Right Sector NeoNazis hold up casino, get *sskicking by mafia – Odessa

Right Sector NeoNazis hold up casino, get *sskicking by mafia – Odessa

I asked them to introduce themselves, they told me to stand against the wall… – Get his story!
Masked men came in, told me to face the wall, hands above head. I asked to please introduce themselves
They jumped me, knocked me to the floor, beat me with clubs. Wooden clubs, on my head, I have cuts there
I have a concussion, my head hurts. They kicked my head with boots
This is complete f***ing madness. Get out!
[I guess the black-leather mafia enforcers showed up]
Beat the crap out of them!
Get in! Beat them good!
Beat those *ssholes!
Beat those **cksuckers!
Beat those b**ches!
Put down the f**king weapons!
That’s enough!
Call an ambulance, that guy is bleeding
[note the black-and-red Right Sector armbands]
He’s bleeding out, call it guys
[Right Sector “patriots” like to wear masks and hide their license plates]
Glory to Ukraine! – Glory to Heroes! Glory to the Nation! – Death to enemies! [WWII collaborator slogans]
[also lol at these “glorious heroes”]

30 thoughts on “Right Sector NeoNazis hold up casino, get *sskicking by mafia – Odessa”

  1. Were they taken away by the police, surely you wouldn't let them walk away so they could return. It's a wonder they weren't killed.

  2. right sector bunch of fucking mental retards. A bunch of legalised thugs like the SHIT brown shirts were. nazis arseholes, why aren't you at the front, DYING as cannon fodder??? You're being played and used, but you are too fucking stupid to see it, while your country goes down the TOILET because of low class SHIT like YOU.

  3. Im getting tierd of the tin foil hats….. 

    Hurr durr, did u knew that the solar storms is set up by zionist juice? And all the odder galixies in univers is made buy gooberments hurr durr.

  4. I don't like the mafia but yes yess yesssss! lory to the fucking boot to you're face! As long as nobody died a little ass kicking is just what these fucks need.Of course this view can change if the story is different than what I've seen here.Where can I see more of these SS fucks get kicked?Thanks

  5. Right sector are not what people think they are.They are zionist foot soldiers fighting for the zionist cause..

  6. you are rather stupid and only a communist or a degenerate would support the mafia..and this video doesn't show nothing, you want proof? 2nd of May 2014 in Odessa 😉 thats the power of the people against scum like you, seperatists and other shit!

  7. I live in Austria and i am bosnian. Hitler was born in Austria, Hitler is Austrian. And if you raised up in this Nazi-country you understand Hitler more and more and trust me Hitler dont like Slavic People, for them they are Slaves or worser. I dont understand why in slavic countries they support the nazi-idologie. They want be the slaves for the german race or what?

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