all
that is left for me.
In addition, we were repairing
the harm caused by Maisaka.
In this situation, this
contract was really important.
I begin to understand.
I thank you for considering
my request for work.
I thought of something,
if it suits you.
May I?
Do you think I can work
with the Gunji clan?
It would be fine.
We are not at our best.
You may not want to
work in this situation.
Exactly, I would like this job, to
be able to watch over your interests.
The boss was very happy!
It’s good for everyone,
even for me.
I am pleased.
It’s been a long time since I’ve
seen him smile like that.
*Goddessofluck and love
– I am not a lucky charm Benten*.
– But you are a real Benten, even Mr. Koichi says.
Mr. Koichi is the boss’s son’?
Yes, his eldest son.
He’s the boss’s pride.
He is studying experimental
fishery, something very complicated.
I could be wrong.
So he’s an engineer?
But, isn’t he also the heir
to the Gunji clan?
Mr. Koichi!
Miss Eriko!
I went to lzumi yesterday.
I bought it for you.
Fish from the surroundings.
You did well.
I thought I was going to get it soon.
It’s perfect!
You’re coming home?
Today I cannot, I
have some studying to do.
I pay you 6,000 yen, right?
I do not want your money.
I cannot accept.
– It’s a gift.
– It makes me feel uncomfortable.
I told you I do not want it.
I hate this guy!
He is just like the others.
– Money is something else.
– You break the mood.
Since my dad works with Gunji,
I saw you as a big brother.
At that time you did nothing but
cry and blow your nose.
It’s alright, you were proud and fearful!
I’m late.
Thank you so much.
This is the cabaret Shimpuza.
It’s hot here!
In the evening there are more people.
If stars like…
lzawa and Shirane perform,
the Gunji group will leave it.
All around you,
there are people who would
like to see more.
Everybody! Look!
Brother, do you have anything to
say about my way of doing things?
Excuse me.
We do not like violence here.
I say what I want.
Besides, I find you too dressed-up.
Do what you have to do.
But stop attracting the
attention of customers.
Follow me.
I do not know how much
Maisaka gave you for that,
but these are not
true yakuza ways.
Tell Maisaka from me,
that I do not like
these little disturbances.
You sure know how to put up a fuss,
but who do you think we are’?
I do not care.
In a situation like this, this sucks!
It’s true, but it would
never go further then this.
Yes, but you could have intervened.
Hi everyone, it has been a tough day.
I will launch a new,
fashionable cabaret
which will be called the CONDOR.
And I see in you the
future stars of the place.
Oh, the Condor!
I want it to be the
best place around.
If you want to leave
this joint and join me,
you will be paid double!
Hello, sorry for
making you wait.
And you, go guard the entrance.
I have a very important
conversation with Mr. Grant.
So how is it going?
it’s going.
You need to!
Since our last meeting, I have
not stopped harassing them.
I take every opportunity to
get on with our real estate plan,
but I need my project with
you to remain secret.
The boss is exaggerating!
Yes, but he cannot
refuse him anything.
So the base relocates to
this city in six months?
Yes, the quartermasters
will arrive soon.
So, to be ready, you
absolutely need me…
to put my hand in this cabaret.
From a little backward place
to an erotic theater?
This will be my catchphrase!
But even rebuilding as
quickly as possible,
we still will need 5 months.
It only leaves us a
month to evict.
Yes, that’s exactly
right, leader Maisaka.
Hello? What?
Very well.
Thanks to Yukiko, the theater is fully booked.
Shut up!
Sorry it’s noisy.
Are there so many customers
that you need staff?
I would like you to come yourself, boss, but
in the meantime send me Tatsu.
Oh I see. I’m waiting for a
very important call from Tokyo,
but I’ll come immediately after.
Thank you so much. Greetings to Yukiko.
We are short of
staff, go there right now!
All right, I’m going right now.
You too, go for it.
If you go, the Gunji
clan can be saved.
My boss wants to
open a strip club,
which I have to talk to you about.
Talk about what?
This does not concern you.
But it is my business.
This is the boss’s contract.
What’s the problem?
There is no problem.
I would just like to
make some changes.
All this is stupid.
What’s wrong with it?
I’m not saying it’s wrong, just
that it’s not interesting enough.
Therefore you must have a
copy of this contract.
So what?
It is safe from crooks.
I’m not trying to deceive you,
I just want to see it.
I can always show it to
you but I do not see why.
You just show it to
me, and it’s over.
I throw.
Please, place your bets.
Bets are set.
The dice are odd.
This croupier is very old,
why not put Yukiko in her place?
No, she is with Gunji.
Yes, for the moment, how
much would it cost?
If I bring her back, how
much would it cost me?
If I had known that Yamaguchi
was a guest of Maisaka,
I would have gone.
Yamaguchi is a bastard.
He is causing us trouble.
Let us go!
Boss! Let us go!
This is theft.
Call the police.
One is not supposed
to talk about yakuza.
Yamaguchi had us but it
does not concern you.
It stays in the world of the yakuza.
Until you understand,
I ask you to close it.
From one world or another,
I am concerned about my father!
I hate yakuza, but it’s
you who brought me up!
I’m sorry for calling you.
My poor father…
You are very nice.
You did well to call.
At first you scared me.
It’s always like that.
But without being yakuza,
I am my father’s son.
Anyway, I am very worried.
The affairs of the yakuza can
only be settled by yakuza.
Someone like you
cannot interfere.
Since I met you,
I changed my mind about yakuza.
I did not think there could be such
a beautiful woman in their world.
You have no right.
The environment devours human beings.
Even me?
I do not know the
universe of yakuza.
But I trust you
to help my father.
I am not the kind of
woman you believe.
I waded in their circles,
up to the neck.
But I will do everything
I can for your father.
Thank you.
I saw you lovebirds!
– You followed me.
– I have something to tell you.
Would you like me to
thank you for your help?
Again, thank me for my help.
The Gunji clan is
in big trouble.
But this time I will not help.
Not for anything.
– What do you propose?
– We’re getting tired,
and it’s cold in the street.
Let’s have a drink.
I want to swap you against this paper,
leave this joint and come
roll the dice for me.
– That’s the only issue?
– Yes.
This contract is not that important.
I use it only to recruit you.
It’s worthwhile to think about it.
You are the best
croupier in Japan.
You are wasting your talent with them.
I like you a lot, even
if it’s not important.
If you want, I’ll come
roll the dice for you.
In exchange, Mr. Yamaguchi,
you promise not to annoy
the Gunji clan even once.
The Gunji don’t matter. It’s the Maisaka,
the more ambitious, who will beat them.
I need places,
to settle myself in.
These places are expensive,
but it’s worth it.
You understand the business.
It is true. It takes what it takes.
I went for a walk in the city.
There are very good places.
I have spotted one that
I absolutely want.
You are a businessman.
I beg you to take care of it.
What have you seen
that is interesting?
A kind of theater.
Yes. It was called Shimpuza.
I must obtain it.
Shimpuza, impossible!
It is not for sale.
I thought you were
an entrepreneur,
but you have no wingspan.
I have as much money as needed.
When I get what I desire, I pay.
Can I count on you?
So, you got that contract,
but why are you leaving my clan?
I fulfilled my duty…
towards the Gunji.
Please, let me
follow my destiny.
Well, if there is nothing
to keep you in the clan…
It is the Gunji who thank you.
Boss, how is this possible?
– Yukiko?
– Senkichi!
Alright, I’ll leave you.
Are you ready?
The die is cast.
Bets are set!
Odd 5-6!
She reminds me of someone.
I have already seen before.
Maybe she looks like him?
Are you ready?
The die is cast.
How’s it going?
That’s what I call a game.
Indeed, she ensures it.
And this sex appeal!
I’m thinking.
Did we make a good deal?
Yamaguchi is not bad.
There are disturbances among the Gunji.
I think we will give them
back their money today.
I can go singing if you want!
I’m going to see Mr. Maisaka.
Senkichi and Ken, apologize
to the customers.
Offer them the refund or
a ticket for tomorrow.
I’m going to see Maisaka.
It’s just as good as the strip shows of Tokyo.
Customers will be jostling.
We knock before entering.
This is the first time I’ve seen
such a beautiful office.
I’m busy.
What do you want?
I want you to
return the dancers.
Customers are waiting.
You make me laugh.
I hired them honestly.
And they came because
they wanted it.
It was Yamaguchi who
came to me to ask for them.
I came to take them back.
It’s not a contract issue.
Do you know where it’s going to lead you?
Enough played.
I answer before blood gets spilled.
If I give you back your dancers,
you will stop all your activities.
That’s what we could decide by
rolling the dice.
There cannot be two
godfathers in this city.
We are face to face now.
It’s my turn to start.
You, you provide the dice.
Do you want to check?
It will not be worth it.
We play for 1 round.
If it suits you?
The die is cast!
I am the winner.
From now on,
we stop the confusion.
Hey, wait!
You were not supposed to
get ‘odds’ out today?
That’s right.
Then why this rotten pair?
What do you have to say?
Let’s see the dice.
These are the dice you gave me.
I exchanged them for his
ones, as promised.
So you have no
reason to complain.
You have a big mouth, you!
But you are a spy of Gunji.
– Are we going to stop talking nonsense?
– I’m not doing that.
It’s impossible to get a
double pair with these dice.
I understand that this may
surprise a country godfather.
But it can happen,
and I’ve kept my promise.
You thought the dice could
fulfill every dream?
Hold on!
Even in the countryside,
these kind of malversations
end very badly.
Hey, she went out the window!
What’s this? Mr. Yamaguchi?
And Yukiko?
I thought she went out the
window and I came here.
She’s not here, huh?
We’ll wait thirty minutes.
And if he has not come back by then,
we’ll get him.
I’ll call the police.
The boss is at the games.
This is inappropriate!
But it’s about my father’s life.
I can’t take it anymore,
I’m going to the post office!
Koichi, stop!
Is someone here?
ls the boss here’?
He has not returned yet.
That’s not good.
The godfather of Maisaka is furious.
– Come with me!
– Yukiko!
Put these on.
– Boss!
– Father!
Hold on!
Why did you do that?
I would like you to listen
to the Gunji’s request.
Me, I’m done.
What are you saying?
Hold on.
I know I’m going to die.
I think of my clan.
Koichi is not involved,
as you know.
You could do something.
Would you like to
become my successor?
I ask you.
This is the last will of Gunji.
But I am a woman.
You can do it.
You can do it.
You will have the strength
to rebuild the Gunji clan.
With that promise I can die in peace.
Sen kichi…
That’s what I want.
I will start the questioning.
Mr. Gunji, did you see who shot you?
Sadly, no.
I went to Maisaka’s house.
I wanted to get my dancers back.
On the way back,
someone… shot me.
I did not see the shooter.
Inspector, I’m sure it
was a Maisaka who shot.
You better not say
that without proof.
You’re just feeding rumors.
You can do it.
You can do it.

You will have the strength
to rebuild the Gunji clan.

SinceImet you,
I changed my mind about yakuza.
I did not think there could be such
a beautiful woman in their world.

I will move to the presentation
of the fourth generation.
I am obliged to you for coming.
Before all assembled here…
I will become the fourth-
generation boss of Gunji.
I thank you warmly.
The previous boss, Zezaburo,
must be happy where he is.
Recently, Zezaburo
disappeared in an accident.
He left this world.
On the recommendation of
the Honorable Member,
I, Yukiko Eguchi,
take the lead of the fourth-
generation of the Gunji clan.
I will continue the lineage.
And use all my energy,
for the reconstruction of the
clan in a harmonious way.
I want to thank this assembly
very much for its support.
– Gunji, what is it’?
– No, it’s fine.
You have not been sleeping.
So it’s good for today, go home.
Everything is fine.
There is a ceremony at home,
I’m just a little tense.
The honorable assembly take
seats to attend the sword dance.
Your attention.
Coming straight from Tokyo,
the most popular stars,

Kazuo Izawa and Kazuo Shirane
will perform their
best songs in Shimpuza.

Did someone order this?
It was not easy.
I did what I could.
But what is this?
I wanted to help one
way or another.
It was my specialty
when I was at school.
It took me two full days.
Even colleagues helped me.
It’s not so good.
I’m glad! Thank you!
Your feelings make
me cry with joy.
But you are not a fighter.
You are a fish-farming engineer.
Do not worry about the rest
and continue your research.
you work so hard that you
do not sleep anymore.
Wouldn’t you have some use
for a poor guy
who only thinks of fish?
I’m his son, let me
help you a little.
I am the boss of the Gunji clan.
Let me handle the
affairs of the clan.
I must have been wrong about
yakuza, looking at you.
I thought that yakuza couldn’t
also be good people.
You cannot!
Yakuza are yakuza.
The trash of humanity.
You’re right to hate them.
There’s no mistake.
I know that yakuza are
not always righteous.
But there are some
good ones, like you.
if I have to become
a yakuza like you,
I don’t mind.
Am I a respectable yakuza?
I think so.
Koichi, look here.
This is the mark of the yakuza.
And my link with them.
In spite of everything, am I a good girl?
I am still marked!
The past does not count.
It’s the present that counts.
For you, today,
tattoos are not a problem.
Trust me, Yukiko.
– This is inappropriate!
– Yukiko!
You see how I can hurt you.
Indeed, I can hurt you.
Mr. Mamura.
I would like to see you again.
I’m waiting for you.
Wait a bit.
– Take care of yourself!
– Goodbye.
You understand why
we made you come.
Do not panic.
You are a very
important ally for us.
Mr. Grant!
You? And me?
– We must stop with the Shimpuza.
– And why is that?
The next tour we are waiting for
is going to be very popular.
This is an opportunity
to refloat the Gunji.
It’s our livelihood!
That’s why we made you come.
We want to close this joint.
And we will need
your help for that.
No chance!
You do not have any choice.
– Eriko!
– Father!
Now, Hamabura, did
you understand?
Okay, so are you going
to help us too?
Of course. With pleasure.
That’s the least I could do.
Thank you.
You’re going through the office?
Of course.
I will help you with the event.
It is an honor.
It is very good.
In memory of the good times.
It is honorable to leave
your store to help us.
It’s true.
It is said that even a dog
does not forget in three days.
A dog?
Excuse me for teasing
you like that.
Good bye, see you soon.
were you not a little
hard on him?
This guy is a dog.
He worried about us.
I can read people’s eyes.
Those eyes hide something.
Him? Since when?
You think everything
is drawn out like a road map.
You do not know this world.
But OK,
the lie caught my attention.
We get off at the next station.
Prepare yourself, please!
The concert was not
planned at Mitsuzaki?
Excuse me.
The destination is Mitsuzaki,
but you will first be welcomed
to the spa, as a thank-you.
Will it be OK?
– Yes, let’s go.
Do you want one?
They arrive in three minutes.
We will remove the group of
singers, the leading stars!
We will laugh.
You are not at the wrong station?
Wait, please!
It’s dangerous to run away now.
Excuse me for disturbing you.
I am Yukiko Eguchi
from the Gunji clan.
Thank you for accepting
our invitation.
And I thank you in advance.
There was an organizational error.
I apologize for the
The son of Gun“!
What’s the matter’?

Hand over Eriko!
Eriko? Who is that?
Is it your girlfriend?
You wouldn’t be the type to do that?
That’s enough!
I know nothing.
Go to the store.
There are lots of girls.
If we are there,
I ask the police to search.
The police?
Well, well!
What a funny way of thinking.
What would you tell them?
The police will tell you something else?
This will not happen, Koichi.
You put Eriko in danger.
If you go to the
police, she’s lost.
Leave it alone.
Here, the boss of Gun“.
I thank you for dancing
the other day.
The boss of Maisaka.
You want that joint so much’?
If you want it,
I’ll give it to you.
Yukiko! What are you saying?
We do not replace a life.
It’s up to him and me to decide.
OK, I understand.
What is the issue?
First, you give us Eriko.
I’m fine with it
if you give up the theater.
For how much do you sell it?
In the yakuza way.
We play for it like the yakuza would.
We play for it?
You’ve got some balls!
Is there anyone able
to play against me?
You and me, face to face.
A woman in front of me?
There aren’t just saber
duels among the yakuza.
Come on, we’ll fix that.
Aml scaring
you, by any chance?
I am the boss of Gunji.
I play for it in one round,
without any dirty tricks.
Agreement between the parties.
Yukiko Eguchi, from
the Gunji clan.
If I win,
I recover, Eriko Hamamura
and the territory of Maisaka.
If the boss Maisaka wins,
he may have the Shimpuza
cabaret and Gunji territory.
– How are we playing?
– In one round.
It’s you who throws first.
And I who deliver the dice.
– Are you OK with that?
– It’s OK with me.
Can I go?
Dice are thrown.
It’s I who win.
Hold on.
We do not see the bottom die.
Show me.
Of course.
Look carefully.
4-1 and odd.
It’s weird.
It should have been even.
It’s a four.
– I did not touch the dice below.
– There is no cheating?
The dice were provided
by the boss Maisaka.
How did the ace come out?
In this round, I lost.
It hurts, boss.
But you have class.
As agreed, give us Eriko.
OK, I’ll give her back to you.
Shinkuchi, bring the girl.
Master Maisaka,
didn’t we agree otherwise?
Is this the way a boss proceeds?
It’s OK!
You thought it would be that easy?
I congratulate you!
If you want, let’s go!
Boss, it is I who
congratulate you.
You thought you could do
what you want?
If we do not come back on time,
Koichi goes to the police.
So there, boss, you
want to let it go that far?
Go ahead if you dare!
I knew you would not do it.
If you think I’m lying,
do what you want!
OK, I understand.
Let’s be reasonable.
Mabu, bring the girl.
Tell me…
I was sure the
bottom die was odd.
Both dice were
tampered with to fall on odd.
So the result would be even.
I handle the pot, so it
necessarily turned out even.
Therefore I put one die on the other.
– But at that moment…
– It’s the sum of the faces that counts.
At that moment, I moved the die.
And so I cheated
with rigged dice.
This is my contribution!
This way.
Maisaka, show yourself!
Fight like a boss!
We will stop the
fairytale of a good woman.
If you want to see me face to face…
If we do not leave quickly,
there’ll be a lot of heat here.
I discussed the case
with Foreign Affairs,
they sent us your file.
We’ll fix all this.
It’s Boss Maisaka who did everything.
I did not know about it.
Well, well…
We’ll keep you here until
the file arrives.
I will investigate
the murder of Gunji.
This is the first day
of the Gunji tour.
– What are we doing?
– Ah…
You can free Yukiko Eguchi.
I’ll question her later.
Now we will introduce to you
Hatchiro lzowa
and his song, “Full
Moon in Hokkaido”
I kept my promise
to the late boss.
Yukiko, thank you.
My father must be happy.
I straightened out the Gunji clan.
We have agreed to create a
company on an honest model.
The theater will be managed by Senkichi,
in a commercial and
no longer mafia way.
But even if the Gunji
clan dissolves,
you are not familiar with this job.
You can go back to your research.
That’s what is best!
Your father…
could not make the transition
for lack of means.
I think the moment is perfect
to start the company like this.
Koichi, do you agree
with this transition?
Of course,
I agree and want to
continue my research.
But I have a request for you.
A request?
marry me.
I would be…
the happiest of men.
I understand.
So you do want to?
It’s time.
Has Yukiko finished getting ready?
Are you ready?
Iregret rejecting a
heartsopure and wise.
You almost made me
forget my tattoos,

but I will always have them on me.
The more I love you,
the more I forbid
myself to marry you.

SinceIstarted the game, the
dice are part of my destiny.

I made that decision.
Think about the freshness
of Eriko Shirane,

she would make a good wife.
I am sure of it.
I think you’ll be able
to accept this idea.

As for the dice I
dropped when I left,

for me, as a symbol of freedom,
it’s the only trace I’llleave.
Excuse me.
I come to check the tickets.
© Bach Movies 2018
Subtitles translated from French by Eus

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