Rick Stengel: China’s Playing A Long Game. Trump’s Just Trying To Win 2020. | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Rick Stengel: China’s Playing A Long Game. Trump’s Just Trying To Win 2020. | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

39 thoughts on “Rick Stengel: China’s Playing A Long Game. Trump’s Just Trying To Win 2020. | The 11th Hour | MSNBC”

  1. Trump is quite well-liked in China. For one thing, he's not going to preach to them about human rights. Secondly, they look on him as a chump. Thirdly, they know that he can be bought.

  2. I am sad to see that this will go down in HISTORY, that SOME Americans elected this BULLY as President. I knew he was a bully from day 1. I will not NORMALIZE him. We need to stand up for JUSTICE not Hate and Racism.

  3. When China signed a 99 year lease to the British for Hong Kong, the happy Brits thought it was forever. The Chinese waited, watched and learned much from Hong Kong's western development and knew the 99 year lease was not forever. Yeah China knows her long game.

  4. What long game? "Which country can cause the most environmental destruction to the planet". Hahahaha there is no long game unless you factor out organized civilization

  5. Hey Trump, Chinas president doesn't have to worry about getting reelected. He can sit it out and he will. I know that you'd like to have the same option but I'm sorry to break it to you…you live in America and your pathetic, naive, short-term thinking, selfish and weak butt will get voted out of office in 2020. Let's just hope that the American people will never fall for such an incompetent clown and conman ever again.

  6. Vladimir also has the PP tape.😂😋🤩🤭😜😁😍😝
    Which brings me to the POOPOO tape. Got that one yet? It's rank!🤭🤢😟😟😱😰🤭🤮🙈🙉🙊

  7. Why else is trump commonly referred to as a 'daytrader'? This attribute is only one in thousands that make him universally unfit for any public office…

  8. We get Twitter Trump… Teleprompter Trump… and… TARMAC Trump. Anybody remember the days of White House Press Briefings?

  9. China will outfox #45 in the short term and the long term.Well,so is everyone else.#45 is clueless.Look at his personal record,6 bankruptcies and how many marriages?…King size LOSER…..sorry, BIGLY LOSER.

  10. Whatever Trump says you are pretty much guaranteed that he previously said or tweeted the exact opposite at some point. He is the king of taking both sides on every issue.

  11. EVERYONE is running circles around the orange moron (as the president) and the orange conman is running circles around our government (because he’s making $$$ right and left)

  12. If Donald Trump really want to end the trade war with China then he should sanction China and any country who does business with China.

  13. Did Trump realy think trade war is easy to win and Mexico will pay.
    The US has 22 Trillion debt and still raising.

  14. Trump IS a yo-yo of his own “freedom of speech” more like a blabbering whatever suits him at the moment 👎🇩🇪

  15. Trump is playing checker while China is playing chess so y'all tell me who's going to win, right now the USA is the laughing stock of the WORLD because of TRUMP

  16. President for Life has the advantage over President for the next 16 months (or less).
    When the economy tanks, Donnie will put his flaming bag of dog poop on the WH steps, ring the door bell and waddle away.

  17. ‪Trump to Base-After reviewing the bids with my family including Tiffany to build the Wall, I have chosen the “Trump Illegal Immigration Wall Construction Co.” We will save millions on our bid using materials from China, as well as undocumented workers from our golf courses.‬

  18. Listen to this Con twisting artist! He's telling us China's playing a long game with tariffs! What everybody should know he started this with China and I think China is going to get the best over him

  19. And China is working on something with Biden to have Trump lose in 2020….I have a very bad feeling about 2020 it's going to be ugly.. look at the dangerous left sense trump won…we Americans need to vote Trump in 2020 or you can kiss your freedom goodbye!

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