RIT Women’s Basketball: 2015-16 All Access

[ Music ]>>Let’s talk about the timing of this screen. I talked to Abby about it the other day- when should this person be setting thatade screen?>>Typical game days, especially when we’re at home, are, we usually get together and have a shoot around like on Saturday mornings, just like we did we have a 10:30 shoot around where we run through all of our plays, we talk about strategy for the day>>We’re gonna have you guard your man wherever she may be, so if your girl’s taking the ball out, you’re going to be the person on the ball. Up higher!
Stay up, stay up, Wanda! Good. Good.
There you go. Stay– gotta come to it–
good, good. Got Maria– good. Come on. That’s what they want you to do, take your time. But I think it’s time to really assert ourselves and rip somebody’s heart out. Make our jobs easier on the bench, we haven’t had a game yet where the three of us felt like we were safe. Where we felt like we could kinda relax and take a breath and enjoy that playing hard and that we’re up and we’re gonna stay up. Let’s be ready to go today. Let’s go, come on. Know the scouting report, make sure you’re ready to go. ‘Squad’ on three,
one two three>>SQUAD.>>They’ll come back around 1 o’clock, go to the training room and get taped, and then they’ll come out and start shooting. We go down into the locker room around 1, 1:30, 1:35 to have our pre-game talk. We’re gonna start out in man to man, Julia’s gonna take #5 #5 is their best player on the other team, she shoots a lot of pull-up jumpers, she’s very right-handed, we’re gonna try to make her go to the left. Not much of an outside scoring threat, but we do need to be aware of her, she had 27 points last night. Look for Terra every single time, no matter what player we’re running, okay? We need to get her more touches. Terra you need to work harder and demand the ball. You need to get to a point now where you’re not a freshman anymore, if you guys huddle up, you need to get on to somebody if they’re not giving you the ball. Like, in a respectful way. ‘Hey, Maria, I’m working my butt off down here, you need to give me the ball.’ You know, I think everybody would be receptive to that if Terra said that to you? Has Terra said that to you yet this year? Has she ever complained about not getting the ball in the huddle?>>A couple times…>>Okay, but, I think you need to speak up and demand the basketball, not only during the flow of the game, but in huddles as well.>>Terra has been phenomenal, we always joke that, you know, she’ll score 15 points by accident. We look at the box score at the end of the game and are like, wow, Terra had 15 points, it didn’t seem like she had any. You know, I really think she’s just only scratched the surface of how good she can be, as far as freshman go, she’s done a phenomenal job, and I think that potentially she could be an all-conference player. She could be one of the leading scorers in RIT’s women’s basketball history if she stays on the same track But she’s really not overly concerned with all of that stuff she just kind of goes on about her business and plays hard, and doesn’t really draw attention to herself she’s just a solid player we can really count on for 15 points a game, at least.>>We need to think about, that this is our time to peak. We haven’t peaked yet, but today’s a time we need to peak as a team, and play hard together for 40 minutes and defend our home court. We’re undefeated at home. That’s got to mean something to you. When you guys huddle in the middle of the court out there, and you get ready to play, it’s got to mean something when you walk over to the bench and you step out on the court, that nobody’s going to come out here
and beat us on our home court. Alright?>>Let’s go!>>Really defend. We’re on 1. ‘Squad’ on 3– 1, 2, 3>>SQUAD.>>Set the screen!! [ Cheering ] Let’s go! Big stop here, big stop here, white! Get back on transition a little bit better, and offensive rebounding is absolutely like not even happening right now. Don’t let her get it back!>>Four! Three! Two!>>We’re going back on transition, we’re getting the paint, we’re fanning out, and scoring. First person back dictates where everbody else goes. So, if I’m back, I’m telling Sharon, get there, Jordan get 4, this person: pick up point guard. And if a post is on a point guard, then sit your ass down and slide your damn feet, and when we have an oppurtunity, to switch, we will switch back, but until then, gut it out. Everybody understood?>>It’s all about effort. It’s all about turning and sprinting, and when you get to half-court, turning around and finding a man. Not necessarily your man, but a man. We’ve gotta get the ball stopped, and we gotta make sure we get back, there’s absolutely no reason, where we make a basket, for us not to get back on defense, that’s embarassing. Those are the things that are gonna send you home in March if we make it that far. Pressure her, Jess! Good! Grab it, go! You got Jules! [ Whistle blows ] [ Cheering ] They’re starting to turn on each other, I can sense it. We gotta freakin’ pressure the ball on everybody. So they dont, they stop throwing it over the top. [ Cheering ] Maria! Get it. Grab it! Get it out, get it out! [ Cheering ]>>Way to go, Tigers! [ Buzzer sounds ] [ Cheering ]>>I feel like we turned the corner as a team this weekend. So, um, great job. We’re still undefeated at home. Got a lot of work to do next week. Let’s not rest on our laurels of what we’ve done so far. We’ve got to go to work next week, we’ve got to have a good week of practice, everyone needs to step up, we need to get rested this weekend, don’t do anything stupid. Enjoy your families and your friends, but let’s be smart and ready to go, you guys have a 7AM lift on Monday, and I’ll let captains know what we’re doing as far as practice and film and stuff like that, okay? Alright, bring it in, let’s go. [ Clapping ] Good job, good job.>>Alright, big bad three at the end…. [ Laughter ]>>Yeah that was like a ‘no, no, no,’ good shot good shot.>>Literally what it was.>>’Squad’ on 3– 1, 2, 3,>>SQUAD. [ Chatting ]

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