RIDDLE ME THIS | Batman: The Enemy Within – Season 2 – Episode 1

RIDDLE ME THIS | Batman: The Enemy Within – Season 2 – Episode 1

[WHAPISH] Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome BACK to “Telltale’s Batman!”
It’s been a little bit of a while since we were in this world, and the last time we were here,
some CRAZY stuff went down. My voice is cracking all over the place.
[laughing] I don’t know what’s happenin’.
Um, so this is season 2! I don’t know a whole lot about the season, I think it has something to do with the Riddler,
and I think we’re going to get to see more of the Joker’s side o’ stuff, cause he was teased.
Wasn’t his name, like, John… John Doe, or something like that, in season 1?
So… H-He’s been teased in that one,
so I think more of his plan is kinda gonna come up in this one, ’cause he was at the end of the… the last season.
But I really like this series. I really like the Batman games. The first season… it had its ups and downs.
It was a bit… it was paced a bit weirdly, but overall, very very good game. I liked it a lot
I really look forward to it. So… they did give out access to this to YouTubers a bit early.
I’ve technically had this for like a week, but we could only upload like the first 45 minutes to an hour of the game.
Earlier than this, like, on the second or something so I didn’t want to just split it up.
I kind of like doing these episodes all in one go because then I like having like the five episodes up at the channel.
I’m making a nice concise playlist so you know which part is which,
and kind of just wrapping everything up nicely.
So I wanted to wait and do it when the embargo was actually up that I was allowed to play it.
So that’s why you haven’t seen me upload it and everybody else has been uploading it already.
I just wanted to wait a small bit to do the whole thing in one go so it’s probably going to be a long one
So grab your coffee – I have my coffee.
Grab some snacks and let’s do this, babies!
Continue YOUR story: choose how to begin your story. Uh, I should continue my story. “Your story so far,” import save 1.
Aha! “Your backstory is complete. This backstory will be tied to the current save file.” NICE! Okay.
I like that. I like when it continues on.
Ooh, what do we have? I like the thumbnails for all these.
Episode one: “The Enigma.” One of Gotham’s oldest and deadliest criminals has returned
Batman must work with allies old and new to stop this growing threat. Hmm. I wonder who it is – EDWARD
Uh, “The Pact…”
“Fractured Mask…” Catwoman’s back… “What Ails You” – There he is!
And “Same Stitch,” so… Joker versus Batman, at the end.
Okay, cool. Let’s start episode one. Are you going to give us…
A backstory about what happened in Season 1, for everyone who wasn’t here?
I – I totally remember everything that happened. I do remember most of it, but. Uhm…
Let’s go with…
Green tech this time. Yellow tech. That’s not green.
[Laughing] Whoopsie doopsie!
Uh. I’m just gonna go with blue because that’s what I had in the first one, and
that’s the base color for all of them, I think.
[gruff voice] “Previously, on Batman.”
bahbuh bahbuh bahbuh bahbuh, sneaky sneaky!!
[Game] “One fateful night, my parents gave their lives for me.” It’s my boy, Troy. “Became my heroes;
their legacy, untouchable.”
“Until I learned the truth.”
“My father, Thomas Wayne, was a criminal. He ruled over Gotham from the shadows.
And everything I thought I knew about myself…
changed forever.”
“The Children of Arkham exposed the truth about my father to Gotham.
Their attack turned friends into enemies, and threw the city into Chaos. I was committed to Arkham Asylum,
where I escaped with the help of a mental patient named John Doe.”
“After a bloody battle, I put an end to it all in the catacombs beneath the city.
The Penguin, Two-Face, and Lady Arkham were the first real challenge I faced as the Batman, but they would not be the last.”
HELL yeah, Brucey boy!
Swango arrived in Gotham and with it comes City
Hall’s quarterly crime report crime is way down since the fall of the children of Arkham marking another triumph for
Newly minted police commissioner James Gordon you just watching him on TV this morning
Gordon credited his success to the public partnership between the police and the Batman he praised the mysterious vigilante
for his sacrifice
describing him as
Essential to the security of the City things are looking up citizens after the long Dark winter
Comes the law so many now. We probably the night cuz when again everyone would be happy oh ho
Some titles aren’t on either. I don’t know why they’re not default it’s on I’m gonna have to turn them on in a sec
Sorry about that
professional YouTuber I swear lucky duck dean
There it is probies quarry
Import-export magnate one-time pipe Ex-ceo
International Arms dealer the World sees Mori as a legitimate Businessman a
Philanthropist who gives to charity not a criminal getting rich off the suffering of innocence a masterful performance I?
wonder if a man hides in plain sight for that long
Does he forget who he really is I think why do you think Master bruce?
Must be hard to stay true to yourself
You can become the wrong
It’s hard not to become the mask at least a little I
Can believe it we are what we do after all yeah with you, I question whether Batman is the cover or bruce
Bruce: Masks are hard to maintain.
Jack: Thanks, Alfred.
If there are cracks in Maurice, we’ll find them the
GcPd already bugged his penthouse and found nothing
Meaning that if he’s doing arms deals in Gotham. They have been on the casino floor
Mm-Hmm. I need to find a way to hear what maury is saying
Alfred: Standing by for support.
Look for something with a microphone
Okay, hold on for a second. My bad, my bad!!
Oh, it’s awful. Subtitle size. plays ha ha that’s why I got confused. I bought it on medium here. We go!
Are we good? Are we good? See! to say bad computer can intercept his communication haven’t even changed.
Right okay, what’s amazing Lucky 13. It’s unlucky 13 yeah frick
Certainly enjoys the good life doesn’t he made a fortune running guns during the Arab spring
Diversified it to buying tech shortly after from what I understand. He’s not one for pinching pennies
Good for him also. Yeah, that’s a good point about becoming the mask
I feel like that happens in Youtube a lot as well as that a lot of people become what their online
Personals are and then they kind of forget who they are and get very disconnected from reality
It’s important to remember who you are
I know. I saw the hack is form what I want to look at what fucking balls again
Why this is achilles heel? He has a reputation for being lucky, but then you don’t need luck when you own the house I
Don’t know man the tech is full. It seemed kind of nude maury has on this no. I’m hacking in the more easeful
I don’t know if we should do that encrypting your signals last thing we want is for him to know you’re here
Now miss baucom you should be able to pick up audio from Lori’s phone is everyone enjoying themselves
Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone with the bear. He’s on a roll, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s too chatty
Try to blend in huh, just call me Blendin Blandin
One please
Yeah, one jackpot please so I think sitting over there wondering. What’s bruce Wayne doing in a place like this
What’s the nice guy doing in a place like you um looking for thrill? I’m on the Cobra Station only how does this go?
I’m looking for something different
How about your cover? Oh wait okay? You’re here, and it’s a good thing. I’m
I see!
I like these guys they wear green is something wrong. You seem distracted all right wait Judy breathe
I hope that hair is bullet proof!
security sir it’s time to leave for you an easy one a
The “Ride-ler!”
That.. Asian dude’s voice is also in an old PS2 game that I love.
Uh, Mark of– The Mark of Kri
The Mark of the Kri. Is it Mark of Kri?
Love that game.
Uh, maybe a tree does? A tree “leaves”?
Get ‘im, Bruce!
fucking bullet-dodging badass oh I
Also, do kids parties okay? Wow. I’m okay. Just shit me knickers, but
Knickers are what we call panties in the uk
Before anyone thinks I’m saying the n-Word what you did to that man
Knocking him out like that. How did you do that I?
Had a different impression of you from TV. Thank you to super buff. I took it right before I said run
If you stay you’ll die. That’s like how the piece of a deer is still gone
commissioner Gordon on the Lines scrambling Audio now Gordon
Batman, what’s the status?
Osprey fucked up gordo nothing like oh
multiple Gunmen hostages at the Casino
Yes, yes.
Wigglers bagging Gotham Written he hasn’t been seen in years
Well, he’s putting on quite a show oh
Yeah, I wonder if you get a new bat dude for this
like episodes for this season cuz or maybe the thing with Batman games in Batman in General in Batman movies
Is that the suit constantly upgrades all the time so Kira?
There’s a squad on the way. I’ll be there shortly be ready for a fight
Be ready for a fight
Alright guys. It’s the riddler all I got to do
just kill him and it over with
Oh, Jesus!
It’s like a modern iron maiden.
Listen closely no ah fuck dude
hate riddles terrible atoms, I put
Without arms, I strike
Without feet I run a clock who am I a clock of God visual?
I’ve got answer a fully functional your clock or a watch your time, or whatever is to drop in without being noticed
Time for some recon time for a sergeant tricky one is amazing a mindbender
Ruler Antara from the past I never thought. I’d see him on our streets again
Shut up, alfred. I’m trying to hear them
Okay, hoss Pages
HMM, sir riddler basically turned into jigsaw from the saw movie
Doesn’t seem like he’s getting out. Oh the riddler this riddler certainly has an imagination
I will get bored. He sure do can I
Can I like mess up his Jam?
at all I
Can maneuver the Drone oh?
Hello, fellers!
So glad you can’t hear this.
Do dancing a problem audio playback fully functional timely distraction?
Hyah! Nice. *whisper* Silent assassin.
I’ll never tell
What am I supposed to do?
We can’t get in the front covered by good linen. They’ve got the back barricaded with blackjack tables
Houston, I deploy when we’re inside
But you changed our eyes and ears. What’s the best course of action?
Bones are pretty shit tear gas might affect these people
But am I confused and then I can take out frontal assault might distract them and then I could take them out
But that also leads to bullets flying which may hire more people and kill them tear gas has less
damage, oh without a need a distraction
Whoa, you’re completely insane. No, I don’t believe that
I’ll clear up that ha oh hell. We’re counting on you my little pink. Oh
Yes, scrapple smuggler this
Why are my trophies?
Okay, a lot of stuff being thrown at me. Okay. I’m a mouse was off-screen, so it’s those my bad, okay
We do it again watch this it’s what’s a right-click
Here we go. Ha ha ha
Take that sucker slam into care table tear off a leg with Roulette wheel. I bet it all on black
Unlucky you’re ahead of schedule. I’m little busy right now, but I’ll see if I can fit you in
I’ll fit you in the hostage to my office I
Know you don’t anchored the going Anchor hostage aah?
Oh, God, oh, God oh, God oh, God
Okay, this is fucking weird, but I’m into it
There’s a lot important to pray
hahaha, oh
That’s not Gonna work. Yes, Silly. I
Okay… Is “Pleasure” the name of your wrench?
Ain’t Gonna Hurt. You. Ain’t Gonna touch me bro. We gonna talk to me
Clem has got the skills and the foresight. He’s also got Jackaboy control him which means what?
Pete oh
God, oh God left and right that was weird
Shuck him tame down, ahh
Shock him. I want to be the electrocutioner
not useful
I’ve heard stories in the streets about you Batman. Oh one of the biggest name in Gotham since
Well since I left town oh
Everyone’s very impressed with you
Ha ha ha come on. I’m not impressed
Gotham’s Criminals have become zealots and thugs in cheap suits
You’re yesterday’s news!
Only thing that changes is the mask spoken like a man who sees the world in black and white allow me to broaden your spectrum
Allowed me to broaden your septum. You’re supposedly the world’s greatest detective is here you are
You have to be kidding. Oh
But not smart hearted clever a punch very clever
How will the scot back in the day now?
Here we go here we go
You can’t do anything to me dude
Yes, that has to hurt nice one Jim
Rowley like a common street hood it just doesn’t do it for me
Uh fuck oh shit. Oh shit
That’s awesome
Follow the power lines there must be a weak point here. We are power box
Up up and away web there
You broke the cage
That’s cheating think I care about your rules. I heard you’re a man who followed a code. Why would you say that dirtbags life?
Mori made his money running guns
Trading off the suffering of war
Why wouldn’t you just let him die? I believe in Justice Mori deserves a trial in a court of law?
If he’s guilty his cell will be right no matter yours
Ridiculous either way you won’t be the one to put me there
I’m very unsettled by this I clearly have like the upper hand, but I’m worried that something’s gonna turn around and fuck me up. Oh
Get him back. Oh
Dude, I’m like a panther
What you got Green face round husband round house?
Road house
the High
always around house enough of this you
Know how to scrap. I’ll give you that but it’s not enough. Let’s see how you do with something a little more cerebral
but a hurry detective
Solve my puzzle soon
Or people are gonna get hurt
We know you can’t let that happen oh
Shit, whoa, whoa nice?
They have fucking Spider-Man
like Spider-Man and Rico from just cause all in one
You should have called us before going indoor waller after all we’re here
Doesn’t lady from Suicide squad
Amanda Waller let her name I
Don’t know I can’t remember okay?
Good opening. I took at the River, right?
Right I can remember what he said I
Remember the actual riddle, but a picture it’s clock
Hmm you do a scan around the tree inside good living obviously dangerous
The back computer will be able to analyze further
Your days are numbered back freak. We’ll see each other again. Yeah. Yeah, whatever keep one eye on the sky jerk-off
Evans are Gonna fall on your goddamn heads
Tell me all about it down at the priests. Technically everyone’s days are numbered Riddler’s right hand in custody not a bad result all tobin
Riddler used to leave clues and all his crime scenes
I always thought he was smarter than the people trying to catch him thought we could use help
Dragging him down. He’d never met me was your love, not his arrogance
Arrogance like that will be as undoing. He keeps showing off. He’s bound to make a mistake
Maybe though we can’t underestimate him
Riddler’s Heyday was a dark time in Gotham for what we just saw
He hasn’t mellowed with age
Uh-huh different Ed is on it right away
Commissioner Gordon Brace yourself help just so you know
This woman has a lot of juice with the governor rub her the wrong way I could end up on foot Patrol till I retire
My people are trained for situations like this point. We have riddler in custody if you’d only picked up the phone
would you so
You’re the legendary Batman
I’ve heard a great deal about you
So much though. I don’t know if I should believe the hype I haven’t had the pleasure of an introduction
Yes a pleasure. Huh most people don’t usually call it that this is Amanda Waller
Director of the Agency what are the feds doing here?
Riddler’s their case the GCPd has been asked to open their doors to them give them whatever they need
We’ve been tracking that maniac for some time
No one knows more about him than we do well not very well apparently criminals like riddler
They’re kind of our specialty if you were tracking him, why didn’t you tell us? He was coming?
Yeah, we get a lot of unverified reports I
Wanted to be sure
we’re letting people die no, we
Riddler used to be a player in Gotham back when Thomas Wayne and South coney ran the City he disappeared so suddenly
and for so long
Everyone thought he was dead
Everyone was wrong
Riddler’s back, and if these theatrics are anything to go by he wants the whole city to know
My people tell me you did some good work adding on Batman. Oh
and me I
Bet we’d make a damn fine team
No, we would not I heard how you dealt with Lady Arkham, not to mention that filth Oswald Cobblepot
Yeah, I don’t need a team or work with Gordon anywhere. I feel gorgeous. I like gordon. I work with Gordon. No one else I
Appreciate loyalty
But that there
That’s the issue
The only real problem of your setup is who you’re working with local law enforcement
Clearly can’t I get a local crime rate says otherwise, whose wallet, please commissioner tir’d yes in a hostage situation
We got an ambulance full of civilians with their eyes swollen my bad not to mention you that riddler slipped through your fingers
You GcPd cowboys clearly don’t know what you’re doing. You’re putting all this on me
You’re the commanding officer aren’t you you can’t put this on Jim. I?
Call for a distraction. Then maybe you’re not as impressive
I think she’d bust your balls, and I don’t want your vegas incompetence in the future
I gotta get a security detail on maury while he’s in the hospital
Agent oh Vesta will fill you in on what we know so far
as a token of interdepartmental cooperation
Hello nirvan her
Don’t tell these people of thing especially about that puzzle. This is our town. We’re the ones that will catch riddler
Whoa, I thought she was going to bite your head off for a second. I’d like to see her try
Special agent in Mana Vesta field intelligence specialist on the Riddler case and my partner agent blake. How do you do I?
Put together this pSychological profile, but Nolan north you’ll see when you read it. He’s
for your eyes only
if you catch my drift
The Target of the Casino attack Roomie maury any of you. What riddler wanted with him?
We figure it has something to do with why he’s back in Gotham hmM
He was asking about a riddle. What kind of riddle something about a mind bender the drove men to madness
HmM interesting
I’ve heard that before
Thanks, that’s a help
That’s all you’re getting though. No more break homes I
need a break okay born and raised you know my dad ran a store in the shadow of City Stadium I
Just wanted to say it’s a real honor to meet you. I
Do have something I want to ask though
the criminally insane
You’re drawn to them aren’t you?
There’s something in you that pulls you towards the danger
but Chaos the energy
You can’t keep away, Kenya. I
Don’t like what you’re insinuating
Of course, I need your pops psych evaluations to riddler and stay out of my head damn bruce
I’m sorry I
Didn’t mean to pry you kind of did a little vignette. I think I know you a little better now
Don’t fucking do that
I’ll be in touch don’t psychoanalyze everybody you meet and then put Batman things in your file
Gotham’s your city, I respect that no England is my city has to play nice
I’m letting you hunt the riddler for now
You better share everything you find oh?
This courtesy called is gonna become something you really won’t like you recall
You’d get me is a lot of ways
I’m just leaving
That’s what we call an Irish goodbye heard
On actually say anything you should leave the party
Usually it happens because you’re so goddamn hammered that you just think I have to go home now
This is the end then you walk 14 miles back to your house. I did that once
Terrible idea could have ended Terribly and horribly
But I made it home, and I would say I woke up the next morning with my toe split in half
long Story
I need to get me some of them breaks. That’s a new suit right there
how create awful evening
I’ve taken the liberty of preparing some refreshments. Thanks out
They need to focus at up main computer, ooh
Ambient jazz our classical I’d you like me some jasmine is Gonna. Go for the ambiance. You know just to really set the mood
something with a beat
said ambiance
The computer is finished scanning the Riddler’s puzzle box where music. It’s ready when you are
Yeah, it’s good to work ready as I’ll ever be I said of my mike tyson scare oh
God, I was here ah
Keep trophies of my defeated enemies enemies. That’s not a healthy thing
Vicki vale a.k.a, Lady Arkham two of them to Madness leader of the children of Arkham
Vicki Bale was a well known and respected reporter as Gotham gazette
But she was born Vicki Erica a victim of my father’s criminal activities
She created her alter ego lady, Erica and her terrorist organization to children of arkham to Destroy Gotham’s Elite
I defeated her but I don’t know if she’s alive or dead her body was never found
Selina Kyle came to cause him to perform a number of robberies for the children of arkham though. She eventually helped me stop them
She left Gotham during lady. Arkham’s final assault in the city, and I don’t know whether she’ll ever return well spoiler
we saw episode 3 the thumbnail was her so
Despite our differences. I enjoyed sparring with her. Is that what you call it bruce sparring?
Harvey dent was once a promising mayoral candidate and one of my closest friends
I supported his campaign and his vision for dozens after he was attacked by the children of Arkham
He became to face a violent and deeply paranoid criminal during his brief stint as mayor
He used his authority Enforce martial law throughout the City
As well cover part was a terrorist anarchist and my oldest friend born to one of Gotham’s most prestigious families
He lived abroad after his mother was committed to arkham asylum by my father
he returned to Gotham to Join the children of Arkham seeking revenge on my family for destroying his a
nice bunch of characters a grand Buncha lads
No explosives detective no radioactivity
Nothing dangerous at all so far
Computer run another scan I want to be absolutely sure this thing is safe
Also, I took the liberty of digging up everything I could find on the agency
There’s plenty here know your enemy and all that
It it comes and goes
never since the kidnapping and
All the other business with lady arkham. Oh, you better not kill our friend new Theories, Nada don’t you worry about me I?
Should be fine it was worse after my first tour of duty
His family alfred we were about family
Thank you bruce
It’ll pass working with always helps
What is the doctor oh?
Christ well
Welcome to fuck up. It’s a misheard looking at shit
Okay, I’m not reading through all this I want to know I want to know the goods
the Agency
the public face of a shadow committee of military leaders intelligence experts and government officials
civil Rights violations domestic black sites decentralized accountability this
Information it’s all before waller took over the director position
Perhaps she’s given them a new direction
Maybe but the Agency’s empowered to override local law enforcement with impunity
Batman’s got some competition in town. I wonder if we need be worried
The rulers of Flashy homicidal maniac were the thing for puzzles and waller and her agency might be just as dangerous
again voila, maybe running a more ethical
Operation these days yeah bullshit out fred. I’d like to believe your book come on
Riddler Terrorized the City long before you were Batman
Gotham’s original costumed criminal
Yes to have him returned. It’s unsettling I
Remember when he was the scourge of the underworld
even Carmine Falcone gave him a wide berth
It was presumed dead for so long
Why come back to Gotham?
Well, he seemed to have a prior relationship with Morrie some kind of axe to grind
Let me upload the rest of this to the codecs
The agency realized Riddler was still alive when you are best rated a prison break at Pena daughter
My men here say you let yourself get gods to River just mettler
Why willingly turn your surface next one to get anyone else out of course that?
Wasn’t obvious
The bats deranged yeah, well us me he needs help
He’s clearly sick
The man is in urgent need of a doctor. I know just the place for him
plenty of room in Arkham asylum
Next to him most of the inmates seem like a picture of health
And there are pretty fucked up
Yeah, I take everything back
Um I don’t get why they ever
Like well, I do get it
Arkham asylum blob of lysol cool and gumdrops, but why did they put all the supervillains in there?
This is the most dangerous criminals all go to the one place. That’s not safe
Let’s let them always gets fucked over
I hope it’s a little thing where it turns out. They like the joker is actually riddler a kind of twist
I don’t like those twists. Oh
Oh great. We got a bit of a file on you can we find out what your fetishes are I?
Am not my father’s son. I’m alfred’s after my mother and father. I’m just reading this right in front of alfred. He’s like
She liked what I did you like the Wikipedia. I updated
He was the one who did the hard work of raising me?
It couldn’t have been easy for him making sure he instilled the right values and steered me away from the vices of my father
steadfast true uncompassionate
Alfred knows me better than anybody
Certainly better than I know myself
He’s my moral compass and my best friend
Last year. He was kidnapped by Lady Arkham, so the year I’m still ready with guilt over what happened
Granted her that’s what he’s actually doing. He’s making everyone feel riddled with guilt
Just hope he can recover from the emotional trauma of my ordeal of their ordeal now might not all me all
I want for him is to be healthy and happy again. Oh
Brucie oh God I kicked out of the game might be
Right let’s back out for a second did you even ask a ninja thing?
Let’s see what Riddler’s little gift is all about
Sold my puzzle soon the whole people will get hurt
Riddler’s mo hasn’t changed in all these years
but some women to point out as well as a team on a vesta the lady who was
psychoanalyzing me
as soon as I saw her she had very
Noticeable green eyes and the only other person in the game who was that kind of green eyes was the riddler?
So let’s let’s keep that in mind. Maybe something’s going on there
Twisty Twisty open tourney, whoa, that’s cool
I’m sure figuring. That’s all that pretty quick
There’s writing engraved along a rim. I have an eye yet cannot see who am I?
That sounds familiar. I’ve heard it before don’t happen to remember the answer check Google Sadly no
Hmm have an IVa Cathy who am i a 1 a jack?
Septic a jack
blind justice
Not a treaty may I ever needler eye of a hurricane I
Want to know the eye of a hurricane I?
think all of them kind of fit the thing one-eyed Jack I
Could kind of play into the Joker Joker Jack
John Doe a nickname for John is Jack
John and Jack are very that’s why jacksepticeye came off because
Reeling Shawn Shawn was the Irish for John John Jack Shawn Shawn Shawn Shawn Jack you know it all makes perfect
circle the wave a hurricane could be
Moving towards like a storm is really like we’re in the eye of a hurricane right now
And this is like a swirling vortex kind of thing
And now pi over again it fits the description in the riddle, and I’m not sure how it helps us
Even if there were hurricanes in Gotham, it’s hard to imagine one helping us with the object in question
if that is indeed the key
Can I can I guess again?
He gave this to me in a casino
card games
maybe a jack
specifically a one-eyed jack
But he’s on the card twice showing both eyes
besides he can still see
So it’s probably not that oh yeah, I forgot about that, but cannot see thing lane justice
Lady Justice is blindfolded to show she’s impartial both eyes are blind for he has two lives under the Blindfold owed
So it’s something else, but the only hurricane is still living needle so founding going cell does that relate to the object in question?
Maybe it’s telling us how to use it sounds very plausible?
Hurricane still sound guns grooves. It’s a record put it in the record player
movie tickets
“Find something to use the disk with.”
We can use this thing because it did look like a record as soon as I saw it twice
They kind of foreshadowed that oh Batman has a record player
You know a record needle ah okay? I’m satan lord of darkness
Have we heard that man major
God has a chance of stopping a whole lot of pain to be honest you’re already doing better than I thought
But don’t sit around feeling pleased with yourself
Unless you want to see me tear this city apart. No, thanks
Suppose you’re going to look in there and open invitation from the riddler of course
What if he scanned didn’t know you’re bruce Wayne doing radio bands?
Waveforms something
I’m not sure what I’m looking at or how any of it is actually displayed the retinal scanner
That was a little weird.
So my state d tdawg access the back computer anytime enter into a cave from the main menu will be it ways
Peace, Alfred! See you later!
okay, no closer to
Finding out the answer, but whatever I’m interested though. I like the cerebral aspect to it. I wish I was good at riddles
I should do more riddles
Hello, everybody. It’s me Bruce Wayne the guy who got his ear blown off excellent
Glad I caught you I have some good news to share good to hear it Regina. That’s what I’ve come to expect
With you as Wayne Enterprises Chairperson look at you, go
I just talked to the board and they couldn’t be more pleased with how our partnership with
GcPd is going seems like you made the right clos and you decided to take that contract of the arkham remodel
Because that’s running a piece about it. Look I would love to hear all the details, but I’ve got a meeting with Lucius
I’ve got to run too. I don’t mean to pry but
What’s in that case? You know I know it’s secret. Odd thing to be carrying around the office. Oh
Well, I’ve got a meeting I’ve got to run too. Is there really that weird conversation this afternoon sounds great
Yeah, okay
Kill me now
so the weird for Businessmen the head of the place a walk around with briefcase in his own building just
It’s just a briefcase, Bruce!
Oh, man. I got to do it again? It was so hard the first time.
The music is weird!
Knowing how his mind works this should come in handy no sign of explosives are poison already scanned for that in the cave
You do this, and then you do a little twist through
Can you flatten it and you twist a rule against the disk see hey cool, huh?
You know do that you can’t just bust into fucking bruce Wayne’s room Tiffany
Does she have a circuit board dress on?
Yeah, you’re far from quiet
[Jack laughs]
And I don’t just mean what happened to your holier than before. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but you look
Unbelievably badass wait thank you, Tiffany cynthia the work you’re looking for
Um no that is definitely not what I want answered and badass around here
Thank you very much mama. Lu’s you said that out loud
See bruce. It’s her first day, and I’m already embarrassing her
Interesting don’t too late already fudging what else but be careful what a strange thing
this circuitry design its elaborate and unorthodox
Almost intentionally, so like whoever put it together. It’s kind of showing off
huh Michael pulse waves
This is weird
Seriously, what is this? I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s like, whoever made it
You ever made it white. Oh well your clearance level isn’t high enough to tell you that
It’s not high enough now. Give me a few weeks, and I’ll know all your secrets
Oh, no, you guys are lucky. I’m here to help
Figure out what we could use to help and that’s likely why she’s a character in this game
So yeah sure if you think you could help I like you too my guest
Oh, I know I can I just got to let him know that I won’t be finishing up orientation. No problem. Oh
Be better after seeing you he would love it. I
Hope he isn’t still angered with me in a loop about that incident with the China. Well you know Al
I AM the boss!
like a boss
alright, then time to crack this puzzle I
Never told her you know told her what I really do at Wayne enterprises
It’s a bit risky
We’re going to need help if we’re gonna be dealing with the likes of riddler and we can trust her
I’m gonna say silent for this.
Sure thing!
Mr.. Wayne that’s a veteran yes. I’m special agent avesta. This is my partner special agent blake uh
Well, I guess I’ll see you in a bit. I’ll be down in my office
I’ll be right there. Whatever you it won’t take long
I’ll be done in a few. No way. How start without you. Oh
But I want to see the cool toy
Sorry for the unannounced visit. We’re with the agency’s behavioral analysis unit. We just came by to ask a few questions
Am I in trouble?
Come on, iman. I sure hope I’m not in any trouble. Oh, everyone’s in some amount of trouble
It’s my job to find out just how much
She’s onto me she knows oh
This office it really represents you I like to think so huge and impressive. Why thank you
So happy yeah after everything you’ve been through. I don’t know how you still do it. Do what exactly?
It wasn’t long ago when you are the most hated man in Gotham
Yet, you still get so much back to the city
Lucius why do you continue to help Gotham?
Uh people wouldn’t be so charitable after that one second. I’ll be back to you
How’s it going down there? I left that file on your desk. Think you could bring it down
I’ll be down in just a second. Sorry about that what were you saying? Hey? I was saying you’re a bit of a mystery what?
What is it you what the agency recently brought me in to draft a psychological portrait of the riddler?
We’ve been tracking him for months
That haven’t been able to find him
Anything I can help lee see I told you you’d be cooperative
Agent Lee thought, you’d be Cagey defenses based on your history
Guess II was wrong
I’m gonna do the opposite of what I did with Batman a lot of things happened to you last year and not all of them
Because shield connect the dots very quickly you put yourself at risk when you helped bring in your friend harvey dent
He was a violent psychotic at the time almost destroyed the city
*whisper* She knows!
“I’m an easy target!”
Yes, having money and fame makes you an easy Target
I’ve had my fair share of crazies. Not gonna mind like this guy. I think you’d know him as John Doe hMM
Mr.. Yogurt stand that it was during your stay in arkham. Were you and John met and became friends?
I’m the sound of it you two were close
John might think so can he’s a fucking raging lunatic. We will say that yes, but not you a
conversation in a mental hospital does not make us friends much less close I
According to hospital records you and John were involved in a riot they can hopefully prison within a riot
I saw you flee after John cut another inmate a man named victor zSASz
Several people were hurt I
Got out of there as fast as I could I don’t blame you. You must have been scared. Oh, she done was discharged
She’s good!
Of course he did!
sounds like you two were pretty close to me I
Did not agree to that
Why would he write down my name? It’s obvious you’re important to him. Well I’ve seen or heard from him, so
Walking away as you say that classic lie move something wrong. He’s a person of interest
See we’ve got a wall in the office with a bunch of photos into it
Two-faced Penguin lady arkham, you know
Gotham’s Most Notorious
Sure, sure they’ve got all these little strings connecting them to one another like a web am I in the middle of that what happened?
You my friend are at the center
You keep putting strange company if someone who wants everyone to think this is a stand-up guy I
Ran out and I searched every association. You’ve made so far has been
Investigated by the authorities or covered by press. I have nothing to hide
All you do is hide hide behind the press behind your money your power
I think it’s all in a lab rat I think you’re an asshole letting on Mr.. Wayne
Maybe you’re afraid
maybe you don’t trust us or
Maybe you’re a criminal like your father. Maybe you’re just about big people think you are
You’ve got the wrong
That’s an evacuation warning it’s time for you to leave
with Tiffany listening I
Bet Tiffany was listening in her little drone and ordered an evacuation
Or lucious knows and he’s listening. I don’t know
Get my daughter out of the building get yourself up
What are you talking or maybe the thing is just going to explode I’ve solved the Riddler’s puzzle bruce
Brilla really pulled a good one over on us
It’s cold languages coming down at help. It’s too late for that
Tell Tiffany to my mother that I’m sorry. I wasn’t around more just we really made a difference didn’t we
No, I like you should
One killed and 14 injured after a tragic experience at JCCC
He is opening an investigation and hauling an industrial accident
Will emphasize his Chief technology officer
Lucia Scott died last Tuesday in the Beiler’s blast a
Small service is being held for the tech giant and father of three at
divinity Church, Tiffany going to become the new lucious for this then
You were always there for me lucious
from the very beginning
I’m Gonna Miss you
He was a good man to lose him like this, it’s it’s hot man
Lucious helped, raise you bruce it was family and Sad
Richness attack on the Casino was one thing
but this
This is personal. We can’t let him get away with it
prettiest stuck at the heart of our operations
And tore a family apart in the process don’t worry oh I
will find him
And bring him to justice
She will spend the rest of his life behind bars
I’m glad to see your sense of duty still reigns supreme
No, revenge, just justice of course
It won’t bring poor lucious back you saying that a bit too fucking loud imagine how devastated she must be
To lose her father in such a violent way
I should go talk to her yes. She could use all the support. She can get
So can’t believe he’s gone none of this and this feels real
Know your dad’s in a better place
Maybe I
Wouldn’t drink places with him
He loves working for you. You know
They hardly saw him at home because of it mom used to complain my little brother was growing up without a dad
Now I guess it’s true
He was so busy I can remember the last time I got to hang out with him just father and daughter
Just thought there’d be more time
There were so many things I wanted to talk to him about I asked a lot of him. Maybe too much
And he gave it all didn’t he a real company man
Well, I hope it was worth it
Tiffany, I’m sorry I knew I shouldn’t blame
just let it out just
Trying to wrap my head around all this
Anything that’s not something. You should have to see
What were you guys working on that could have caused that?
It doesn’t quite add up
Tiffany, I will tell you soon just not here. What do you mean?
Why not?
It’s not the right time
What are you mixed up in whole mess is do?
fine just
Tell me one thing
That weird gift was that one children
Did you put my father’s like different for that? Oh?
I’m glad just tell me that one thing I
Thought it was safe. Tiffany. I really did I had no idea lucious could get hurt
Please forgive me
Forgive you I hope you can forgive yourself your relationship with Tiffany has changed
Whatever you got my father into I will find out and I’m shouting to the world oh
He’s the bad man not the Batman interesting. That’s a bad man bruce Wayne is Batman
so sorry really John
At least he went out with a bang, right?
For that we can all be grateful you you knew my father well
Well, what the heck?
seriously bruce
This guy’s with you, so sorry, I will handle this
Come on. Johnny Boy
Motherfucker teeth Bruce, that’s quite a grip
Gonna leave a bruise squish, what are you doing here? I?
Told you I’d see you again, didn’t I?
you and me we’re two threads in the same stitch look I
Got you a little something
the occasion
Fuckin crazy man I
May be hurting see I thought it might make you feel better um
Thank you, John. That’s very considerate of you. Okay. I wasn’t sure
first time
See I can tell people get upset at the littlest
It hasn’t um
It hasn’t been easy for me out here. You know I’m the new guy now
The freedom I get to you so much. You hardly know what to do with it. I?
Like a lot like our guns
Sometimes I miss those padded Walls
You knew where the lines were drawn?
Which ones not to cross? How did you get out? Oh?
My God, did you escape Mm? Hmm? Didn’t? Oh my God did you escape dr.. Leland signed the Papers herself?
She always had a soft spot for me. Oh
If everyone could please take their seats, and we will begin
did you just
Today we Gather to Honor the memory of Lucius Fox
he was a friend a
Father but also, Nolan North A
Leader you’re crushing my friend’s funeral John you better. Have a good reason oh, I do. I need that
Favor you owe me
You know you might have been reluctant at the time, but it for me. You’d still be in Arkham
I had a planning off your meds in the rec room with
Your gonna do right by me aren’t you I know sure man of your word
Never made that promise I got into a lot of trouble for what we did bruce
You saw that place saw those doctors
tells us
Blessed are those who mourn for they see commit some inspiring people out here made some new friends
Made a kind of pact, they’re amazing bruce that special Breed who live by Their own rules
One give you of your father
So who are they you’ll find out when you meet them they’re looking to bring someone like you
into the fold so bye guys
Maybe you will need that for me. Oh sure
Please I’ve got a lot riding on this. I already told them you would
Please don’t let me down. Oh meet the curious. I’d be happy to chat with your friends, John
Just say when and where I?
Was so hoping you’d say that
We are going to have so much fun. I
Knew this would work out
Is there between us? This is real? You can’t force this kind of friendship. I want to commemorate the moment. Oh
God these will be so excited now. What filter should I use put that away?
This is a funeral for God’s sake
General Volusia sake I got so caught up in it over like completely forgotten I
Just know you’re gonna hit it off with the guys I
Should mean you though I’ve gotten enemy
real piece of work
Calls himself the riddler the rides are a do you felt a bit learn know him I?
Want to rip his eyeballs out? He’s a thief and a killer and worst of all
I tried to let the authorities know the kind of lowlife. They’re dealing with but
when the man you know –
Of course a man of bruce Wayne’s caliber knows everyone version B. Soprano
Not your sensual crown
Hmm. If I were you I’d stay away from Riddler. John. He’s dangerous. Oh
You don’t have to tell me twice buddy boy. I?
Had my way that smarming woodall would never leave his hole
You were where he is not exactly no, shh, maybe I said too much I?
Told you I hope you huh, I already said I need your friends – enough. Tell me what you know
That much to you
Yeah, they really don’t know much
Yo maniac always made people go to him for meetings
Swear in the East end. We’re in the East end
Honestly, that’s all I know and even that might be out of date. If you’re so eager to find him
Why don’t you let me help?
Now find out where he is and get back to you
See if I can’t find out where that jerk puts his head down
It’d be just like the old days I
Don’t know don’t you worry about a thing. I’ll take care of this
Look, I think I offstage. We must prepare I
like him
It’s been some nice catching up Bruce. I
miss this this trust between us I
Think he’ll be back. He knows a bit too much about me, and he likes me me too much not to
Be in touch
Goodbye bruce until next time. I mean he’s obviously playing with me creaking fellows, but
certainly not one who did call he’ll be back I
Don’t think that Outburst went unnoticed
Whatever you say about John. He gave me a lead on Riddler’s location
inform Gordon
Tell him to drag up GCPd records on Gobbets. He’s dead you guys sure to talk about the stubbornest pretty loudly
Hey, cool
Yeah, the joker’s weren’t gonna mess me up a bit later on but I’m too curious I like the characters
I want to see what’s going on
Enjoying the View hard to do these days
There’s one thing for the bad parts of town to get uglier the one places like Wayne Towers start falling apart
Makes you wonder what’s next?
I’ll bet Bruce Wayne is wondering the same thing
Seems like the world’s got it out for that guy
Spend some time in Arkham gets drunk through the dirt, but immediate vicinity didn’t do
Finally picks himself up what happens someone bombs his company bruce Wayne pick himself up once?
You could do it again
They certainly showed us that much didn’t he?
You said you had a lead on Rythmic sure do all butter somewhere. He’s dead
Why am I not surprised?
East end’s been a no-man’s land since harvey dent blew it up
I’m trying to get more patrols out there
But City Hall’s not given up the fun’s the area between 42nd and 48th more or less lawless that narrows down the search at least
but map
4346 I like 44 more there’s two fours in that one the land at the unIv 44 it was recently purchased
The only thing there’s an old water tower
So they’ll feel sufficient out that
My gut tells me that’s the place agreed
Nice work, okay, if this lead pans out waller will have to eat her words
Whatever. You said you were at the casino really good up her nose I?
Have to tell you I got a bad feeling about her meet you oh
The way she goes after criminals. She’s ruthless
Puts her people at risk and believe me. She doesn’t let due process get in their way
To stop at nothing. I mean nothing to get her man. That doesn’t sit right with me
As far as law enforcement goes chill you were the best of it
By the loonie cops with this much heart is you?
I appreciate you sing now kick for waller. She doesn’t see that as a strength I
Was ordered to give her updates on breaks in the riddler case this chance? He’s there we should probably let her know
Don’t want to give her ammunition with the governor
She’s already got a breathing down my neck about what went down the casino ah pain former fight waller
She’s proven useful so far. Just be careful around her yeah
She moved her people into my dad’s down precinct without so much as a pleaser. Thank you. I
Tell you about that. She keeps on chipping away at my authority. I’m gonna crack
And let’s find river before comes – how am I people caught her people on the way
Razer won’t feel so clever after we come
We can inform her. I just get there first – do all the detective work
Faster than she would and then when she comes in it’ll be all like oh, hey
We told you you didn’t come fast enough thought you
Oh, this is the place all right
the ones who
Like old waller about our leader in this place. She’s caught up in briefings. Can’t get here for one she said she
appreciates the cooperation
Not exactly cozy isn’t not really we can work
Right he died. He Jimmy-boy good see ya, thanks for coming out. Let’s go diss me
Are you doing there brooks you gonna round at ARc over your scrapbook. Thane isn’t it?
no, he’s the riddler bane is the other one a
Good joke see no evil hear no evil
Speak no evil
The Riddler’s Smart this is going to be a set of the and it’s like Jigsaw this means
They’re all gonna get biggest staff struck
We have opened it from the inside then how do we get out?
Hopeful we go in after you
Well in for a penny in for a pound oh
God so many faces
Give you a good honest crack house any day who dad oh
Special agent Mario Fernandez, oh holy crap. He’s one of wohlers. She said to put Fernandez on it
the pupils are
They’re like different man. It is tongue clean
Missus suffered a shock or a Sudden Jolt
Like I said the eyes are different. They’re weird
I mean one small time on bing one of his pupils is fully dilated the others contracted a
clear sign of Brain Trauma
Huh, there’s no sign of a blow to the head
There’s some hemorrhaging from the ears his eardrums must’ve burst
One she was missing the soul the other ones almost completely melted through
Yeah, and it Sakunthala melted as well. Well his fingers are gone
He’s missing parts of his fingers on the right hand
We saw this before the victim in the casino uh-huh?
He was trying to call for help the phone isn’t getting a signal
Damnit me either me either
Why would you willingly get in?
That’s a hell of an invitation
Riddler’s playing games
That he tried play along
You can learn from his mistakes. Let’s find out what he did wrong. Yes time to bat analyze shit
What for the sakes?
masks each one missing a different facial feature
Hear no evil see no evil speak. No you missing the census like a monkey statues. Yep, you’re right there must be a connection
seats with electronic locks
Shut tight these must be the goal of whatever game with blanks
Please inside. I trade out the fingers look
We know riddler likes penalizing his victims for wrong answers? Yeah?
That’s a lot just it’s just so basically the movie saw in Batman I
Like solid oh pretty cool scratches on the polarizing filter has been tampered with like in sunglasses
Monitors typically have a polarizing filter to reduce reflection. I don’t see anything
Impossible to see with the naked eye
We’re gonna have to look at it through a polarized lens
lucky for us
kent candidate
Okay, I thought I would have them in my back doggles
But I guess I’m just bat dumb because I didn’t bat prepare for this bat tast raphy
Hi, you’re the monkeys more monkey statues. I’m starting to sense a theme here
Gone, that’s an agency issue pistol. That’s a hell of a jolt
I saw take down Riddler’s goon the casino. It was impressive, and I give it to waller her people have great tech
Take a look at this
But the same kind of body cam the GCPd issues its office plan
I think there’s a clue on the recording so you’re more caught up than modern times
Because you’ve been so candid with me. I’m giving him a chance your other comrades won’t get a
Chance of getting out of this
Alive, we’ll catch you the agency
Delphi I shouldn’t have to remind you that you’ve been chasing me for years, and I’ve always been two steps ahead
if you win the game
I’ll let you go free and
You’ll get a consolation Moglie an exclusive sneak peek into how I’m going to kill all of your college Massillon
Now how is that for motivation?
screw you now
the Abbe agent found while he did
Well then moving on from this depressing theme the shoe. It was the shooter. Did it the shoe I tell you
Once you melted most belong to poor Cinderella over there. Good one
I turned off my fat had it all cuz I was born before not getting a little chill in here
prototype of the Tranny used on Lorry
the Armored extremely sturdy
Ensuring there’s no possible way to open them other than solving riddles
this is an insane way to Commit crimes even for this City a
Fucked up metal mesh lining the walls Riddler’s converted this entire place to a giant bear in a cage
Saturday what that enclosure designed to block electromagnetic fields no signals in or out?
Guess it explains. Why our phones aren’t getting signals bingo bango, Jim. Oh?
um ok
We I’m just gonna look at everything first and then start linking shit another one of Riddler’s stick contraptions
Some kind of murder box. I guess
He was always a wacko, but this takes it to a new level
Murder cage I like the I make the name of that
Watch must be locked in place
There’s writing greet it turn me round, but not the right way, and you might live to see another day
What does it mean?
Fuck now’s the glass. It’s polarized, so it is
You have to get in to see our through it and the floor is electrified
It’s still warm there must be some kind of heating element underneath
This thing is built like an oven or heat. You could be cooked a line not electricity by that
Righty let’s start linking shit
Let’s link the porthole to the monitors well
This door were closed the portal will be looking right in those monitors
Since the monitors have been tampered with it’s likely. There’s a message on it
One that can only be seen with a polarized legs yep, you won’t know until you’re inside a box tone
Yeah, I
Think they open safe with his missing fingers the agent has been looking for the answer in one of these safes
Chose the wrong one Al most of his fingers
Hey, I got a hunch come here. Whoa Jim. No matter how thick and stout riddler is chances are good
He has a scrub his own computer
Jim’s on a roll!
Mm-hmm. Names addresses phone manifest out there me of the order and fernandes first. We’re to get out of here
Let’s read your e-mails. Let’s see if you’ve got an accountant okcupid
All right, I’ll take the deals, just so long as you stay away from my family
You can pick up the product at the usual place. I’ll remind you that I’ve compiled
I’m complied with all of your requests up to this point after this transaction. We’re doing their imessage
Fuck you
f yourself
Okay, again. Let’s look at three co-workers email. What does it say?
I love you, Jim. You big mustache man
It’s from H2e edward for someone so smart you sometimes Act real stupid
Those resources were not for your crackpot feud with Batman you knew that and you went ahead anyway
All you gained with your games is attention
Which you really don’t want right now is stick to the plan and we love to make changes
I’m here. I’m thinking of harley, but it might not be harley, and I don’t know who else in
Batman Batman’s universe in the DC universe, sh in their name. I mean there’s probably a bunch released can’t think right now
Could be a clue
They were looking at that. What else can we link?
Link the Melted Shoe
to the heated floor
I’m doin’ it!
What killed him though?
Yeah! It’s pretty fucking sweet.
Okay, look at the chair
Agent Fernandez, woke up here after being… okay. but he did that then he went over to this
Oh, okay.
“The murder box!” I really like that name and then this happened obviously
The agent Xu caught fires are the murder box so we overdid in a panic as soon as he was out of the box
They’re writing under thing yeah, and then he did this did he just fall back and die did he hit his head on something
She’s both get the answers and what’s into face from the monitors and then get out open up the safe
And then leave eardrums covered first yeah the agent made a number of mistakes
The heat inside the box forced him to run out before before he could get riddler’s next clue. Yeah
Thank Jim Bastard couldn’t withstand the heat of God suits armour as he persistent
The last man who went in there is dead. Yeah. There’s a good chance. It’ll kill you too. Do you rather go in Jim?
Now go ahead. I wouldn’t want to steal you hahaha. Oh
This pro man is the best you guys are just cool it. I want to be friends with you guys
Bats and Jim saving the day once again. It’s rising bad man
So the real z okay?
Okay, my bad. Sorry
and again
I’m doing it, Jim!
One won’t I know okay? Yeah, I got it
What we’ll see trouble and one tells no lies as the third if he hides the prize
The monkeys see no Evil hear no evil speak no evil
That’s what did it!
Jesus the Risen use enormous pain ever Fuckin know what it is, so
Which one which one gordon does anyone with all I to move the others only have one I removed that
That works!
Batman, you MUST have something that can stop that!
Oh shit, oh shit. I don’t fucking know!
Don’t do it. Don’t do it, don’t do it.
One won’t see trouble want of the light ask the 30b hey the price I
Don’t fucking know I can’t think
Am I dead?
I died it’s the ears it has to be the ears
One won’t be trouble one won’t speak lies the one asked the third and he tells no life
We did it!
Kutner couldn’t have done that before just
It looks like a missile. It IS a fucking missile!
Looking at it zoom out. It’s now home then in a home
Partnering with Gordon is one thing from what I remember the old days. He’s harmless enough
Bring the curtain in the Rose
What if he WAS an agent?
It was a smart move
Getting out of the way of the blast
I would never give up an innocent life not even to save I own
That’s not what it looks all he died gordon doesn’t know what to make of any of it trust is hard-earned it easily lost
misled Commissioner
Come on now
Don’t get your tights in a twist. Yeah, I knew you weren’t sharp enough to do it on purpose
There’s no room at the top for school boys. Who are too squeamish to fight in the gutter
You don’t have what it takes to be a player in this town, not without giving up those values you hold so dear
Came on. Oh
Didn’t I didn’t give up on you gordon?
I can’t wait for waller and peso what we found a jim dean on my own first
We’ll be happy when she finds out riddler knows about every agency operative in Gotham
And I don’t blame her if they were my cops no one would be sleeping till we found this riddler guy
Just keep your eyes open Jim
In the meantime I’ll stay on rulers tail hey, hey hold up a sec what?
Riddler said in there about the agency smoke and mirrors he asked me
but the thing about Lucius fox and the blast at Wayne Tower
You got to level with me. You’ve got some connection with that wayne tech guy, you didn’t tell me about
I trust him Tim’s the nightman lucius Fox with an ally of mine
that God had killed I
Gotta say the fact I had to learn about it from Riddler and steady you
It doesn’t sit right with me at all I
thought we had some trust you and I
What do you expect me to do with this?
Am I just supposed to sit on my hands
Pretend I never heard any of it
You were your own man. Jim. You’ll come to your own decision. Oh
God, I mean I wasn’t born yesterday. I know you probably have a network of civilians working for you
You can’t do the kinds of things you do without a gigantic support system
Now to hell with it. I never heard what I heard in there, all right
Thank you, Jim
I’m sorry for your loss, ooh
this again spicy
I heard your discussion with commissioner Gordon
Now he knows that lucius fox and the Batman are were allies
Gordon’s dangerously close to figuring out who you are
If he does find out, I have no idea how he reacted he looked me straight in the eye offer
He’s been our friend a long time
he deserves to know I
Understand that bruce, but he’s still too close for comfort
I’m sorry, but he is sure you were radio silent for so long
tell me
Did you find out? How lucius died? Why do you ask that out? This is a missile. I found in Riddler’s workshop
the explosion at Wayne Tower
We’re thinking about it all wrong
Yeah, because I thought the thing exploded in his hand, but it was a missile that came from outside
Lo Civ it was an emitter. Yeah, when it was solved it emitted a signal you heard it earlier
if allowed to play too long
It becomes a launch signal
Damn, God you did Solve the box
We just didn’t know it the batcave scrambler blocked this signal or lucius
Wayne Tower offered no such protections our tight little family has gotten smaller because of it
It was the three of us looking out for each other
We need your host yet, Tiffany
With lucious gone we need to find someone to take over his role. No one could ever fill his shoes
someone can but but you’re right
Between the Lady Arkham affair and losing lucious in this gruesome fashion, it’s clear
We’re up against a new class of criminal this war of ours
It may be too much for us on our own
the list of Agency operatives from Riddler’s Workshop
He plans to do the same thing to them. It’s a hit last
It’s only useful of years a way to Target the agents though. I
Doubt he’s sane or more puzzle boxes
Hold on. Let’s just
Walk through it
communications grid
Where can I link this?
Monitor cellular activity throughout the city. Oh wait up here. Haha. He’s hacked their cellphones
He could pinpoint the location of any one of these operatives
He can broadcast his signal through their phone to make them a target of a missile straw damn
And you block it I can get a clean copy of the signal yes
Didn’t you record it when you brought into thing?
Always be recording you record all the conversations. You didn’t record this oh
It’s the only way I can get a clean version of a signal
pretty Grand Alfred
You don’t have to watch I?
can handle it
I’ve never been one to shy away from duty however unpleasant. It may be actually how I’m gonna do this part of my own
Why don’t you?
Two give us some tea while we work well if you insist bruce
Alfred’s already Shaken up by the trauma of the last thing I don’t want them to see that and get more shaken up
Even though it’s kind of a dick move to tell them nothing apparently my daughter out of the building get yourself up
What are you talking? What did you figure out? I’ve
Solved the Riddler’s puzzle Bruce
Damn, Tiffany didn’t love her and I’m sorry. I wasn’t around warm assist
We really made a difference didn’t we batman
now I just need to create a filter to get a clean version of the signal and
Then match up the points found in both sound files
This is like the stuff. I do for youtube like right now my stuff is recording. You can see the these exact type of waveform
ok now Tiffany Wayne Tiffany Bruce Wayne Tiffany Bruce tower
better process
Okay, so that was this one bruce
Waveforms match
Being very canceled each other out then real no other stable
coward okay true flea
Tiffany was this water flame
Tiffany yes, come that
Dare I piggybacked on the riddler’s cellphone. Hack they’ll recognise any incoming signal imagine shut down negating a launch
Good job
Makes sense for me to have a signal on me as well. Look for
Riddler still has functioning missiles
Once he finds out. I’ve blocked his targets. He may decide to launch indiscriminately, but with the signal I almost divert them
Tiffany gave me this the day lucius dies
Let’s put it to good work
Theory, I really want to test
So we had better find riddler first there is always Riddler’s second in command
Eli Mabel arrested after his attack on the casino even hitting neighbors have gotten anything out of him yet
Unknown contact Tiffany, what is it? Oh that jon guy from the funeral from Arkham?
Who actually sounds like he’s keeping his ward
Mummery, Huh
And thinks that maury can get us riddler’s location you believe it
Maybe we should go back to the beginning
Bring Roomie maury up on the back computer
Either of them could potentially lead me to him the question is which is more likely to help you. Oh
Don’t you know Romy Morrie’s a businessman?
Given the right incentive he could be persuaded to talk
It sure can’t have any lover riddler after the attempted murder of the casino
I’d say he’d respond better to a more
Genteel approach peer to peer as Bruce Wayne
However, the agency is watching him if Wala finds out that bruce Wayne sort of tolley with maury
Shall not be best pleased
on the other hand
Riddler’s lieutenant p my neighbor took a go at me in the casino put up quite a fight
Cracking hip will be tougher more physically
Certainly a job for that man. He’s currently in Walas custody the GCPd holding cell
Interrogating mable there would be a visible endorsement of Wallace Authority
Gordon won’t like it
You had to say that didn’t you?
Always Detroit’s receiving Batman or brucey boy
Don’t know I kind of want to go with this one
Just because of the way he said Gordon if Gordon wasn’t involved in it
I was probably gonna go with this one, but because he said Gordon might not be happy I’m going on Laurie Laurie
I’m sure bruce Wayne can find a way to reason with him
Hopefully waller won’t find out who I am even though. She has a stupid
Avesta lady with her who knows everything
all right long episode man
No, one likes jobs people are here watching more human-y tie agency Data should make him easy to tag
I need you to keep an eye on them for me. Maybe cause a distraction if I need it
Hello there, following is every move
Gotta be careful here
all this attention
Must be annoying to a man like maury
Hey there. He is over there. I see them all these agents were on Riddler’s list even without access to their phones
He’ll still try to kill them all somehow
He talks very loudly about secret things
No time to waste
Mr.. Wain to what do we owe this honor good evening Mr.. Mooring? I’ve come to talk
Sure leave us
Your visit is unexpected Mr.. Wei, what can I do for you a private matter between friends?
We have a mutual enemy morning. You can’t go unchecked men like you and I have many enemies, Mr.
Way, I am sure we share more than one
You know what I mean
The authorities are watching my every move
Apparently, I’m a person of interest there’s really not much again offer you other than a drink and a seat at the Roulette wheel
Not while I’m being shadowed
We need privacy lose the agents
Done, they just got an order to sweep the perimeter. I should give you a couple of minutes at least
Impressive Mr.. Wayne Eggman, oh we haven’t even scratched the surface what can I do for you information?
about the river
Why would I do that?
You sold the riddler weapons. They killed one of my oldest friends
Lucius his blood is on your hands. That was never my intent. I’m
Sorry for your loss. There’s an easy way to make up for it I
Dealt with that maniac. It’s true, but I was done after the first delivery riddler wanted more
Everything he could get his hands on
Even wanted me to hand over one of my biotech companies
I said no, that’s why he attacked you you have no idea. How crazy I?
Wish I had known it sooner
Actually, I have a pretty good idea. I see that you do
He scared her
Rate he used my goods in the city after the explosion at Wayne enterprises
It turns out. I was right I
Want you to know I had no idea the riddler had marked you as a Target I
Knew your father back when he was running Gotham
Our interest of an aligned I would never dishonor his memory
he was a friend truly one of a kind and
you owe me for my father’s sake but that was a long time ago, and
Favors go both ways I can help you find the riddle of Mr.. Wayne I
Sold him the missile array. He’s using to pick off his enemies. He won’t be very far from it
Everything you need to find him is on that drive
But I need a favor from you first never like a hayne favor waller has me detained here pending Riddler’s trial
She controls all my accounts. I need to get out of the country and in all haste
You can help with that
Otherwise I fear my fate is a short miserable life in a black prison
I can do that somewhere deeply unpleasant. I could interfere I knew I could count on your friendship
Waller will be happy
But I mean a childhood playing weight will be it I feel like we’re going to piss off water at some point
No matter what we do in the Caribbean for the right price. All you have to do is authorize a transfer
You don’t want me as an enemy Mr.. Wayne
Our agency friends will be back any second let’s handle this quickly and without the shake yet
Everyone gets what they want
Send me a postcard from the beach. Thank you, Mr.. Wayne I owe you a great debt
It’s literally it comes to light. I’ll keep your name out of it for as long as I can. Thank you
Be careful, Mr.. Wayne that lunatic is not to be trifled with no, I suggest you make yourself scarce
Before our waters, not gonna like me. They’re gonna find out. I batman I’m gonna get in trouble
Probably shouldn’t have done that with it. I’ve seen you maurice information find me rivers location you can do this and fast
I’m keeping an eye on my camera to make sure it’s still recording up. They don’t lose any footage a cargo ship in Gotham Bay
Good simmi the location and let Gordon no Telling Batman’s on the way
Nice that are normally record episode this long the lady doublet white Jesus
the Fuckin Irish suffice
armed then on Board this must be for
Who knows what the riddler has obviously who maybe has mentos?
Hey, he’s Nikki Bossy Bossy oh
And a grabby hi sploosh fuck you dude
I’m on board oh, do you see riddler you will get away with this
Are we aging?
Hey, lady. I here need to get a better angle
You’ll see what’s gonna happen
My friends will all be here soon, then you’ll see what this is always well, do
You agency given it’s fucking pages were found to be accurate you and your beside of the missiles yet now
They must be here somewhere
Is he really doing this all out like the open don’t think it’s that hard to find him?
hostages they appear to be more of Wanna say just
A good spot for cover your agency has been on my heels on let’s go
I’ll give it to you. I don’t know how I got unspotted there, but I’m Batman
I’m awesome screw you spying to get my revenge
That’s my reasoning, and I’m sticking to it even if you’re really just a small part of my word for it
Are you talking about it? You’ll see what I mean soon
Don’t want him raising an alarm. I’d be angling what he is looking when they understand
Why they’ll recognize my brilliance
After all I’m not looking all the time perfect picture
It’s often a struggle making people see that
You brought this on yourselves
all of you
You government clods really thought you were smarter than me. It’s clear you’re in desperate need of some schooling. Don’t see me ah
My friends will be here soon. I keep your mouths shut until then
Hostages first went there safe I can find the missiles targeting online
Talking out loudly when I find a missile. He’ll be dead like
Batman over there all guard
Here we go
God, I’m so cool
Let the hostages go riddler you
Can’t possibly think clunking a few heads is enough to make me roll over
maybe clunking all the heads will ah
ow oversized Vermin
Angel investor more it’s heating up so is the situation
Okay, turn it this way there you go. What a feast
and once more
Nice. Thanks much ow
Are you alright? Ah not back?
Pretty sure she Podesta those birds even bruce could fit out through those bars
He’s wearing something that neutralizes the shock device. Oh
I’ve memorized your playbook Batman. I know all your shallow trick, but at this one
Just don’t you mean the face Corey was incapable of learning his lesson I?
Knew he’d lead you to me eventually
part of the plan oh
Miss Wilson bait
just like the hostages would mate I
Knew you couldn’t bear to let these agents die
You care too much about the little people that
makes you weak get in a little home I
Saw, how you saved maury? I saw how angry you got about what happened to Fox I?
Heard a lot of people doing what I do
My code is how I station
It’s why I’m out here and you’re in there
About to meet your maker
my partners were supposed to be here to see this I
Guess I can just show them the bodies are his friends
I’m seeing one of those John requestion, zhh get them wrong one of these agents gets torn apart
We’ll do it. Oh
You get right this happens
I designed this for you Batman
Gotham’s Champion of Justice will Die in an unfair puzzle
Let’s get started
We have a lot to get through
I’m curious to see how your handle it all
It’s me you want
Not agent avesta let her go. Oh no. She needs to be in there with you you can handle the sonic blast
But her I estimate three blasts at most before her insides rupture
This one should be easy Batman
Close to the heart I solved a puzzle box for the bat
Now I’m dead, and I mean dismembered closed casket for sure kind of Dead
Who am I oh?
We say it lucius. What was that? I couldn’t hear you
Lucius Fox very good Batman you saved a lot. She’s gonna get it because of this
Thank you, Badman. Don’t answer anymore this question don’t blink I won’t let you die
Shit so xena they die or she die hard oh
completely self-evident I
Am black and blue and bleeding from the Ears
Who am I I?
Think she means me
Say it. I don’t want don’t you dare answer that please?
Don’t let him die
Hey, I need an answer
You’re too clever for me riddler. I don’t know how to answer
Finally some humility from you
It’s a shame. It’s not what I’m looking for oh
They didn’t give me a go wrong. I just didn’t answer. It’s just one more Batman, then it’ll all be over oh
I’ll distract him to give you solution. Oh
Miss mine, you’ll ever meet the original genius with Gotham at my feet
Who am I?
You’re riddler Riddler’s the genie well done agent
You answered so quickly you almost deserve not to get the blast
Okay, a light quick
Link the bat gauntlet to the missiles. Oh fire will do missiles here my math. Where did I come from oh?
Use the bad, Kendama gets hard to the cage and that
Chamber linked to her the favor
Zuzu Burglars Trap to protect them on and myself early exposure stephanie – I know what happening to my face I
Like what you’re saying agent of vesta, but you’re not the one I need to hear it from it’s a lot ready to fire
Who’s the genius Batman? It’s me? Who’s on top of Gotham now. I want to hear it from you
I am
What are you doing? Ha got him ah?
No, no, no here. We go here. We go here we go
Yeah, side, you’re nothing, but that would be very safe
Won’t it impossible
If you think you’re clever, don’t you uh-huh used you told?
Fuck yeah
Man, who’s got no time left?
Butler thought you get such an easy one, right?
Right of the City the answer is Batman
Oh here we go
The ladies love it. You are down
Unless you’re right don’t worry about you grant this can’t be happening
soccer Kick Anchor punch soccer Kick oh
like if they call it a soccer cake
What about his friends though? Oh, no one who died?
Batman I well Ii can I tracked Riddler’s shit through the port authority logs, I?
Thought we could bring him in ourselves
Riddler snatched us straight off the dogs. I should have said no urged caution and now
And now my colleagues are all
We did was hand riddler more hostages
We only make things worse
You can’t punish yourself with their loss none of this is your fault
Thank you Batman
Despite the cost at least we’ve got riddler in custody
It’s over riddler
Look forward to a padded. Cell. It is really a victory for you Batman
You were the one in cuffs and but you’re the one that broke your precious rules
You let one agent die to save another
Well that can’t sit right with you
can it
Must be an uncomfortable feeling
this entire twisted situation is you’re doing riddler all blame is on you and
So are the consequences?
You came at me remember?
not the other way around I
Pushed the Batman to his limit. I’m not feeling it tested his precious car
And my comrades would have been impressed
It’s all up to show them. I thought they’d back me up even if they didn’t agree
Yeah, and left me here to deal with you alone
They betrayed me
They didn’t con I’ll get him your comrades thought you went too far I
Saw their messages. They were afraid your stunts would get my attention
They were right they’ll reflect this all of them
I’m feelin so smart now. Are you?
And that’s that white face pricks at me at never told them to meet me here
but they’re shot if I
Tape they brought to practice the park
She’s dead. What the fuck?
It’s lots of shit down a radio for romantics a deadly neurotoxin
Riddler is he
God damn it
This isn’t good Batman
The investigation is a dead end without a breathing suspect. Oh is it now. We’re in trouble a
lot of trouble
No idea. How we’re getting out of it
You don’t have to worry Jim. I’ll take the heat for this I
Appreciate the thought but any Gonna cut it
Waller is gonna come down on us. I got Thunderbolt Thunderbolt. I’m the whole goddamn heart
I’m about to blow both your asses off the side of this ship a
Goddamn mess
Don’t mind me
Riddler is dead, and I don’t know exactly how but I know you tampered with my suspect at the casino
Unless you expect me to believe that maury got out of Gotham all by himself
Batman is clearly being misused as an asset to the GCPD
I’m taking direct control of law enforcement in Gotham effective immediately what gordon you’re being relieved of you stocks
pumps down to Deputy Ops oh
You can’t demote me. I just did
Don’t like it. Go cry to the governor
Gordon’s not to blame. I was on the scene first. This is my fault and mine alone. I’m getting to you. Oh
No, make some vacation days gordon. I’ve got sensitive case details to discuss the Batman
We’re still in this together Batman this doesn’t change a thing
Like a disappointed mommy is about to find itself in a crisis the likes of which. It’s never known
Riddler had a clue not just anything
The worst criminal minds from all over the world here in Gotham
You come across anything about why didn’t you put them together and have them fight the other bad guys, huh?
Let me know if you have anything to share
Riddler expected his friends to back him up tonight
Guess he wasn’t as popular as he thought that fits the theory we have
Evidence from his Workshop suggests. He was involved in a feud with another member of the group
Dr.. Harleen Quinzel
psychiatry thing the h is very elusive
Keeps her head down much more so than that show-off realer
He was going to be my way in once we captured him alive
but now I have you to lean on a
Man who lives on both sides of the line?
And knows exactly when to cross it
You and I will be working together very
beuse way oh
Snap I
mean somebody had to fucking figure it out eventually so
Much stuff was actually happening between the two of them that was impossible, not to see it you and 29.4% of players left, John
Ecstatic, how could you not leave that face ecstatic? He’s so cute at the funeral
He was hurt when you dragged him away. He was proud of himself that he chose a card you liked
He was absolutely ecstatic when you agreed to meet his friends
Okay, feel like everything would have kind of played out very similarly anyway. I like this mechanics your relationship has changed
Because instead of just saying they remember that and it’s like will they will they really know it’s like
Oh, no, you did something you fucked up
You were 33 geez I’m not in the majority at all
I need your 33.3% of players worked with waller in a way that she was strained
She was not happy when you defended Gordon
She was furious that you hoped for Witness get away
Because you went behind her back to talk to maurice you work with you begrudgingly I?
Mean does this really?
matter at all
Robert at Robin Atkin downes, I know that name
Where do I know that name?
Robert Atkin downes, I need to look up that name right now
I know exactly why I know it’s because he’s the voice of cause I hear a miller in Metal Gear solid Five I
Know it from other stuff as well
He’s been in a lot of games and a lot of TV shows and cartoons and everything he’s also
He’s been in a lot of Batman stuff before as well. He’s robert in the last of us
But I remember because he’s the voice of they played us like a damn fiddle and the me more
I think why are we still here?
Just to suffer
Okay, let’s move on
You and 30.3% players have tiffany furious jeez I did not do well in these
She was thrilled when you told her she could help with the puzzle box at the funeral she was not
Consoled when you said lucious was in a better place
I thought that was the right answer be nice to her be honest tell her what happened to her dad
Cuz all the dirty endangering losses ah feels betrayed
Hey, I got one right she was impressed. She was sorry Ichi angry do I ask you questions
She is full of guilt for having to write their friends, okay?
ha ha
That’s the only one that counts. That’s the only one I’m happy with me
Me and my boy Jim in it together forever till the end because you took his side against wohlers. He is steadfastly loyal
Hmm. We did okay there one healthy boy
what you told Tiffany about lucius assess you and
51.2% of players told Tiffany you’re involved illusions and death that’s a close
Statistic put the game is not for the public yet
So we’re yet to see if you guys are going to decide
What to do in that regard so a bit curious as you would come back with that
What did you sell according about your connection to lucious? Oh?
You and 54.3% of players confess to gordon that lucious was an ally?
19.6% of flairs told Gordon you could not talk about lucious, so I was in the majority for that
17.4 or recite in Finance about lucious and 8.7 light, how dare you how could you look at that precious?
baby boy’s face and lie to him a
Lot of people chose to go with Morrie
Half and half made a deals that’s interesting. That’s a good one
You did save a man with the agents
Did you save your money age 36.6% of players let the agents die by not answering Riddler’s questions?
What you and 36.6% of players let the agents I by not answering Riddler’s questions
So if you just kept answering them a man probably wouldn’t have died anyway
So most people just went through with it anyway instead of not answering one to try and save her yeah
Okay, my bad
Some bad choices some good choices. There’s the thing that these games anyways that I?
mean is it still is it going to matter in the end anyway a
Lot of times it doesn’t so I’m curious to see if it will actually have any sort of consequence this time
It would suck if I’m just making all these choices and no consequence comes of it anyway all in all very
Good season very good episode. I should say I really liked that that was very very good
It was really long like two and a half hours. I’ve been recording for it didn’t even realize that um I
Like I liked a lot of it
There are some choices here, and there as if I care
I’m not really feeling that and trying to like break Batman’s codes. It really feel as strong as I probably should have but overall
Very very nice. I liked it a lot. I like the characters. I like to set up
It’s where it’s cool that they brought in riddler, and how he’s dead, so it seems to be setting up the whole
like suicide squad kind of thing where there’s a lot more bad guys is that it just being the riddler because the first one the
Season was just the lady air command penguin, so this time it was like
Oh, maybe it’s Joker and riddler, but now riddler said to think okay
Where do we go from here? So Joker’s going to come into it?
Maybe some other vikings so I’m excited to see that that should be really fun
As with all of these seasons, it’s probably going to be a couple of months before the next ones out
So please be patient. I can’t play the next one immediately this is kind of way
Some people prefer that I split these up that
They have some more to watch like there’s like three episodes to this or four episodes of this that they can watch periodically
But I just like having it all in one I like being in the zone. I like feeling the emotions of the characters
I like it in the story all in one go and kind of staying in that atmosphere and that vibe and
Then you as you watch it
You can split it up if you want or you can have it on the background or watch the whole thing if you’re heavily invested
In it you don’t have to wait for the rest of it
So I feel like this is the best way to go about it
And I like I I don’t know I kind of get into it too much as it feels weird if I’m like okay
I’ve got to leave it here while the characters are all talking to each other so I like doing that but very
Curious to see where this is going to go and the next episode the Batman series is one of their better ones
There’s a lot of stuff in this that has a lot of potential.
I like how they’re turning some of it on their heads.
Like, Riddler’s dead.
You don’t often see Riddler dead in any of the Batman stuff, if EVER.
I’m not too well-versed in the Batman lore and comics and everything to find out if that actually happened, but lucius is dead now
So they’re not pulling any punches people are actually dying in this so it kind of ups the stakes a small bit
which makes it a far more interesting than if it’s just a paint-By-numbers that man game, so
Kudos to them for trying out something new I like that we I’m curious to see where it’s going to go in the later episodes
and if they’re really going to like
Stick with that like if alfred can die or if lucius is going to die anyway?
That’s what I’m most curious about is if any of these choices are actually going to make any sort of dent
excuse the pun in
anything like working with waller or going against or anything like that will it all just kind of funnel down to the same sort of
Things at the end, and you know we’ll see well
Thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the face!!!
LIKE A BOSS!!! And High Five all-round!!! *Whoopsh! 2x*
Thank you guys. We’ll see you dudes! IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!!!~~~
(Outro- I’m Everywhere By Teknoaxe)
No part of that man took kidness with me..

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